Super School Student Chapter 275-276

Chapter 275

Everyone was shocked to hear this beautiful woman say “killed” in a casual way.

“What’s going on? Why do you want to kill me?”

The chosen son of the Jin family said with a look of horror and confusion, but no one answered him, and those who could would not come out to explain, and then two ninjas came and grabbed the designated person.

“It can’t be for real, saying something like ‘kill’.”

“How do I know? It doesn’t look like a joke.”

“Could it be that the purpose of getting us people here is to get us killed?”


The people in the four big clans started to talk about it.

The Jin family’s family head was also a little surprised as he frowned at the Jin family member who was taken away, while the timid family children, such as Ye Qiu Die, who was already scared to the point that her legs were already shaking.

Then, the guy was brought to the front of the Golden Family’s totem board, which was a golden board with a cool design of a white tiger on it, which was fierce and had countless weird patterns on it.


A knife flew into this guy’s chest, then the knife was quickly pulled out, and blood also spurted out from the wound at the same time.

The blood spurted out and landed on the totem panel, which then started to glow, while the blood from the wound was drawn out by some kind of force and spurted towards the totem panel, which sucked all the blood in like a blood-sucking monster.



“What’s going on?”

“How was I supposed to know? It’s so scary.”

“Is this really our family’s totem board?”


Everyone was stunned by this scene, including the head of the Jin family, who was completely baffled that such a thing could happen. This totem board had always been a holy relic of the family, and had always been enshrined inside the family’s ancestral hall, and everyone only went to pay their respects during New Year’s festivals, and no one had actually ever studied it.

Now it looked as if this thing was not as simple as everyone thought it was, or at least this mad devouring of blood did not look like anything normal.

Soon, the man’s blood was all drained. After the blood was drained, the man’s flesh and skin shrivelled up and looked very dry, as if it was an Egyptian-made mummy.

The mummy then “flopped!” The mummy fell to the ground with a thud.

The woman called Ozawa went over to the totem plate and looked at it, but there was no change on the plate, and she didn’t know where all the blood had gone.

“It doesn’t really look like his blood is good enough, not enough blood power, another one.”

With her words, another son of the Jin family was dragged out, still without hesitation, he stabbed into his heart, the blood was inspired and then sucked into that Jin family’s totem panel like a stream of water, but, unfortunately, the white tiger totem panel didn’t respond to anything.

“Is the power of the bloodline still not enough? It really looks like what they said, I guess it will take the blood of the whole clan to do it.”

Ozawa said without hesitation.

“Then let’s do it again, there are still more people here anyway, let’s start with the other three families too, let’s compare and see which one will activate their ‘Totem Panel’ first.”

Hearing these words, Ye Qiu Die couldn’t hold back any longer, and she fell to her knees with a frightened “flop!” She fell to her knees with a cry, and at the same time felt hot and wet down there, she was already incontinent from the shock.

It was no wonder that she had never seen such a scene before, nor had she ever experienced a battle, so it made sense that she would behave like this.

However, Ozawa paid no attention to these people as she casually waved her hand.

Three other totem boards of different colours were laid out, the Dragon Family’s Green Dragon totem board was green, the Ye Family’s Vermilion Bird totem board was fiery red, and the Lin Family’s Xuanwu totem board was earthy yellow.

Following this, the sons of the three families were dragged to the front of the totem board, still with a slash each, and the blood from their hearts showered onto the totem board, followed by the blood being drained from their bodies.

Seeing this scene, Lin Zuoliang, the current head of the Lin family, sighed helplessly. He now finally understood why the Japanese needed them, it was because they needed the blood of the Lin family, in other words, he was obviously working with the Japanese and was not destined to have a good outcome.

However, it was too late to regret now.

“If I had known this I wouldn’t have bothered to get this position of family head in the first place, and got my brother killed, what a mistake!”

He couldn’t help but feel a little sad as he looked at the several dried bodies that had fallen to the ground outside.

However, just at this moment, a ninja suddenly ran in hurriedly and said.

“My lord, it’s not good, someone has invaded the king’s residence, what should we do?”

The ninja at the head of the group then said coldly.

“What are you panicking about, say, how many people are fighting their way in? What kind of people are they?”

As a result the ninja said quickly.

“The one who came was a man, with a stocking covering his face, so he couldn’t see his face, but he had many ghosts with him, and those ghosts are very strong in battle, all of them are of the clan master level.”

When he heard this guy’s words, the leader’s brow furrowed, because the news of the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” saving the capital and the official awarding of the title of “Guardian of the Capital” to him had become so widespread that almost everyone knew about it, so of course he knew that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” had ruined their plans.

“He’s come to us from hell, so let’s settle old scores with him.”

Having said that, he then waved his hand and said.

“This is the end here for now, everyone get ready and prepare to meet the enemy.”

However, before he could finish speaking, the door had been knocked in with a “bang!” A bang flew in, followed by the figure of Ye Luo appearing at the door.

The crowd found that Ye Lu was really just a man, but behind him, the ghosts of different shapes followed him closely, as if he was the emperor among the ghosts, and Ye Lu just walked in with great strides.


Seeing this scene, Ye Qiu Die and the others, including the head of the Jin family, Ye Nantian, could not help but sigh in relief.

At least the hope of staying alive was once again ignited in everyone’s hearts, however, when everyone saw that Ye Lu was really alone, they also became a little disappointed, after all, there were really too many ninjas in this room.

“Why is there only one person here?”

“Yeah, why not call someone? It’s more certain to call a few more people, right?”

“That’s too little regard for us.”

“Treating our lives like child’s play?”


Many people began to whisper and mutter, because in their opinion, since they knew about this matter, they should have called more people to come along to save them.

At this time, however, Lin Zuoliang, the current head of the Lin family, looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“‘Stocking Masked Man’, may I ask a question, are you from our Lin family?”

He had seen Ye Lu use the “Xuan Wu Void Shadow” in the video, and this divine ability could only be used by those with the Lin family’s bloodline, so he asked this question.

Ye Lu said indifferently.


In fact, Ye Lu wished that the Lin family could have a pure bloodline descendant, so that he could easily use the “Bloodline Avatar” of the Lin family’s “Divine Beast Xuan Wu”.

The bloodline power of the Xuanwu was very helpful in using the Ghost Technique.

It was a pity that the Lin family did not have a pure bloodline, which made Ye Lu feel a little headache.

Hearing Ye Lu’s negative answer, the people of the Lin family all sighed, for they too had long hoped that a genius would emerge from the Lin family who would astonish the heavens and the earth, but unfortunately it was always just a hope.

Following that, the Japanese ninja who was the leader then looked at Ye Lu and asked coldly.

“Are you the only one who came?”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Of course not!”

Hearing Ye Luo say this, the spirits of the four ancient martial arts clans were lifted, as everyone saw hope.

However, immediately afterwards, Ye Luo waved his hand.

An extremely tall figure appeared beside Ye Lu, and it was none other than the “Wine Swallow Boy”.

“I brought it with me.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.


Chapter 276

When they saw that the “Wine Swallow Boy” had actually appeared and was standing right beside Ye Lu, everyone was really surprised this time, because they thought that the “Wine Swallow Boy” had been killed, but they didn’t expect that it had actually been subdued by Ye Lu, knowing that killing and subduing are two completely different things, and the difference in difficulty is also great.

Of course, this guy also understood what the consequences of possessing the “Wine Swallow Boy” would be, so his face turned quite ugly.

However, the people from the four clans were a bit confused, as they were not sure what the “Sake Swallow Boy” represented.

“What is that thing?”

Someone asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know, from the Qi it looks like an ‘evil ghost’, and its rank should be quite high.”

“Is this one ghost enough to defeat everyone here?”

“How do I know.”


Just as everyone was talking, the leader of the ninja looked at Ye Lu and said.

“It’s true that we can’t use the ghost against you with the ‘Sake Swallow Boy’ around, but don’t be naive enough to think that with the ‘Sake Swallow Boy’ you’re invincible, how many people can it beat if it’s strong, those of us are strong enough to crush you. ”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Since you guys are so bullish, then come on, I’d like to see how good you guys are.”

As he said that, he hooked his hand towards the leader.

That guy was a “Level 5 Grandmaster”, I don’t know if he was a “Grand Grandmaster”, but it was obvious that he was no match for the “Drinking Swallow Boy”.

After all, the “Drinking Swallow Boy” was already a “Level 6 Evil Ghost”, so he had already crushed his opponent in terms of level, not to mention that the “Drinking Swallow Boy” had been carefully trained by those yin and yang masters, so he was definitely at the top of his cla*s.

Of course, the opponent would not be so stupid to fight against the “Wine Swallow Boy”, Ye Luo knew that their target was definitely himself, but this was also the result he wanted to see. After another extreme battle before, especially the moment of life and death when the “Nine Mysterious Divine Lightning” exploded, Ye Luo’s body’s aura had grown by leaps and bounds again.


The ninja leader on the other side didn’t know that the “Drinking Swallow Boy” had broken through again during the battle, he gathered all the powerful ninjas and started to charge towards Ye Lu and the “Drinking Swallow Boy”, of course the main target was Ye Lu.


The “Sake Swallow Boy” quickly drew his long sword and attacked, while a “Level 3 Sovereign” level ninja found an opportunity to rush towards Ye Lu.


Ye Luo smashed his fist into the katana he was slashing at.

The two men took a few steps back, and Ye Lu found that his strength and speed were now almost the same as that of a “Pre-Third Level Sovereign”.

Of course, Ye Lu had just used his martial art “Hybrid Vajra Body”, otherwise he would not have been able to match his opponent, who was at the “Late Third Level Sovereign” level.

“Come again!”

Ye Lu was not sure if his opponent had used a martial art, but he was still satisfied with his improvement.



This time, the two opponents rushed over at the same time, and the two katanas slashed over with a harsh blade aura, but this time, Ye Lu did not choose to blast at them, but reached out and grabbed the two swords with his hands. The swords burst into flames.

Neither man had expected such a thing, and both hands and arms lit up with a roaring flame.




Both men quickly dropped their katanas and began to use their “astral energy” to lower their gears.

“This ‘Fire Chain’ move is really good!”

This was a new technique that Ye Lu had learned about the use of fire, and then he dropped both of the katanas he had taken to the ground with glowing eyes.


The two men had the flames under control and with a glance at each other they charged again, while the others were kept out by the “drunken boy”.





He found that if he used martial arts techniques instead of flames, his level would be around the level of a “middle level three sect master”.

After understanding his approximate level, Ye Lu did not bother to waste any more time with them.


With these words, he lashed out a finger, a purple flame flaring up on this finger, and with just one finger, he poked one of the ninja to the ground.

This guy had an incredulous look on his face as he covered his chest.

However, the person who was even more incredulous at this moment was Long Ao, the family head of the Long Family.

This was because he was very familiar with this purple flame, he had been poked by a finger like this from Mr. Luo before and had no power to fight back.

“Mr. Luo!”

He couldn’t help but mutter in his heart.

Then, he felt a little ashamed, he had treated someone like that before, but this time Mr. Luo came to save his life, Long Ao, who had always prided himself on being open and honest and a pure man, suddenly felt groundless.

After poking this guy over, Ye Luo then raised his hand and said in a loud voice.

“I’ve had enough of playing with you guys, boys, send them on their way!”

With Ye Lu’s words, countless “evil spirits” appeared from all sides of the room, so densely packed that it was impossible to count how many there were, and at the same time, the windows rang out with the sound of “clattering”, and all the gla*s windows around them were shattered and starved, and countless “ghost bats” rushed in.

The ninjas and shinobi in the room were all gobbled up or knocked to the ground by the bats and demons.

It was then that the four clans finally understood why Ye Lu did not need help and came alone.

It was because he could handle it all by himself, and he was more than capable of doing so, it was a complete crushing victory.

After that, the ghosts and “ghost bats” released all the people from the four ancient martial arts families from their cages.

They were all overwhelmed with emotions as they were reborn again.

“Brother Stocking, please accept my obeisance, for the kindness of saving our lives, our Jin family will definitely repay you with death, we will go through fire and water.”

Jin Ming, the head of the Jin family, “Pounced!” He fell to his knees with a sound.

“Great Warrior Meng, accept my obeisance as well, our Long family will repay the warrior with our lives!”

Long Ao was the most chivalrous of all, so of course he would also fall behind the others and kneel down on the ground second.

Following that, Ye Nantian also fell on one knee towards Ye Luo and said.

“The Silk Stocking Masked Warrior is above, our Ye Clan will henceforth follow the Warrior’s lead, and no one will dare to disobey if ordered!”

Lin Zuoliang of the Lin family also quickly knelt down and said.

“We, the Lin family, are also the same, from now on, we swear to follow the warrior to the death.”

The patriarchs of the four great clans all immediately made their attitudes clear, which was basically what Ye Lu expected, because, firstly, saving one’s life was a great favour, and for the ancient martial arts families who looked at tradition this was very important, and secondly, the strength one had shown was enough to make them sigh in admiration.

So, Ye Lu nodded with a smile.

However, following that, he saw that there was something wrong with that leader of the other side, his mouth was chanting, while on his body, Ye Luo saw blood everywhere, obviously he was up to something.

“Quickly, get everyone from your clan to hurry out.”

Ye Lu quickly shouted loudly.

It was obvious that the leader of the Yakuza was making a big move, and he was surrounded by all the ninjas and shinobi he had brought with him, all of them vowing to guard him to the death, waiting for his big move to take shape.

“Come on, get out!”

“All get out!”


The patriarchs of the four great clans all shouted, and the sons of the clans flew outside, and Ye Luo had all the “ghost bats” evacuate.

The first thing that Ye Luo couldn’t figure out was that he couldn’t see what the other side had in store for him.

Then, the leader of the group said in a frantic voice.

“It’s too late to run away, let’s all die together!”