Super School Student Chapter 249-250

Chapter 249

Other details had yet to be read, and the first striking benefit surprised Ye Luo to no end, for the first benefit read like this.

“Those who hold the ‘Hundred Victory Shura Order’ can allow the ‘Lord of the Underground’ to strike once without any conditions.”

Of course, Ye Luo had no idea what the cultivation level of the “Lord of the Underground” was, but it was undoubtedly an extremely terrifying existence, at least in the “secular world”, I was afraid that he was invincible at that level.

If such a person made a move, there was probably no problem that could not be solved, and if it was to kill someone, he could probably kill whoever he wanted.

“No wonder that Tu Chen showed that kind of expression when I got the name ‘Shura’, no wonder those other organisations would try so hard to stop me from getting the name ‘Hundred Victory Shura’, this benefit is indeed very Terrible, unconditional strike, if I let him take out one of the leaders of the seven organizations, wouldn’t that be considered within this category?”

Seeing this piece of news, Ye Luo was truly stunned.

“Finally a killer, before Tu Chen said that no one from the seven underground organizations should dare to mess with me, it looks like that’s really true.”

Following that, Ye Luo then looked at the various benefits below once again.

“Oh, so there’s a point system in the ‘Underworld’!”

Then, Ye Luo discovered that there were “Darkness Points” in the Underworld, which could be exchanged for various props in the Underworld, which was basically the currency in circulation in the Underworld, and the seven organizations could use this currency for various exchanges, such as Bill’s martial skills, magic weapons, and so on.

However, the “darkness points” have their own system and are not allowed to be traded privately. Everything has to be submitted to the “underground world” for review and approval, and then the underground world will list it in the system for everyone to buy.

“Isn’t this going to be a great deal of fun.”

Ye Lu suddenly laughed happily, because he had nothing else, but he had plenty of “martial skills” including “spells”.

Moreover, these “Martial Skills” and “Spells” were not low in rank, so if he exchanged them all, he could probably get a large amount of “Dark Points”.

Ye Lu had already read that there were quite a lot of things that could be exchanged for Darkness Points, not only for magic weapons and treasures, but also for issuing missions, such as hiring killers, completing escorts, refining pills and so on.

In short, it was quite a useful item.

In addition, since Ye Luo is a “Hundred Victory Shura”, he also has a huge discount of half price on purchases, but of course, the corresponding restriction is that the purchased items cannot be re-sold.

In addition, Ye Luo also has the right to take on any mission.

Because members of the Underworld are graded according to the number of Darkness Points they have, the corresponding star level allows them to take on different missions, and every member of the Underworld App has a new name, called “Demon”.

At this moment, Ye Lu is a “Starless Demon”.

The strongest one was a “Nine Star Demon”.

After a cursory look, Ye Lu was already attracted to the “Underworld App”.

The reason is that Ye Lu has already discovered that a lot of alchemy stuff can be found here, and if you can’t find it, you can even send out quests, such as asking people to help you find the “darkness flower”, and then agreeing on how many “darkness points” you will get for providing clues.

This is a great tool for sharing.

Of course, Ye Lu didn’t want to participate in the “Underworld App” missions yet, because he didn’t have any points yet, and he still had to finish his fierce smashing business.

This time, Ye Luo’s identity was “Mr. Luo”, so Ye Luo did not want to reveal any flame, because “Silk Stocking Masked Man” used “Red Lotus Karma Flame”, while his other identity “Blood Shadow Shura” used “Underworld Ghost Flame”, which meant that no matter which flame he used, it would cause trouble.

Next, Ye Lu began to cultivate according to the nameless gong method given by his gla*ses.

He had gained too much this day, so he had to convert all the spirit energy from the spirit stones in his body into his own spirit energy in his dantian, and at the same time, Ye Lu was a bit sorry for these “medium-grade spirit stones”, because at his current cultivation level, he had lost a large part of his “medium-grade spirit stones” despite the constant battles, but he had to do so in order to quickly improve his cultivation.

Thus, after a busy night, the next morning, Ye Lu absorbed all the spirit stone residue, and he found that the sixth aura was already quite thick.

“This is really too much progress.”

Ye Lu was also amazed by this day and night’s progress.

“Should we try other ‘spells’.”

With his own cultivation level increased, he might be able to use more ‘spells’.

As a result, Ye Lu found that apart from the “Fire Bomb Technique”, he could also use an incomplete “Fire Shield Technique”, which allowed him to create a flaming shield slightly larger than his palm, but he could not use any other “spells”.

“Why can I only use ‘fire attribute’ spells?”

Ye Lu muttered in confusion.

On the way, he sent messages to Qin Shiyu, Gu Shiqi, Ye Yan and the others to make sure that everyone was safe.

The result was that everyone replied that they were fine, including Long Feixue.

Long Feixue was currently in solitary confinement and her mobile phone had been confiscated, however, she had the storage bracelet that Ye Lu had given her, and there was a spare mobile phone in the bracelet, which she used to send Ye Lu messages on WeChat.

She really didn’t want to bother Ye Lu, she felt that if she gritted her teeth and didn’t let go, the family shouldn’t really do anything to her, after all, it wasn’t against the family’s rules.

However, she was wrong, because immediately Long Ao walked in with a few women, and in one of them was a black snake-like whip coiled in her hand.

“Long Fei Xue, I ask you once more, this favour, will you help or not?”

Long Ao had always been a man of his word in the family, and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

As a result, Long Feixue was not moved at all, she looked at Long Ao and said.

“As I said, I am not not helping the family, Mr. Luo is not obliged to help us refine things, unless the family can come up with something that Mr. Luo is interested in, demon pills, luminous stones, and heavenly treasures …… the family can’t come up with anything, I don’t want to cause trouble for Mr. Luo. ”

What Long Ao said, Long Feixue asked with Ye Luo in other ways, she told the family the conditions that Ye Luo proposed, but, Long Ao found that the family could not provide anything.

Hearing Long Fei Xue’s words, Long Ao then said coldly.

“You didn’t speak to that Mr. Luo, so how do you know that he would refuse?”

Long Feixue then said.

“Yes, if I talk to Mr. Luo, he is a good talker and most of him will say yes for my sake, but I don’t want to cause him all this trouble, so I am not going to talk to him.”

Seeing that Long Fei Xue had rejected him so directly, Long Ao said angrily.

“Then give me a beating, twenty lashes first, and I will come back at noon.”

Following that, the two women restrained Long Feixue, while the other woman swung the whip in her hand.


A whip went down and a long wound was instantly added to Long Feixue’s back, blood splattered, Long Feixue gritted her teeth in pain, however, she was stubborn and did not make any sound.





The whips kept flying and soon Long Feixue’s back became a bloody mess, blood dripped from the corners of her mouth, but she didn’t utter a word.


The first thing he did was to challenge the boxing school yesterday, but today he was going to start with the “sword school” to try his skills.

“The Longquan Sword School was famous for its sword making and swordsmanship, and was one of the few schools outside the Weapon Sect that knew how to make weapons, and their Longquan swords were very famous.

“Our Longquan Sword School will definitely be able to defeat that Mr. Luo.”

The master of the Longquan Sword School, who was sitting in the Longquan Sword School, also said confidently.


Chapter 250

This time, the Longquan Sword Museum had brought out the “Longquan Sword School”‘s most precious treasure, the “BiLu Sword”, which was named after the phrase “The two places are invisible when the sky is poor and the sky is down,” and was a “top grade” magic weapon, the highest grade magic weapon Ye Lu had ever seen except for Jessica’s “Mirage Mirror” and the “Soul Tower”.

There were more reporters and live broadcasters at the entrance of the Sword Museum than yesterday, so of course everyone had to see such a rare show.

“May I ask, Mr. Luo, what exactly is your reason for coming to kick off the tournament?”

A reporter looked at Ye Luo and asked.

Ye Luo smiled and said as he walked inside the Dragon Spring Sword Museum.

“A hobby!”

After saying that, he walked into the sword hall.

As expected, the people inside seemed to be prepared for this, and when Ye Lu came in, all the disciples of the Sword House drew their long swords from their belts at the same time.


The swords were drawn in unison, and then everyone let out a shout at the same time.


Other than that, the aura was really shocking.

All the media people’s eyes were drawn to these people.

“Wow! What a powerful sword formation.”

“It’s so handsome!”

“The Dragon Spring Sword is so shiny!”


The last sentence was indeed right, the Dragon Spring Sword was really so shiny, and it was even more beautiful after carrying the light of true qi, plus it was dozens of people swinging the long sword together, it was really wonderful.

“Mr. Luo, you have found the wrong person to approach our ‘Dragon Spring Sword School’, today I will let you be defeated under my sword.”

With these words, Nie Qiufeng, the master of the Longquan Sword School, leaped from the outside of the field to the circle with a beautiful flying stride, while the long sword in his hand was also drawn out with a “clang!” The long sword in his hand was drawn out with a clang.

It was a very beautiful move.

What caught the eye even more was the long sword in his hand.

It was a rather antique looking longsword with an oddly shaped pattern on its body, and Ye Lu could tell that it was a special texture made up of a mixture of “weapon patterns”.

“This sword is called ‘Bi Lu’, with a length of 3 feet 3 and a width of 1 inch 2. It is made of the cold iron of the Nine Heavens and was refined by the master swordsmith ‘Gu Ye Zi’ after 91 days. Today is the time for it to appear in the world once again, and you are lucky enough to see it in all its glory.”

“Nie Qiufeng, the master of the Longquan Sword Museum, finished his speech in one breath, and all of them could not help but cheer loudly.

“Great sword!”

“What a great sword!”

“What a superb sword!”


Ye Lu also smiled and nodded his head and said.

“That’s right, it’s really a good b*tch, but although the person is a bit b*tchy, the p*ssy is pretending quite well, this is the best p*ssy I’ve seen in the past few days, an absolute good p*ssy!”

As he said that, Ye Lu picked up a thumbs up.

As a result, to Ye Lu’s somewhat surprise, the other party actually did not get violently angry, but looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Hehe, trying to make me angry and then lose my mind are you? You’re too naive to think that, I won’t lose my mind until I beat you down.”

With those words, he then pulled a sword splash to indicate that Ye Lu could attack.

Ye Luo found that this guy was wearing a protective suit of the same “Earth Grade”, but it was slightly lower than the “Blue Drop Sword”, and it was a “Middle Grade” magic weapon, which was an extremely rare item.

“Good, then let’s fight.”

Ye Luo didn’t bother with nonsense and rushed forward with his fists clenched.

Although this pair of gloves, the “Scars of Silence”, had not been restored to the level of “Earth Grade”, however, judging from the material, it was also originally of Earth Grade, so it would not lose too much to this “Blue Drop Sword”.

“Well done!”

The other side also launched an instant attack.

The sky was filled with sword qi and fist shadows, as well as a continuous stream of clashing sounds.

The battle was exceptionally beautiful, but the more he fought, the more frightened Nie Qiufeng became, realising that his opponent could not only use his fists to block his attacks like a rainstorm, but also ignore his sword aura.

For a Grandmaster level martial artist, although he could not release his “astral energy” like a dart, he could form “sword and blade maces” on the weapons he was holding, and these “sword and blade maces” were not just for looks, they were also quite lethal and could directly hurt people.

However, Nie Qiufeng found that his “Bi Lu Sword” could not hurt his opponent, as his opponent’s fist speed was so fast that every sword was blocked, and at the same time, his sword mane could not hurt his opponent either, as his opponent was like steel and iron.

“Looks like he’s wearing a nice defensive-type magic weapon!”

Nie Qiufeng muttered.

However, he wasn’t worried because he was confident in his clan’s “Bi Lu Sword”, which had a strong piercing ability, unless the defence was of exactly the same level, as long as there was a small difference in level, it could pierce through, which meant that as long as the protective clothing Ye Lu wore wasn’t of the “upper earth grade”, he could pierce Ye Lu’s defence.

However, the trouble now was that he had no chance to poke Ye Lu with his sword.

Ye Lu was no longer the same as yesterday, and after his sixth strand of aura had become thicker, he was no longer weaker than these “first-ranked masters” in terms of aura.

However, as a wise pavilion master, he still had a backhand, of course.

So, he made an unnoticeable hint.

Following this, a few of the disciples in the crowd turned the shiny long swords in their hands.

“Holy f*ck!”

Ye Lu didn’t expect the long swords in these guys’ hands to be used for this purpose, and he was immediately hit.

Obviously, the sword had already poked his chest, but the defensive clothing Ye Lu was wearing was an “Earth-rank” magic weapon after all, so it was not pierced like a piece of paper.

The triple defence finally defended against this terrifying strike.

Of course, Nie Qiufeng didn’t want Ye Lu’s life, that would look too cruel for the “Southern School of Martial Arts”, after all, the people Ye Lu had defeated yesterday were only superficially wounded or not wounded at all, so he didn’t stab the vital point of this blow, but his aim was still to poke Ye Lu right through.

However, he found that he was wrong, the sword poke could not go down midway, as if something extremely strong was blocking the longsword.

And at this moment, Ye Lu’s vision was restored.

“D*mn you, how poisonous!”

Ye Lu was also annoyed, and he threw a finger.

It was his best “Candle Dragon Finger”, and Nie Qiufeng was in a momentary state of confusion, and by the time he saw the finger, it was too late to dodge.


This finger poked Nie Qiufeng directly into his shoulder socket, and he immediately let go of the “Bi Lu Sword” in his hand, and Ye Lu reached out and took the sword in his hand.

He then kicked Nie Qiufeng and sent him flying.

“I’ve come here to kick out the school, but you guys are playing such tricks, how despicable!”

With these words, Ye Lu carried the “Bi Lu Sword” and headed out.

“Sword, sword ……”

Nie Qiufeng said as he lay on the ground with his hand outstretched, “The “Bi Lu Sword” is the treasure of the school, so he couldn’t let Ye Lu take it away.

The two of them are the same.

“I know you’re cheap, I don’t care to take such a cheap thing, so I’ll give it to you!”

As Ye Lu said, he threw his hand back and the “Bi Lu Sword” plunged into Nie Qiu Feng’s chest, just where he had stabbed Ye Lu before, but of course, Nie Qiu Feng was also wearing protective clothing, so it was impossible to poke him to death, the sword poked into a small section and then stopped.

“Since your martial arts are like this, then don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

Ye Lu said in a loud voice to the people around him.

“Next, starting from my feet, I will kick down one family without fail, so that your martial arts schools will never have the face to mingle in the capital again.”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked towards the nearest martial arts school.

Ye Lu had already checked that there were a total of forty-eight new martial arts schools in the “Southern Martial Arts” and “Northern Martial Arts” martial arts schools, and not all of these martial arts schools had “First Level Grandmasters”, but if they were considered “Second Level Grandmasters”, almost every martial arts school had one.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, all the reporters, anchors and spectators shouted.

Following this, a large group of people followed Ye Lu to the next gym.

This one was another boxing gym, which Ye Luo easily beat, followed by the next one, and the next one, and the next one even more ……

And the number of people following behind Ye Luo grew, and in the blink of an eye the line expanded to thousands of people.