Martial Boss Chapter 741

With one hand on his forehead and his left hand covering his left eye, Gaju’s only exposed right eye radiated a ghostly aura like the pupil of a wolf. He shouted angrily, “Don’t do anything yet!”

In the night sky, a figure clad in black robes emerged from below, strikingly.


Qing Yu raised his eyebrows lightly a golden bell appeared outside his body, blocking the finger force that appeared out of thin air behind him.

“Did you fail to ambush him, so you came to use your dark hand?”

The black-robed man was none other than Gaju’s helper, the man who had ambushed him in the distant mountains. Seeing that Qing Yu had struck halfway, he had secretly sneaked here.

The finger power that came from behind Qing Yu’s back was the work of this man.

Qing Yu stood amidst the golden bell, a divine light flashed in his eyes, as if he wanted to see the black-robed man’s true face through the black hood.

“You’re hiding your head, and you’re trying to hide your way with your finger power, so it seems that you are a dignified person.”

The black-robed man ignored Qing Yu’s words, his black robe fluttered and flashed in the air, his fingers flicking out, dozens of fingers following arcane trajectories, blocking all of Qing Yu’s paths of retreat.

Obviously, the black-robed man did not want to reveal any information, so he simply did not even say anything.

When Gaju saw the black-robed man strike, a huge sword qi extended from the scimitar in his hand and struck Qing Yu, whose retreat was blocked by the finger energy.

The sword qi and finger energy attacked in tandem, aiming to kill Qing Yu.

Qing Yu did not panic as his sword light swept across the room, and his Greedy Wolf Sword erupted into a storm of sword energy, blasting at the incoming sword energy. At the same time, he shifted sideways and flew to his left, ignoring the finger energy as if it were nothing.

More than ten finger energy from the left side hit Qing Yu’s body at the same time, but they did not make a single ripple like a mud ox entering the sea.

Back to nothing.

At the same time, Qingyu split into more than ten opposite Qi energy, which were seemingly the same, but in fact different in nature, to cancel out the attack.


The storm of sword energy blasted against the sword energy, which shot out in all directions, causing the strong wind to brush Qing Yu’s clothes and white hair, causing them to flutter and dance in the night sky.

Underneath the dancing white hair, Qing Yu’s gaze was brighter than ever as he spoke in an inexplicable tone, “The finger energy may look ordinary, but in fact, there are a hundred different turns of Qi energy within. Proficient in astrological arithmetic, well —— it should be the Purple Wei Dou Shu, so that you could induce the Greedy Wolf star power and infuse it into Gaju’s body on that day.

The fact that you are a person is already known to the poor. The most important thing is that you have to be able to hide your roots and not reveal them in front of the poor people.

There is only one person who is well versed in the Violet Violet Dou Shu.”

The black-robed man was struck by his sword Qi, “Divine Calculation of Baili, ‘Divine Knowledge of Bu Tian Zhi’, do you want to continue hiding your head?”

The black-robed man remained silent at Qing Yu’s words, but the five fingers of his outstretched right hand flashed with starlight, and the finger energy of a thousand changes shot out, striking the sword qi, and in an instant the qi changed in a thousand ways, soft or rigid, sharp or slow, and knocked the sword qi to pieces.

“Xuanji Tianming Finger, it seems that the poor Taoist guessed correctly.” Qing Yu held his sword diagonally behind his back and laughed softly.

“He was known as a master of celestial fortune telling in the jianghu world, and he had the opportunity to divine the fortunes of all people, from kings and princes down to the common people.

Only these people did not know that Baili Divine Reckoning was actually a person of the Old Man of Time and his strength was not the True Dan that had been revealed all along, but the Tong Shen.

“Everyone in the world says that Daoist Master Qing Yu is a high master of the art of Yi, Baili still did not believe it, but today, I know that the rumours are not false.”

The black-robed man still had not lowered his hood, but his words were an acknowledgement of Qing Yu’s speculation.

It could not be helped that this divine calculator who played with the world had not thought that Qing Yu’s attainments in the art of Yi were not weaker than his, and seeing that he could not get a glimpse of the true face, he had narrowed it down to ten people. Hardly could he guess the identity of Baili Divine Reckoner based on the little traces exposed earlier.

There was no longer any difference between recognising or not recognising.

“But doesn’t Daoist Master Qing Yu know – if a person is too shrewd, it will get them killed.”

The words turned abruptly, and Baili Divine Calculation’s figure flashed continuously, turning into countless phantom shadows in the air, his fingertips shining with starlight, pointing out a river of starlight, forming a river of stars in the night sky, enveloping Qing Yu.

“Daoist Master, please also try this move of Baili’s Starry Night.” Baili Divine Calculation’s words echoed through the countless illusions.

The Star Lo Cloth contained the essence of Baili Divine Calculation’s Yi Arts, using finger energy to evolve the stars of the sky, preventing the stars of the sky from being transported, trapping and killing people in the river of stars, which was one of Baili Divine Calculation’s killing moves.

This is one of Baili’s killing strokes. The fact that Baili’s Divine Reckoning has directly used this killing strokes shows his unwavering intention to kill.

Earlier, he had struck for the sake of Gaju, but at this moment, he struck to hide his identity. The difference between his killing heart and his killing heart is immense.

The river of stars enveloped Qing Yu, and every bit of starlight had a unique nature that was difficult for Qing Yu’s Return to Nothing to dissolve.

The difficulty between striking a thousand different attacks and resolving a thousand different attacks is not to be counted. The former requires only a random evolution of the nature of the attack, while the latter requires a clear understanding of the nature of each qi energy to target it.

This is one of the drawbacks of Return to Nothing, which cannot be avoided.


The golden bell vibrated, and countless stars clicked on the golden bell cover, emitting brilliant starlight in a glorious manner.

Although this move of Baili Divine Calculation’s starbursts made it difficult for people to escape, the power of each finger power was not too great for a Tong Shen realm powerhouse. The Golden Bell Shroud could defend against it.

However, as the star points faded, the golden light of the Golden Bell Shroud grew dimmer and dimmer.

The most distinctive feature of the Xuanji Tianming Finger is that it evolves Qi energy to wear down the enemy’s true Qi. Although the power of the star-spotted fingers is small, it is the best way to restrain the body shield.

As the golden light dimmed, a bit of starlight behind Qing Yu suddenly shone brightly. The position of this starlight in the river of stars was exactly the position of the Greedy Wolf Star, which was the killing move of Baili Divine Calculation against Qing Yu.

The starlight was so bright that the shadow of the ravenous wolf roared out, followed by the scarred face of Gaju with a hideous smile.

Using the river of stars to block Qing Yu’s vision, Gaju had, at some point, been poised behind Qing Yu for a long time.


Wild Wolf bit into the golden bell and the light of his sword cut across Qing Yu’s waist, but it was blocked by a sword shadow.

Baili Divine Calculation took this opportunity to converge the starlight and show the sharp edge of his fingertips.

“Daoist Master Qing Yu, Baili will give you a ride.”

It was like a shooting star, a flash of light, but with the dazzling brilliance of a moment that is eternal. Baili Divine Calculation’s ruthless move finally came out, pointing directly at Qing Yu’s head.

Even if he was at the God Realm, if his head was blown off, he would only die. Today, Baili Divine Calculation would not allow Qing Yu to leave, and would leave his life here.

“Xuan Gui Star Destiny Finger.”

As he watched the meteor-like finger pierce through Qing Yu’s skull, Baili Divine Principle’s face, hidden by his hood, revealed a brilliant smile.

But in the very next instant, his smile disappeared without a trace.

A wisp of haze filled the air, blurring Qing Yu’s form. All that could be seen was the haze surging skywards, and Qing Yu’s figure disappeared without a trace.