Martial Boss Chapter 742

The haze rose up in the sky and did not disperse in the strong winds high above, but instead converged into a human form.


The colourful phoenix swept past the figure of Baili Shenquan, its wings like knives, leaving a deep, bone-chilling wound on his back.

Although Baili Shenquan’s martial arts skills were extraordinary, he had not purposely trained in body refining martial arts. If Baili Shenquan hadn’t dodged in time, the blow could have cut him off at the waist.

As the phoenix shadow dispersed, a graceful figure with a magnificent appearance appeared in the air, none other than the Grand Princess of Northern Zhou, Feng Mingxiao.

“Baili Divine Calculation.”

The haze in the sky disappeared and Qing Yu’s completely unscathed figure reappeared in front of people.

“The so-called divine calculation is actually just seeing further than others. A normal person takes one step and sees ten steps, a wise person takes one step and sees a hundred steps. Those of us who specialise in the art of celestial magic can take one step and see a thousand steps because of our special skills. However, what you have done today, at most, you can only see ten steps away.

A hundred miles of divine calculation, your name really does not live up to its name.”

The sarcastic words caused the injuries that Baili Divine Calculus had just suppressed to revive a little. He raised his head and stared straight up at Qing Yu, gritting his teeth and saying, “How is that possible? I have checked carefully, and you are the only one who is a Tong Shen in the Flying Cloud Pass.”

“Yes, there is only one God of Poverty, before, but not anymore.” Qing Yu kindly laughed.

“As poor Dao said, we need to take one step and see a thousand steps. When we discovered that there were still Tong Shen in the shadows, the Poor Dao sent a letter for the Grand Princess to come. No, the timing was just right.”

“You ——”

Baili Divine Calculation finally couldn’t hold back a mouthful of blood and spat out, “You actually saw through me!”

Other things could be endured, but to have one’s own mastery seen through, one absolutely could not endure. If Feng Mingxiao had just arrived, it would mean that Ming Qing Yu had already discovered Baili Divine Reckoning’s traces.

With Baili Divine Calculation’s attainments in Yi, for Qing Yu to discover him, it would mean that Ming Qing Yu had already overpowered him in the Way of Heavenly Mystery.

“Poor Dao has said that you don’t see far enough.” Qing Yu laughed lightly in mockery, once again causing Baili Divine Calculation to spit out dan red from his mouth.

In reality, Qing Yu really could not see past Baili Divine Calculus and had not detected his trail. The reason for this arrangement was because the last time Baili Divine Calculus saved Gaju, he revealed his trail.

Given Qing Yu’s cautious attitude, even if there was a possibility, he would have ignored it. So Feng Ming Xiao came.

At this moment, there was a sudden sound of killing in the distance, and the irony of the clash of soldiers could be felt even here.

Gaju and Baili Shenquan looked over, the powerful eyesight of the Tong Shen realm allowing them to see clearly what was happening in the distance.

The Northern Zhou army had attacked by night, using water spirits to open the way and charge into the grassland side’s tents.

The 40,000 water ghosts that charged alone caused heavy casualties on the grassland side. The water spirits were followed by firearms provided by the Daoist Priest of the Fire Ministry, an ancient version of the grenade that was incredibly deadly in the army formation, and the flames from the explosion set the fabric tents ablaze.

The Daoist priest of the Wind Ministry drummed up the wind, causing the fire to spread to the north and burn the camp.

“It seems that the grassland army really does have you, Gaju, as its commander, otherwise there would not be no one to preside over the big event at this time.” Qing Yu looked at the grim-faced Gaju and smiled.

Gaju was extremely power-hungry and naturally would not be a mascot-like Tong Shen warrior who could only catch and kill with the opposing Tong Shen realm powerhouse.

He was both the pinnacle of force and power in the grassland army. Everyone had to listen to him.

But this also led to a problem, that is, after Gaju was entrusted here, the grassland army would be left without a leader.

“It seems that the war can end tonight.”

Qing Yu lightly raised his left hand, frost condensed in the air, frost and snow gathered into a ball of ice, from small to large, and in an instant there was a huge ball of ice hovering on his palm.

“Emperor Heavenly Frenzy Thunder.”

The ice ball flew at him and burst with a bang as it approached. Amidst the endless fine ice dust was the appearance of the small pitch-black sword.

The colourful phoenix appeared behind her and spread its wings, its bright glow seemingly invisible as if it were tangible, and it came with the power of a condensed but untouched force.

Tonight, Gaju may be able to stay alive, but Baili Shenquan may as well leave his life behind.

The two attacked strongly, and the deadly crisis caused Baili Shenquan to shout, “Gaju, if you don’t use that again, I’ll drag you with me to the grave.”

He knew that Gaju still had a life-saving object, but did not want to use it now. It was because he, Baili Divine Calculus, and Gaju had a deep gap, and he would die here to take advantage of Gaju’s wishes.

But now that Baili Divine Calculus had said outright that if he died, he would take Gaju with him, Gaju could not ignore it.


A wolf howled loud and clear, and a powerful wave of Qi shattered the full force of Qing Yu and Feng Ming Xiao’s moves.

A long sharp tooth rose up, and in the void, there seemed to be a gentle stepping sound coming slowly.

A huge shadow appeared in the night sky, and two golden rays flashed on it.

“It’s a wolf, retreat quickly.” Qing Yu shouted, and his figure disappeared from the air in an instant.

Feng Ming Xiao’s face also changed slightly as she turned into a colourful flying phoenix and swept away in an instant.

As the moonlight shone, the huge shadow appeared in its true form, and it was a silver wolf with golden pupils. The silver wolf’s body is slightly transparent, not a solid body, but its might is a heart-stopping sea wave.

“Hahahaha ——” Baili Shenzheng laughed long and hard, “This is the tooth of the Golden Wolf Khan Court’s protector divine beast, and within it is sealed the Golden Wolf Khan King’s inviting intent. The combination of the intention and the tooth of the divine wolf is infinitely powerful, and is still superior to the strongest blow.

“Qing Yu, if you can, you can even count this!”

The roar shook the wilderness, causing Qing Yu to sigh in his heart: ‘It seems that this Baili God has been hit hard by me.’


The golden-pupiled silver wolf looked at the moon with a long roar, and the invisible sound wave formed a tangible wave of air in the air. The sky was like a sea, rolling up a wild tide of Qi waves.

Blood spilled out of Qing Yu’s ears, directly destroying his cochlea, and his true qi expelled and repelled the air, making his speed more and more rapid.

However, the silver wolf’s whistling sound was clearly travelling through the air, but it was faster than the speed of sound. In just a few breaths, the wave of Qi caught up with Qing Yu and swept him into the waves.

Qing Yu was like a lonely boat in the sea, tossing and turning in the tide of Qi waves, a shock that caused the Golden Bell, which had just gathered again, to emit a sound that did not dare to weigh it down. Two breaths later, the golden bell shield gave its last chime and shattered again.

Qing Yu was thrown up again by the wave of Qi and rammed into a soft object.

“Hmmm ——”

Qing Yu silently moved his palm down and stopped Feng Mingxiao’s waist from behind, shouting righteously, “Eldest Princess, poor dao is here to save you.”

The sound was drowned in the wave of Qi as the two tumbled and were once again swept up by it.


Seemingly hitting a more brittle object, Qing Yu and Feng Ming Xiao plunged into the object together, followed by a burst of darkness.

‘It seems that they have crashed into the mountain.’

In the darkness, Qing Yu’s eyes were like lightning, taking in the environment around him.

Gaju had wanted to lure Qing Yu into a mountain range to kill him, but was recognized by Qing Yu and engaged halfway through the battle. Unexpectedly, Qing Yu ended up being slammed into a mountain by a wave of Qi.