Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 173-174

Chapter 173

Eight o’clock the next morning.

A car pulled up in front of the hotel.

Ye Xing pulled open the car door and both sisters were inside.

The one driving the car was sister Chance.

“That, can you let me drive?” Ye Xing asked.

This Qiangwei, Ye Xing was a bit relieved, it felt like she was a random time bomb that would explode.

One unhappy moment and driving the car into the river might be possible.

“What, afraid to ride in my car?” Qiang Wei coldly snorted and said, “Don’t worry, our sisters’ lives are worth more than yours.”

“I just think that it’s better to let men do the hard work.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Fine, then you can drive!”

Qiang Wei pulled open the car door and got out, walked to the back of the car and sat down.

Ye Xing did not sit on it immediately. It was because the leather seats were still hot.

“I don’t have hemorrhoids, don’t worry about it.” Qiang Wei said without good grace.

Ye Xing laughed and did not reply.

After more contact, he had gradually understood this woman. I’m afraid that the reason she did this was to get her own attention!

Last night, she was showing it by sending a message over and asking herself if she was going out to get high.

If she hated herself, how could she possibly main ask herself out.

The three of them first found a place to have breakfast.

After breakfast, Ye Xing then found a big pharmacy and picked up a dozen doses of Chinese medicine before driving the car towards the suburbs.

Because of Qiang Wei’s several provocations. Ye Xing laughed it off, and Qiang Wei was a bit dumbfounded by her inability to find an opponent.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to arrive at Grandpa’s house.

“Grandpa, we’re here.”

“Grandma, we’re here.”

The two women got out of the car and walked into the small house at the same time.

Grandma stepped out and welcomed them in.

“Where is Grandpa?” Ye Xing asked.

“Inside the courtyard, he’s been excited all night and hasn’t slept.” Grandma laughed.

“When he gets really well and can walk, he won’t feel any better.” Ye Xing laughed.

A person who had been paralyzed for decades and suddenly could walk, this feeling was no different from a person who was too poor to open a pot and suddenly won five million dollars, it was strange that he could fall asleep.

When the three of them walked into the backyard, Grandpa was lying on a wicker chair, humming a Peking opera ditty with his eyes closed, in a relaxed manner.

“Grandpa, we’ve come to see you.” Qiangwei said as she stepped forward.

“Yo, Qiangwei is here, and so is Haitang.” Grandpa sat up.

“Grandpa. How’s the leg feeling?” Ye Xing asked as he stepped forward.

“You see for yourself.”

Grandpa wiggled his leg gently and smiled, “Look guys.”

“Grandpa, your leg can really move yeah.”

Although she had heard about it long ago, Rose was still shocked to see it with her own eyes.

“Grandpa, I’ll help you with some more acupuncture.”

Ye Xing took out the set of silver needles from his body and once again helped grandpa apply the needles.

The silver needles landed precisely on the major acupuncture points and meridians on the leg, and within a few moments, the leg was pricked with silver needles.

Then, he manipulated them one by one, using various techniques of acupuncture.

Even for those who did not know anything about medicine. When they saw this flowing operation, they knew that he was a master TCM practitioner.

A few moments later, all kinds of black blood flowed out of the silver needles, only that the colour was not as light as yesterday.

It took a full hour of operation before the black blood flowed cleanly.

Only then did Ye Xing stop and pick up some Chinese herbs that he had just picked up from the table.

“Grandma, these herbs three and a half bowls of water boiled into half a bowl of water, no need to reboil, after a while, you should be able to walk.” Ye Xiong said.

Grandpa and Grandma gave another round of thanks.

“You’re welcome, it’s just a hand up.” Ye Xing laughed.

The two of them went up to the first floor. There was a study on the first floor, which held a very a shelf with many antique playthings on it.

“Grandpa, you still like collecting antiques?” Ye Xing asked.

“It’s just a hobby, and I don’t know if it’s really real or not.” Grandpa said.

Ye Xiong looked at the antique shelf, where there was a whitened photo with none other than Grandpa on it.

Below it was written the name Zhao Jingu, and it seemed that this name. It was his.

“This is a photo taken when I was young, it’s still black and white, handsome then, right!” Zhao Jingu laughed.

“Handsome, really handsome.”

Just a bit worse than me, Ye Xing said secretly.

Next, Ye Xing was next to the shelf, circling around.

“You don’t even know how to identify treasures, do you?” Rose couldn’t help but ask when she saw that he looked like he had a good sense of style.

“I know a little.” Ye Xing returned modestly.

“You know a little bit of this, so I’m afraid you’re at the master level!” Haitang couldn’t help but laugh.

At first, he also said that he knew a little bit of medicine, and as a result, this little bit of medicine had cured his grandfather’s leg that had been paralyzed for decades.

A disease that dozens of famous doctors couldn’t cure. Let him cure it.

She guessed correctly that Ye Xing’s level of treasure appreciation was really at the master level.

He had been reborn for over a thousand years, when he was first reborn. It was still the Ming Dynasty, and some of the so-called antiques were still made as he watched out with his own eyes.

How some antiques were identified, he knew better than anyone else.

“Fake it. I really don’t believe you know everything.” Rose was still a little unconvinced.

How could you be able to fight, know medicine, know astronomy and geography, and even know how to appraise treasures?

Some people don’t necessarily do well even if they devote their whole life to studying one subject.

Was it possible for him to be this good?

Ye Xing laughed and did not retort, just watching from the shelf.

Unfortunately, Zhao Jingu was always a layman, the shelves were full of all imitations, and although they all looked quite ancient, none of them were good.

“Little Ye, how about these things, these are all plucked back by themselves, and some are left behind by folks’ families, there are a lot of good things.”

Zhao Jingu walked over with his walking stick and pointed at the things on the shelves and laughed.

“Grandpa. Antiques are a state of mind, I don’t think it matters if something is real or fake, just look at it and like it yourself.”

“Some people like something so much that they think it’s real and love it, but then they know it’s a fake and smash it in the blink of an eye. That’s not liking, that’s climbing. I don’t think there’s much point.”

Ye Xing had seen too many people who had lost their families because of gambling on antiques.

There was also gambling on stones, it was also the same thing, everything was poor and one cut was rich, how many people’s fate was between one cut.

“Little Ye, it’s really good that you have such a state of mind at a young age.” Zhao Jingu gave him a thumbs up.

“You’re not young to have this state of mind, he has more money than he can spend, he can buy everything back with money, of course he finds it meaningless.”

Rose couldn’t help but open up her dislike again.

“You can’t say that, in fact, money is good enough, why do you need so much.”

“You don’t want it, give it to me!”

“You are not my wife, why should I give it to you.” Ye Xing asked rhetorically.

“Well, you’re all right, everyone has their own ideas.”

Seeing this, Haitang hurriedly came over and acted as a peacemaker, fearing that if they didn’t get along at the drop of a hat, they would get into another fight.

The two were chatting when suddenly a middle-aged man’s voice came from outside, “Old Zhao, are you home?”

“Hey, an old friend of mine is coming over, he’s a connoisseur of antiques.” Zhao Jingu laughed heatedly and shouted, “Old Liu, come up here!”


Chapter 174

A few moments later, a man in his fifties came up from downstairs.

The man was thin and thievish-looking, with eyes as small as green beans, which kept turning.

He was carrying a box in his hand, and when he came up, his eyes darted over the crowd.

“Yo, the two millennials are back, the older they get the more beautiful they are!” The man glanced at the sisters and laughed, “What a beautiful woman, she’s getting prettier and prettier.”

“Uncle Liu.”

“Uncle Liu, you’re here.”

Rose and Begonia greeted at the same time.

“And this is?” The man’s gaze fell on Ye Xing.

“Uncle Liu, this is Ye Xing. A friend of ours.” Haitang said.

“That’s a handsome looker, and those eyebrows are not simple characters at first glance.” The man gave Ye Xing a glance and praised him before continuing to ask, “Haitang. This is your boyfriend, right?”


“Then it’s Chance’s.”

“No, he’s here to help my dad with his leg.”

“So he’s a doctor, not bad.” The man gave some casual praise.

The whole time, Ye Xing was watching this green bean-eye act.

There was a saying in ancient physiognomy: those with thieves’ eyebrows and rat eyes were mostly traitors, and with small bean eyes, they were especially scary.

This guy’s mouth looked like it was greased, so he was afraid that he had screwed Zhao Jingu for a lot of money.

“Ye Xing. This is Liu Qiang from the city’s appraisal bureau, he’s a big deal, he’s opened three antique shops in the city, he’s a connoisseur in the antique world, now I don’t know how many people have asked him to appraise their cultural relics, a big shot!” Zhao Jingu pointed at Liu Qiang and introduced him before pointing at Ye Xing and said, “Old Liu, don’t look at him as such a young man, he can cure my leg, I will be able to walk in less than half a month.”

“Really?” Liu Qiang looked at Ye Xing with disbelief.

Zhao Jingu gently moved his leg, “See, it can move, in some time, I will be able to go and sit in your shop.”

“What a congratulations, people can’t look like people!” Liu Qiang laughed.

“Old Liu, what goodies have you brought over today?” Zhao Jingu asked.

“Today’s is something good, wait.”

Liu Qiang gently placed the box on the ground and opened it, filling it with straw and a slightly yellowed ceramic bowl lying at the bottom of the box.

“An antique bowl from the Qing Dynasty, this is a good thing, I recovered it from a village house in Shanxi, take a look.”

Liu Qiang said as he handed the bowl over.

Zhao Jingu gently took the antique bowl over and looked at it.

“Talking about this thing. What a fate, that family actually used it to feed their dog, if it wasn’t for my sharp eyes, this thing would have been buried.” Liu Qiang laughed.

“It looks pretty good.” Zhao Jingu flipped it around and looked at it before asking, “How much did this come for?”

“I paid fifty thousand dollars for it, we are both old friends, so you can count some of the travel expenses for me, fifty-one thousand will do.” Liu Qiang said.

“It’s not expensive, I’ll take it.” Zhao Jingu was decisive and immediately agreed to take it.

He took out his mobile phone from his body and was about to transfer the money.

“We’re all so familiar with each other, take your time transferring this money! Your family is here. I’ll leave you guys alone and go first.”

Liu Qiang laughed lopsidedly, picked the case up and was ready to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Ye Xing suddenly shouted.

“Is there anything else?” Liu Qiang asked.

“Uncle Liu, many of these antiques of Grandpa’s are yours, right?” Ye Xing pointed to the shelves.

“Yes there are quite a few, acquaintances, I always have to bargain for old friends when there are good things!” Liu Qiang laughed.

“You’ve been a tough old friend!” Ye Xing laughed coldly.

“What does Doctor Ye mean by that?”

Feeling Ye Xing’s gaze on him, Liu Qiang withdrew a few steps, somewhat vain.

“Ye Xing, Old Liu is rather busy, so don’t disturb him,” Zhao Jingu said.

“Grandpa, he ……”

“Didn’t you just say. Playing with antiques is all about mindset?”

Ye Xing looked at Zhao Jingu and saw that there was a deeper meaning in his gaze, so he stood to the side and said nothing more.

“Old Zhao, I’ll go first.”

Liu Qiang chuckled, before turning around and leaving.

After he left, Zhao Jingu’s gaze then fell on Ye Xing and asked, “You can also see that this bowl is a fake, right?”

“It couldn’t be more fake. The imitation workmanship couldn’t be worse, it’s a fake from a small workshop.” Ye Xing said back.

“What, a fake?” Qiang Wei almost jumped up and said urgently, “Grandpa, you know it’s a fake and you still accept it?”

Zhao did not respond to his granddaughter today, his gaze fell on Ye Xing and asked, “Then help me see, how many authentic pieces are on this shelf?”

“Grandpa, do you want to hear the truth or not?”

“But there is no harm in saying so.”

“All of them are fakes.”

At these words, Rose and Begonia beside her were all startled.

Although they didn’t know how much grandpa had spent on these antiques, they knew that the prices were high. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece.

For their Zhao family, they didn’t care about this amount of money, but it wasn’t nice to be pitched!

“Ye Xing, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand. Grandpa has spent millions on these antiques.” Qiang Wei said.

Ye Xing walked over to the shelf, took a ceramic vase off it and held it in his hand. He said, “This one here is also worth some money, although it is also an imitation, it is a Qing Dynasty imitation of the Ming Dynasty, so it is an antique anyhow, the others are all modern fakes.”

“Then how do you say that these are all imitations?”

Instead of being sad, Zhao Jingu looked at him with a smile.

“There are different techniques used in imitation antique workshops in the South and the North, and these are all from the North, so if you look at the materials used, they should be from the same workshop. Buy workshop products also do not get a few more workshops, really drunk.” Ye Xing was also speechless.

“Grandpa, is it true what Ye Xing said, that all these are fake?” Qiang Wei was a bit disbelieving.

“Yes, all of them are fake, only the one in Ye Xing’s hand is worth something.” Zhao Jingu looked at Ye Xing with a smile. He continued, “Ye Xing, what do you think, how much is this ceramic worth?”

“If the market valuation, it should be around one hundred thousand, with a twenty percent upward fluctuation for normal transactions.”

Zhao Jingu laughed out loud and was very satisfied, “I really didn’t expect that you were great in medicine and this treasure appreciation ability was also so strong. I have several friends who play with antiques, all of whom are old pros, but they can’t tell if it’s genuine or not, but you can actually tell, and the valuation is so accurate.”

I don’t know how many years I’ve been alive.

Nowadays, these so-called antiques were all dishes fed to dogs in the countryside in ancient times.

“Know a little bit.” Ye Xing laughed.

“This slight understanding of yours is again at the master level.” Haitang couldn’t help but laugh

Not to mention anything else, just by the fact that Ye Xing had just turned around the shelf and saw that all the antiques were fakes, not many people could see that.

“Grandpa, you knew that Liu Qiang’s were fakes, why did you still buy from him, that’s not how you spend money!” Rose was a little angry.