Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 175-176

Chapter 175

“Chance, take it easy, listen to me.” Zhao Jingu narrated the story.

Only after Zhao Jingu’s explanation did the three of them understand.

It turned out that when he was young, Zhao Jingu had once engaged in tomb raiding, and he had made his fortune by digging up his first bucket of gold from tomb raiding.

“I had a friend, who was buried in a collapsed tomb in order to save me during a tomb raid.”

Speaking of this past incident, Zhao Jingu’s voice was full of sadness.

“Liu Qiang is the son of that friend of yours, right?” Ye Xing guessed.

“That’s right.”

Only then did the three of them understand why they knew that Liu Qiang had lied to him. Zhao Jingu was still willing to pay such a high price for his forgeries, so it was a disguise to help him.

“Grandpa, why don’t you repay him openly and honestly, aren’t you condoning him to cheat like this?” Haitang asked.

“You really think everyone in the antique world is a fool. As far as his level of taking imitations is concerned, don’t even try to cheat one of them.”

“Grandpa really has good intentions!” Ye Xing sighed.

“Another thing is that we are in this business, we are watched by many people and have offended many of them. When Liu Qiang’s father’s body was exhumed, there were already many people watching him, and I couldn’t help him openly for fear of being watched. I can only go and help him in disguise.” Zhao Jingu continued.

“It can also cover people’s ears and not let them know that grandpa is actually a big antique collector.” Ye Xing smiled faintly and changed the conversation, “Grandpa, I’m afraid you have quite a few real treasures in this house, right?”

“You are so clever, I like you more and more, come with me.”

With Ye Xing carrying him, Zhao Jingu went up to the third floor and stopped in front of a locked room, pulling out a key from his body.

“You two have been blessed by Ye Xing, if you hadn’t met a connoisseur, you both wouldn’t have had this blessing at all.”

After unlocking the door and pushing open the room, three tall shelves appeared in front of them, with countless antiques on them.

A fragrance unique to antiques came from them, an aroma that would excite those who knew about antiques to smell it.

Even if Ye Xing was already very light on anything, at this moment, his spirit still shook.

On the wooden shelves were vases, paintings and calligraphy, incense burners, small tripods, ancient jade, pottery and silver bowls. At a glance, it was a dazzling array of objects.

Although he hadn’t got it in his hands to appraise it yet, Ye Xing could almost tell with his naked eyes that all the antiques here should be genuine.

People outside thought that Zhao Gujin was an antique idiot, a bronze, but who knew to think that he was a king.

“You two stand still here, Ye Xing, come and take a look.” Zhao Jingu laughed.

“Grandpa, why should he be able to look and we can’t?” Qiang Wei was a little unhappy.

“Antiques have a spiritual nature, you guys can’t read them.” Zhao Jingu said.

“Grandpa is afraid that you guys are not careful with your hands. Break the antiques, these antiques can’t be bought with money.” Ye Xing said.

Next, he walked to the lower shelves and tasted them one by one.

“Western Zhou Chime, Long Letter Palace Lamp ……”

“Xia Dynasty, White Jade Vase with Turned Heart and Lotus Seeds, Ancient Xiang Ruyi Covered Incense Burner ……”

“Tang dynasty, bronze pot with eight treasures decoration, white porcelain phoenix-head vase, five-coloured floral oolong dish ……”

On the wooden shelves, it was obvious that they were arranged according to dynasties, and every time he took out an antique, Ye Xing could quickly identify it.

Only some were unfamiliar to himself. Not knowing the origins, but one could probably guess.

The two sisters stood in the doorway, watching Ye Xing’s mouth utter a series of words they had never even heard before, and both of them looked baffled.

“Sister, why do I feel as if Ye Xing’s life has turned on?”

“It’s not a feeling, it’s simply open, I really doubt if he’s a reborn person in a novel.”

An average person spends their whole life. They would only be able to build something in one field.

Just like their grandfather, he was only a connoisseur in antiques and knew almost nothing in other fields.

He was good at business, martial arts, cooking, medicine, and now he could even appraise antiques.

And that was just what they knew, how many more skills they didn’t know was unknown.

He was only in his twenties, even if he had started learning from his mother’s womb, he couldn’t be this old and pushy!

“Awesome, awesome!”

Zhao Jingu laughed out loud. The more he listened, the happier he became, and walked over to discuss it with Ye Xing.

The two of them were very engaged with their eyebrows, sweeping the two sisters aside.

“Sister. Let’s go down!” Haitang said.

“Let’s go, it’s the same as listening to a wordless book.”

The two women couldn’t understand what they were hearing, and it wasn’t interesting at all.

Although these antiques were worth a lot of money. But with the value of their Zhao family in the provincial capital, they really didn’t put a batch of antiques to heart.

The two women sat downstairs for over an hour until it was time for lunch, and only then did they come from downstairs.

“Little Ye ah, he has that house locked all day, even I have never entered, if you had not come, he would have spared to open it!” Grandma laughed.

“A gentleman is good, you don’t know anything, what’s the point of showing it to you, don’t touch my treasure.”

“What treasure, it’s just some broken bowls and bottles, I don’t care to look at them!”

“You don’t know Sh*t.”

The two old men began to dislike each other, but only with their mouths, not feeling any gunpowder.

It was happy dislike of the mouth.

“I feel that Grandpa is already someone else’s grandpa. We’re outsiders now.” Rose bristled.

When the sisters had been here before, Grandpa had treated them like treasures and circled around them.

Now, Grandpa didn’t even say a few words to her.

“Sister, resign yourself to fate, who made us not understand his treasures.” Haitang laughed.

The five of them were eating when suddenly a group of people walked in outside.

The visitors looked aggressive and did not look like good people at first glance.

At the head of the group was a man in a suit. A man wearing gla*ses.

Around thirty years old, his hair was combed so shiny that it could be used as a mirror.

“Zhao Bashiang, you’ve made us look so hard!”

The oily-headed man said with a cold smile just as he entered.

“You’ve got the wrong person, there’s only Zhao Jingu here, not Zhao Bailiou.” Zhao Jingu said without moving a muscle.

“Don’t pretend, we’ve checked it out clearly, don’t think you can get away with it just because you’ve changed your name.”

The greasy-headed man walked over to the sofa and sat down, pulling out a cigarette from his body and preparing to light it.

“No smoking.” Zhao Haitang chided, she hated the smell of smoke.


The lighter flicked up a flame and was about to light it.

Ye Xing grabbed a chopstick on the table and flung it out.

It hit the other party’s lighter impartially, and it fell to the ground.

“Get lost or don’t blame me for not being polite.” Ye Xing warned.

“Kid, do you know who I am, how dare you talk to me like that, are you tired of living?”

The oil-headed man was furious, stood up and barked, “Go on, show him some colour.”

Immediately, two beaters came over, one left and one right, to pin Ye Xing down.


Chapter 176

“No hands.” Zhao Jingu stood up and drank, “If you don’t leave, I’m going to call the police.”

“Grandpa, sit down and eat, Ye Xing will take care of it.” Qiang Wei didn’t even look at those who came in with a straight face.

She knew best what kind of strength Ye Xing was, with him around, he could hold up against the sky falling down.

“This matter has nothing to do with Ye Xing ……”

“Grandpa, just sit down and watch the show.”

Haitang stood up, walked to Zhao Jingu’s side, and pressed him down. Laughing, she said.

Looking at the two women’s appearance, Zhao Jingu looked at Ye Xing with a suspicious gaze.

This guy, could it be that he still knew martial arts?

The crowd was expecting it, so I couldn’t even pretend!

Ye Xing had no choice. He had to stand up, walk over to the greasy-headed man and said, “Listen, I will only say my words once. I don’t want to know who you are, nor do I want to know what kind of grudge you have with grandpa. From this moment onwards, you, including those around you, do not come within ten metres of Grandpa. Or else it won’t be as simple as death, do you understand?”

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xing slapped out his palm!

Dark energy was used!


The man’s body flew straight out, from the living room out of the hall door, then out of the courtyard door, and finally sat on his butt on the ground at the entrance.

All told, it flew out more than ten meters!

Next, Ye Xing’s figure flashed, only to hear the sound of thumping coming from him.

Several of the oily-headed man’s men were all slapped out, each one precisely pa*sing through the two doors and falling to the ground outside, just like a stack of rogues.


The group of men all spat white bubbles in their mouths, half unable to get up.

Ye Xing clapped his hands and returned to the table to find four people looking at him with bewildered faces.

Even Qiang Wei and Haitang were, both of them were equally very shocked.

The previous Ye Xing, although powerful, was only powerful, he was not yet able to slap a person more than ten metres away.

How did this guy’s strength feel like he had scampered up like a plane ride.

“Ye Xing, you’re a sect master?” Zhao Jingu asked in shock.

Inner Strength powerhouses were indeed known as Zong Shi in some places.

“Sort of, I just broke through not long ago and have a little bit of internal energy.” Ye Xing said in a low tone.

“Would it kill you not to pretend?” Qiang Wei couldn’t help but spit out.

There was a little bit of money. As a result, he could be rich.

Knowing a little bit of medicine, results in curing paralysis easily.

Knowing a little bit of antiques resulted in being more powerful than grandpa.

Now it was a little bit of internal qi ……

She was all but powerless to spit.

Ye Xing smiled awkwardly, picked up his chopsticks and said, “Eat, eat.”

Zhao Jingu looked at Ye Xing, and the more he looked at him, the more he liked him, and suddenly put his chopsticks on the table and asked, “Ye Xing, are you really married?”

“Got a girlfriend.”

“Then it means you’re not married!” Zhao Jingu instantly became excited and pointed at his two granddaughters, “The two of them, you choose one, I’ll take you as my granddaughter-in-law.”

He had never seen such an outstanding man before. He was also so young and handsome, so today, no matter what, he had to snatch him up even if he had to.

“Grandpa, what are you talking about?”

“Grandpa, Ye Xing even has a girlfriend.”

The two sisters said at the same time, although their mouths said so, their eyes could not help but fall on Ye Xing, with expectation.

“Can I have both of them?” Ye Xing blurted out.

As soon as the words left his mouth, he knew something was wrong.

Sure enough, the two sisters were staring, looking angry.

“I’m just kidding haha. Don’t be angry, you guys know that I love to joke around.” Ye Xing snorted, before his gaze fell on Zhao Jingu and said, “Grandpa, Qiangwei and Haitang are both good girls, both excellent, but I have a girlfriend and have been talking for a long time.”

“You should seriously consider Haitang. She is a high achiever, returned from studying abroad, beautiful, quiet and understanding, the best to be a wife …… Qiangwei can not want, but Haitang you really have to consider.” Zhao Jingu said very seriously.

“Grandfather, what do you mean, I am not your granddaughter is not it?”

Seeing Zhao Jingu elevate his sister and belittle himself, Qiang Wei was instantly upset.

“Qiang Wei, Haitang is indeed a bit better than you. Don’t interrupt.” Zhao Jingu interrupted her before continuing, “Ye Xing, Haitang grew up knowing how to read and write, and there are many men chasing her. She doesn’t see any of them, but in the neighbourhood next door, I don’t know how many people have proposed marriage to me.”

“Grandpa, you don’t have to say anymore.” Haitang was a little embarra*sed by his words.

“Grandpa. In matters of feelings, you can’t force them.” Ye Xing hurriedly said.

If he had known that there would be such consequences afterwards, he would not have pretended to be a P***y, just call those people out and beat them up, don’t let Zhao Jingu see it.

There were risks in pretending, one must be cautious in pretending.

Zhao Jingu suddenly pulled out a green ancient jade from his body and held it in his hand.

“Take a look at this.”

He was a little reluctant and handed it over.

Ye Xing took the ancient jade and looked at it, seeing that the texture was extremely pure and it was all emerald green inside.

“This is a good thing.”

Ye Xing held the ancient jade and suddenly his mind moved.

He was shocked to find that there seemed to be something in the ancient jade, cool and seeping into his palm.

It was as if there was something within the ancient jade that resonated with the internal Qi inside his body.

“Grandpa. Where did this summer jade come from?” He could already tell that the jade came from the Xia Dynasty.

That was not the key, the key was the airflow on the jade that could resonate with his body.

Heaven and earth have spiritual qi that is hidden in everything!

Such a phrase suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was the very words that appeared in his mind, from time to time, as if they were a mantra engraved in his soul.

“This is a treasure I got in an ancient tomb and had it tested. It has a spiritual nature.” Zhao Jingu pointed to his face and said, “Look at me like this, I’m already seventy years old, doesn’t it look as if I’m only sixty, just because I’ve been wearing this jade on my body all the time.”

“So miraculous?”

“This jade can also nourish your face?”

The sisters’ eyes fell on the jade, all shocked beyond belief.

They too found their grandfather’s youthfulness somewhat surprising; an ordinary person who was paralysed and walked around less should age quickly.

However, Zhao Jingu was clearly different.

“This jade can give off an aura that is beneficial to one’s body, grandpa’s words are true.” Ye Xing nodded his head.

This was also the reason why internal energy experts were younger than their usual peers.

It was rumoured that some people who had achieved great internal energy could even return to their old age!

“How about this, this is good stuff, right?” Zhao Jingu asked.

“It is indeed good stuff.”

Compared to that, Ye Xing wished to know where he got this thing more than anything else.

“As long as you marry Haitang, this jade will be yours.” Zhao Jingu said resoundingly.

“Grandpa, can you stop saying that?”

Even if Haitang had a good heart, she could not help but feel her cheeks flush.

She couldn’t help but glance at Ye Xing from the corner of her eyes.

Ye Xing also glanced at Haitang, and their eyes met each other.

Haitang hurriedly withdrew her eyes, not daring to look at him, and raised her head.

“My sister, is no worse than Murong Xue, think about it!” Qiang Wei said in an unsalty manner.