Doting Billionaire Chapter 984

“Mr. Lu, you, how did you know they were coming to my place?”

Hai Ling asked instinctively as she came back to her senses.

Lu Dongming put down the struggling Yang Yang, after sending so many windmills to Yang Yang, Yang Yang still didn’t like him as Uncle Lu, Lu Dongming felt that he had really failed as an uncle, he couldn’t please a three-year-old child.

“Grandma War called me and said that your ex-mother-in-law’s ex-great aunt came to your place to cause trouble and asked me to hurry up and bring help, I was worried that they might scare Yang Yang and hurt Grandma War, so I rushed here with the security guards.”

“Are you all okay?”

Hai Ling dawned on her, no wonder Lu Dongming had rushed over all of a sudden, so it was because Grandma War had called him for help.

Who asked Lu’s group to be nearby.

It was normal enough for the old lady to call Lu Dongming for help.

Hai Ling didn’t think much about it, she just said, “They are scoundrels, I’m not afraid of them, I was going to carry a bucket of water to throw them away, and then Mr. Lu arrived with his men.”

“Mr. Lu, thank you.”

Lu Dongming said, “It’s good that they’re fine, from now on, if they come over again, you can just kick them out, no need to talk to them, those people are simply unreasonable.”

If they had done any vandalism, they could have called the police, but they had come to complain and borrow money, so Hai Ling couldn’t really call the police.

“Grandma War, Hai Ling, I’m busy, I’ll leave now, call again if something happens, I’ll talk to the housekeeper later, ask a few security guards to patrol this street, keep this side safe and stop this kind of thing from happening.”

Lu Dongming came and left in a hurry, staying for not even ten minutes in total.

Hai Ling did not know that the old lady was deliberately testing Lu Dongming, after Lu Dongming had left with the security team, she said to the old lady, “Mr. Lu is really a good landlord, when I first looked at the shops here, not only because of the high traffic, there were other small companies nearby besides Lu’s group, I thought it would be profitable to open a breakfast shop, now I am glad I chose this place. ”

“Mr Lu is not the kind of person who just cares about making money and doesn’t care if the tenant lives or dies.”

The old lady chuckled twice.

Half of the shops on the street were owned by Lu Dongming, the other shop owners were afraid that they were not even aware of Lu Dongming’s identity, not to mention being covered by him.

The old lady knew it well, but did not point it out.

Now Lu Dongming and Hai Ling haven’t even started a relationship yet.

The old lady just looks and doesn’t say anything.

After Lu Dongming returned to his office, he could not help but call his old friend to spit, he said: “Zhan Yin, what does your grandmother mean? Her old man has a full body of kung fu, old and strong, but it’s just two women, her old man can beat those two women away with just one hand, do you need to ask me for help?”

“Tell me clearly, I’m confused, what is my grandmother calling you for? What did you meet?”

War Yin was all ears.

“It’s not because your sister-in-law’s ex mother-in-law and daughter-in-law ran off to cause trouble, your grandmother called me for help. War Yin, I always feel like your grandmother is possessed by my grandmother today, and I feel weak from her old man’s eyes.”

War Yin sort of understood.

His grandmother probably saw something and caught the opportunity to test Lu Dongming.

He said coolly, “My grandmother asked you for help, you can just arrange for a few security guards to go over and help, what, you yourself left your heavy workload behind and ran over to help my sister chase away the two extremes?”

“It wasn’t just me, I also gathered a dozen security guards from my company and killed them in a big way.”

When he thought of that scene, he laughed, “That’s really the way to kill a chicken.”