Doting Billionaire Chapter 985

War Yin felt that his best friend’s explanation was a cover-up.

His grandmother had a good eye for people.

If Lu Dongming didn’t have half a heart for his sister-in-law, his grandmother would never have tested Lu Dongming.

In the past, War Yin had felt that Lu Dongming and Hai Ling were quite destined for each other.

Guancheng was a big and prosperous city, and both of them could often meet each other, so what was that if not fate?

“Well, Yang Yang is a child that I also like very much, whether you have any interest in my sister or not, that’s your private matter, and it’s not my business, however, I still hope that you simply like Yang Yang and are not after Yang Yang’s mother.”

Lu Dongming was a close friend of Zhangyin, and Zhangyin knew him well, but he felt that Lu Dongming was not suitable for his sister-in-law, mainly because Mrs. Lu was difficult.

Not to mention that Hai Ling was a divorced woman, even if she was unmarried, Mrs. Lu couldn’t even look at her.

“Of course I’m rushing to Yang Yang.”

Lu Dongming said, “I like Yang Yang so much, so why do you guys always suspect that I’m going after Hai Ling?”

Even if he cared slightly about Hai Ling, it was because she was Yang Yang’s mother.

“Zhan Yin, tell your grandmother to tell her old man to never pull the red string for me haha.”

War Yin laughed: “Has my grandmother now become the representative of the moon elder? You are all that afraid of her holding the red thread, don’t worry, her old man has several grandchildren for her to worry about, it’s not your turn to be her best friend’s grandson.”

“Mr. Night also told me that I should help Mr. Jun to pull the strings, I don’t know how to do that, my own strings were pulled by my grandmother, so Mr. Night said to ask my grandmother to help too, I think my grandmother can really open a marriage agency and specialize in pulling strings for you golden singles.”

There is definitely more money to be made thanks to matchmaking.

For a golden single aristocrat like Lu Dongming, who was not young, once he was helped into a red match, the remuneration from the Lu family was quite generous.

Lu Dongming said after a moment’s silence, “Grandma War is an old codger, I’m scared when she gives me this stunt today.”

He didn’t even dare to look the old lady in the eye, he always felt vain.

“Alright, nothing else, just spilling the beans to you, dinner tonight?”

“No, my wife will bring me a love dinner, I don’t have a good stomach, she contracts me for three meals a day to tame my stomach.”

Lu Dongming heard the braggadocio in his words and silently hung up the phone.

Having a wife is great!

If he wanted to marry, he could have taken a woman home as his wife at any time, as if no one could marry a wife.

War Yin: I have a wife, I am great!

He left the office just after four o’clock in the afternoon, surrounded by a team of bodyguards, and went to Guancheng High School in a big way.

Hai Zhiwen’s car was still parked in front of the bookstore, with its four flat tyres, and no matter who entered the shop or passed by, they would look at that car twice.

Hai Zhiwen wanted to ask a tow truck to go and tow his car back, but did not dare to do so openly for fear of being scolded by Hai Tong.

He planned to wait until the bookstore closed for the night, and then he would ask the tow truck to go and tow his car to change the tyres.

When War Yin arrived at the bookstore, Shang Xiaofei was also there.

“Cousin, you’re here too.”

After War Yin had called Shang Xiaofei cousin, it seemed much more natural to call her a second time.