Campus Master Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

Taking advantage of the twenty minutes between morning reading cla*ses, Tong Lei brought the duo of Ji Feng and Zhang Lei to the canteen at the back of the school building. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

Frankly speaking, Ji Feng also once liked Tong Lei. For this cold girl full of spirit, I’m afraid there are not many boys in the whole Second Form who don’t like her.

Only, Ji Feng knew the gap between himself and Tong Lei, the two were simply not from the same world. Moreover, Tong Lei’s beauty seemed to be unearthly, both cold and ethereal, and even just liking her felt like blasphemy.

Therefore, Ji Feng, who had an inferiority complex inside, decisively dismissed his thoughts.

It was only later that he gradually developed feelings for Hu Xuehui, until he was unable to extricate himself. The reason for this was that he felt that Tong Lei was too far away from him and that Hu Xuehui was the real one.

Now, however, Ji Feng realised how wrong his previous thoughts had been. The real girl, but very realistic, was not as good as the unreal one, even if she was looking at the moon in the air, at least she would not be stabbed hard by those words like a knife!

Looking at Tong Lei, who was walking in front of him, Ji Feng’s heart could not help but have faint ripples.

Looking from behind, Tong Lei was just as extraordinarily beautiful.

The usual hair was tied into a ponytail at the back of her head, a pink plaid short-sleeved shirt, a denim skirt underneath, and white sneakers on her call. This sharp and clean outfit not only did not affect her beauty, but filled her with a youthful aura and a mature taste at the same time.

What’s more, this outfit brought out her enchanting and dynamic figure perfectly.

Under the pink blouse, her waist is shapely and graceful, and under the denim skirt, her rounded buttocks make people simply not want to look away.

Especially those long and slender legs, tender white and full of beauty.

“How about it, isn’t our school flower cla*s president pretty?” Zhang Lei suddenly came over and whispered a bad laugh.

Ji Feng, who was sweeping a few glances from time to time from Tong Lei’s shapely buttocks and beautiful legs, was immediately startled, but on the surface he pretended to glare at Zhang Lei as if nothing was wrong. .com

“You guy, when will you be more decent?” Ji Feng said without good humour, but in his heart he was a little embarra*sed and guilty. Wasn’t it a bit too inattentive to peek at Tong Lei when he himself had just broken up with Hu Xuehui? Moreover, this was too blasphemous to the beautiful school girl!

In fact, Ji Feng didn’t know that the reason why he was like this was, on the one hand, because being ten** years old was the age of budding youth, and when he met a beautiful girl, he would naturally have some impulses.

On the other hand, it was also because he had completely stepped out of Hu Xuehui’s shadow, which allowed him to completely let go of the baggage in his heart.

“Hey, crazy, you think I didn’t see your gaze just now? If you dare to do something, you have to dare to do it!” Zhang Lei laughed heatedly, “Crazy, if you want to chase after her, I’ll help you spy on her habits and hobbies, as well as all other intelligence, how about that, am I brother enough?”

Ji Feng looked at him in surprise and asked, “Why are you always encouraging me to chase after Tong Lei? Why don’t you go after her yourself?”

“I’m chasing her?” Zhang Lei’s face looked odd as hell, and his mouth muttered vaguely.

But Ji Feng was quite clear, what Zhang Lei said was: “I don’t want to live anymore, chasing her? It’s weird if my old man doesn’t break my legs!”

He looked at Zhang Lei and pondered what this statement meant.

“Come here, you two!” At this time, Tong Lei had already arrived at the entrance of the canteen, looking at Ji Feng and Zhang Lei with a cold face, her hands clasped around her arms, making those rather sizable puffy breasts rise high, causing Ji Feng’s heart to jump wildly a few times.

However, Ji Feng did not dare to show it and still walked over honestly.

Zhang Lei was not so honest, he smiled heatedly and asked, “Big cla*s leader, you didn’t bring us to the canteen to treat us to breakfast, did you? Then we’d like to be treated!”

Tong Lei immediately glared at him and was just about to say something when he saw Zhang Lei’s bitter face and said, “I was just joking, Cla*s Leader, we are really hungry, can we talk about it after we have eaten? To show my apology, today’s breakfast will be on me, okay?”

Only then did Tong Lei’s face ease up a bit, nodding slightly and saying, “In that case, then I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself, go ahead!”

“Crazy, you stay here now and talk with our big school girl, I’ll go and get the food!” Zhang Lei was instantly pardoned, and with a heated smile, he ran towards the window where the rice was being served.

Ji Feng was immediately a little embarra*sed, facing the clear and beautiful Tong Lei alone, he couldn’t help but get nervous in his heart.

“That, let’s go inside and find a seat first!” Ji Feng had no words to say.

Instead, Tong Lei nodded slightly and turned around to go into the canteen.

At this time, there were already quite a few students eating breakfast in the canteen, and after searching for half a day, the two of them only found an empty table inside.

The two of them sat down honestly, and Ji Feng looked left and right, but did not dare to look at Tong Lei. That clear, cold and pretty face made him nervous inside.

“Ji Feng, am I scary?” Seeing Ji Feng’s appearance, Tong Lei couldn’t help but glare at him and asked in an angry manner.

“How come!” Ji Feng said in a hurry, “You’re so pretty, how could you be scary!”

“Then why don’t you dare to look at me?” Tong Lei asked.

Ji Feng smiled awkwardly, thinking, “Do I dare to look, only before you heard me say I like you, now if I look again, I might be misunderstood by you!

Now Ji Feng is starting to hope that Zhang Lei will come back sooner, with that kid here Chaco gag, the atmosphere can still be active, he is not here, Ji Feng does not even know what to say.

“Ji Feng, actually the most important thing for us now is to study, your grades are not ideal, but there is still a year left, if you work hard enough, you will reap the rewards!”

Tong Lei’s pair of beautiful eyes flashed as she said softly, “Before you get into university, don’t get distracted thinking about other things, that will delay your studies!”

Ji Feng was instantly embarra*sed.

Obviously, although Tong Lei said these words very euphemistically, it was clear that she was regulating herself not to think too much.

“I know, thanks for your concern, Cla*s President!” Ji Feng smiled awkwardly, ever since he had experienced what happened to Hu Xuehui, he knew what he should do now. Besides, like he said, even if he liked Tong Lei, it didn’t mean that he had to show something.

It was enough to like someone in silence!

Sometimes it’s a blessing to have someone you like, but if you really do something, it might even hurt someone else!

Regarding this point, Ji Feng has always been very self-aware.

Seeing Ji Feng’s expression, Tong Lei immediately felt that her words might have been a bit heavy. Although she came from a good background and her family was well established, she herself was not arrogant and never felt that poor people had to be inferior to others.

Only, she had no feelings for Ji Feng, and her family would definitely not agree to the two of them, so Tong Lei did not even think super about it.

She just said, “Ji Feng, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean to look down on you, I think, we are all students, our studies are the most important thing, maybe when you look back after a few years, you will find that it’s actually fun now, and many things are also very childish!”

“I understand!” Ji Feng smiled, since Tong Lei was so relaxed, he also calmed down and smiled spontaneously, “I understand what you mean, in fact I also think that studying is the most important now, I still regret that I didn’t study properly before!”

Tong Lei immediately smiled sweetly and said, “It’s good that you can think like that, Ji Feng, we haven’t had much communication in the past, let’s be friends in the future!”

“With pleasure!” Ji Feng smiled.

Tong Lei suddenly giggled, causing a hundred flowers to lose their colour and beauty.

Ji Feng smiled along with him, only, his eyes were clear and deep, like the stars in the sky, mesmerizing!

Tong Lei’s heart shook slightly as she watched!


Chapter 10

A breakfast time brought Ji Feng and Tong Lei a lot closer to each other. Go to see the net . Only, the two only stopped at being friends, and not too familiar friends at that.

The reason Ji Feng knew very well that the reason why Tong Lei called herself to the canteen was partly because it was time for breakfast, and partly because she had heard her flirtation with Zhang Lei and mistakenly thought that she really had that kind of intention for her, so she wanted to take this opportunity to tell herself clearly, or rather to advise herself not to think nonsense!

Thinking recklessly?

If liking her is considered to be a messy thought, then one has been messing around with it for two years!

The only thing is, Ji Feng is very self-aware, moreover, after experiencing what happened to Hu Xuehui, Ji Feng no longer treats his feelings as irrationally as he did before.

When they returned to the cla*sroom, Tong Lei was still walking in front, and Ji Feng and Zhang Lei were walking behind.

“Crazy, how about it, our big school girl is extremely good, right?” Zhang Lei said in a thieving whisper, “Still the same, if you want to chase her, I’ll be your informant, how about that?”

Ji Feng shook his head and said, “Don’t make a scene, I’m not from the same world as her!”

Zhang Lei shook his head slightly at once and said, “Crazy, seriously, you don’t have to be inferior to anyone, you must have confidence in yourself, your kindness and perseverance, as well as your motivation, is something that many people can’t match. That alone makes you better than most people! And of course you’ll be able to match her!”

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled, not saying anything. His gaze, however, fell on Tong Lei in front of him.

Looking from behind, Tong Lei’s enchantingly delicate body was fabulous, and one couldn’t help but be impressed!

I wonder what it would look like inside that white shirt and denim skirt! As soon as this thought flashed through Ji Feng’s mind, it immediately startled him, cursing himself in his heart for being shameless, how could he blaspheme Tong Lei with such thoughts!

In Ji Feng’s mind, Tong Lei was like a goddess!

However, after this thought came out, he couldn’t take it back, he was so young and vigorous that he couldn’t move his gaze away from Tong Lei’s body.

At this very moment, Ji Feng suddenly found that his vision seemed to be distorted and fluctuated a few times, and then he saw that the pink shirt and denim skirt on Tong Lei’s body had gradually become transparent. .com

The next moment, a snow-white ** without an inch appeared in Ji Feng’s line of sight, tender pink back, high up the beautiful buttocks, that is a full of seductive flirtation, simply moving the soul!


Ji Feng only felt a moment of dizziness, his body almost froze, the first time he saw such a scene full of aromas, his heart was beating violently.

“Crazy man, why did you suddenly stop and not go?”

Ji Feng suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder, and at the same time, Zhang Lei’s voice came through.

He was stunned, only to feel a shake in front of his eyes and the scene returned to normal, the Child Lei in his sight was still in a pink shirt, denim skirt, snow white slender legs and trainers!

“What’s going on?” Ji Feng’s heart was shocked beyond measure, it seemed that he had just …… seen through Tong Lei’s clothes and seen her …… body?

“Sh*t, crazy, why is there a nosebleed when you’re fine?” Zhang Lei looked at Ji Feng in amazement and asked in amazement, “It couldn’t be that you’ve been charmed by our big school girl, could it?”

“Zhang Lei! What are you talking about!” Tong Lei’s pretty face was slightly red as she glared at Zhang Lei and hurried over to hand Ji Feng a tissue and said with concern, “Ji Feng, are you alright?”

Ji Feng took the tissue in a bit of a trance and wiped it towards his nose, and immediately saw a blood red patch on the tissue.

“Surprisingly, it’s bleeding?” Ji Feng laughed awkwardly and cursed himself in his heart for being shameless and lacking in determination. However, he also secretly thought, no matter who saw Tong Lei’s beautiful and peerless body, he would definitely not be able to resist a nosebleed either, right?

“It’s alright! Let’s go!” Ji Feng barely managed to calm himself down, but in his heart, he couldn’t get that fragrant scene from earlier out of his mind. He was puzzled in his mind, what he had just seen, was it really Tong Lei’s body? Why could his sight pa*s through her clothes?

“That’s because the master’s excessive concentration has inadvertently stimulated the bio-current and activated the see-through function!” A voice in his mind suddenly rang out, it was the voice of the intelligent brain!

Ji Feng was stunned, he could communicate with the wise brain even without entering within his consciousness?

“Yes, master, as long as you concentrate on your mind!” The wise brain’s voice rang out again.

This time, Ji Feng was finally sure that what he had just seen was really Tong Lei’s body.

There was a hidden hint of excitement in his heart, and also guilt.

In his heart, Tong Lei was like a fairy in the sky that he could only look at from afar, and acting like that just now was already a desecration of her.

At the same time, Ji Feng was also very happy in his heart, he now possessed another superpower apart from his unforgettable eyesight – Perspective!

Although it seemed like a very insignificant function, Ji Feng believed that any ability that was transcendent would be enough to create shocking miracles!

Only, if this miraculous ability was only used for spying, it would be too insulting to this superpower!

“In the future, I must not casually use the see-through function again until it’s necessary!” Ji Feng secretly decided in his heart that if he casually used it and often saw a group of unclothed women …… that scene would definitely make his nose bleed to death!

What’s more, if voyeurism becomes a fetish, it is easy to make one’s heart become dark and twisted, and then one will no longer be a normal person.

“If, later on, one could be worthy of her, if, then, she could look after her later! Right now, one is just a poor boy with nothing!” Experiencing what happened to Hu Xuehui had made Ji Feng very unconfident in matters of men and women!

Seeing that Ji Feng was not a big deal, Tong Lei also put her mind at ease, and the three of them continued to walk towards the cla*sroom.

Neither of them knew that just above them, on the window of the school building, two resentful lines of sight were staring deadly at Ji Feng’s body.

The owner of these lines of sight was a handsome looking boy with a tall body. Such good looks would certainly make many girls swoon over him.

Only now, this handsome boy’s eyes were filled with a resentful look!

“Ji Feng, Tong Lei is destined to be the girl that I, Xu Mo, have my eye on, and you dare to steal it from me?!” This handsome boy was no other than one of the vice presidents of senior cla*s 6, Xu Mo!

“Brother Xu, you don’t need to be angry, that boy Ji Feng is simply a toad wanting to eat the flesh of a swan, how could the cla*s president see him?” A boy next to him said flatteringly, “No one in our Second Form is good enough for the cla*s president except for Brother Xu, you two, you’re really a golden girl!”

Hearing this flattery, Xu Mo’s face eased up a bit, and he said in a low voice, “Chen Yang, you sit right behind Ji Feng, and usually have a lot of contact with him. Keep an eye on him for me, and if there’s anything wrong with him, report to me immediately, I won’t treat you badly!”

“Brother Xu, don’t worry, I will do it!” The boy named Chen Yang immediately said in a fawning manner.

“Humph, a poor boy who has been dumped and still wants to eat swan meat? Don’t know whether to live or die!” Looking at Ji Feng who walked by downstairs, a cold smile appeared on Xu Mo’s face.