Campus Master Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

Following Xu Mo’s gaze, a group of students then noticed that Ji Feng and Zhang Lei were hiding off to the side at some point, which immediately made them think that these two guys were intentionally trying to be lazy and not willing to go to work. Go to see the net .

At this time, a student teasingly said, “Ji Feng, our big hero shouldn’t even want to do this bit of work, right? This title of hero might as well be given to me!”

Ji Feng’s brow furrowed, and after a moment, he suddenly smiled and said, “Of course it’s fine to go to work, but I can’t do it alone, I’m afraid I need a few other people, right?”

At this point Xu Mo immediately laughed and said, “You don’t have to worry about that, everyone, who else wants to go with us to get the picnic equipment back, almost ten people!”

As soon as his words fell, a group of boys came up and said, “We’re all going, there’s strength in numbers!”

Ji Feng instantly sneered, most of these people were bending over backwards to Xu Mo, and it was obvious that Xu Mo and the others were trying to take this opportunity to fall on their faces. However, if this was all he had to offer, Ji Feng would not really put it in his eyes.

Because when it comes to working, I’m afraid that among these students, except for those from the countryside, the others are really no match for Ji Feng, because over the years, he has always taken advantage of his free time to help his mother, Xiao Su Mei, with her work.

More importantly, what is there to fear from an enemy who can only think of this tactic?

However, Ji Feng also knew that Xu Mo’s purpose in organising this outing was definitely not just to get himself to do more work, he should have other means to deal with himself.

Ji Feng secretly raised his guard in his heart.

Seeing this situation, Xu Mo couldn’t help but be secretly pleased in his heart and said, “Well then, we’ll go and move our stuff first now, the rest of the students can rest here for a while, and when we come back, we’ll start the picnic and enjoy swimming in the artificial lake in the afternoon!”

“I’ll go too!” Zhang Lei suddenly said, while glaring at Xu Mo with a warning look, obviously displeased with him for squeezing Ji Feng. .com

Xu Mo gave a good-natured smile to show his innocence.

All this, Ji Feng saw in his eyes, but he was only wary in his heart, but did not show any semblance of difference on his face.

It was about a ten-minute walk between the south side of Mang Shi Mountain and that row of shops. The group of people joking and laughing quickly walked to the door of a shop called ‘Picnic Base Camp’, Xu Mo went in to talk to the owner, while Zhang Lei and Ji Feng were at the very outside of the crowd.

“Crazy, Xu Mo seems to be acting a bit off, let’s pay some attention!” Zhang Lei said in a low voice.

Ji Feng smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, so many people are present, I’m afraid that even if he wants to play any tricks, he has to take some into consideration.”

“That’s right!” Zhang Lei nodded slightly.

Soon, Xu Mo walked out and said, “Everyone, let’s start moving things.”

With that, he commanded a group of students to start moving up the various utensils for the picnic, which included some pots and pans as well as some campfire utensils, while the rest was mostly food.

Because of the large number of people, Xu Mo had purchased a whole bag of rice. Ji Feng winked at Zhang Lei and the two of them walked up and lifted the rice straight away.

“Cla*s monitor Xu, is it okay for us to carry the rice?” Ji Feng asked.

Xu Mo was stunned, among all these paraphernalia, only this bag of rice was the heaviest, it was 40 to 50 pounds, quite heavier than the barrel of pure water next to it. Xu Mo originally wanted to squeeze Ji Feng with his words and ask him to carry this heaviest one, but he didn’t expect him to take the initiative to ask for it, which made Xu Mo a bit strange.

“Of course it’s no problem!” Xu Mo smiled faintly, but in his heart he was secretly pleased, was Ji Feng doing this, was he being soft? Trying to gain his own understanding?


Xu Mo sneered in his heart, daring to ignore his own warnings, getting so close to Tong Lei, and now he was even unscrupulously in love, even more so, Ji Feng even brought up Zhang Lei to give himself a warning. If he could gain his understanding by casually giving in, then he was too underestimating himself.

“Ji Feng, I’ll definitely make you regret it!” Xu Mo was secretly vicious in his heart.

Back at Mang Shi Mountain, Xu Mo was however greatly surprised. Not only him, but all the other students who were carrying their things were equally surprised.

In front of them, Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan had actually directed the rest of the students to clear out an open space and set up a fire on it, as well as some simple toilets and other basic facilities, which greatly surprised the crowd of students.

Take the simple toilets for example, although these students had come out on an excursion and thought that everything should be available in the picnic shop, they had forgotten that there were many things that the shop did not have, such as toilets!

They may not look like much and they don’t usually use them. But when it is needed in a hurry, it can make people anxious, and they can’t help but use it!

“Teacher Xiao, Tong Lei, you guys ……” Xu Mo looked at the two women in surprise, opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say, except that the embarra*sment in his eyes was something that could not be concealed.

He originally wanted to show his intelligence and organizational skills in front of the two women, but the two women’s behavior was undoubtedly a lesson to him.

However, Xu Mo’s cheek naturally could not be measured by ordinary people, and he quickly changed from embarra*sment to awe, “Teacher Xiao, Tong Lei, you guys are truly remarkable, you have thought so meticulously about places that all of us have not thought of!”

Xiao Yuxuan smiled faintly and did not say anything. And Tong Lei didn’t even smile, as if she hadn’t heard Xu Mo’s words at all, and continued to direct those students in organizing the camp.

Xu Mo was embarra*sed, so in order to stop making a fool of himself, he had to turn around and go to work with the other students.

However, when the picnic was about to begin, a problem arose.

The cookers and other utensils Xu Mo had rented were ten in total, which meant that, according to the current number of people, one for four would be just right, so how should they be distributed?

However, Xu Mo acted as if he was an old hand, skillfully distributing the stoves, but not for Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei alone! Moreover, in order not to let Ji Feng and Tong Lei be together, Xu Mo deliberately arranged two partners for Ji Feng and Zhang Lei, so that Ji Feng’s group was exactly four people, while Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan happened to be left behind.

“Teacher Xiao, Tong Lei, everyone else has been a*signed a group, so why not just the three of us!” At the end of the allocation, Xu Mo came to Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei with a gentle smile on his face and said with a smile.

“D*mn it!”

Zhang Lei and Ji Feng, who saw this scene from afar, immediately turned ugly, especially Zhang Lei, who directly threw the stove to the ground and was about to get angry, if not pulled back by Ji Feng in time, he would have gone to beat Xu Mo up!


Chapter 42

“Don’t be impulsive!” Ji Feng squeezed Zhang Lei’s shoulder and said in a low voice, “As the deputy cla*s president, it’s his right to arrange the grouping among the students, what kind of sense is it for you to stand up?”

Zhang Lei gritted his teeth and wanted to say something, but in the end, he wanted to say something but could only grunt coldly. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

He knew that as long as he stood up and drank, Xu Mo would not dare to act recklessly. But then, it would undoubtedly be relying on his family history to pressure Xu Mo, and for such a trivial matter, it wasn’t worth it!

“It’s still not necessary, everyone else is in groups of four, we are just three, it looks a bit bad!” At this time, Tong Lei showed her wisdom and calmly said, “We don’t want to make anything special, and I, the cla*s president, especially shouldn’t! Since I’m the cla*s president, I’ll take the lead for once, so Miss Xiao and I will go over to Zhang Lei’s side and let those two boys form a group with you!”

With two simple words, it blocked Xu Mo from saying anything.

Yes, Tong Lei was the cla*s president and Xu Mo was just the vice president, from the beginning to now, it was always Xu Mo who was in charge, now Tong Lei was in charge for once, naturally it was more than normal.

If Xu Mo even opposed this only decision of Tong Lei, it would undoubtedly make her think that Xu Mo was deliberately working against her, which would only make the distance between them even further.

Therefore, Xu Mo could only smile dryly and said, “Well then, since the cla*s president has given the word, let’s do it this way. Little Wang, Little Hu, you two come over here, and the three of us will team up!”

The Xiao Wang and Xiao Hu he was talking about were naturally the two boys who were in the same group as Ji Feng and Zhang Lei. Hearing Xu Mo call out to them, the two boys immediately stood up busily and walked over.

In fact, Zhang Lei’s look of wanting to eat people and that fierce gaze made the two of them feel a bit scared in their hearts, and they couldn’t be happier to leave at this time. .comIf they had been having a picnic with Zhang Lei, a small rascal-like guy, it’s hard to say if they could eat!

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

With a dazzling smile on her pretty face, Xiao Yuxuan said, “Two students, I wonder if you welcome our arrival?”

Seeing her gorgeous smile, the two guys, Ji Feng and Zhang Lei, were suddenly in a trance again, especially Ji Feng, seeing this smile he couldn’t help but remember the hot scene he saw in the cla*sroom flat that night, especially the spring light under Xiao Yuxuan’s skirt, which filled Ji Feng’s mind.

Looking back on it now, it still made Ji Feng’s heart pound and it was hard to stop himself!

“Welcome welcome welcome! The two great beauties have arrived, of course you’re welcome!” Zhang Lei was the first to react, and with a heated smile, he hurriedly wiped the two small benches next to him for the two women and said with a smile, “Please sit down, two!”

At this deliberate quirkiness of his, Tong Lei couldn’t help but glare at him, no one knew more about her big brother’s character than she did.

Xiao Yuxuan, on the other hand, smiled faintly, straightened her skirt and sat down as well. But the moment they sat down, Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei coincidentally subconsciously glanced at Ji Feng next to them, only to see that he was concentrating on the cooker, as if these two big beauties of theirs were not as attractive as the cooker, and they could not help but be a little angry.

They did not know that Ji Feng did not dare to look anymore.

Now when you think about it, these two beautiful women have had a little ambiguous experience with Ji Feng, Xiao Yuxuan needless to say, that night in her flat Ji Feng ma*saged her feet, the ambiguous scene made Ji Feng still unforgettable, when you think about it, you will still be all agitated.

As for Tong Lei, when Ji Feng just mastered the perspective function, he inadvertently saw her **, that white and seductive devil body, Ji Feng simply did not want to move his gaze away!

Therefore, Ji Feng did not dare to look any further, he was afraid that he would not be able to control the ability to see through, and then see the two women’s ** as if they were born to be beautiful, in that case, he would definitely lose his mind!

When Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei sat down, the preparations for the picnic soon began, because all the utensils could be rented from the shop, so it was not very troublesome to prepare, and before the grouping, Xu Mo had already directed the other students to divide the things they needed.

However, what surprised Ji Feng and Zhang Lei was that Xiao Yuxuan seemed to be extremely familiar with the picnic, and she even gave Ji Feng and Zhang Lei the impression that she was a long-time veteran of the wilderness and was extremely skilled at everything.

Now, it seems that the simple temporary toilet was also built by Xiao Yuxuan’s suggestion, and she was the only one who could remember such things that were trivial but necessary to have.

Xiao Yuxuan demonstrated her wilderness survival skills, while next, Tong Lei showed off her cooking skills.

The simple picnic was surprisingly fragrant and fragrant under Tong Lei’s manipulation.

At this time, Xiao Yuxuan sent Zhang Lei and Ji Feng to the woods to collect some dry firewood. She used the pieces of meat that were originally meant to be scalded in the pot and skewered them with tiny bamboo skewers, surprisingly making kebabs, which made the other groups of students’ eyes water.

Xu Mo, in particular, had a gloomy face that was almost dripping with water. Originally, he had planned to get more familiar with Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei through this picnic, and even after such a thing, a few of them could become good friends who could talk to each other without any problems, and when the time came, he might be able to take them down with a little offensive.

But he hadn’t expected that all this would be ruined by Ji Feng.

Of course, Xu Mo wasn’t stupid enough to go after Zhang Lei because he knew the relationship between Zhang Lei and Tong Lei, so the biggest danger to Xu Mo was Ji Feng!

“When the picnic is over, I’ll let you know what pain is!” Xu Mo looked at Ji Feng’s face with a faint smile, and then at Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei’s coquettishly smiling and gorgeous appearance, he couldn’t help but burn with jealousy, and his face was gloomy.

From the start of the picnic preparations to the time when everyone had finished eating and then finished cleaning up, it only took about two hours, and it was only a little after 12 noon when everything was packed up.

After all, it was still the time when the autumn tiger was at its best, and everyone was sweating after the picnic.

Xu Mo said at the right time, “Students, you must not be very comfortable now, let’s send all these stoves together, and by the way, we can also go swimming in the artificial lake, what do you think?”

This had been arranged, and most of the people were expecting swimming costumes, so they all nodded in agreement.

Dozens of people carried the stove to the shop, and only after everything had been packed up and returned to the shop did everyone breathe a sigh of relief. It was lucky that it was in the middle of the Shun Forest and the shop was lined with shade trees, otherwise the sun alone would have been too hot for the average person to bear!

“Alright, next, it’s time for us to go swimming!” Xu Mo clapped his hands and laughed loudly.


The group of students immediately became happy, and most of the students who could swim ran to the shore of the artificial lake and simply jumped in.

Xiao Yuxuan’s eyebrows immediately furrowed, “Cla*s President Xu, this artificial lake has just been built and various safety measures are not yet fully in place, isn’t it a bit unsafe for us to come swimming at this time?”