Campus Master Chapter 169-170

Chapter 169

“Ji Feng, don’t ……” a soft whisper resounded in the silent living room, a voice filled with a seductive rhythm that would make any normal man unable to resist his blood boiling and his body filled with impulses.

At this moment, in the living room of Xiao Yuxuan’s flat, was a scene that would make anyone’s breath catch in their throat when they saw it.

Xiao Yuxuan was pressed under Ji Feng’s body, her clothes in disarray, the silky smooth halter dress, which had been lifted above her chest by now, piled up in her neck. Xiao Yuxuan’s hot **, tightly covered only by a tiny pair of snow-white panties, covered the most hidden parts.

Because she had just taken a shower, she was not wearing a bra, and the halter dress had just been lifted up, exposing those two snow-white ma*ses to Ji Feng’s sight, almost dazzling his eyes. What was especially blood-splattering was her devilish figure and her two snow-white, slender and elastic legs, which were coiled around Ji Feng’s waist.

Ji Feng buried his head into Xiao Yuxuan’s chest, and his big hands, too, couldn’t help but roam over her body, feeling the slippery skin, and a faint smell of ghostly fragrance came from his nostrils.

“Wow!” When Ji Feng’s hand finally ripped open the small snow-white panties and explored inside, Xiao Yuxuan could no longer hold back and let out a soft cry.

It was this cry that made Ji Feng snap awake and the movement of his hand jerk to a halt.

“Yu Xuan, don’t you like it?” Ji Feng pressed against Xiao Yuxuan’s body and couldn’t help but ask.

“No, no, I just want to …… I want to leave my first time on my wedding night ……,” Xiao Yuxuan said in a soft voice.

All of a sudden, Ji Feng’s body stiffened, looked at Xiao Yuxuan for a few moments, finally couldn’t help but sigh, then sat up, fished out a cigarette from his pocket, lit one up and smoked it.

Newlywed night!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into. Unless …… he and Tong Lei broke up. However, that was definitely not possible.

Xiao Yuxuan’s face was scarlet, and when she saw Ji Feng get up, she hurriedly sat up, put her halter dress down, and put all her clothes in order.

Looking at the look on Ji Feng’s face, Xiao Yuxuan smiled shyly and gave him a white look, “What, are you angry?”

Ji Feng shook his head slightly and sighed lightly, “No, I just feel …… a little sorry for you.”

“Fool, what are you talking about, this is my decision, if you keep having a psychological burden, then what happiness do we have together to speak of?” Xiao Yuxuan smiled tenderly, took Ji Feng’s arm and laughed lightly, “Husband, I know you might have misunderstood, what I just said about the wedding night, I didn’t mean that you must marry me ……”

“What did you just call me?” Ji Feng was stunned and then asked in surprise, “By the way, what do you mean when you say it’s not that you want me to marry you?”

“Of course I’m calling you husband!” Xiao Yuxuan wrinkled her cute nose and couldn’t help but rant, “What, you’ve just treated me like that, are you still planning to not want me?”

“Yes! Of course I want it!” Ji Feng was instantly overjoyed and nodded fiercely, “How could I possibly not want you? Even if you want to run away, I will definitely not let you leave me.”

“That’s more like it, otherwise, I won’t be able to spare you and will have to tell Tong Lei that you forced me!” Xiao Yuxuan said with a cheeky smile.

Ji Feng instantly said with a bitter face, “Hey, you’re being too cruel, aren’t you?”

“Can’t you?” Xiao Yuxuan hummed.

“OK, of course it’s OK!” Ji Feng hurriedly raised his hands in surrender, “By the way, what exactly did you mean when you said just now that it was your wedding night and that you weren’t going to marry me?”

“Humph! It’s still not to be cheap for you, this brat!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but glare at him before she let out a soft sigh and said in a soft voice, “I don’t know if I owed you in my last life, and God is letting me use this lifetime to pay back. Hubby, I know you will definitely marry Tong Lei, right?”

Ji Feng let out a sarcastic laugh and nodded awkwardly. Indeed, talking about marrying Tong Lei in front of Xiao Yuxuan was just too awkward.

“So yeah, I’m not asking to be able to get married to you, just like you and Tong Lei got married and had to have a formal wedding. But, for me to follow you, at least give me a ceremony, right? Even if …… it’s just a private ceremony, it’s fine!” Xiao Yuxuan ranted, “Do you still want me to follow you without any name, ah?”

When Ji Feng heard this, he was immediately moved in his heart. He knew that Xiao Yuxuan just wanted to have a heavier weight in her heart, what with the so-called private ceremony, at most it was just two people in a room, pretending to hold a wedding without any outsiders.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Thinking about this, how could Ji Feng not be moved?

“Yu Xuan, thank you!” Ji Feng embraced Xiao Yuxuan’s soft and elastic body and said softly.

“Thank me for what? I was forced by you, a little rascal, not of my own free will!” Xiao Yuxuan hummed softly and swirled to lean on Ji Feng’s shoulder, a faint sweet smile in her beautiful eyes.

“No, don’t make a scene.” Xiao Yuxuan’s body suddenly trembled and she couldn’t help but tremble, “Honey, don’t make a scene, if you make a scene again I won’t be able to stand it ……”

Ji Feng could not help but resentfully pull back the hand that was climbing on Xiao Yuxuan’s plump buttocks, but then sniffed it in front of his nose.

This action instantly made Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face flushed red, her big watery eyes flirtatiously white glanced at him and cursed with a smile, “Little rascal, how come I found you such a rogue husband?”

Ji Feng heatedly smiled: “Am I rogue? If you dare to call me a rogue, you’ll be served with the family law!”

With that, Ji Feng fiercely picked up Xiao Yuxuan and made her lie on her lap, then against her arse, he fiercely hit her twice.

Slap! Slap!

“Oooh!” Xiao Yuxuan immediately couldn’t help but let out a soft cry, her pretty face bombarded almost dripping blood, her body tensed up, and her legs couldn’t help but clench ……

Ji Feng immediately smelled a strange smell, exactly the same as the smell he smelled in the cafe before, and he immediately understood what this smell was.

“So, Yu Xuan was actually ‘pleasured’ once again in this situation ……” Ji Feng’s heart was on fire and was about to make a move when Xiao Yuxuan had already struggled up and sat down beside Ji Feng in a panic.

“Little rascal, no more teasing sister!” Xiao Yuxuan cried out softly, shy beyond belief.

Ji Feng smiled heatedly, “Yu Xuan, your body is still really sensitive ……”

Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face suddenly swished red again, she fiercely glared at Ji Feng, however, that big watery eyes glaring at people, but how not to make people afraid, but full of endless charm, so that the fire in Ji Feng’s heart almost rose up again on the spot.

“By the way, Yu Xuan, that fragrance on your body, what exactly is that smell? Why do I feel that it doesn’t seem to be the smell of shower gel, there’s no shower gel that has this very fresh and ethereal aroma!” Ji Feng suddenly remembered the smell he had smelled on Xiao Yuxuan several times, and couldn’t help but ask.


Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face, which had just recovered a bit, suddenly became red again, “Which, which has any fragrance ……”

“It’s really strange!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but be a little puzzled, “That kind of ghostly fragrance, is the smell without any chemicals, it’s purely a fresh and light fragrance, just like a natural flower fragrance ……. It can’t be?!”

Just said here, Ji Feng suddenly remembered something, full of surprise looking at Xiao Yuxuan, “Yuxuan, just now that kind of smell, can’t be …… body fragrance right?!”

That light and elegant fragrance, without the smell of any chemicals, was purely the most natural fragrance, absolutely impossible to be the smell of shower gel or other cosmetics or something like that. In that case, this smell could only be emitted by Xiao Yuxuan’s body, so there was only one possibility, Xiao Yuxuan’s body fragrance.

Sure enough!

As soon as she heard Ji Feng’s words, Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face instantly blushed and nodded imperceptibly.

“Ha!” Ji Feng was instantly overjoyed, “I’m really lucky, Yu Xuan, you’re simply a natural born beauty!”

Not only was her body very sensitive, but also, she possessed a body fragrance, such a woman, I’m afraid, is one in a million, Ji Feng thought to himself that he was incredibly lucky to have been able to get such a natural beauty!

“Don’t say that!” Xiao Yuxuan said shyly.

Ji Feng laughed: “Yu Xuan, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, having body fragrance, others can’t wait to envy you.”

Xiao Yuxuan gave him a white look and snapped, “You still say that! It was because of my body fragrance that I was hara*sed so much at the university. There were already a lot of people pestering me, and I don’t know who spread the word about it, so there were even more people pestering me, and I was so annoyed.”

“Haha, fortunately you didn’t accept anyone else, otherwise, I would have regretted it!” Ji Feng laughed.

“Nasty!” Xiao Yuxuan laughed lightly, then frowned again, “Don’t smoke.”

She snatched the aromatic from Ji Feng’s hand and threw it into a water cup next to her, “You don’t learn at a young age, who did you learn to smoke from?”

“For men, there’s no need to learn this stuff, you’re born with it!” Ji Feng laughed heatedly.

“Virtue!” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a blank look and then giggled, she would always be particularly happy when she was with Ji Feng.

“Yu Xuan, I’ll sleep here at night, right?” Ji Feng laughed heatedly.

“You can, but, at night, I’ll condemn you to sleep in the living room and be the director for once, giggle ……” Xiao Yuxuan laughed.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but hum, “For a husband, just give this treatment, huh?”

“This treatment is already very good, you know, no man has ever entered our flat before.” Xiao Yuxuan finished speaking and hurriedly jumped up to escape, “Hubby, I’m going to sleep, ah, good night!”


Looking at the closed room door, Ji Feng could only smile bitterly helplessly and gave a few false scratches to Xiao Yuxuan’s room door as he hummed, “The revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard ah!”


Chapter 170

Early the next morning, Ji Feng got up, and unlike yesterday, today’s Ji Feng had two more dark circles under his eyes.

In fact, it was no wonder that anyone would wake up the next day after lying in the living room all night while his girlfriend was in the room not far away and making a few hara*sing phone calls from time to time in the middle of the night.

Even, if it were an ordinary person, I am afraid that not only would there be dark circles under the eyes, but there might even be mental depression. Fortunately, it was Ji Feng, who not only had a superior physique, but also because he had insisted on practicing the next day’s movements during this period of time, which only made him appear to have dark circles under his eyes, but his spirit was not affected in any way.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel more confident about that super agent training system in his head. Obviously, this training system was far from just making him stronger, but more importantly, persistently practicing the movements in this training system could also make him refreshed, which was simply the same as the martial arts masters practicing on TV.

Ji Feng recalled the scene he saw in the light screen in his mind earlier, and he couldn’t help but secretly suspect, could it be that this super agent training system of the Gamma Galaxy was not the same as what he had imagined, and that the super agents trained by the Gamma Galaxy were even more powerful than the martial arts masters on TV.

This also means that if one keeps practicing, sooner or later one can become a master like those two men who appear in the light screen!

“It’s really something to look forward to!” Ji Feng tidied up his clothes and smiled heatedly.

At this time, Xiao Yuxuan’s room door also opened, and she walked out of the room wearing a halter dress and sleepy eyes, as if she hadn’t woken up yet.

Looking at her adorable appearance, Ji Feng immediately laughed and bailed on Xiao Yuxuan’s delicate body in a flash, giving her a fierce kiss on her small mouth that had just finished yawning.

“Ah!” Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face flushed and she softly said, “Little rascal, I haven’t washed my face and brushed my teeth yet!”

Ji Feng chuckled and said, “It’s not like I kissed your little tongue, I just kissed your little mouth, what does that have to do with brushing your teeth or not? Did …… you drool in your sleep?”

“You’re the one drooling!” Xiao Yuxuan wrinkled her cute little nose, and couldn’t help but puff out a smile and take the initiative to kiss Ji Feng, “Honey, I’m going to wash up.”

Ji Feng hemmed and hawed, Xiao Yuxuan already really considered him as her man, which was a good sign.

After both of them finished washing up, Xiao Yuxuan asked, “Ji Feng, there are still four days left in this holiday, what are you going to do with it?”

Ji Feng deliberated for a while before saying, “Yuxuan, I’m not too familiar with Jiangzhou yet, otherwise, how about you accompany me for a stroll around downtown Jiangzhou today?”

“Sure, I’m planning to do the same, as the host, I naturally have to take you to get familiar with the fun places in Jiangzhou.” Xiao Yuxuan winked playfully and smiled again, “If I don’t let you get familiar with it like this, you’ll get lost if you take Tong Lei’s sister shopping in the future!”

Ji Feng suddenly snapped a smile, what he was most afraid of, was Xiao Yuxuan mentioning Tong Lei in front of himself, that really made him feel a little embarra*sed, and even had a …… feeling of being a thief.

That’s right, is to be a thief’s weakness.

Before Tong Lei knew about his relationship with Xiao Yuxuan, the two of them could only be sneaky, which is not being a thief’s weakness, right?

It seems that unless he waited until Tong Lei knew about their relationship, he and Xiao Yuxuan would only be able to maintain this sneaky state, which was indeed a bit aggravating for Xiao Yuxuan.

Ji Feng stroked his chin and secretly thought, it seems that it is necessary to let Tong Lei know earlier. However, it could not be said so directly, otherwise, God knows how Tong Lei would react, and if it caused her great harm, Ji Feng would definitely not forgive himself.

“Looking at your appearance, you must be having a headache on how to tell sister Tong Lei about our relationship, right?” Xiao Yuxuan’s pair of beautiful eyes seemed to see through Ji Feng’s heart as she asked with a playful smile.

Ji Feng didn’t hide anything and honestly nodded his head.

“Then when we were in the cafe before, you still promised so quickly, saying something about letting Tong Lei know about our relationship within three months, it seems that you are really clueless!” Xiao Yuxuan said with a wry smile.

Ji Feng instantly coughed lightly in embarra*sment, in front of Xiao Yuxuan, his cleverness was really useless, she was just too smart.

“A woman who is too smart is not attractive to men!” Ji Feng said in a sullen voice.

“Giggle ……”

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly laughed delicately and nudged Ji Feng with her slender finger, “You, you really make people angry. Alright, don’t think too much, just leave this matter to me.”

“Hand it over, hand it over to you?” Ji Feng was stunned, “Can you have any good ideas? Yu Xuan, don’t mess around, the two of you are equally important in my heart, if either one of you gets hurt, I will die of heartache.”

Xiao Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes couldn’t help but flash a touching look, she smiled softly and said softly, “Don’t worry, leave this matter to me, I won’t let Tong Lei get hurt ……”

Before she finished her words, Ji Feng immediately said, “Not only her, but also you, I can’t let you get hurt either!”

Xiao Yuxuan smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry, I won’t be so stupid as to go and find myself in trouble.”

“Then what do you plan to do?” Ji Feng asked in amazement, “I really can’t think of any way to let both of you know about this matter while no one gets hurt, sigh ……”

Once this matter was mentioned, Ji Feng felt a bit of a headache and he couldn’t help but shake his head.

Xiao Yuxuan laughed lightly, “Don’t worry, if I say it’s okay, it will definitely be okay. I’ll leave this matter to me, so you shouldn’t ask too much.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head slightly and laughed, “Alright then, go ahead, you have to keep a good handle on it anyway.”

“Alright, rambling like an old woman, let’s hurry up and go.” Xiao Yuxuan pushed Ji Feng into the bathroom and laughed, “Look at your clothes are wrinkled, you had a restless sleep yesterday, didn’t you?”

Saying that, Xiao Yuxuan tenderly tidied up Ji Feng’s clothes, the scene was like a gentle wife tidying up her husband’s clothes.

Looking at the gentle look on Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and smile bitterly, “If you hadn’t kept calling my hara*sing phone number yesterday, how would I have slept restlessly? You, you’re simply too naughty.”

Xiao Yuxuan smiled cheekily, “Alright, you go wait in the living room for a while while I go prepare breakfast.”

“You’re still preparing breakfast?” Ji Feng was stunned, then he asked with a smile, “Yu Xuan, I can’t imagine that you are really a virtuous wife and mother type beauty who can go out of the hall and into the kitchen, I’m really blessed.”

“That’s right, I told you a long time ago, what a bargain for you!” Xiao Yuxuan giggled and ran into the kitchen.

Looking at Xiao Yuxuan’s alluring back, Ji Feng smiled heatedly, “What a blessing!”

A simple lion’s head, a few spring rolls, plus some soy milk that he had made himself, this became the breakfast for both Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan. Among them, the one that made Ji Feng feel the most delicious was the stack of noodle skins that Xiao Yuxuan had made with her own hands.

Rolling the noodle skins with squash was very simple, but eating it and taking a sip of soybean milk, it simply seemed absolutely delicious.

“Mmm,” Ji Feng gave a thumbs up, “Yu Xuan, your handiwork is really beyond words, it’s very good!”

“Hee hee, now you know I’m good, right?” Xiao Yuxuan smiled proudly, “There are still some dumplings in the kitchen, wait a minute, I’ll bring them over!”

Ji Feng was stunned, “Don’t people in Jiangzhou not eat dumplings?”

“But there’s someone here who isn’t from Jiangzhou.” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a blank look, “Just wait a minute.”

“Well, delicious but dumplings, fun but sister-in-law …… ah, no, it’s the dumplings that should be delicious!” Ji Feng snorted, couldn’t help the cold sweat on his back, he just spoke smoothly and gave out a jingle that was circulating in Mang Shi County.

Because Ji Feng’s mouth was still eating pasta crust and his speech was slurred, so Xiao Yuxuan didn’t quite get it right and went to the kitchen with a smile.

After eating breakfast, the two of them drove Xiao Yuxuan’s red Volvo directly towards the city of Jiangzhou. Only, this time it was Xiao Yuxuan who was driving.

For Ji Feng’s kind of driving skills, Xiao Yuxuan did admire, but she could not stand that kind of extremely exciting wild ride any more, and decisively deprived Ji Feng of the right to drive, only letting him sit on the pa*senger seat.

In response, Ji Feng could only laugh bitterly.

Xiao Yuxuan directly brought Ji Feng to the most prosperous Jinling Road in Jiangzhou, shopping in Jiangzhou without coming to these three places, Jinling Road and Chenghuang Temple and Dajiang, would be tantamount to not having been to Jiangzhou.

“Honey, this way.” Xiao Yuxuan pointed to a shop in front of her, which was a watch shop, “The watch you are holding is too ordinary, I want to give you a new one.”

“No need, right?” Ji Feng basically didn’t have much requirement for these extraneous things.

“How can you say no need, cut the crap and follow me!” Xiao Yuxuan seemed to be very familiar with this area and pulled Ji Feng towards the shop with a series of foreign language letters written on it.

Ji Feng didn’t care much about any of these so-called famous brands, so naturally he didn’t recognize the sign, but when he saw that the people going in and out of this place were all well-dressed, he immediately understood that this was definitely a famous brand shop.

“What’s this brand called?” Ji Feng asked in a low voice.

Xiao Yuxuan smiled lightly and said, “vacheronconstantin.”

Ji Feng was surprised and asked, “What does that mean?”

“Vacheron Constantin!” Xiao Yuxuan laughed softly, “Swiss watch.”

“Sh*t!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, “Just write Vacheron Constantin directly, why write a string of bird words …… Right, how much is this watch?”

“The price varies, generally several thousand to several tens of thousands, more expensive ones are also quite a few, there are also some limited editions or collector’s editions, but I can’t afford to buy oh.” Xiao Yuxuan smiled cheekily, “What I’m going to buy for you today is a couple’s watch that I’ve had my eye on for a long time, and the price is not very expensive.”

Saying that, Xiao Yuxuan pulled Ji Feng to one of the counters, pointed at the pair of watches inside, and said to the attendant, “Please take out these two watches and take a look at them.”

The attendant had a sweet smile on her face, “This lady is really discerning, this couple watch, which is the last pair we have here, is selling very hot, if you come later, it might not be available.”

Ji Feng took the watch and put it on, and put it on with Xiao Yuxuan’s small hand to look at, reflecting each other very well.

“How much is it?” Ji Feng asked directly.

“Two pieces together, a total of thirty-five thousand.” The waiter said softly.

“Good then, wrap it up for me ……” Xiao Yuxuan immediately nodded and said.

However, before she finished her words, a woman’s voice that was so coy that it made people’s bodies break out in cold sweat suddenly came from the side: “Hold on, forty thousand, we’ll take these two watches!”