Campus Master Chapter 167-168

Chapter 167

“Ji Feng, didn’t you say before that you wouldn’t let Xiao Ling go to jail?” Xiao Yuxuan asked in an urgent voice.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Even if he doesn’t go to jail, there must be a bit of a tangible lesson, otherwise, he won’t grow a memory in the future, and that’s not good.”

Although there was a smile on his face, a cold aura flashed across Ji Feng’s eyes. In fact, what he really wanted to say was that if he didn’t teach Wu Ling’er a deep lesson, with Xiao Yuxuan’s character, it was possible that he would still be used by Wu Ling’er in the future! This, was what Ji Feng minded the most, he would definitely not allow, Xiao Yuxuan to be used again and again.

And, even if it was just once, it would definitely not do!

Looking at Ji Feng’s expression, how could Xiao Yuxuan not know what was going through his mind? With a slight sigh, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t say anything, after all, Ji Feng was thinking of himself. However, looking at her boyfriend and having to deal with her roommate, it made Xiao Yuxuan’s heart feel a little bad.

“Well, Yu Xuan, you should leave this matter alone.” Ji Feng laughed, “Didn’t Wu Ling’er want me to help? Since I’ve intervened, then I will naturally help to the end.”

Xiao Yuxuan hesitated for a moment, but still said, “Ji Feng, is if it’s possible, it’s better not to bother with Little Spirit in general, after all, she may also have other reasons for doing so ……”

Ji Feng was stunned: “What reason?”

After a moment of deliberation, Xiao Yuxuan said, “Actually, it’s like this, when Xiao Ling was very young, her parents got divorced and formed their own families again. She was very unpopular with both new families, and was only given a little bit of money every year to live on, and never cared for again. When she grew up, she saw that her parents were not caring for her, so she sued them, and her annual living expenses increased. And her parents’ attitude changed somewhat. However, her parents each had children with their new partners, and their children were extremely unfriendly to Little Spirit.”

Ji Feng was immediately moved in his heart, but he did not say anything.

Xiao Yuxuan continued, “I remember that I once heard Xiao Ling talk about how she would prefer her parents to have nothing if it was possible, that way, although life was a bit tougher, compared to now, there was still the care of her parents, and it was at least considered to be a happy relationship.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Yu Xuan, what exactly are you trying to say?”

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but choke and gave him a white look, snapping, “You guy, you know exactly what I’m talking about, but you’re pretending to be confused!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “No matter what her motive was for doing this, but, in the end, she did it.”

“But ……” Xiao Yuxuan wanted to say something else, but was immediately cut off by Ji Feng.

“Yu Xuan, ask you a question, if Wu Ling’er killed her parents’ current spouse because she wanted them to get back together, but her starting point might be good, in that case, do you think the police will spare Wu Ling’er and thus not hold her criminally responsible?”

“How can this be compared to killing someone!” Xiao Yuxuan said with dissatisfaction.

“Why can’t it?” Ji Feng looked at Xiao Yuxuan strangely with a matter-of-fact look, “Yuxuan, you wouldn’t think that her using you is much lighter than killing someone, would you?”

“Don’t you?” Xiao Yuxuan asked.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and said in a deep voice, “Killing someone and putting her heart to death! If she killed her parents’ spouse, that would be murder. However, she used you and used me through you, which may not count for much legally, but in reality, this is an act of killing your heart. Killing and putting to death. What is the difference between these two acts of badness, the former of which is to get someone killed, and the latter of which is to kill the heart?”

For a moment, Xiao Yuxuan was silent.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of this matter, for your sake, I won’t make things too difficult for you. However, this friend of Wu Ling’er, I suggest you give up and forget about it, if she can use you the first time, she can use you the second time, some people, once is enough to see her true nature clearly.” Ji Feng slowly shook his head, “What’s more, it’s someone like Wu Ling’er who has had a twisted mind since she was a child?”

“Twisted mind?!” Xiao Yuxuan lost her voice and exclaimed.

“Isn’t it?” Ji Feng drove towards the school while turning his head to look at Xiao Yuxuan’s delicate face and smiled, “If your parents treated you badly, would you think of suing them, and even try to use your friends to take on their company?”

Xiao Yuxuan thought for a moment and eventually shook her head as if in silence.

“That’s not it!”

Ji Feng harrumphed, “For a person, the most important person in this life is one’s parents. Because our parents gave us life, without them, we still don’t know where we would be. You shouldn’t watch those sad dramas on TV about illegitimate children or children who have a hard life, and when they finally identify with their parents, they shout something like ‘why did you give birth to me’, but in fact, that’s all bullSh*t made up by idiotic scriptwriters.”

“Don’t talk dirty!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but giggle, yet she couldn’t help but nod her head, because she knew that Ji Feng’s words were correct.

“Our parents have given us life and have actually been a great gift just by letting us live. Just because they usually don’t have much money to live on and treat themselves badly, they go and sue their parents, this kind of thing, huh ……” Ji Feng laughed with a mocking face, “People, it’s not that they can’t make mistakes, it’s said that no one is born perfect, there will always be times when they make mistakes. However, making mistakes, also depends on what exactly the mistakes are!”

Xiao Yuxuan could not say anything for a while, before she might still think that there is nothing wrong with going for one’s own interests, but if one loses one’s humanity because of this, even if one fights for even greater interests, it is still inexcusable!

“In that case, you should have realized that Wu Ling’er’s mind is actually distorted, and there is a big difference between her and a normal person.” Ji Feng said smilingly, “Of course, I’ve never discriminated against such people either, because it’s all due to certain reasons, and, turning out like this, her parents actually have certain reasons as well. It’s just that it’s so much more difficult to make friends with people like that than it is to be friends with regular people. See, what happened today is a perfect example, using one’s friends for a little thing, it’s just bullSh*t!”

Ji Feng snorted, his face full of disdain, “If you hadn’t told me that Wu Ling’er and her parents didn’t get along, I would have just thought that Wu Ling’er was just a spoiled child of a rich family. Nowadays, it seems that she is simply a person with an abnormal heart, cherish life and stay away from Little Spirit!”

Listening to Ji Feng’s pungent sarcasm, Xiao Yuxuan felt her face burning hot. Previously, it was because of sympathy for Little Spirit that I didn’t notice it, but now that quite Ji Feng said so, it dawned on Xiao Yuxuan that no matter what the reason is, it is treacherous for children to deal with their parents, not to mention, Little Spirit’s parents just don’t care much about Little Spirit ……

“If you can, it’s better to let Little Spirit go!” After a long time of silence, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but say softly.

“Yes, of course you can!” Ji Feng smiled, “Wanting to use me, to deal with her parents’ company, I naturally can’t let her get what she wants. Oh …… Yu Xuan, you should apply to the school to switch flats, when you move out, Wu Ling’er can come back.”

“You’re letting me move out?” Xiao Yuxuan was surprised.

“Of course!” Ji Feng nodded rightfully, “I don’t feel comfortable with you living with someone who is not normal in his heart, the consequences of that are really unpredictable.”

“…… Okay!” Xiao Yuxuan was silent for a moment and finally nodded her head.

Ji Feng laughed, “Yu Xuan, why don’t …… we rent a house outside.”

“Screw you!” Xiao Yuxuan suddenly turned red with shame, “You little rascal, your mind thinks of bad things all day long, I’m not going to rent a house outside with you!”

Ji Feng instantly laughed heatedly, “Yu Xuan, I’m not thinking like that, I’m just worried that if you live with Wu Ling’er, will you be influenced by her, or, when she gets fierce and hurts you.”

“The hell I believe you!” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a blank look.

Looking at Xiao Yuxuan’s charming appearance, Ji Feng couldn’t help but have a stir in his heart. If he wasn’t driving, he really wanted to take Xiao Yuxuan in his arms and kiss her fiercely a few times.

Seeming to see the evil thoughts in Ji Feng’s heart, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but blush, gave him a flirtatious white glance and hurriedly looked away, not daring to look at him again. Otherwise, God knows what this guy would do. Xiao Yuxuan could still remember clearly that when she was at the cafe, Ji Feng had forcibly kissed herself without any regard to the fact that it was still in public.

“Ji Feng, what exactly do you plan to do?” After a moment of silence, Xiao Yuxuan finally couldn’t help but ask.

“Let’s see how the police handle it, as for Wu Ling’er’s parents …… forget it, there’s really no point in bothering with someone who’s not normal at heart!” Ji Feng faintly shook his head, “Wait until you move out from is that flat, don’t contact her again in the future, this matter will just pa*s ……”

At the end of the sentence, Ji Feng couldn’t help but let out a light sigh, encountering such a thing, it really made his heart sigh. Unless the parents were ten evil villains, then there was no reason for anyone to blame their parents, and obviously Wu Ling’er was not thinking this way.

There was really no point in dealing with such people.

Xiao Yuxuan opened her mouth to say something, but in the end, she also let out a light sigh and was silent.

Because she knew that Ji Feng’s statement was correct, Xiao Yuxuan was originally an extremely filial person, when she thought about it, Wu Ling’er was trying to use Ji Feng to deal with her parents, it was really hard for Xiao Yuxuan to accept it.

“There will be friends, people who are like-minded, not many but definitely not many either.” Ji Feng laughed, “There’s no need to affect yourself for someone who’s not normal at heart.”

Xiao Yuxuan nodded silently.

“Alright, let’s go back.” Ji Feng picked up speed, the engine hummed and disappeared at the end of the highway.

The air left behind the soft whispers of the two.

“Xuan Xuan ……”

“Little one, call me Yu Xuan!”

“Okay …… Yu Xuan, you’re the only one staying in the flat today, right, isn’t that too dangerous? It’s better for me to stay with you!”

“Don’t even think about it, I’m too bold to need someone else’s company!”

“Am I someone else? I’m your boyfriend!”

“An underground boyfriend …… is just that.”

“That’s a boyfriend too, it’s a deal.”

“You’re a bummer, you little villain!”

“Haha, men aren’t bad ……”


Chapter 168

Union University, in Xiao Yuxuan’s flat.

Sitting in the living room once again, Ji Feng felt quite a sense of long absence. Although it had only been ten days since he last came here, for Ji Feng, a lot of things had happened in between. For example, when Tong Lei finished her military training, Ji Feng started to learn the second set of movements, as well as learning communication and network technology, and for example, the racing incident this evening.

“Little one, what do you want to drink?” Xiao Yuxuan pulled open the fridge door and asked with a pursed smile, “For the record, no alcohol first.”

Ji Feng instantly hummed in displeasure, “What, afraid that I’ll drink and then become disorderly? Yu Xuan, but I warned you, no more calling me little guy, otherwise, I will show you what a big guy really is!”

“Yuck!” Xiao Yuxuan spat lightly, her pretty face was scarlet, although she was untouched, she also understood what Ji Feng meant by that, “Little rascal, don’t say these rascal words to me in the future, otherwise, I will ignore you.”

Ji Feng harrumphed, “You’ve called me a little rogue, wouldn’t it be normal for me to say a couple of rogue words?”

Ji Feng suddenly stood up at once, came behind Xiao Yuxuan, fiercely hugged Xiao Yuxuan from behind, his mouth went against Xiao Yuxuan’s tender white as snow neck and gently kissed it.

“Oooh!” Xiao Yuxuan immediately let out a soft cry, her delicate skin immediately raised a small layer of goose bumps, her pretty face immediately reddened to the roots of her ears, and she was extremely shy.

Ji Feng grinned badly, Xiao Yuxuan’s body was really too sensitive, just a little stimulation could cause her to react extremely fiercely.

“Ji Feng, no, don’t make a scene ……” Xiao Yuxuan struggled feebly and softly whispered.

Xiao Yuxuan, however, did not expect that her shyness and flirtatiousness would cause a sudden fire to rise in Ji Feng’s heart, and he wrapped his arms tighter around her, and his mouth could not resist kissing Xiao Yuxuan on her round and crystal earlobe, and blew a breath in her ear.


“Ah!” Xiao Yuxuan shrieked, “Ji Feng, stop it, I, I ……”

Seeing how shy she was, Ji Feng was unable to resist teasing her even more, “Scream nice, and I’ll let you go!”

Good sound again!

Xiao Yuxuan instantly thought of the time when she was in the cafe before, Ji Feng also asked herself to scream nice. She shyly whispered, “Husband ……”

Ji Feng immediately laughed, “Really my good wife, Boo!”

He couldn’t help but kiss Xiao Yuxuan on her pretty face again, and suddenly his nose was filled with the refreshing smell of Xiao Yuxuan’s body.

“Little rascal!” Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face was scarlet as she gave him a white glance, but she didn’t have any rejection of this behavior of his, on the contrary, her heart was still somewhat secretly happy. The fact that Ji Feng was so infatuated with himself meant that he was still very attractive.

Ji Feng laughed heatedly, “Yu Xuan, Sprite is about to fall on the floor.”

“Ah!” Only then did Xiao Yuxuan react and hurriedly put the listening Sprite in her hand into Ji Feng’s hand, and ran away in a panic of incomparable shyness.

Looking at Xiao Yuxuan’s panicked fleeing back, Ji Feng couldn’t help but heave a smile, smelling the ethereal smell in his hand, the corners of his mouth pulled up a slight curve.

“Ji Feng, you drink your drink first, I’m going to take a shower and change my clothes!” Xiao Yuxuan’s voice came from the room.

“Take a shower and change clothes?” Ji Feng brightened up and smiled heatedly, “That’s really something to look forward to …… Yu Xuan, do you want me to accompany you to take a bath?”

“Get lost, stinky rascal!” Xiao Yuxuan smiled shyly and scolded.

Ji Feng rubbed his chin and muttered, “I’ve really become a bit bad, but if I’m still that serious when I’m with my own girlfriend, is that still a man?”

“Phew!” Xiao Yuxuan hid in her room and sat on the soft bed, her hands gently patting her face, her face was red, but her beautiful eyes were watery.

“It’s so humiliating!” Xiao Yuxuan’s legs unconsciously clenched, the hot and wet feeling at the root spread all over her body, making her even more shy, “You’re really shameless, tightly wrapped in his arms and kissed a few times, and you’ve become like this!”

“But ……” another sweet smile flashed in Xiao Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes, “So, this taste is actually so wonderful …… hum, that little bad egg, with such skilled movements, must have practiced on Tong Lei’s body for an unknown number of times.”

“I definitely won’t be that easy for that bad egg to get his way!” Xiao Yuxuan secretly waved her small fists a few times, “If he dares to mess around, I’ll beat him up!”

With another cheeky smile, Xiao Yuxuan picked up her pajamas and the clothes she was about to change into, then opened the door to her room and headed for the bathroom.

When she pa*sed by the living room, she saw that Ji Feng was half lying on the sofa, crossing his legs, watching the TV with a comfortable face, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but hum, this little bad guy, besides being able to bully himself, he was also so good at enjoying …… looking at his appearance, he really looked like a rich young master, really bad.

Ji Feng squinted his eyes and saw Xiao Yuxuan walking into the bathroom, he couldn’t help but heave a smile, for such a scene, he felt very warm, as if he was really home.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but think of his mother Xiao Su Mei again, in the past when mother and son were dependent on each other, whenever school was over, his mother would always be waiting at home, this kind of scene made Ji Feng’s heart feel very peaceful.


Listening to the sound of water flowing from the bathroom, Ji Feng’s eyes suddenly widened as he suddenly saw that the door of the bathroom in Xiao Yuxuan’s flat was actually a kind of woolen gla*s. Although it was impossible to cleanly see the inside, however, Xiao Yuxuan’s shadow that was illuminated by the light on the door was so full of seduction.

The shadow on the door accurately showed her every move, that wonderful figure, the style of tilting her hair when she tilted her head to shower, immediately made Ji Feng’s heart flutter.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, and after thinking about it, he still didn’t go over. Although men should be bad, they should also be bad in some measure. Otherwise, it would really be a rogue.

After fantasising in his mind about wrapping Xiao Yuxuan in his arms and loving her with abandon, Ji Feng smiled heatedly and retreated again. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the situation.

One should know that the relationship between Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan was already different from that of ordinary people, so if he were to look like a pig again, it would undoubtedly be very inappropriate.

Ji Feng went back to the sofa and laid down there for a moment, sighing, “Well, it’s really comfortable but lying down!”

Although now Ji Feng could feel that he was getting stronger and stronger, but it was the common nature of all people to be good and bad, and it was also considered a bad human nature that simply could not be changed.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head slightly, the inferior nature of human beings, ah, no matter whether it was ordinary people or the so-called big shots, they couldn’t erase this inferior nature.

Compared to the ancient ‘Three Character Cla*sic’ which says ‘At the beginning of man, nature is good’, Ji Feng is more in agreement with Xunzi’s ‘At the beginning of man, nature is evil’.

However, Ji Feng did not know that while he was lamenting here, Xiao Yuxuan in the bathroom could not help but let out a long breath at this time, and her beautiful eyes were tinged with a faint smile.

“This little guy ……” a sweet smile flashed through Xiao Yuxuan’s eyes.

Ji Feng did not notice that when he saw Xiao Yuxuan’s shadow being shone on the door, at the same time, his shadow was likewise shone on the bathroom door by the living room etc.

Xiao Yuxuan likewise saw Ji Feng’s shadow approaching, and she naturally understood that what Ji Feng wanted to do.

Seeing Ji Feng gradually approaching, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but feel some sadness in her heart. In the end, Ji Feng wanted to get close to her, but in fact, he wanted to get her body.

“Just give it to him!” Xiao Yuxuan sighed lightly in her heart, not to mention that she already had a good feeling for Ji Feng, moreover, Ji Feng had also once got her out of Li Weidong’s clutches, which was a near-recreative kindness to her, using her body to repay Ji Feng was better than being spoiled by that beast Li Weidong.

However, just as Xiao Yuxuan had made up her mind, she suddenly noticed that Ji Feng’s figure was gradually moving away.

Xiao Yuxuan immediately cursed lightly: “Little rascal …… even his own girlfriend bathing also want to peep …… is a little rascal!”

Having said that, Xiao Yuxuan’s eyes revealed a gratifying smile.

Because she already knew that Ji Feng definitely wouldn’t want to take advantage of the opportunity to molest her, but just want to peek at her bathing, which was far more comfortable than the former.

“Brat, not a bad performance this time, but …… still have to examine again whoo!” Xiao Yuxuan laughed lightly, took off the towel to wipe her body clean and walked out in her nightgown.

Hearing the movement, Ji Feng slowly turned back, and when he saw Xiao Yuxuan, who had just come out of the bathroom, his eyes widened.

“It’s so beautiful!” Ji Feng looked at Xiao Yuxuan in a daze and muttered to himself.

At this moment, Xiao Yuxuan’s wet hair was draped behind her, and wearing a halter dress, Xiao Yuxuan’s snow-white thighs were exposed, and the exposed piece of snow-white on her chest made it almost impossible for Ji Feng to look away.

What attracted Ji Feng even more was the fact that the halter dress Xiao Yuxuan was wearing was still vaguely transparent!

Through the light, looking faintly from the front, one could see that Xiao Yuxuan’s underwear was hidden and seductive.

“Goo dong!” Ji Feng’s breath caught, and he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

“Giggle ……” Xiao Yuxuan giggled at once, but a scarlet look flashed across her pretty face, “Little rascal, what kind of look is that, do you want to see it very much?”

“Want to see!” Ji Feng nodded without hesitation, but when he saw the teasing look in Xiao Yuxuan’s eyes, he instantly understood that he had been tricked.

“Fine, since you dare to fool me like this, see how I will clean you up!” Ji Feng suddenly stood up violently and pounced viciously, “If you dare to call me a rogue, then I’ll really be a rogue for once!”

“Ah! Help!” Xiao Yuxuan giggled and was pinned under Ji Feng ……