Campus Master Chapter 101-102

Chapter 101

Sure enough, it was them!

Wu Junjie’s heart was immediately pleased, he was sure that he was absolutely not mistaken, just now getting the delicate and willowy figure was definitely the girl that he saw on the train, and the two people beside her were likewise the same ones that he had seen on the train. Go to see the net .

“Junjie, what are you looking at?” A young man next to her asked. The youth was about twenty-two`3 years old, wearing a large patterned T-shirt and a finger-thick gold chain in his neck, with an evil look on his face.

Wu Junjie immediately said, “Cousin, I just saw a few people, the ones I told you about before, the ones I met on the train!”

“Oh, that’s the extremely beautiful woman you were talking about, huh?” The young man laughed and patted Wu Junjie’s shoulder, saying, “Don’t worry, in this part of Jiangzhou perhaps your cousin’s words are not the most helpful, but here in the university city, I can take care of anything that goes wrong for you!”

Wu Junjie was instantly overjoyed, “Thank you cousin!”

“We’re cousins, there’s no need to be so polite!” The evil youth waved his hand and smiled, “Let’s go together, I’d like to see where the hell is this kid from that dares to deflate my cousin.”

With that, the evil youth waved his hand, “All get in.”

“Cousin, I see that there are five or six of them together, and when they enter the Heshun Hotel, I’m afraid we’ll be at a disadvantage if we just go there!” When he got into the car, Wu Junjie said with some concern. After all, there were only two people on his cousin’s side, and even if he added himself, there were only three, so if they started fighting later, it would definitely be his side that would suffer.

“Suffer a loss?” The evil youth laughed disdainfully, “In this place, your cousin has never suffered a loss, don’t worry, even the owner of that Heshun Hotel will have to give me face when he sees me! However, we are people of status, so how will we make a move with them? When the time comes, just find a reason to put them in the police station, and that chick will still be at your disposal?”

When the evil youth said this, Wu Junjie immediately put his heart down and began to fantasize in his mind about Ji Feng and the others all being taken in and that chick begging herself bitterly.

Hey, hey, want to save them? That’s easy, just serve yourself well and everything will be fine.

The black Toyota started quickly and headed straight for the Heshun Hotel.

The first thing you need to know is that you’re going to be in trouble. At this time he was sitting in a private room on the first floor of the Heshun Hotel, laughing with his three new roommates.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel that there really weren’t many normal friends that he knew. Not to mention that Zhang Lei, a smart kid, is not small, but he likes to be weird, afraid that people think he is a good student, as if the word bad student is the greatest glory for him.

And the three new roommates he has met now are similarly full of personality. .com

The big black man, Du Shaofeng, came from Songjiang City in the northeast, with a stout figure and a dark complexion; this guy would definitely be a fierce Zhang Fei if he were placed in ancient times. What particularly caught Ji Feng’s attention was the posture of Du Shaofeng’s walk. If Ji Feng was not mistaken, this Du Shaofeng was definitely a practitioner and his roots were not shallow.

Du Shaofeng’s personality was very similar to his looks, brash, spoke with a big grin, seemed to be somewhat thoughtless, and said whatever he had to say.

The second roommate, Zhao Kai, wore a pair of eyes and was not very tall, but rather appeared to be somewhat thin, almost one meter seventy-three, and was neatly dressed, appearing to be very svelte.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, Ji Feng instantly knew where the saying that people can’t look like each other came from, daring to say that it was Zhao Kai who was talking about.

The actual words of Zhao Kai are not much, but every time he can always hit the nail on the head, making people unable to help but laugh.

For example, when he first entered the box, Du Shaofeng looked at the menu and was complaining that the spending in Jiangzhou was too high.

Zhao Kai then looked at the big black Du Shaofeng and asked, “Old Du, with your figure, if you did a pole dance here, the boss would definitely give us a free ride!”

At that time, Ji Feng and the others spurted out the water that had just reached their mouths, while Zhao Kai still had a serious expression on his face as if he was extremely serious.

In a word, according to Zhang Lei’s summary, Zhao Kai was a guy who belonged to the absolutely stuffy type.

The third roommate, Han Zhong, was a small fat guy with a very comical look. This guy was only about 6’8″ tall, but his body was thick at the top and bottom, which meant that he had no waist!

Or rather, Han Zhong’s waist was too thick, which was why it looked the same from top to bottom.

According to Zhao Kai’s comment, “Han Zhong, you’re as thick as the top and bottom, so your belt should be very hard, right?”

Han Zhong and Ji Feng and the others froze at the same time, not understanding what it meant for a while.

Zhao Kai, however, pushed his gla*ses very calmly and said seriously, “If your belt is not tightened, won’t your trousers fall down? Especially with your pole-like figure!”

Everyone laughed wildly at once, feeling in their hearts that this Zhao Kai was really a talent, the analogy was really too graphic.

These were Ji Feng’s three roommates, three completely different types of guys.

“Ji Feng, these few roommates of yours are really interesting.” Tong Lei pursed her lips and laughed lightly, saying in a low voice.

Du Shaofeng was instantly dissatisfied, “I say sister-in-law, don’t bring this, you know that several of us are still single, yet you are kissing Ji Feng, isn’t this making several of us greedy!”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. If you hadn’t said so, I would have thought that you just liked being single!”

Du Shaofeng immediately raised his hands in surrender, his heart bitterly smiled, nothing who likes to be single ah, I am not those idle white collar, find a large number of girlfriends, left and right embrace, this is the ideal life ah.

However, seeing that Tong Lei is very articulate, Du Shaofeng does not dare to speak more, if he is robbed by a young girl, and can not say half a word, this is a very humiliating thing.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Kai said seriously, “Old Du, you’ve grown so big for nothing, you can’t even talk to a little girl, it’s simply a waste of food.”

Du Shaofeng bristled, “Kai Zi, don’t talk about me, if you have the ability, go and refute your younger sibling!”

Zhao Kai pushed up his eyes and said seriously, “Since you’ve said that’s my younger sibling, how would I go and refute her? This proposition of yours doesn’t hold water!”

Du Shaofeng was dumbfounded, and he realised that he had better shut up and eat with his head down, otherwise, any random person who came out would be able to dumbfound him.

The crowd burst into another burst of laughter, and by this time, the waiter had also brought up the food.

Du Shaofeng laughed, “It’s finally my time to show off, waiter, bring over two cases of beer!”

He said towards the others, “Brothers, since today is our first time drinking, let’s not get drunk and drink as much as we want, haha!”

Ji Feng laughed, “Anyone can drink too much today, but not you. Otherwise, if you get drunk as hell, who can afford to carry you back?”

Du Shaofeng beat his chest with a thud, “Just kidding, how could I possibly get drunk as Sh*t, besides, you are four big men, can’t you still help me back?”

As soon as he said that, he heard a sudden noise from outside the compartment, followed by the door being kicked open.

Ji Feng immediately frowned and looked back, only to see three youths striding in, one of them shouting aggressively, “Hand over the phone!”

“What, want to rob?!” Du Shaofeng sneered and his face sank, casually grabbing a beer bottle with a fierce smile on his face, “****, today I want to see, who dares to rob us!?”

Ji Feng, however, frowned and exchanged a glance with Zhang Lei, both seeing that cold smile in the other’s eyes. It was because among these three people at the door, there was an acquaintance, that was Wu Junjie, whom he had once met on the train.

Just seeing him, Ji Feng immediately understood what was going on, and he asked indifferently, “When did the titular guaranteed student take up the business of robbing?!”

“BullSh*t!” Wu Junjie snorted coldly and said arrogantly, “We were eating in the next compartment, we just went to the toilet and came back and lost our phones, there are only people in this compartment around here, did you not steal it?”

Ji Feng was dumbfounded and laughed: “Thanks to you being a guaranteed student, your brain should not be stupid, how can you use such a cheap trick?”

What lost the phone, it was obvious that Wu Junjie was trying to find trouble, how could Ji Feng not understand.

“Cut the crap, hand over the phone immediately, I can pretend that today’s matter has not happened for the sake of this beautiful girl, otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite!” Jun Wu said with a rampant look on his face.


Han Zhong heavily placed his teacup on the table, turned his head to look at the three people at the door, and frowned, “Wu Qi Jian, what do you mean by that?”

When Wu Junjie heard this, he was instantly stunned, he turned his head to look at his cousin, thinking how everyone else in this box was his cousin, this seemed a little less than good.

However, when Wu Junjie saw the disdainful look on his cousin’s face, he instantly understood that the people in this compartment, his cousin did not even put in his eyes.

“Han Zhong, what, since when did you also hang out with these thieves?” The man named Wu Qi Jian, Wu Junjie’s cousin, sneered disdainfully.

Han Zhong’s face suddenly sank, “Wu Qi Jian, don’t think that with Ji Shao Yun backing you up, you dare to shout in front of me again, you are just one of Ji Shao Yun’s dogs, do you really consider yourself a person?”

Wu Qi Jian’s face instantly changed and he sneered, “Never mind what kind of person I am, it’s you who needs to think carefully about whether your family will spare you if you clash with me today! Han Zhong, you, the young master of the Han Group, are still not good enough in the eyes of young Ji!”

Han Zhong’s face was incomparably gloomy, but he had nothing to say. Because Wu Qi Jian was right, perhaps compared to Wu Qi Jian, his words still carried some weight, but if compared to Ji Shao Yun, he would be nothing.

If you say that you are a rich second generation, then Ji Shaoyun, is a real TZ!


Chapter 102

Han Zhong may not be afraid of Ji Shaoyun, young people who have a fire, more a blood, even if the other party is no longer how powerful, the big deal is just a death. The most important thing is to see the net. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The company has a lot of projects with the government or with other large groups. If those partners knew that Han’s Group had offended Ji Shaoyun, who would dare to work with Han’s Group?

Under such circumstances, Han Zhong could not disregard his own family, he could only shut his mouth with an iron face and a look of humiliation flashed across his eyes.

Seeing this situation, Ji Feng only smiled slightly and turned his head to ask Zhang Lei in a low voice, “Lei Zi, your family should have some energy in Jiangzhou, right?”

Zhang Lei laughed, “Not bad, but certainly not as good as your family.”

Ji Feng faintly waved his hand and smiled, “That’s enough, today’s matter looks like we have to trouble you first.”

Zhang Lei instantly understood that Ji Feng did not want to expose his identity. In fact, for Ji Feng’s approach, Zhang Lei understood it very well, if Ji Feng exposed his identity here, I’m afraid that from now on, he and the other roommates in the dormitory wouldn’t be able to get along like friends, no one could face the first grandson of the Ji family and still act like normal friends.

Unless, the other party was a big family similar to the Ji family, and also had to be someone whose status was relative to Ji Feng in the family, otherwise, everyone would be nervous and slightly respectful when they saw Ji Feng, in that case, they could not be considered friends.

“Don’t worry, let me take care of things here!” Zhang Lei smiled faintly, “It just so happens that one of the elders in the family is also in Jiangzhou, so I’ll give him a call.”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded his head, gently patting Tong Lei’s small hand, indicating that she should not be nervous.

The fact that she was not the least bit nervous as long as Ji Feng was here had nothing to do with Ji Feng’s identity, but rather her belief that her boyfriend would protect her.

And after that Wu Qi Jian saw Han Zhong shut up, he didn’t have time to be smug before he noticed that Ji Feng and Zhang Lei were actually whispering and laughing as if no one else was around, seemingly not putting himself in his eyes at all, and he was instantly furious.

“Good! Good! You guys really have guts!” Wu Qi Jian gave a thumbs up and smiled back in anger, “Since that’s the case, then we’ll simply call the police, I’d like to see if you guys still have so much guts when you get to the police station!”

With that, he took out his phone and dialed a number: “Hello, Team Wang? This is Wu, we’re at the Heshun Hotel, someone stole our mobile phone but refused to admit it, now we’re arguing …… you’re here in person, that’s great, good, then we’ll wait for you here!”

After hanging up the phone, Wu Qi Jian looked at Ji Feng and the others and sneered, “I have already called the police, I hope you are still so tough, don’t ever give in to softness only! Otherwise, it won’t be fun.”

Han Zhong said in a deep voice, “Wu Qi Jian, aren’t you being a bit deceitful by doing this? What are the conditions, just say it.”

His heart was so humiliated that saying this was actually the same as giving in to Wu Qi Jian. However, Han Zhong could not take care of his own face and thus let several of his newfound friends be implicated, in that case, he would not have the face to mingle in the dormitory in the future, let alone meet with Ji Feng and the others.

The first thing he did was to say that the three of them had stolen their mobile phones, so they wanted to extort something from them. .com

However, Wu Qi Jian’s reply almost made Han Zhong go berserk.

He saw Wu Qi Jian reveal a disdainful smile and hummed, “Actually, a few mobile phones are not worth a few dollars, I have nothing else but money, of course, there is no way to compare with you Han Gongzi.”

Hearing Wu Qi Jian’s sneering, Han Zhong held back his anger and said in a deep voice, “Wu Qi Jian, what exactly do you want, just put it forward, give us face today, if we can do it, we will definitely do it, that’s all right, right?”

“Haha, since you, Sir Han, have come forward, then I can’t just not give face, right?” Wu Qi Jian finally laughed in triumph while pointing at Wu Junjie beside him, “That’s fine, I’ll give Duke Han a face. How about this, as long as this pretty girl stays with my cousin for a while, I will pretend that this matter never happened, how about that? This is already considered a generous enough condition, right?”


As soon as Wu Qi Jian’s words left his mouth, he saw a black shadow suddenly flash past in front of him, and immediately afterwards, Wu Qi Jian suddenly felt a sharp pain in his nose, followed by his small abdomen.

The next moment, Wu Qi Jian flew backwards and fell heavily into the corridor, hitting the wall again and falling to the ground screaming in agony.

“**You mother, **** you to death!” The big black man, Du Shaofeng, punched and kicked Wu Qijian, and then violently grabbed Wu Junjie’s collar and violently incited him with a fierce slap on the face and spat again, “Two beasts, if you dare to talk nonsense here again, I’ll kill you!”

Du Shaofeng’s fiery temper could not stand it any longer, especially when he saw Wu Qi Jian insulting Han Zhong without mercy and now hitting on his own brother’s girlfriend, how could he hold back and finally took action.


A shocked Wu Junjie was also kicked away by Du Shaofeng.

“Old Du, well played!” Zhao Kai said seriously, giving a rare approval to Du Shaofeng.

Han Zhong, however, changed his face and stood up in a panic to pull Du Shao Feng, saying hurriedly, “Old Du, you have to be calm, don’t be reckless.”


Du Shaofeng laughed coldly, “Now that we are being bullied, how else can we be calm? Are we just going to let them bully us?”

Han Zhong’s face was ugly: “Old Du, you are a foreigner and don’t understand the situation. This Wu Qijian is nothing remarkable in itself, just that his family runs a company in Jiangzhou and is still somewhat powerful.”

“Since that’s the case, then what are you afraid of!” Du Shaofeng said with dissatisfaction.

Han Zhong laughed bitterly, “If that was all, then even if Wu Qi Jian had ten lives, he would have been wiped out by the major forces in Jiangzhou long ago, the key problem is that Wu Qi Jian is just a dog, the master behind him, is the real powerful person!”

Du Shaofeng said disdainfully, “I don’t care who his master is for what, if Wu Qi Jian is looking for trouble with us, then I’ll deal with him!”

“But, you have to look at the master to beat the dog!” Han Zhong shook his head and laughed bitterly, “This Wu Qi Jian’s backstage is the youngest son of our Jiangzhou Municipal Party Secretary, Ji Shaoyun. Let’s put it this way, you guys should know about the Yanjing Ji family, right?”

Zhao Kai’s brow furrowed, “You mean, this Wu Qi Jian is from the Ji family?”

He had heard of the Ji family, and in fact, although the Ji family was incredibly prominent, it was actually very low-key, and there might not be many people in the country who really knew about the Ji family. Zhao Kai, on the other hand, had heard of the Ji family because of his family ties, and could even be said to have heard of it like thunder. He knew what kind of energy the Ji family really had in China.

If this Wu Qi Jian was really a member of the Ji family, then it would really be a bit of a problem.

Han Zhong smiled bitterly, “Now you should understand why I am so afraid of Wu Qi Jian, right? In fact, what I’m afraid of is not him, but the people behind him.”

Zhao Kai nodded slightly and frowned as he deliberated. This matter was really a big trouble if it wasn’t handled properly, at least for these people here, no one was definitely a match for the Ji family.

“D*mn it!”

At this time, Wu Qi Jian, who had been kicked away by Du Shao Feng, climbed up from the ground with difficulty, there was still a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth, while the bridge of his nose had even collapsed, his eyes looked hideous as tears and blood mixed together.

“You’re ruthless, good, very good!” Wu Qi Jian laughed fiercely, “In the entire Jiangzhou City, no one has really dared to touch young Ji’s people, and you are the first. If I don’t kill you all today, my name will be Wu Qi Jian!”

Wu Junjie also climbed up and looked at Du Shaofeng and Ji Feng with hatred, but did not dare to venture forward again, Du Shaofeng’s big man was not something he could deal with now.

Wu Junjie hurriedly went to help his cousin Wu Qi Jian and asked in a panic, “Cousin, are you alright?”

Wu Qi Jian shook his head and said, “I don’t know if I’m alright or not, but these B*****ds will definitely be alright.”

And at this time, Zhang Lei finished his call just in time and hung up the phone.

He turned his head to look at the two brothers, Wu Qi Jian and Wu Junjie, who were in a mess, and snorted disdainfully, “Wu Qi Jian is it? Don’t think that with Ji Shaoyun protecting you, you can do whatever you want, today I want to see how we are not okay!”

Wu Qi Jian laughed wildly, “Haha, good, today I finally met someone who dares to provoke Ji Shao, you guys wait!”

As soon as his words fell, he heard a burst of police sirens from outside.

A fierce smile appeared on Wu Qi Jian’s face, “You B*****ds, you can’t even leave now even if you want to, my men have arrived, I’ll see how you can turn around today!”

Ji Feng smiled lightly and did not say anything. Zhang Lei, however, was a hot-tempered man, and slammed his teacup down on the table, about to get up and make another move, but was pulled back by Ji Feng.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting your hands dirty if you fight with this kind of person?” Ji Feng smiled and stopped Zhang Lei.

“D*mn it, count yourselves lucky today, if it was in the past, I would have made your heads explode!” Zhang Lei grunted disdainfully.

Hearing him talk dirty, Tong Lei couldn’t help but give him a white look and pouted, “No swearing, it’s unpleasant to hear!”

When Wu Qi Jian saw that several people were still joking at this time, he almost exploded with anger, he gritted his teeth and said, “Good, you guys are really good, you dare to do this even when you are dying!”

Although Han Zhong and Zhao Kai were both very worried, seeing that Ji Feng and the others just looked calm, and remembering the conversation between Ji Feng and Zhang Lei earlier, they seemed to have a vague feeling that Zhang Lei’s origins were somewhat uncomplicated, or else they wouldn’t have been afraid of the Ji family.

Since there was someone with a big name, Han Zhong and Zhao Kai naturally would not go back to beg for forgiveness from Wu Qi Jian, after all, the two sides were already hostile.

Soon, there was the sound of intensive footsteps in the corridor and a group of policemen came over, led by a man in his thirties, dressed in a police uniform and looking tall. It was just that his smell of alcohol that made everyone frown.

Drinking and going out to the police, it was obvious that this guy was no good either. This was the first impression of Zhao Kai Han Zhong and the others.

As expected, the policeman took a glance at the box, and Wu Qi Jian immediately greeted him and said miserably, “Team Wang, you’ve finally come, if you had come a little later, my cousin and I might have been killed!”

The Wang team took a look at Wu Qi Jian’s face, which was covered in blood, and even his nose had been caved in.

Wu Qi Jian pointed inside the compartment and said, “It was that big black man, he did it, but all the others are suspected of stealing the phone, Team Wang, I think it’s better to take all these people back and interrogate them slowly!”

When that captain Wang saw the clear and beautiful Tong Lei in the box, his eyes lit up and he immediately shouted, “Someone, take all these people back and interrogate them carefully.”


Du Shaofeng, who had not spoken, suddenly bellowed and looked at Team Wang and sneered, “Captain Wang is it? As a police officer, you should follow the procedures, but now you are taking us back without asking questions, just listening to one side of the story, is this your code of conduct?”

“And who are you that you dare to meddle in Laozi’s affairs?” Being lectured by Du Shaofeng in such an in-your-face manner, Captain Wang was instantly furious.

“Humph, you are not qualified to know who we are, call your chief over, I will explain to him personally!” Zhang Lei stood up and said indifferently.

“Simply arrogant, you are just a few students, how dare you want to see our chief? Is our chief something you can just want to see?” Captain Wang said with disdain, followed by a wave of his hand, “Take them all back!”

Zhao Kai sneered, “It’s fine to take us away, but what about the three of them?”

He pointed at Wu Qi Jian’s cousins and the young man who had followed him and said, “It’s already unreasonable to take us away, are you still going to take them away?”

“Of course I will take them away!” Dealing with such things, Captain Wang had plenty of experience, he grunted, “Take them all away, interrogate them slowly and find out what’s going on here!”

A few policemen were about to come over and handcuff Ji Feng and the others, when Zhang Lei pushed away the policemen in front of him and sneered, “We’re not prisoners, what kind of full power do you have to handcuff us?!”

“Take them away directly!” Captain Wang frowned and waved his hand.

Only then did those few policemen give up and just led Ji Feng and the others out of the box.

Ji Feng patted Tong Lei’s small hand and smiled, “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

He turned his head and said to that Captain Wang, “Captain Wang, right, I hope you can handle this matter impartially, if you dare to take sides, I guarantee that you will regret doing so!”

“You dare to threaten me?” Captain Wang was furious, but when he saw Ji Feng’s ice-cold eyes, he couldn’t help but shiver violently, and he didn’t dare to say the following harsh words.

“D*mn it, dare to glare at me, if I don’t kill you today, I’ll write my name backwards!” Captain Wang immediately felt humiliated in his heart and said in secret anger.