Campus Master Chapter 111-112

Chapter 111

“You ……!” Faced with this `naked humiliation’ from Chief Wang, Hu Tiejun’s face suddenly turned red, but he couldn’t say anything. Go to see the net . Because what the head of Wang said was the truth, his own hands are so good, is not the same was kicked out of the field unit, to now, also can only be condescendingly nestled in this barracks, take the role of a small platoon leader, and even only responsible for the military training of college students!

“Just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean you’re good at everything.”

The head of the army seemed to be dissatisfied and continued, “To choose a captain, you must first of all have excellent quality and standard movements. This student I have chosen not only has a standard military posture, but also has a positive appearance, which is more than enough to take on the role of captain.”

Hu Tiejun took a few deep breaths before suppressing the anger in his heart, and he nodded heavily, “Yes!”

However, Du Shaofeng next to him was not happy, he muttered, “I really don’t see where this kid’s military posture is standard, so obvious favouritism, not afraid of people poking their backsides in!”

As a captain, he could often communicate with Hu Tiejun, and thus often spar with him. If he was not allowed to be the captain anymore, once the military training was over, unless Hu Tiejun came to him, he would rarely have the chance to be able to spar with Hu Tiejun again, which made him very dissatisfied.

“What did you say?!” The headmaster Wang’s face instantly sank as he turned his head and shouted angrily, “Since you have come to the barracks, you are soldiers and you must first obey orders, did your instructor not give you this?”

“Report, instructor Hu has taught it!” Du Shaofeng said loudly, “But I also know that Instructor Hu also said that as a captain, not only must you take the lead in completing your own training and set an example for everyone, you must also a*sist your instructor in training others, which requires a certain level of physical fitness, I don’t think Wang Xiaowu can take on this position!”

Hu Tiejun hurriedly glared at Du Shaofeng, this could not be said indiscriminately, now the head of Wang was obviously favouring Wang Xiaowu, if Du Shaofeng said this, it would definitely offend him.

In Hu Tiejun’s view, it didn’t matter if he was reprimanded, he was already like this anyway, as long as he didn’t violate military discipline, no one could kick him out of the army, right? But Du Shaofeng was different, he was here for military training, if the head of Wang wanted to fix him, there were countless means to make him unable to complete his training, then he wouldn’t even be able to get his graduation certificate.

Ji Feng, however, had a smile on his lips, Du Shaofeng’s character was indeed very likeable, straightforward, but not stupid. Obviously, Du Shaofeng said this, is trying to lead the head of Wang to the wrong path. Avoiding the obeying orders one, just talking about the physical quality alone, just this point is enough to compare Wang Xiaowu.

Sure enough, once he heard this, Chief Wang’s face instantly sank, but Du Shaofeng was lofty and unafraid.

“Since you say so, that means that you must be good at fighting?” Chief Wang frowned and asked. .com

Du Shao Feng said loudly, “Report, I have never said that, only that my physical quality is a bit better than the average person, as for how good my body is, I am not in a position to evaluate it myself.”


Chief Wang grunted, “In that case, then are you willing to take a test?”

“What kind of test?” Du Shaofeng asked.

“It’s simple, this driver of mine also happens to be somewhat skilled, you can spar with him, if you win, you can continue to a*sume your captaincy and I will not stop you. However, if you lose, I will write the words ‘disobedience’ on your military training report, what do you think?” Headmaster Wang asked with a cold smile.

“I don’t think so!” Du Shaofeng bristled, “Why should I compare myself to your driver? It’s not like your driver can come and take on the role of our captain. Since we’re picking the captain from among the students, I’ll compare myself to the person you appoint!”


Chief Wang was choked by Du Shaofeng’s contradiction, but he could not say anything reasonable to refute Du Shaofeng, because what he said was reasonable.

“Obey orders!” The headman Wang shouted in shame and anger.

“Yes!” Du Shao Feng put his feet together and did a stand-up pose.

Only then did Captain Wang grunted and turned his head to Hu Tiejun, “Look at what kind of soldiers you’re leading, how dare you talk back to the leader, it’s simply not like that!”

Hu Tiejun did not say anything, because there was nothing to say about this matter, the right and wrong of the matter, we can see it at a glance, only that the head of Wang’s high level, and is one of the leaders of this student military training, Hu Tiejun did not have the right to speak.

Du Shaofeng, however, frowned: “I was just reasoning with you, is this also called backbiting?”

He was not a soldier himself, so naturally he would not think that the head of Wang was the leader, if not for the university’s rules that military training must be conducted, he would not even know the head of Wang, so Du Shaofeng naturally had nothing to be polite with him.

The headmaster Wang’s face changed and sank as he listened, glaring coldly at Du Shaofeng: “This student, it looks like you have a lot of opinions about me!”

“As a leader, to act unfairly, of course I have an opinion!” Du Shao Feng said indifferently, “I can follow orders, and you can restrain my actions, but what else can you control what I am thinking?”

“Good! Very good!”

Chief Wang smiled back in anger, “In that case, I’ll give you a chance to give your opinion. Still the same, fight my driver, if you win, this matter will be over, if you lose, roll up and leave now, contradict the leader, I can fire you now!”

“Wang leader restrain your anger!” When Hu Tiejun heard this, he immediately became anxious, if he expelled Du Shaofeng, then he would never be able to get his diploma.

Although United University was a credit-based university, there were some compulsory courses in it that had to be pa*sed, otherwise, even if you took more credits, you would not be able to graduate.

So now there are quite a few students who are sopH*mores and juniors and are still following their freshman year in military training, in fact, they just didn’t pa*s the initial freshman military training or didn’t have time to participate because of other reasons.

Du Shaofeng was different, not only was he serious about his training, but he also had a straightforward personality, such a person was very much to the military’s liking, if he was expelled, Hu Tiejun couldn’t bear it anyhow.

“How about it, you can consider my opinion, of course, if you are afraid, you can also choose to roll your bunk and leave.” Headmaster Wang said sarcastically, his heart was secretly angry, a student, how dare he contradict himself, it was simply not like that. What’s more, he had come here this time to back up his nephew, last night his nephew had called himself and said that this Du Shaofeng had stolen his captaincy, now if he didn’t teach him a lesson, it would really turn against him.

Ji Feng’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly but he didn’t say anything because he could see that things seemed a bit wrong.

“Headmaster Wang, isn’t this something you should reconsider, after all, expelling a random student will cause a bad impact!” Hu Tiejun advised carefully with a bitter face, he really didn’t want Du Shaofeng to be expelled.


Headmaster Wang, however, snapped, “Hu Tiejun, what do you mean by that, what do you mean by casually expelling a student? Do you mean that I have casually expelled a student?”

“No, no!” Hu Tiejun hurriedly explained, “Headmaster Wang, what I mean is that Du Shaofeng is not a real soldier, he is somewhat ignorant of the rules, the responsibility for this lies with me, it is my fault for not teaching him well, please calm down!”

Looking at Hu Tiejun bitterly pleading with Captain Wang, a cold aura flashed in Du Shaofeng’s eyes, his heart was secretly angry.

“This matter is not negotiable, this is the regiment’s decision, this Du Shaofeng will either cut a deal with my driver, or, roll up and leave. I think I still have the right to expel a student!” Headmaster Wang snorted coldly and said indifferently, not even looking at Hu Tiejun, “Since you said you are also responsible, then you should also hand in an inspection up.”


Du Shaofeng could not hold back any longer and cursed angrily, “What kind of bullSh*t chief, not a big official position, but your official authority is still not small. Just because you have some power in your hands, you just bully others, thanks to the fact that you are still some kind of chief, I think you are not even qualified to be a squad leader.”

“What are you saying?!” As if his tail had been stepped on, Captain Wang was instantly furious.

“Cut the crap, I promised you a fight with your driver, right here, everyone testifies, let’s see how I slap you!” Du Shaofeng coldly snorted.


Chief Wang was instantly delighted, he didn’t even mind Du Shaofeng’s disrespect towards him, “That’s what you said, in that case, let’s start now ……”

With that, he waved to the driver in the jeep.

Chief Wang’s driver was a young man of about thirty years old, with a sturdy figure that looked comparable to Du Shaofeng. More importantly, this man had a murderous aura that made even Ji Feng frown, and one look told him that this man was definitely very powerful.

Hu Tiejun’s face instantly changed, he was aware of this driver of the headman Wang. It was said that this person, nicknamed Black Bear, was once a tough fighter in Jiangzhou’s underground black boxing arena, and then somehow when he entered the army, he was discovered by Captain Wang as this talent, thus making him a driver.

Even if Du Shaofeng is more powerful, he is definitely not the opponent of an expert who has experienced the test of life and death black boxing, this time, Du Shaofeng is sure to lose ah.

Everyone didn’t notice that Ji Feng’s brow furrowed while secretly sending a text message. Afterwards, Ji Feng’s body slowly leaned forward, surprisingly, without everyone noticing, he came to the first row.

At this time, everyone’s attention was focused on Du Shaofeng and the driver in front of them, so naturally no one noticed Ji Feng. What’s more, as a trained and qualified agent, the first thing is, not to attract attention, and for this, Ji Feng did a good job.

Feeling the tyrannical aura coming from that driver, Du Shaofeng’s expression also gloomed, he knew that he might have met a real opponent today.


Chapter 112

“Hehehe, kid, I advise you to listen to the words of Headmaster Wang, be a good boy and pack your bunk and go home, otherwise, my men will show no mercy!”

Looking at the sturdy Du Shaofeng, the black bear stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of his mouth, a bloodthirsty expression appeared on his face, “Kid, don’t make a pointless struggle, it won’t do you any good, hehehe ……”

A cold smile appeared on Du Shaofeng’s face as he said disdainfully, “There have been many people who have said this to me before, but the end result was that they were beaten by me to the point where they couldn’t even recognize their mothers, you are not the first and definitely not the last. Go watch the net .”

“Good, good! You’re not the first person who dares to talk to me like that, Black Bear, but now you’re the only one still standing nicely!”

Black Bear’s face sank and he laughed gloomily twice, followed by slowly taking off his military T-shirt, immediately revealing muscles that seemed like lumps of iron, some students even secretly compared Black Bear’s arms to their own legs. Some students even secretly compared Black Bear’s arm to their own legs. They were shocked to find that one of Black Bear’s arms was even thicker and stronger than their own legs.

The students in the squad couldn’t help but secretly worry about Du Shaofeng. Although Du Shaofeng also looked strong, he was nowhere near as strong as the black bear, and looking at the black bear’s bloodthirsty look, all of them couldn’t help but feel awe in their hearts.

Ji Feng’s brow likewise furrowed, he could tell that this black bear was definitely not an ordinary person, he had definitely killed someone. This was because he carried a killing aura that no one else had at all. This kind of killing aura, Ji Feng had once heard his instructor talk about it in the Super Agent Training System, only if he had killed someone would he possess it.

Of course, the killing aura on Black Bear was still far inferior to that of the instructor in the system, and Ji Feng now had a five-point chance of winning against the instructor. However, it was not Ji Feng who was now facing Black Bear, but Du Shaofeng.

Although Du Shaofeng grew up practising martial arts and was very formidable, in the face of the black bear who had once killed a man, Ji Feng was still worried about how many percent chance of victory he would actually have.

Next to them, Zhao Kai and Han Zhong likewise changed their faces as they snapped their heads back and looked at Ji Feng.

“Ji Feng, you know kung fu, come and judge, who exactly will win between Old Du and that guy and the two of them?” Zhao Kai asked in a low voice.

“Old Du’s chances of winning aren’t great!” Ji Feng frowned and said in a low voice.

Zhao Kai and Han Zhong’s faces changed instantly, when Ji Feng said that the chances of winning were not great, then he would definitely not be wrong. This time, Old Du was in trouble.

“Let’s see, let’s stop the two of them now, that captaincy will just be given to Wang Xiaowu, it’s not like it’s a big deal. If you want to clean up Wang Xiaowu, you can do it whenever you want back at school later, there’s no need to get to this point!” Zhao Kai calmly analyzed, “This is a military camp, not our territory, even if we have connections, we can’t say anything. Besides, if Old Du loses this time, he will have to be removed from the military training.”

Han Zhong also nodded immediately, “That’s right, if you want to clean up Wang Xiaowu, you can do it anytime if you go back to school or leave the barracks. Although my family has some connections in Jiangzhou, they can’t say the same thing in the barracks. If Old Du loses now in front of so many people, with his character he definitely won’t be able to stay here and will leave of his own accord. When that happens, he won’t be able to get his diploma.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, in fact, he was considering the same thing, except that, now that Headmaster Wang was obviously pressing people with his power, he couldn’t accept it even if he wanted to.

“Kid, come and suffer death!” Black Bear sneered.

Du Shao Feng’s face however calmed down instead, since he was going to fight, he had to put his mind at peace and get himself in the best shape, this was something he had been taught by his family since he was young, naturally he would not be provoked by Black Bear. .com


Just as Du Shaofeng was regulating his breathing, a voice suddenly rang out from the squad, followed by Ji Feng, who had come to the front row at some point, suddenly taking two steps forward.

“Chief Wang, there’s a saying that if you leave a line in the sand, you’ll meet up later.” Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Let me see, this student of mine will not need to compare with your driver, the position of captain, just listen to your arrangement, we have no objection, what do you think?”

“You ask me how it is, I say no!” Captain Wang snorted coldly, “To contradict the leader and disregard military discipline, this kind of person shouldn’t stay in the barracks at all.”

Ji Feng’s face remained unchanged as he said indifferently, “That’s what he said, but we’re not soldiers. Moreover, there is one thing I don’t understand, is it possible that your leaders allow the beating of students for the military training of college students? The two conditions you laid out are very problematic to me. If you contradict the leader, the most you can do is to write an inspection or apologize, and that’s the top of the list. You’ve gone too far in handing out an expulsion from the barracks, haven’t you?”

“And who are you?” Headmaster Wang’s face turned pale as he asked in a deep voice. In fact, there was indeed a rule in the army that there was certainly no problem with reasonable training for university students, but university students were not soldiers and scolding was strictly forbidden to avoid bad influence.

The head of Wang’s heart was secretly puzzled, these things were only stipulated within the army, how did this student know about it?

Although he knew that this student had a point, but the head of Wang did not want to let Du Shaofeng off so easily, when he was not here, that kid dared to steal his nephew’s captaincy, and later contradicted himself with his words. Such a person, if he wasn’t taught a lesson, how could the headmaster Wang not be able to dispel his anger.

“Since you have chosen to avoid war, then I will have to write a failing comment on Du Shaofeng’s military training file.” Headmaster Wang said indifferently.

Ji Feng’s eyebrows furrowed, “Headmaster Wang, why do you have to be so desperate, you do hold a little power now, but why bother to make things difficult for a student? How about Headmaster Wang give me face and be magnanimous, even if you forgive Du Shaofeng, we will definitely listen to the instructions of Instructor Hu and Captain Wang Xiaowu in the military training, what do you think?”

Seeing Ji Feng taking the initiative to give in and repeatedly pleading, a smug smile flashed in Captain Wang’s eyes.

Just then, Wang Xiaowu, who was next to him, suddenly stepped forward and said loudly, “Captain Wang, this Du Shaofeng and Ji Feng are in the same gang, so he naturally has to help Du Shaofeng speak. Du Shaofeng contradicted the leader, he can’t be spared so easily!”

Ji Feng’s face instantly just sank, and Du Shaofeng’s eyes widened as he snorted coldly.

As soon as he heard that, Head Wang immediately knew what his nephew meant, he waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to talk about this matter, it’s still the same two conditions, either choose to be expelled or choose to cut a deal with my driver, your choice!”

“Is Headmaster Wang really bent on having his own way?” Ji Feng asked indifferently, but there was a hint of anger in his eyes, he was so pleading with himself, and he was going to get an inch?

“What do you mean by bent on having your own way?” Chief Wang’s face sank, “What do you mean by that?!”

“It doesn’t mean anything, it just means that I hope that Headmaster Wang can reconsider, don’t make a reckless decision, it might be self-defeating!” Ji Feng said indifferently, his heart had already moved with anger, this Captain Wang, had already been put on his blacklist.

“Good! Very good!”

Chief Wang laughed in anger and pointed at Ji Feng: “Kid, if you say so, then don’t blame me for doing justice. Du Shaofeng, which of the two paths do you choose? I’ll only give you one minute to think about it, after that time, I’ll expel you immediately!”

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled, “Headmaster Wang doesn’t need to be so official, we agreed to cut a deal, but since it was Headmaster Wang that my cla*smate contradicted, there’s no need to cut a deal with anyone else, if we want to cut a deal, it’s only with you!”

“What did you say?” Headmaster Wang’s face was instantly gloomy, asking him to spar with Du Shaofeng? He didn’t think he would be a match for that big black man, moreover, there were experts here, so how could he take matters into his own hands?

“I said, if I want to spar, I’ll spar with you, not anyone else!” Ji Feng said word for word.

“That’s a joke!”

Headmaster Wang said disdainfully, “What kind of status am I that I would spar with you?”

“Since Headmaster Wang doesn’t care about us cutting a sparring match and wants to find someone else instead, then naturally my cla*smates should also find someone else instead.” Ji Feng said, “My cla*smate is also a person of status, so he can’t possibly do it himself, so I’ll take his place!”

“Ji Feng!”

Du Shaofeng was instantly anxious, “This is my own business, you all should stay out of it!”

He didn’t want to drag his friend into this because of himself, this was definitely not something he, Du Shaofeng, did.

Ji Feng waved his hand and laughed, “Don’t worry, you’re a man of status, sparring with a driver, it’s embarra*sing to spread the word!”

“Kid, you seek death!” Black Bear was so insulted by Ji Feng that he roared in anger.

Ji Feng, however, didn’t even look at him, he just stared at Chief Wang.

“Good, since you want to replace your cla*smate, that’s naturally fine, still the same thing, as long as you can win, this matter will be written off and you will still continue training here. However, if you lose, then it will be the same as both of you losing, in which case I will have to expel both of you at the same time then!” Headmaster Wang said sinisterly.

“It’s not just the two of them, it’s me too!” Zhao Kai pushed his gla*ses and stood out.

“There’s me too!” Han Zhong likewise stood up.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “No problem, but if I win, I won’t just continue training, my cla*smate will continue to be the captain, plus, you’ll have to apologize!”

Captain Wang’s face became even more gloomy, he wanted to eat Ji Feng in one bite. If there weren’t so many people present, he would have taught Ji Feng a hard lesson.

“No problem!” Captain Wang said through clenched teeth, and after he finished speaking, he quickly walked over to Black Bear’s side and whispered a few words about something.

A bloodthirsty look appeared on Black Bear’s face at once, and he nodded hideously.

“Ji Feng, be careful, they must not have come up with any good ideas!” Zhao Kai said in a low voice.

“Don’t worry.” Ji Feng smiled. In his heart, however, he secretly nodded his head, regardless of whether Han Zhong and Zhao Kai’s guts were big or small, at least at this critical moment, the two of them stood out without any rebellion, that was enough.

Of course, Ji Feng also knew that even if Han Zhong and Zhao Kai could not get their diplomas, it would definitely not affect their future lives, but the fact that they could stand up for themselves showed that they considered Du Shaofeng and themselves as friends.

“Kid, if you think you can’t beat me, you two can go together!” Black Bear took two steps forward and came in front of Ji Feng, laughing heatedly.

Du Shaofeng snapped forward and sneered, “Where is the need for Ji Feng to step up in this matter, I can defeat you!”

He turned his head to Ji Feng and said, “Older brother, I’ll go first, if I lose, you can come back!”

Chief Wang was confident in Black Bear and he said sinisterly from the side, “That’s fine too, lest you two lose and still be unconvinced by then!”

Ji Feng frowned, but still nodded, “Old Du, be careful!”

Du Shaofeng laughed heatedly, “Don’t worry, watch how I’ll beat him up!”

Ji Feng took a few steps back, leaving the field to Du Shaofeng and Captain Wang. In fact, Ji Feng was trying to get Chief Wang to agree that once Du Shaofeng was defeated, he could still get on, and now that his aim had been achieved, he was much more relieved.

Du Shaofeng and Black Bear drew up their positions, and the others immediately looked on nervously, not knowing who would win between the two. But looking at Black Bear’s sturdy body, most people mostly thought he had a better chance of winning.


Du Shaofeng shouted and pounced on him, punching the black bear fiercely straight into his chest.

“Hey, that’s a bit interesting!” Black Bear sneered as he simultaneously met it with a fist, and their fists instantly clashed together.


Everyone felt a violent pain in their hands, as if their fists had been hit by Black Bear.

Looking at Du Shaofeng again, however, he only took two steps back and pounced again.

Ji Feng was watching from the side and secretly nodded his head, Du Shaofeng’s strength was really good, he was barely able to fight the black bear evenly under hard contact.

While watching from the side, Chief Wang and Instructor Hu were simultaneously astonished. Du Shaofeng was able to fight against the black bear?

They were aware of Black Bear’s strength, especially Captain Wang, who had personally seen Black Bear defeat a dozen soldiers with good hands at the same time and had killed people in the black boxing ring, but unexpectedly he was now forced to a draw by a student.

However, Ji Feng knew that this tie was actually only temporary. Du Shaofeng was not as experienced as Black Bear in actual combat, and once this fierceness had pa*sed, he would gradually become no match for Black Bear.

Sure enough, after a few moves, Black Bear took control of the rhythm of the battle, and Du Shaofeng went from being proactive in attacking at the beginning to being pa*sive in defence now.


Du Shaofeng suddenly roared out, as if he was a wild beast in rage, causing the black bear, who was about to attack, to be suddenly stunned.

It was in the middle of the daze that Du Shaofeng seized the opportunity and unexpectedly punched the black bear in the small of his back, followed by a set of combinations that left the black bear no longer able to fight back and was instantly defeated.


Du Shaofeng’s last punch stopped less than two centimetres away from the Black Bear’s chest; if he had landed this round, the Black Bear would probably have been killed.

Ji Feng and Zhao Kai and the others had smiles on their faces at the same time. The outsiders were watching the action, but the insiders were watching the doorway. Perhaps the others just saw that Du Shaofeng had won, but Ji Feng knew that Du Shaofeng had learnt a lot through this actual battle.


Du Shaofeng let out a long breath and stood up drenched in sweat, “Captain Wang, sorry, I won!”

Captain Wang’s face was blue and he stared coldly at Du Shaofeng, not uttering any words for a long time.

And at this time, Ji Feng suddenly drank, “Old Du, be careful!”