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Winner Takes All Chapter 2270

Jedi Sky Link?Reconnecting Heaven and Earth?Even though Chen Dong was now fully focused on trying to take these last three steps, he was still stunned by Chi You’s roar.Ancient times, what exactly happened?Chi You’s reappearance in the world alone, a series of roars, which contains a monstrous resentment and hatred.It was as if the ancient times, the Three Ancestors’ fight, was not as simple as the existing mythological stories.The era of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors was confusing, what exactly was hidden?”Come on!””Er will build wood blast down, and see if I can reconnect heaven and earth?”Chi You berserk waving six arms, six blades rolled with majestic and volatile demonic energy, surging and stirring in the void chaos.Out of the corner of the eye domineering, filled with provocation.After a line of white light, it fell into silence.Chi urn urged: “doll!Continue!There I am!”A voice urged, but it seemed to be enlightened.Let Chen Dong’s ignorant and confused consciousness snapped awake.His ink and jade bone body, once again swayed, and his right foot slowly lifted up and stretched out towards the front.The last three steps of the creaking …… creaking …… last three steps of the distance, but it is the sky tilting killing power that has skyrocketed to the point of no return.Just like the one after the heavens, in the second Jianmu tree branch sneak attack, was interrupted by Chi, and now purely want to use the heavenly tilting killing power to completely wear out this bone body of his.Stop him completely in this last three steps distance.The Heaven Tilting Killing Force that was as heavy as a mountain.It made Chen Dong’s lifting of his foot in this instance, but it was incomparably difficult.In his eye sockets, blood light stirred and spread out, but he was fully focused on the line of white light after.Although there was Chi Yu Sheltering Vigilance.But he also had to defend.That was the legendary Jianmu Divine Tree that connected heaven and earth.Just the twig whip strike had already caused the Grand Cauldron and Xuanyuan Sword to crumble out of the cracks.If the other party swung out the Jianmu tree branch again, with his current skeleton body alone, he was afraid that it could instantly whip him to pieces!He couldn’t allow himself to lose the battle in these last three steps!Crunching …… crunching …… in the midst of lifting his feet to take a step, Chen Dong’s entire ink and jade bone body was trembling and swaying, as if he was about to be completely crushed to pieces under the Heaven Tilting Killing Force in the next second.”The beings behind me are still waiting for me to re-tear open the chi gap!””Humanity cannot lose!””And …… them …… “Chen Dong’s eyes were agitated with blood aura, moving forward, becoming the only obsession right now.He was shouldering too much.Carrying the prayers and future rise and fall of all beings in the world.At the same time, he was also shouldering the hope of bringing that one person who had left, back again!”Little Shadow, Mom and Dad, Qin Ye, Zhao Brezhu ……” A familiar face surfaced in his consciousness.A scene from the past, this moment seemed to have turned into a Juan hot current, flowing in his consciousness, and it was also making his blurred consciousness, more and more awake and firm.Bang!The first step, finally fell.Like thunder exploding chaos.White light imprinted on Chen Dong.Vaguely, the blood aura stirring in his eyes could already be seen behind the white light.”Two more steps!”Without the slightest pause, Chen Dong was late to the party, and on the spur of the moment, he continued to lift his left foot again and took a step forward.Hmm?This time, Chen Dong suddenly saw the blood colour in his eyes brighten greatly.He was unsure if it was an illusion.Right at the moment when his left foot was just lifted, the white light that was close at hand was fiercely exuberant.It was as if it was a cluster of flames, fiercely exuberant and somewhat blinding.”Not good!”At the thought of this, the ears at the same time sounded Chi’s explosive roar.Rumble …… between the electric light and fire.Chi You even directly stopped the six blades swinging, towering like a mountain body violently bent, the majestic and vast demonic gas around the body, more like the Milky Way falling into the nine heavens, bombarded towards Chen Dong pouring.In an instant.After a line of white light.A beam of eerie white light, like a rain of arrows that covered the sky, poured out in a vast manner from behind the white light.Boom, boom, boom, boom, …… the white light impacted on the vastness of the demonic aura, suddenly emitting a huge boom that shook the heavens and moved the earth.Each beam of white light, which was like a sharp sword, after penetrating a part of the demonic qi, was stopped by the demonic qi abruptly, and then thumped and dissipated.”Ah …… ah ……” endless white light bombardment in Chi’s magic gas, spare this human ancestor at the moment is also eaten pain screamed miserably.Jar of pain screams, echoed and echoed, but resounded in the ears of the world’s living beings.Human ancestor …… bloodline.At this moment is even more manifested.One by one, human beings, heard Chi’s screams of misery, denied the sadness from the heart.Even if they are confined in place, but their eyes also quietly huffed tears.Grief at the same time.The power of the prayers of each and every human being was even more resolute.Spare Chen Dong, at this moment, hearing the tragic screams of Chi, even if it is only an ink and jade skeleton, the consciousness is inexplicably sad.”Doll, keep going ah!””Not afraid, I am!””I block for you, you go ah!”Painful screaming Chi still urging.He was like an adult, who had disregarded himself at the moment when faced with danger, vowing to bend down and guard Chen Dong, the offspring bloodline.In his eyes.Chen Dong was a doll.It was also the hope that shouldered the future of Humanity.As a Human Ancestor, when it came to disregarding everything!The cries of pain, did not stop.Countless white beams of light swept out from behind a line of white light and bombarded Chi You’s demonic Qi barrier.Huge sound boom.What appeared to be a simple bombardment seemed as if it possessed a huge and terrifying killing power on this Human Ancestor.Chen Dong did not know what the white light meant.He also did not know what Chi was actually enduring.But the white light came from the heavens.And the white light made Chi You fall into a state of inferiority for the first time.Before this, even if the Jianmu tree branch had just been drawn out from behind the heavens, Chi You was also in an overwhelmingly strong position, forcibly blocked.Only this white light.Let this human ancestor, screaming in pain!This white light, can kill Chi You, and Chi You’s urging, obviously can not support for too long!Chen Dong did not dare to slow down, forcibly supporting the bone body that was about to fall apart at any time, slowly lifting his left foot.Very slow!Very slow!Slow to the point where it seems as if space and time have been faded into nothingness.There were still the last two steps!The ears were filled with the popping sound of white light bombarding the Chi Demon Qi barrier.But just when Chen Dong forced to raise his feet to take a step.A “rustling” sound, suddenly came again from the white light.It was very subtle!However, in the explosion of the white light, it seemed so clear.This is …… the sound of tree branches swaying?Chen Dong’s consciousness was shaken.Almost simultaneously.Chi directly roared: “The upper …… you are also ultimately the human ancestors of this world, are you all dead?Is it just to watch, now treading the sky, is the future of humanity, you regard me as an enemy, but that voice in the long river of time, but you once fought side by side together old friends ah!””The one who rides the dragon …… you, help the doll!”