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Winner Takes All Chapter 2271

“Huh?”Chi’s hissing sound shook the heavens and moved the earth.The mournfulness went straight to the heavens.As a human ancestor, the demon lord kills and destroys.Even if he was able to fight against the heavens, he could not hold back the unscrupulousness after the heavens.He disregarded the Great Dao and used every means possible.The only thing he could hope for was that those human ancestors who had been in the long river of history and had successfully stepped on the heavenly road to enter after the heavens would come to his aid.Of course …… there is also the one who fell into the deception back then!Only, after a line of white light, in addition to that rustling branches shaking sound more and more clear, and endless beams of white light, and then there is no sound to respond to Chi.Boom!In a moment.Thick tree branches branches, from a line of white light thrown out, but in the countless white light beams, quickly clear up.And this time.This time, the branches were more obvious and busier than the previous two times.Even the speed at which it was thrown out was obviously not as fast as the previous two times.However, this time.Chen Dong, however, does not think that it is the Jianmu flung out slower, but rather, it is fast to the extreme, seemingly slow, but more powerful than the previous two times!The clanging …… cauldron and Xuanyuan sword shook madly.The Human Emperor Qi within Chen Dong’s chest was even more brilliant and piercing, like the sun in the sky.All three of them sensed the crisis, which was why they vibrated at the same time, mobilising the world’s qi at extreme speeds and surging madly towards this side in order to ward off this attack from Jian Mu.At the same time as the Human Emperor’s Qi surged at extreme speed.Layers and layers of golden light ripples, however, were resisting out from the Xuanyuan Sword and the Grand Cauldron, sweeping towards the branches of the Jianmu tree.Chen Dong could even feel it.In order to resist this attack.The world’s qi that had been continuously pouring into his body, sheltering his body, was actually flowing away from his ink and jade bone body at this moment.And what brought about the consequence was that in a short instant, his Ink Jade Bone Body and Consciousness endured an even more terrifying Heaven Tilting Killing Force.Consciousness, fiercely darkened.Waiting to wake up.Rumble!The Jianmu tree branch, just as if it was rolled with the Heaven Tilting Killing Force, blasted onto the Xuanyuan Sword and the Great Cauldron.Ka!This time, it struck.Both the Grand Cauldron and the Xuanyuan Sword simultaneously emitted an ear-piercing roar.An incomparably striking crack instantly and clearly surfaced on the Xuan Yuan Sword and the Grand Cauldron.And the terrifying rushing force.It even caused Chen Dong’s newly awakened consciousness to fall into extreme darkness once again.”Hold on, hold on!Doll, there are still the last two steps!”Chi You to towering demonic body, resisting everything, but just now just like also unable to split for Chen Dong to resist.That horrible Jianmu impact, spare his heart all jumped.And the terrifying white light speed of light was even more rapidly impacting his monstrous demonic energy.He was also weakening at great speed.The death of the Human Ancestor!It was close at hand.While Chi You’s urgent cries were useless to Chen Dong.The moment his consciousness was plunged into darkness.Chen Dong’s ink and jade bone body directly came to a screeching halt in the void chaos.The Human Emperor Qi within his chest cavity, after its extreme exuberance, weakened even more rapidly.Chen Dong’s consciousness was more like wandering in an endless dark sea, rapidly sinking towards the bottom.”Mom and Dad, Little Shadow, father and mother in law, Qin Ye ……” One by one, familiar faces flashed rapidly through his dark consciousness.Sinking!Never ending sinking!This strike.Even with the help of the Great Cauldron and the Regulus Sword and the Human Emperor’s qi to resist, it still struck his consciousness with no further resistance.The Heavenly Qi was still there.The devil’s qi was still there.The prayers of all beings were still there.However, Chen Dong’s consciousness was in the endless darkness of the deep sea, never endingly sinking towards the bottom of the sea, while the bottom of the sea did not know the geometry of the abyss.”Is this how it ends?”Grand Master Jiang knelt down on the vast earth, looking at the ink and jade bone body that was close to a line of white light, snotting and crying, desperate as a walking corpse.Jianmu has shrunk back behind the line of white light.However, the ink and jade bone body that had borne the world’s living beings was completely out of action.Even, the two beams of blood aura that replaced the eyes were rapidly weakening at this moment.This scene.Not only did Grand Master Jiang see it.All beings in the sky also clearly felt it.All living beings, when they attached the power of their prayers to Chen Dong, they were also destined to be involved in a bond connection between the two parties.The state that Chen Dong was in at this moment could be felt by all living beings.Sadness!Agony!Despair!The heavens shared the same sorrow.A flower, a tree, a person and a beast.All living things are clearly imprisoned, but grief arises from the heart.Tianmen Mountain Villa.Everything is as usual.But now, everything in the house has become static.The world is imprisoned.It’s nothing more than that.Inside the bedroom.Fan Lu was still holding Chen You En in her arms, just as if she was framed in the process of coaxing Chen You En.Chen You En held up her fleshy pink little hands, her eyes curved downwards into a crescent moon, her mouth also downwards, and she was still in a crying state.Fan Lu, on the other hand, was full of heartache, carefully cradling, her knees slightly bent, as if in a gentle swaying motion.Quietly.A large and a small, all of them are confined and fixed.However, they …… likewise have a bond connection with Chen Dong.They can also similarly feel the state that Chen Dong is in at this time.The world is in the same sorrow.The two of them were also feeling the same.Especially the young Chen You En, the bloodline connection was such that the grief and fear was far greater than that of the living beings in the world.But she had emotions, was scared, helpless, and wanted to cry out, but was subject to being suppressed by the heavens.Quietly.A crystal teardrop, but from the corner of Chen You En’s eyes, flowed out, along her small face, slowly sliding down.And this tear drop, was breaking the world’s confinement.Normally, under the confinement, this tear drop could not flow out at all.What was even more miraculous was.While this drop of tears flowed out.Chen You En’s long eyelashes, but they were vaguely trembling.Following that, were the eyelids.Then it was the fingertips, the toes.The trembling became bigger and bigger.Her petite and frail body seemed to have exploded with unrivalled miraculous power at this moment, hardened in breaking through the world’s confinement.Immediately thereafter.A faint cluster of golden light lit up from the middle of her chest.The golden light rapidly flourished.However, it was generally the same as the Human Emperor Qi in Chen Dong’s ink and jade body.And when the golden light lit up, a trace of the world’s qi was separated from the guidance of the Human Emperor Qi, Regulus Sword, and the Grand Cauldron, and was directly diverted towards Chen You En.Although it was very weak, it was the true world’s qi luck.When a trace of the world’s qi luck poured into Chen You En’s body.The amplitude of her petite and frail body was getting bigger and bigger.Finally.She completely broke through the last chasm.The hands and feet gently danced.All the sadness and fear that had been stored up in her heart, at this moment, as her eyes snapped open, while her large eyes, at this moment, were red and full of tears.She also cried out with a “wow”.”Dad, dad …… “Boom!In the endless darkness of the deep sea.Chen Dong, who was sinking downwards, violently trembled in consciousness.However, he clearly saw that a faint beam of light descended from the sky and enveloped his consciousness.Chen You En’s cries were even more clearly resounding in his consciousness.”You En na …… dad is here!”