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Winner Takes All Chapter 2265

The words came from Chen Dong’s mouth.However, whether it was the voice or the subjective consciousness, it did not belong to Chen Dong.At the same time, he was shocked.Chen Dong fiercely felt his consciousness being sucked by a terrifying force towards an unknown direction.And at the same time.Another stream of consciousness was occupying his body at great speed.He could still see.However, he could only look like a bystander as he watched his body undergo subtle activities.However, in a matter of moments.Chen Dong’s consciousness was pulled into a separate space.It was still in his body, only that he had completely lost control of his physical body.”Ho……” Just at the moment of the alternation of consciousness, Chen Dong’s mouth opened and a black demonic qi pelt was once again spewed out from his mouth and nose.The demonic Qi was dense.As for Chen Dong’s eyes, it was also at this moment that a rare blood aura blossomed anew.The Heaven Tilting Killing Force had long since worn out Chen Dong’s body in a patchy manner.In some places, even white bones had been revealed.However, with the alternation of consciousness, the aftermath of the majestic and powerful scolding sound was still present.The locations on Chen Dong’s body that had been worn out were rapidly filled with demonic energy and rapidly solidified.It was as if he was using the quenched demonic Qi to re-enforce his fleshly body.”This …… Demonic Qi can still be used like this?”Chen Dong’s jaw dropped as he watched the changes in his physical body.After losing control of his physical body and having his consciousness sucked into an independent space.The pressure borne by his mind and spirit was instead reduced to a minimum.With a single thought.Chen Dong then saw that the fleshly body’s right hand was slowly raised.It had long been mottled, with large swathes of flesh and skin annihilated to nothing, and was now re-filled and rammed with demonic qi, transmitting a deep and eerie meaning.As for his eyes, the blood aura was becoming more and more prevalent.The moment his right hand was raised to mid-air.The right hand that was clenched in a fist, but violently opened his five fingers into a palm and pushed it forward.Rumble …… majestic and volatile demonic qi, instantly following his right hand rushed out.Even in the void chaos, directly condensed a body size and the hand of the heavens is not inferior to the devil gas hand.As soon as the Devil Qi Hand appeared, it was pushed forward with Chen Dong’s right hand.There was no wind and no waves.There was no sound.In the silence, it collided with the Hand of the Heavens.However, in an instant, the hand of the heavens was pushed backwards.Rolls of smoke, from the overlap of the two out surging away.The Hand of the Ascension’s golden light erupted, clearly resisting, but it was still difficult to resist the overbearing charge of the demonic Qi’s great hand.This scene.It caused Chen Dong, who was an onlooker, to become fuzzy in his consciousness.”Who exactly is this second Deceiver?Why is it so strong?”This was the only thought that came to Chen Dong’s mind when he witnessed this scene with his own eyes.The hand of the heavens was the complete disregard of the Great Dao by the heavens, in which the power of the heavens descended upon the world.And this Chess Deceiver occupying his body, using the demonic Qi to manifest a large hand, actually pushed the Hand of the Heavens back one after another, clearly occupying the upper hand.This kind of existence …… is still to layout on him?This kind of power is already able to directly visit the heavens ah!Simply on the power of this magic qi hand, just like the strength of this chess executor, it has already overridden the heavens.While shocked, a doubt lingered in Chen Dong’s consciousness.Rumbling …… As the Great Hand of the Heavens was pushed back.Chen Dong’s right hand slowly fell down, looking out of the corner of his eye in a domineering manner.”With me here, even if you ignore the Great Dao, this humane little doll, you will be able to go up after all!””This time, the little doll is the purest person to go up, what can you do to the Humanity?””Hahahahaha …… this game, win all of you, win the Avenue!”The …… wantonly agitated laughter echoed in the void chaos.The darkest void chaos.As this sound echoed, the majestic and volatile demonic qi was actually wrapped in an overbearing posture, charging towards the Void Chaos in all directions.Boom!At the same time.Chen Dong’s body took a violent step forwards.This step was firm and resolute, domineering and disdainful.It seemed that the Chess Deceiver directly ignored everything when he took control of Chen Dong’s body.Even the heavens were not in his eyes.The rumbling …… vortex of purple qi rotated madly.The voice of the Far Ancestor within it grew louder and louder.”Right, right, that’s it, you bunch of old things, why don’t you still beat the drums for me?”Chen Dong opened his mouth, his majestic and powerful voice, echoing the chaos of the void, and even more so, it seemed to be extremely penetrating, able to follow the white light guided by Chen Daojun and penetrate into the heavens.”Who the …… hell is this?It is not Chen Dong who is controlling the body, nor is it Chen Dong’s power, this power is already overriding the heavens!”Grandpa Jiang was dumbstruck and looked numbly at the figure in the void chaos that was enveloped by the majestic and vast demonic aura.Looking from his perspective.Chen Dong’s physical body was already ravaged beyond recognition.However, as the demonic qi solidified and strengthened, it caused Chen Dong’s physical body to burst back into a more violent and rigid terrifying vitality.Standing in the chaos of the void, the demonic aura enveloped him.However, it was as if he was the only one in heaven and earth!A hoarse and majestic voice resounded.The violet qi vortex rotated even more crazily.And the Far Ancestor’s voice emitted from within it grew louder and louder.Like a great bell.Unprecedented momentum.”He is …… even communicating directly with the Humanity Far Ancestors?”Chen Dong, who was an onlooker, his consciousness had long been confused by the shock, and he had even completely lost the ability to think.He had expected that the second chess player would be able to save the day after entering the game, and would be the last hope for humanity.However, he had never imagined that after the second chess player had truly entered the game, he would be as terrifying as this!Hegemonic and disdainful.Pushing across the heavens.Communicating with the Ancestors.This time it was revealed, but it was the true meaning of devilishness that was revealed to the fullest.Strong …… excessively!Completely beyond imagination!Compared to this.Even if Chen Daojun had acted even more wildly and disdainfully before, it all seemed so normal now.On the contrary, it is as strong as this second chess executor, rashly needing to lay out the chess execution on his body to help him go to the heavens after.This …… why in the end?The things that are done are completely inconsistent with the strength of the Honourable Father!He obviously has the ability to push into the heavens, why did he choose the most “obscene” layout?Not to mention Chen Dong, even Chen Daojun, if he was still around, would have been confused in the face of this scene of absolute strength pushing across the heavens.”Louder!Old things, speak louder!”Chen Dong’s fleshly body stood majestically in the midst of the demonic aura, and suddenly scolded in a stern voice: “You guys don’t listen, this is the consequence of you guys not listening, you guys just don’t listen ah, and now …… still have to let me reckon the long river of history, retrospectively, on this little doll, to wrestle for a chance for the human path, this is all your fault,…Now give me to beat the drum and cheer louder!””Demonic nature and the heavens are already against each other, not letting me enter the heavens, to count me to death, then even if I stand in the world, I can also transcend the heavens.””You just forget, the human way since the beginning of the birth, has always been in the fight with the sky, but you are a thought, to do what is smooth, then I, the devil, to defend the last human way!””The dawn people, the people dawn people, you call the humane beings as the people, they are …… my dawn people!””I, the devil, am also a human ancestor!”