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Winner Takes All Chapter 2264

The great hand comes in force.It appeared in the world above the heavens.As soon as it appeared, it was extremely large at great speed.Chen Dong was close at hand, looking at the large hand to capture, but there was a sense of oppression of the mountains and seas.The terrifying pressure of fearfulness like a prison, even more so, does not belong to this world.”Dog heaven, has come to use the power after heaven?”Grand Master Jiang dishevelledly looked at the large hand in the chaos of the void and rebuked with a vengeance.Looking from his perspective.The white light in the void chaos, which was suddenly pulled into lines, was as if it had been directly sliced through a huge opening.The appearance of the large hand, on the other hand, enlarged extremely quickly, but in a matter of moments, it was already the Prime Cang Da Yue.Compared to it, Chen Dong was as small as a mole cricket.The comparison between a mole cricket and a great mountain.Such a difference in size alone gave one a sense of extreme despair and powerlessness.Rumbling …… large hands came from behind the heavens, draining the mountains and pushing across the sky.A finger that was comparable to a mountain peak slowly spread out.This process was obviously very fast, but the movement of the five fingers opening froze and gave people a feeling of slowness.Space and time were all blurred in this instant.The large hand, however, had enveloped Chen Dong in an instant.”Heh …… “Chen Dong stood majestically, and as far as the eye could see, all was the golden light emanating from the large hand, which was like a vast mountain that was insurmountable.The terrifying oppression emanating from it was even more comparable to the Heaven Tilting Killing Force.This was to completely annihilate him under the heavens.And this kind of treatment, even just now, when the Sky Wolf had already probed the tip of his nose into the heavens, he had never had it before.As far as the Upper Heaven was concerned.Compared to him bringing the will of all the beings in the world into the Upper Heaven.It was obviously more willing to accept a beast that had turned its back on all beings in the world and was only thinking of condensing a true body.There was no longer any cover for ignoring the Great Dao.Xu Qingfeng returned with the help of the Eight Formation Diagrams of Gods and Demons to break through the void, single-handedly annihilating the Heavenly Wolf, the greatest and last hidden danger on the Path to Heaven.Now Xu Qingfeng spilled over into immortality.After the heavens, yet again, the most overwhelmingly cruel annihilation and crushing has begun.Rumbling …… in the chaos of the void roared with the activity of the large hand.Chen Dong’s ears were filled with thunderous explosions.Looking at the glittering golden light in front of him.He suddenly popped up a strange and weird thought …… Five Finger Mountain in his mind!What was the difference between this large hand that came from behind the heavens and the Five Finger Mountain of Buddha Rulai from Journey to the West?The only difference was that the Five Finger Mountain was trapping the Great Sage of Qi Tian.Now, this real Five Fingers Mountain in front of him is the biggest “favourable treatment” from God.Optimus Prime’s fingers slowly closed his grip.This action.Chen Dong even had a feeling that the sky was falling and the earth was sinking.The extreme sense of oppression, even though he was now sheltered by the power of the Human Emperor Qi, the Great Cauldron and the Xuan Yuan Sword, it still made his heart and soul tremble.Even his soul was trembling under the extreme oppression of the five fingers clasping together.On the contrary, the demonic nature within Chen Dong’s body was actually surging violently in the face of the five fingers that were gripping together at the moment, appearing to be unusually exuberant.Even without Chen Dong’s subjective control, a steady stream of demonic black qi was actually being released from his body like a river breaking its banks.Overbearing devilishness, intense black Qi.In an instant, Chen Dong was completely wrapped up.While the Human Emperor Qi in the middle of his chest cavity was flashing with a golden radiance at this moment, it was causing Chen Dong’s entire person to emanate a secretive and mysterious aura.The Heavenly Qi was also madly instilled towards his body under the guidance of the Human Emperor Qi, the Great Cauldron and the Xuan Yuan Sword.This bizarre state of balance had existed since the appearance of the Heavenly Tilting Force and Laozi’s silhouette entered the vortex of violet qi.Forces that should have been diametrically opposed and completely opposed to each other had formed a perfect balance within his body.But now, with the exuberant raging of the demonic nature, it was like it was gradually taking over!”This is ……” Chen Dong’s mind was shaken, inexplicably feeling that his own emotions were all excited with the surge of demonic nature.At the thought of this.Even Chen Dong himself did not notice it.On his burnt and mottled face, even the flesh at the corner of his mouth was only left on one side, but this side, was slowly upturned at the moment.Laughed!Laughing eerie ghostly, hideous horror.”Ho……” With this laugh, Chen Dong’s mouth slowly opened, a mouthful of black demonic Qi Pi, stirred out.This mouth of black magic gas pi, straight and straight, directly shot to the front of the glittering golden hand, actually …… directly adhered to it, like sulfuric acid, quickly corroded out of a pitch black.ZiZi …… ZiZi …… black magic adheres to the big hand, rising up a rolling smoke.Although the pitch blackness that corroded out was not too big.But on the large hand full of golden light, it looked so dazzling and eye-catching.”This ……” Chen Dong’s entire body was confused.Even he himself did not know what had happened!The magical corrosive large hand shocked him.But what shocked and appalled him even more was what …… actually happened just now.The body …… was not controlled by his consciousness at all!This sense of separation between his consciousness and his body was what shocked him the most.A demonic pike corroded a pitch blackness on the big hand.Compared to the large hand, the damage was obviously very weak, but it made the five fingers of the large hand, which was held together like a mountain or a prison, screech to a halt in the chaos of the void.Boom, Boom, Boom …… at the same time.The demonic dragon scroll that had been towering in the void chaos, connecting Chen Dong and the violet gas vortex, at this moment, it was madly surging, and while becoming larger, it was also madly shaking.At the same time.The horizontal vortex of violet qi, however, was rotating and accelerating together.Finally …… there is a change?Chen Dong inexplicably looked forward to it somewhat.The violet gas vortex has always existed since the time of stepping on the heavenly road, rolling with the will of the distant ancestors, resisting the heavens and attenuating the heavenly might.It has always existed, and while it may seem to have a weak role, it has actually played a great role.With Lao Zi riding the green ox, the demonic dragon scroll and violet vortex connection, purple and black two qi intertwined with each other, but has always been connected to Chen Dong and the vortex of violet qi.Just yet, it was only connected!Chen Dong knew that there was a secret here.He also knew that there was another mysterious person who had laid out and landed on him.Now facing the great hand of the heavens, the purple qi vortex and the surge of the demonic qi tornado, it was just like that mysterious powerhouse that was about to strike!The fight has come to this point.Chen Dong had already spelled out all that he could.Humanity had also done everything it could to put up a clean fight.Chen Daojun, the chess player, has already used all his means, and even used his body to enter the game, going straight to the heavens to guide the direction for Chen Dong.This was the only thing Chen Daojun could do!The unbridled situation in the heavens before them had already exceeded everyone’s expectations and ability to cope with it.And now, the second mysterious person had finally stepped in!It also allowed Chen Dong, once again, to see hope!And this was perhaps the last pillar and spine of humanity!The majestic and volatile demonic gas tornado crazy upsurge, but enveloped Chen Dong, extremely fast expansion at the same time directly affixed to the Prime Cang big hand on top of the five fingers, seemingly flowing gas, but in the instant of proximity, directly into a rammed barricade, hard against the five fingers.Immediately.A hoarse, yet powerful and domineering voice.Suddenly resounded.”Deceiving …… my humanity, is there no one?”Rumble!When these words were exited.Chen Dong’s entire person was confused, and his consciousness was even confused at extreme speed.This was because these words …… were spoken by him and came out of his mouth!