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Never Say Never Chapter 439-440

Chapter 439

Lu Xinran looked at Fu Shen Yan and moved over, laughing, “Is that really true? Brother Shen Yan.”




I ……




found a seat and sat down, I pinned my chin and said with a hundred boredom, “How old was aunt when she left home?”




Fu Qingyin didn’t answer me, but it was Fu Shen Yan who spoke up, “Fifteen!”




I raised my eyebrows, “Grandpa said that when you were five years old, after your parents’ accident, you were sent to the country until you were twenty years old, so you were able to drink a pot of porridge at the age of five? Is the Fu family’s pot small, or is Fu Shen Yan that big of a meal at the age of five?”




Fu Shen Yan narrowed his eyes and looked at me, “The thing I dislike most is pumpkin porridge.”




The implication was, ‘What Fu Qingyin said was all nonsense.’




I shrugged my shoulders and faintly glanced at the blue and embarra*sed Fu Qingyin, casually picked up the white porridge that sister-in-law Zhang had just brought me and pushed it to Fu Shen Yan, “Drink it, you still have things to do afterwards.”




Fu Qingyin, probably uncomfortable in her heart and not wanting to make me happy, looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Shen Yan, Xinran and I are also going to Fu’s later, why don’t you take us there by the way?”




Fu Shen Yan took a shallow sip of porridge, looked at her without much expression and said, “Not by the way.”




“We’re all going to Fu’s, where’s the need for a side trip or not?” Fu Qingyin’s face was already very bad.




Lu Xinran hadn’t spoken, and at this moment her voice was soft, “Brother Shen Yan, do you not want to see me too much?”




Fu Shen Yan raised his eyes, looked at her, and nodded rather seriously, “En!”




I …..




Lu Xinran was a little aggrieved, her eyes were red, and she got up and said in a northerly voice, “Then I won’t bother you anymore.”




After saying that, she was about to walk towards the door, but was stopped by Fu Qingyin, “You child, are you unable to hear? Shen Yan is joking with you, where are you going?”




After all, Fu Qingyin was an older person and looked at Fu Shenyin and said, “Where are you going later? How come it’s not on the way?”




Fu Shenyin seemed a little impatient, put down the bowl in his hand and spoke, “Something’s up!”




Seeing that I had taken a few sips and stopped drinking, he frowned, “Don’t you like it?”




I shook my head, “It tastes quite good, but it’s just a bit noisy.”




Fu Qingyin was already unhappy, and when she heard this, she spoke up violently, “Shen Shu, you are also the grandson-in-law of the Fu family, what do you mean by that, I can’t come to stay with you for a few days because I am an aunt in distress? Are you planning to throw me out?”




I laughed, completely unable to eat, “Mr. Fu you also know you are the eldest, no elder in this twenty-first century should be able to give a concubine to a younger generation so blatantly, right?”




“A concubine?” Fu Qingyin frowned, “Shen Shu, what are you talking about?”




I raised my eyebrows, “Not taking a concubine, are you planning to give Shen Yan another new love?”




When she saw that my words left no room for error, she turned cold and looked at me, “Shen Shu, what nonsense are you talking about?”




As an elder, don’t you know that Lu Xinran admires Fu Shenyan? Don’t you know that she wants to marry Fu Shenyan? What is your relationship with Lu Xinran? What do you mean by bringing her in? Do you intend to let her get close to the water so that I can divorce Fu Shen Yan?”




I got a little emotional and looked at Fu Qingyin and continued, “Aunt if you don’t like me and don’t see me, you can just say so, Fu Shenyan and I can divorce at any time, you don’t have to bring people into the house.”


Chapter 440

After saying that, I got up and directly left the hall, not giving Fu Qingyin a chance to retort.


Behind me came Fu ShenYin’s warm and angry voice, “Auntie knows that ShenShu seep is not well, so why target her at every turn, if you have any grievances you can vent them on me, no need to make things difficult for her.”


The latter words, I did not continue to listen, directly out of the villa, into the car.


It didn’t take long for Fu Shen Yan to follow me out, seeing me sitting leisurely in the car, he hooked his lips, “relieved?”


I gave him a blank look, I didn’t bother to say more, started the car and prepared to go directly to Gu’s.


He moved quickly and got into the pa*senger seat and looked at me, “Where do you plan to go?”




He frowned, “To see a doctor.”


I pursed my lips, stopped the car and looked at him indifferently, “Get out of the car, I have something to do.”


He leaned his slender body back and spoke, “Then let’s go to Gu’s first and finish your business before we go to the doctor.”


“Don’t you have your own business to attend to? Does it bother you, Fu Shen Yan?” This follows me around twenty hours a day, I’m not a prisoner.


“My mission today is to keep you company!”


I banged on the steering wheel, annoyed to the core, suppressing my anger and looking at him calmly, “Fine, you drive, I can’t find my way.”


He raised an eyebrow, sat up straighter, kissed me on the cheek and guffawed, “It’s just as well to go to the office after you’ve seen the doctor.”


I frowned and waited patiently for him to get out of the car.


He got out of the car and walked around the front towards the driver’s seat, I watched him reach for the door, the violence factor grew in my bones, narrowing my eyes at him, I pressed the lock button and looked at him lightly and said, “Mr. Fu take your time walking around!”


After saying that, I drove the car away with a kick of the accelerator, and in the rear view mirror, he stood in place, his face blackened into carbon.


I just took one look and drove straight to Gu’s.


There wasn’t much going on, just always something to look at. Gu Han was away, Gu was still running at its original pace, and I came out after a brief exchange of work with Wang Shi at Gu’s.


Shen Yu called, his voice cold, “Where?”


“Gu’s! What’s going on?” When I got out of the office, I didn’t rush, but stood at the lift door to listen to the phone, the signal in the lift was bad.


His voice sounded a bit like he hadn’t slept, with a bit of hoarseness, “Wait for me for a few minutes, I’ll take you to the hospital later.”


I got a little annoyed, “I’m not going to the hospital.”


When I refused, he got a little warm and angry, “What are you doing if you’re not going to the hospital? You want to drag yourself to death if you don’t treat your illness?”


This man!


“Shen Yu, I’m in good health, depression is just an emotional problem, it’ll be fine once it’s under control, don’t make a fuss, I don’t have time for that later, how are things going with the Mo family?” I changed the subject, not really wanting to continue the issue of seeing a doctor.


He was a little angry, “I’m making a fuss, you’ve killed yourself and I’m still making a fuss, are you going to wait to die and just let me collect the body?”


I held my forehead somewhat helplessly and continued to change the subject, “Those information you were given yesterday, is there still no movement from the Mo family side?”


I faintly heard him sigh and say, “You! Third Uncle checked Chen Changhe and Li An according to the information you gave him and found a problem, he’s already gone over to Jiangcheng today.”


I nodded and thought for a moment, “Right, this doesn’t look like it has anything to do with Lin Wan, and they both interacted in the form of commerce, so it all looks normal, so remind Third Uncle that he can start with Chen Changhe’s wife, and he might be able to find out about the dealings between him and Lin Wan soon.”