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Never Say Never Chapter 437-438

Chapter 437

Fu Shen Yan’s face was getting darker and darker, so cold that it was frightening.


“Mr. Shen need not be sour, at least I am now embracing in my arms to eat what you can not reach in a lifetime, compared to this, I am much more practical than your wishful thinking imagination!”


This person’s mouth is also poisonous enough, hung up the phone, Fu Shen Yan raised his hand to smooth the hair behind my ear, but there is no sign of anger, just speak, “Tomorrow I will take you to the hospital.”


I pursed my lips, a little tired, so I simply closed my eyes and prepared to sleep.


I slept fairly soundly this night.


The next day, I woke up.


Fu Shen Yan was already changed in the bedroom, his long, jade-like body sitting on the side of the chaise longue on the computer, not knowing whether he was working or looking up information.


When he saw me awake, he put the computer down, got up and walked over to me, bent down and kissed me on the forehead, and said, “Do you want to lie down for a while?”


I frowned, “Something wrong?”


He raised an eyebrow, “We agreed yesterday that we would go to the doctor today.”


“No!” Although Gu Han was no longer here, I was still an employee of Gu’s after all, and Huayao was a project I had negotiated, so there was no reason to abandon it halfway.


He frowned, picked me up and held me in his arms for a shallow kiss, “Get up and wash up first.”


After a good night’s sleep, my mind was quite clear, so I left his body, got up and got out of bed and went straight into the bathroom.


When I was brushing my teeth, I vaguely heard someone knocking on the bedroom door and thought it was Sister Zhang coming up to call for breakfast.


I’m not sure what kind of stimulation Lu Xinran is suffering from, but she is crying like a pear.


I ?????


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are in love with each other, but you can’t be in a hurry to do anything else, and you can watch the next actions of the two people who are in love.


The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of the situation.


Lu Xinran, who had been pushed away by Fu Shenyan, naturally saw that I had come out of the bathroom, and a pair of good-looking eyebrows narrowed slightly as she dropped her gaze on Fu Shenyan’s body.


Teary eyes, “Brother Shen Yan, you’ve always known my feelings for you, you promised your brother to take care of me, not because of duty at all, but because you were moved by me, you can’t let go of Shen Shu now, but it’s because of your duty and debt to her, you don’t love her at all, don’t you?”


I raised my eyebrows, tsk, this is intended to provoke Fu Shen Yan to say something to hurt me?


Fu Shen Yan’s voice was a little cold and indifferent, “None of this has anything to do with you, don’t come here in the future.”


“The fact that you don’t answer me positively means that you don’t love Shen Shu at all, right?” Lu Xinran looked at him and continued, “On the night of my birthday, you knew it was also her birthday, but you still chose to come to Mo’s house because in your heart, I was more important than her, right?”


Fu Shen Yan seemed a little warm and angry, his voice heaved a few notches, with a warning, “That’s enough!”


Lu Xinran was not afraid of death at all and continued, “If you had gone to celebrate Shen Shu’s birthday that night, my mother would not have had the chance to make a move on her, to put it bluntly, it was because you did not love her that you let her go out alone even on the day she was in labour, and finally gave my mother the chance to make a move on her, that child’s death, my mother was the mastermind, and you were also an accomplice. ”


Chapter 438

Lu Xinran spoke with excitement, her gaze fixed on Fu Shen Yan said, “Brother Shen Yan, if you choose to stay by Shen Shu’s side and take care of her now because of guilt, you will still end up harming her, you know, a melon twisted by force is not sweet, if you don’t love her and you have to stay together for the rest of your life, you will suffer, and so will she!”


Fu Shen Yan’s back was turned to me, so I couldn’t see my expression clearly, just a faint cold smile, “A melon twisted by force is not sweet, but it quenches your thirst, as for whether we are happy or not actually really doesn’t matter at all, what matters is, Miss Lu, as long as you are unhappy, I think it’s enough for me to be happy.”


Hearing my voice, Fu Shen Yan turned around, his gaze narrowed slightly and said, “Finished washing?”


I nodded, looked at him, then at Lu Xinran, pulled out a smile and said, “Good morning spirits, you two need to release some energy? Shall I recuse myself and make room for the two of you?”


Fu Shen Yan frowned, his face very bad, “Shen Shu!” The name was called with a strong warning.


I shrugged my shoulders, not feeling angry, and just said, “Come on, you two have a good chat, I’ll leave first.”


Only, before I could take two steps, my wrist was pulled by Fu Shen Yan, “Don’t get mad, eh?”


I pursed my lips, a little irritated.


I wanted to dislike him, but I saw him looking at Lu Xinran and saying coldly, “Miss Lu, do you need me to ask you out?”


These words carried a strong sense of unfriendliness.


Lu Xinran’s face was very bad, a little white, opened her mouth, her eyes were half red, she wanted to say something, but seeing Fu Shenyan’s face was so dark that it was frightening, she said nothing, just pressed her anger and glared at me and went out.


In the large bedroom, I was left with Fu Shen Yan, looking at me, he was a bit helpless, “How long have you been listening?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know!”


He hooked his lips, “Did what I said make you angry?”


I was in a light mood and spoke, “My birthday turned out to be the anniversary of my child’s death, quite ….. sorry!”


Perhaps he didn’t expect me to say that, or perhaps my words stung him, he wrapped his arms around me and tightened his grip, pressing me against his heart his voice dark, “She’s not going to have a good time?”




Lu Xinran? Or was it Lin Wan?


I didn’t ask, I just faintly let him hold me.


“Fu Shen Yan, I’m hungry, can you let go of mine?” It was so uncomfortable being held by him that I couldn’t help but open my mouth.


He paused slightly and released me, pulling me towards the stairs with his hand in pa*sing.


I had thought that Lu Xinran had already gone back, but I didn’t expect her to still be there.


In the kitchen hall, Fu Qingyin and Lu Xinran were chatting, and when they saw me and Fu Shenyan coming down.


Fu Qingyin smiled and got up to walk towards us, “Didn’t you have to go to a meeting today, Shen Yan? Why are you up so late? Sister-in-law Zhang has prepared your favourite pumpkin congee, drink it quickly, Xinran and I will go to Fu’s with you later.”


As we spoke, Fu Qingyin had already squeezed away from me and Fu Shenyan, I put my feet up and followed them indifferently.


Fu Qingyin pressed Fu Shenyan into the seat beside Lu Xinran and said towards Sister Zhang in the kitchen, “Sister Zhang, quickly give your husband a bowl of pumpkin congee.”


She then looked at Lu Xinran and said with a smile, “Ranran doesn’t know, right? When Shen Yan was young, he once came back from school and saw Sister Zhang cooking pumpkin porridge in the kitchen, and ended up drinking it all by himself.