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Never Say Never Chapter 121-122

Chapter 121

I didn’t want to open my mouth, it didn’t matter how my love was anymore, looking at him, I was somewhat calm, “My love, I will slowly take it back, don’t worry, I won’t cause you any trouble.”


“Heh!” Dropping a sentence, Fu Shen Yan directly slammed the door and left.


After experiencing life and death a few times, I was calmer, and when I put my clothes back together, Mrs. Zhang hurried up and pulled me, “Xiao Shu, you can’t leave! You young people can’t just make decisions on impulse, you’ll regret it later.”


I was blocked by Sister Zhang and was a little helpless, “Sister Zhang, I just don’t want to live here, not go far away.”


She shook her head and tugged at me with determination, and when she saw that she couldn’t reason with me, she cried with a tear in her eye.


I held my forehead, a little helpless.


After half a day of tossing and turning, I had to compromise and ended up staying, only instead of staying in the master bedroom, I moved to the sky garden room on the top floor.


The baby was already three months old and my belly was starting to bulge a bit, so I couldn’t run around with my belly on, so I basically just walked between the office and the villa every day.


The good thing is that there is not much going on at Huayu, so I only need to go to the office every day to read the market report and check the data.


I heard that Fu Shenyan had gone abroad on a business trip, but I didn’t pay attention to it. Even if I lived under one roof, my heart wasn’t in it together, so it didn’t matter where he went.


The first thing that I did was to go out shopping with you, because the baby will be born in a few months and I need to buy some baby stuff.


I answered, Han Shuang held a pile of documents and put them on my desk, “Director, the audit of Fu’s is almost finished, it will be finished in a few days, here are the results of the credit audit, take a look, I’ll get it tomorrow from ac.”


I nodded and remembered that I had asked her to keep an eye on the right things, so I said, “I’ll take a look at Huayu’s market data, the product feedback is good, is there any movement on Huayao’s side?”


She let out a hint and said, “Huayao and Huayu came out with a product at the same time, it’s mainly ai education, since it’s aimed at students, so it’s basically being promoted in schools, the product is very good, but the price and cost is relatively high, so it’s only acceptable to a small group of people.”


I nodded, “Well, you continue to keep an eye on it, and if necessary, you can set up a time for me to meet with the president of Huayao.”


Huayao has always focused on technology research and development, and is still not that good at marketing and management. If Fu can acquire Huayao as a technology unit, it will definitely be a breakthrough development for Fu’s future technology development.


Han Shuang nodded, “Hmm, however, I have recently seen that the marketing manager of Huayao seems to be very close to a technology company in A city.”


“Hmm!” The technology company wanted to expand, presumably to find a financier, which was fine, so I raised my eyes and looked at Han Shuang, “You’re in love?”


She froze and laughed a little awkwardly, “Well, I’m almost ready to get married!” As she spoke, she subconsciously touched the ring on her finger.


I smiled, “Is it someone in our industry? Not going to ask out for a meal together?”


It’s always nice and sweet when a girl is surrounded by love, she smiled and said, “It’s all rather busy this time, so basically I don’t have time, why don’t we wait until we’re busy after this time, if Mr. Shen doesn’t mind, we’d also like to ask you to be the witness!”


“Already planning to get married?” I was a bit surprised, according to my recent observation, she should only have been in a relationship for a month or two.


Chapter 122

She nodded, her face beaming red, and said, “We went to school together and have known each other for a long time, we just never really wanted to talk about it before, and recently our families have been pushing us hard, so we’re planning to get married.”


I smiled and didn’t say much when Cheng Junyu called, she put the papers away and went out.


When I picked up the phone, I spoke, “Dr. Cheng, hello!”


“Shen Shu, do you have a moment?” It sounded like he had something to do.


I froze and said, “I have an appointment with Muzi tonight, what’s up?”


The other end of the phone was silent for a moment and said, “Nothing, Shen Yan called and asked me to take a look at your body.”


I subconsciously frowned and said, “I’m fine, don’t worry!”


“Did you have a fight?”




Between Fu Shen Yan and I, there is no such thing as a quarrel or not, we are already people with different hearts, and it is not considered a quarrel.


After a pause, he said, “That’s good, there’s a box on my office desk, it’s a foetus medicine, you take time to get it and take it on time.”


“Okay, thank you!”


“You’re welcome!”


After a few subtle words and hanging up the phone, I looked at the time and it was already time to leave work.


I had an appointment with Muzi to go to the mall. So, after clearing the table, I went straight to the car park. After what happened last time, I rarely parked my car in the underground garage.


So later on, they all drove the car directly to the downstairs car park, the garage is dim there is always a dark place, the car park although easy to let the car wind and sunshine, but at least a little higher security.


The car was backed out of the parking space and was ready to go when I unintentionally saw a familiar person, Qiao Zhuan Yan’s red sports car, a black Cayenne, sitting in a middle-aged man, slightly fat, the body shape I looked very familiar.


The middle-aged man who kidnapped me last time, I didn’t see his face clearly, but I remembered his body shape very clearly, so I couldn’t help but stop the car for a while and look carefully at the middle-aged man in the Cayenne.


But it was only a moment before the man drove off.


After all, I didn’t see the man’s face clearly at that time, and there were many slightly fat middle-aged men, so I was afraid it would be a bit difficult to find them in the sea of people.


After hesitating for a while, I drove to the mall where I had agreed with Muzi.


When I arrived, Muzi had been waiting for me for half a day, and when she saw me she pouted and said, “Big sister, you’re half an hour late.”


Handing her the milk tea in my hand, I said, “I didn’t mean to be stuck in traffic, I came to buy you milk tea, as an apology.”


She took the milk tea and said haughtily, “Seeing as you are so sincere, I won’t bother with you.”


Downtown Jiangcheng, the shopping mall was huge, and Muzi was probably excited because she hadn’t been out for so long, and in her words, she had purposely not eaten in the morning just to save her stomach to come over for the seafood buffet.


I laughed, and my brain could not help but think of the time when we were in college, when we did not have much money to live on, and we would always save for a long time in order to have a good meal, and then we would come together to have a buffet.


There are traces and memories of the years.


When you think about it, those were the happiest days. Although we had no money, there was no one in our hearts, and we were clean and free.


After dinner, Muzi dragged me into a mother and baby shop and after a quick look around, she chose some things for the birth of a baby.


Looking at the things she had chosen, all pink and babyish, I couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, “All pink and babyish, what if it’s a son?”


She picked out the cot and looked over at me, “It’s fine, no matter the gender, these things are fine until he’s three, if he really doesn’t like them, we’ll come back and buy them when he’s born.”


That said, there didn’t seem to be a problem.