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Never Say Never Chapter 123-124

Chapter 123

Scatteredly, she bought a car full of things, even things for skin care because pregnancy will start to make me fat and I will be puffy.


Carrying the stuff to the car, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Muzi, this godmother of yours is much more attentive than me, her own mother.”


She smiled lightly and suddenly her eyes were a little red as she hugged me, “Xiao Shu, leave Fu Shen Yan! I can take care of you too.”


I didn’t know why he had suddenly said that, so I froze slightly and patted her shoulder, “Why are you suddenly so melodramatic? It’s only a matter of time before I leave Fu Shenyan, but Muzi, I want to go openly, not sneakily.”


She nodded, her voice a little hoarse, “It’s okay, I’ll wait for you, I’ve found a suitable place in Jingcheng, the price of housing in Jingcheng is low, I calculated our money, we can buy a small villa, when the time comes, both of us, plus the children can live.”


This girl seemed to have changed a bit, I didn’t know what had changed about her for a while, I always felt that she seemed to be hiding something, a bit sad.


I sighed slightly and smiled lightly, “Well, it’s not that bad yet, we still have a long way to go!”


It was also getting late, so we went straight back to the Cloud Copper flat, where the kids’ supplies were basically kept for some convenience.


I had planned to stay in the Cloud Copper flat, but I hadn’t been there long when the phone rang.


“Shue, you’re on the phone!” Muzi was squatting in the guest room installing the bag’s cot and shouted noisily at me when she heard the phone.


I was originally washing the fruit I had bought on the way and wiped my hands when I saw that the caller ID was Fu Shen Yan.


I frowned slightly and scanned the time, it was just before nine o’clock.


“Hello, Mr. Fu!” I opened my mouth, not meaning to be deliberately distant, I just thought, he should be calling me on official business, and since it was official business, I naturally had to be polite.


There was the sound of wind blowing on the other end of the line, and it sank for a few seconds before he spoke, “Where are you?”


“Cloud Copper Apartments!” Looking at the cot that Muzi had installed, she had very carefully put a mosquito net over the bed, some fairy.


“Mmm!” I originally thought Fu Shen Yan was looking for me for something, but I didn’t expect him to just give me a call and not follow up after that.


Seeing him hang up, I dropped the phone by a handful and went to admire the cot, the more I looked at it, the cuter it looked.


“Well, everything is in place, just waiting for the baby to come out.” Woody loved tinkering and after getting it done, looked at me with a sense of accomplishment and said, “How about that, me godmother?”


I smiled lightly and slipped her a fruit, “It was great, superb!”


Seeing that it was getting late, Muzi looked at me and said, “I’m going to take a shower first, so you can see what else you have to get!”


I nodded and sat in the living room looking at my phone.


The door rang downstairs and I thought it was the takeaway that Muzi had ordered, so I got up and opened the door and said towards the bathroom, “Muzi, did you order takeaway?”


A voice came from the bathroom, “No!”


Before I could continue speaking, there was a tall man standing at the door, I was stunned, what was Fu Shen Yan doing here?


“You ……” I opened my mouth, the original question stuck in my throat.


“Not going to let me in and sit down?” He spoke, his icy face tinged with a few moments of casualness.


I shook my head, “It’s not convenient!” It was really inconvenient as Kiko usually preferred to come out of the shower wrapped in a towel.


“Shou, who is it?” The voice came from Muzi in the bathroom.


Glancing at Fu Shen Yan, I spoke towards the bathroom, “The property!”


“Property?” Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows, unable to see the emotion.


I skimmed my lips and said blandly, “What are you doing here?” It was almost ten o’clock, shouldn’t he have gone back.


Chapter 124

He stood in the doorway, so tall that he blocked the faint light from the corridor, and I looked up at him as if I were watching someone being pulled into the darkness.


“Pick you up!” He spoke, taking the hand that had been copying his pocket out as he spoke, car keys still in hand.


Something came from the door in the bathroom, and I raised my hand to push Fu Shen Yan out of the way and said towards the bathroom, “Muzi, I’m going out!”


Then, pulling the door of the room shut, and then pulling Fu Shen Yan to the stairwell, I knew it was inappropriate to argue at this point in time.


The tone of voice loosened a few points, “I’m going to stay over here for a while, don’t worry about the child, I’ll take care of it.”


“Go back to the villa and live there!” He opened his mouth, his eyebrows a little cold, “There is sister-in-law Zhang in, good care!”


I twisted my eyebrows, “Fu Shen Yan, I ……”


“It’s okay to live here, me and sister-in-law Zhang are coming over to live with you.” He opened his mouth, the words were very serious.


I didn’t get a breath out of my mouth and paused before saying, “This place is small, it can’t accommodate you guys!”


“Then come back with me!”


I ……


The stairwell was empty, and even though we were talking very quietly, it still echoed.


Tilting my head to look at him, I spoke, “I’ll stay here tonight and go back tomorrow!”


He nodded, “Okay, I’ll stay here with you tonight.”


F**k me!


The way he was acting, if I didn’t go back, he’d probably have to stay here.


It was just a matter of getting out of the stairs and I spoke, “Let’s go!”


Then I went straight downstairs and messaged Muzi. I didn’t have my car keys with me, so I got into Fu Shenyan’s car.


When I got into the pa*senger side, Fu Shen Yan’s gloomy face loosened up a bit and he fastened my seat belt before closing the door and going around to the driver’s side.


Shanshui Bay.


The first thing that I did was to get back to the house, and when I saw me and Fu Shen Yan, my anxious face eased up a bit, “It’s so late, where did you go?”


“I was delayed by something!” When I returned to the living room, I saw that dinner was still on the kitchen table.


I couldn’t help but stare and looked at Sister-in-law Zhang, “Did you have dinner?”


Sister-in-law Zhang nodded, “I ate some, and when Mister came back in the evening and saw you weren’t there, he didn’t eat anything and went to pick you up.”


I didn’t notice the dark circles under his eyes, and he looked very tired.


Fu’s entered the busy season, he was either on a business trip or in a meeting recently, basically he was up at five or six in the morning, all busy with work.


“Sister-in-law Zhang, the rice might be cold, I’ll have to trouble you to reheat it from scratch.” After saying that, I walked towards Fu Shen Yan and looked at him, “You should eat something first, an empty stomach is not good for your stomach.”


Seeing his hand pinching his brow suddenly stiffen slightly, then his black eyes fell on me for a moment, “Good!”


Sister-in-law Zhang was already in the kitchen heating up the dishes, so there was nothing for me to do, so I went back to my room to wash up, and when I came out of the bathroom, I saw Fu Shen Yan was there.


I couldn’t help but wrinkle my eyebrows, “In the meantime, let’s sleep separately!”


“I don’t mess around!” He opened his mouth, already taking his top off, then pulling his bathrobe into the bathroom.


In the wardrobe, I originally just put my usual clothes, but I don’t know when Fu Shen Yan’s were moved over.


It’s no use dwelling on it, it’s just a fight.


After drying my hair, I went to bed.


It was already half an hour since Fu Shen Yan had finished his bath, he came out with a cold vapor, wiped his body hastily with a bath towel and lifted the quilt to lie in.


I don’t like this wet feeling, wrapped in the blanket moved to the side, was Fu Shen Yan even with the blanket to take over, “don’t always avoid me, life is still long, we must be so cold to each other?”


His tone was less cold than usual and more helpless.