Winner Takes All Chapter 4-6

Chapter 4

“Sir, it was my fault just now, I was blind and neglected you, please forgive me.”

Once he entered the office, the bank manager hurriedly apologised, the beads of sweat on his forehead wiped several times but still kept seeping out, even his back was wet.

The Bauhinia bank card was so rare that ordinary bank tellers didn’t recognise it.

Anyone who knew the card would have to be at least at his level or above.

Even if they went to the head office, the head of the bank would have to receive them personally and welcome them with a smile, not daring to treat them with the slightest bit of care.

At this moment, he had the urge to vomit blood, how could such a great god come to his branch?

How could such a god come to his own branch? And still queue up honestly to get money?

Wasn’t this bullying honest people?

Chen Dong raised his head and calmly looked at the manager, “You’re nervous?”

The corner of the manager’s eyes twitched twice and he smiled sarcastically, “No, no, I’ll make you some tea to apologise.”

He knew the weight of the Bauhinia bank card holder, and at this moment, he only wanted to get past what had just happened as soon as possible, even if he was willing to kneel down.

Otherwise, not to mention Lin Xue’er, a small teller, even he, the branch manager, would have to be cold.

“No need, I am here to withdraw money.” Chen Dong said indifferently.

The manager had just wiped off the beads of sweat on his forehead, and at this point, a large portion of it seeped out once again.

Was this …… no longer going to forgive?

His face was ugly and strong remorse surged.

Being able to sit in his current position was something he had struggled for decades to achieve, but one word from the Zinnia bank card holder was enough to pull him off his horse.


The bank manager simply knelt down in front of Chen Dong: “Sir, please forgive me, please let me off the hook, it was really a misunderstanding just now.”

Chen Dong looked at the bank manager indifferently, where was the other party’s arrogance just now?

He smiled, “I’m here to withdraw money, I don’t want to talk about anything else, please handle it for me.”

The bank manager was apprehensive, but he still got up with a forced smile, “Yes, I, I will help you with your business, sir.”

After receiving the Bauhinia bank card in Chen Dong’s hand, the bank manager asked, “How much money do you want to withdraw, sir?”

“Half a million.”

Chen Dong smashed his lips for a moment, from the bank manager’s attitude towards him, he already knew that this Bauhinia bank card must be extraordinary.

But the immediate priority was to withdraw the money to the hospital first, to complete the cost of his mother’s follow-up treatment, and then to find a place to land.

“Half a million?” The bank manager gave a sharp whistle.

Chen Dong frowned as realization dawned on him, “Is it difficult? Is it necessary to make an appointment for a large withdrawal?”

“No, no, no, that’s not what I meant, a customer like you doesn’t need to make an appointment in advance.” The bank manager looked odd as he explained, “It’s the introductory card for this Bauhinia Bank card is a billion in cash, sir withdrawing this small amount has caught me a little off guard.”


Chen Dong’s body shook, and his heart set off a huge wave.

A billion?

And it was cash, not the value of the client!

And that was just the qualification for the card!

My dad was so rich?

Not to mention the bank manager was caught off guard, even he himself was almost dumbfounded.

It took a long time.

Only then did Chen Dong calmed down, “Let’s withdraw half a million first.”

The bank manager nodded his head and quickly helped Chen Dong with the withdrawal.

Chen Dong found a black rubbish pocket in the office and put half a million into the bag, then turned around and left.

The bank manager looked ugly and apprehensively wanted to beg Chen Dong to open his net again, but when he looked at Chen Dong’s quick departure, he forced himself to hold back and finally sat down on a chair with a sweaty head, looking like his body had been emptied.

Inside the bank lobby.

Chen Dong carried his black rubbish pocket and walked quickly towards the outside.

Because of what had just happened, everyone was focusing on him and talking about it.

Lin Xue’er stood behind the counter, dumbfounded and with red eyes.

When she saw Chen Dong, she immediately wanted to go forward and apologise.

But Chen Dong’s steps were so fast that she was simply too late to chase after him.

With a lost sigh, Lin Xue’er turned around and walked into the manager’s office.

“Manager, to, what’s wrong?”

Seeing the manager sitting limply in his chair, Lin Xue’er’s heart sank to the bottom, but she still opened her mouth to ask.

The manager came back to his senses and smiled bitterly, “That one is a Bauhinia bank card holder, and the qualification for the Bauhinia bank card is cash of at least one billion!”


Lin Xue’er’s delicate body trembled and her pretty face turned pale.

Such a superb customer was simply not something she could mess with as a small teller!

Thinking about the way she had treated Chen Dong just now, a strong feeling of regret surged in Lin Xue’er’s heart, and she wanted to slap herself twice.

To her, a big client like that looking at her in that way was like a pie in the sky!

But then, she had to push it out and offend that big client!

“Manager, you, you must help me.”

Lin Xue’er immediately twisted her waist, bullying her body to climb up the manager’s neck, begging.

“Help?” The manager scratched his head in annoyance, “I’m still trying to find someone to help me with this! Not to mention you, even if it was me, one dissatisfaction from that gentleman and I’d be dismounted in just one sentence.”

With one word, he directly slapped Lin Xue’er into the abyss of ten thousand feet.

After a pause, the manager’s eyes lit up, “By the way, are you sure that gentleman looked at you just now with a different meaning?”

Lin Xue’er’s red lips were mumbling, and she nodded her head in a disoriented manner.

The bank manager was overjoyed and excitedly slapped the table, “There’s still help! There is still help! Lin Xue’er, I want you to apologise to that gentleman and do whatever it takes to get his forgiveness, otherwise we’re both doomed.”

“But ……” Lin Xue’er’s eyes were hazy with tears and she wanted to say something.

The manager’s words had made it clear that she was dependent on him to become a bank teller.

Now the manager’s request, she simply had no way to resist.

With her teeth clenched on her red lips, Lin Xue’er nodded her head and turned to leave despondently.

As she walked to the door, the manager’s low voice came from behind her again: “Remember what I said, it’s by any means necessary! That’s good for you, and for me, too!”

Leaving the bank, Chen Dong got into a taxi and headed straight to the hospital.

While he was in the car, he received a text message.

“Hello Mr. Chen, this is Lin Xue’er who handled your business just now, I would like to invite Mr. Chen to dinner tonight, apologize for Xue’er’s abruptness and rudeness just now, Xue’er will definitely make you satisfied tonight Mr. Chen, yo, pencil.”

Putting down the phone, Chen Dong smiled disdainfully.

How could he not understand the meaning of such a text message from Lin Xue’er, a woman of all kinds, when she sent it?

However, he didn’t even want to pursue what had just happened, much less have the slightest entanglement with Lin Xue’er again.

Because, Lin Xue’er was the girlfriend of that trash Wang Hao, and the Wang family’s eating …… made him sick.

When he arrived at the Lijin Hospital, Chen Dong paid another 100,000 for his mother’s treatment.

The remaining 400,000, not to mention renting a house, even the down payment to buy a small two-room house is enough.

However, he still had to renovate the house, his current situation was to find a place to stay as soon as possible, and renting was the fastest solution.

As he walked out of the hospital, an Audi A4 suddenly stopped in front of him.

“Yo! Who did I think it was? It turns out to be Chen Dong, you, my former brother-in-law, huh?”

Wang Hao laughed playfully and poked his head out, removing his sungla*ses and looking at Chen Dong with a look full of disdain.

“Wang Hao, what a coincidence.” Chen Dong smiled, “Where are you going?”

“To pick up my girlfriend for the two of us, of course. The bank she works for is right next to this hospital.”

Wang Hao smiled, but his eyes saw the black rubbish pocket in Chen Dong’s hand and smashed his mouth, “Tsk …… I say you’re not doing too well, are you? You just divorced my sister and you’re down to picking up trash?”

Chen Dong’s smile disappeared.

Wang Hao slapped his head: “Oh yo yo, look at my memory, your mother is still hanging in the hospital, you don’t have any money, but you have to collect rubbish to make money? If you hadn’t gotten divorced, we might have been able to help you out a bit.”


Chen Dong laughed in anger and looked at Wang Hao sternly, “If I remember correctly, I paid for your car, right?”

Wang Hao instantly blushed and retorted, “You’re bullSh*tting! This is an Audi A4, a $300,000 car, and you, a phoenix man, bought me this car? BullSh*t!”

After saying that, he spat hard on the ground, then got into the car and roared away with a kick of the accelerator.

Looking at the direction Wang Hao left, Chen Dong’s heart raged with anger.

The next second.

He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Lin Xue’er, “You set the time, you set the place, I want a big bed room!”

Chapter 5

After receiving Chen Dong’s reply, Lin Xue’er hurriedly asked her manager for leave to prepare for the evening.

It was about her future and the manager’s future, Chen Dong’s contact information was even found out by the manager who had irregularly called up Chen Dong’s bank card personal information.

When she worriedly walked out of the bank, she met Wang Hao who had just gotten off the bus.

However, Wang Hao didn’t even notice her expression and said with a smile, “Xue’er, are you leaving work early today?”

“Wang Hao?!”

Lin Xue’er was surprised for a moment, and then remembered her date with Wang Hao tonight, and said in a calm manner, “Yes, yes, I’m a bit unwell, so I asked my manager to leave work early.”

“Haha …… just right, so early after work, let’s find a place to sit down and open a few black, I’ve been practicing my armor dad recently, all kinds of first blood five kills show over the whole field, take you flying today.” Wang Hao said with a smile.

Lin Xue’er willow eyebrows slightly wrinkled, this goods is unable to understand my words?

Looking at Wang Hao’s smiling face, she became furious, “Fly your mother! Your girlfriend is going to give away heads tonight, and you’re still showing off your one-blooded five-kill show?

She held back her anger, “Wang Hao, I have something to do tonight, let’s meet again.”

Wang Hao froze for a moment, “But we’ve already made a date, we’ll send you home after dinner, then we’ll have a double row in the dark tonight!”

The corners of Lin Xue’er’s eyes jumped wildly, she had known all about Wang Hao’s trash for a long time, but she couldn’t help that Wang Hao was from the city.

With her origin, it was impossible to buy a house in the city and have a place to stay. Even if she had a relationship with the bank manager, she knew very well that it was simply impossible for the bank manager to leave his family for her.

If she didn’t want Wang Hao to take over the property at a high price, she would hate to kick Wang Hao in the face.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Xue’er squeezed out a smile and gently pinched Wang Hao’s face: “Alright baby, there’s really something going on tonight, I’m not feeling sick this afternoon and left work early, right? Some work has to be made up for in the evening, so our date will be another day.”

“Okay.” Wang Hao said with a downcast voice.

Then Wang Hao proposed to take Lin Xue’er home, but Lin Xue’er refused, so Wang Hao had to help Lin Xue’er to stop a taxi.

This scene was seen by the bank manager, who laughed and cursed “idiot”.

After getting into the taxi, Lin Xue’er pressed her red lips tightly, her body shaking as her professional clothes outlined her figure, and tears couldn’t stop flowing out.

She scratched her hair in annoyance and looked out of the window with teary eyes.

If she hadn’t been so impulsive today, how would things have developed into what they were now?

She didn’t mind being chased by a rich man, or even flinging herself into his arms like a butterfly on a flower, because that was what she wanted, otherwise she wouldn’t have become the manager’s forbidden possession.

But, because of the impulse just now, everything that was there, the taste had changed.

The thought of what had happened to her during the night gave her a strong sense of aggravated humiliation.

She could not proudly tilt her head, end up her beauty and quietly enjoy it, but had to take the posture of a humble inferior, being squeezed to her heart’s content ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a small two-room house next to the Lijin Hospital, which will be used for a period of time to care for your mother and to follow up on her recovery period after she is discharged.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

What gave him some chills was that when he pushed open the door, the house was already in shambles.

Everything that originally belonged to Wang Nan Nan had long since been emptied, and the remaining things that originally belonged to him and his mother had been scattered all over the place.

Scattered on the floor were photographs, his and Wang Nan Nan’s wedding photos, only now they were all half torn out, leaving him alone.

The only photo he had with his mother had also fallen to the ground, the frame broken into pieces, with clear footprints on it.

Chen Dong picked up the photo with his mother and gritted his teeth in anger, squeezing a sentence out of his teeth, “My mother and I, have we never been this bad in your heart?”

After taking a deep breath and putting the photo into his pocket, Chen Dong arranged for the movers to start moving.

By the time all the items had been moved to the new home and put together, it was already six o’clock in the evening, and Chen Dong’s mobile phone also happened to receive a text message from Lin Xue’er.

He stretched his back and got up to head to the hotel where Lin Xue’er was staying.

The Austen Hotel.

It was a five-star hotel, and the room on the top floor was big enough to overlook the night view of the whole city through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

Lin Xue’er was lazily leaning on the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in her bathrobe, her hair still dripping with moisture, obviously having just gotten out of the shower.

Shaking the gla*s of red wine in her hand, Lin Xue’er is already intoxicated, her cheeks are two shades of scarlet, and her drunken eyes look out of the window at the night scene, but her eyes are flooded with tears.

She had come from the countryside to the city and wanted to become a city dweller, so she tried her best to move up the ladder.

Her job at the bank gave her a still glamorous identity in the city, and gave her a pride that was uniquely her own.

She became Wang Hao’s girlfriend not because of much love, but simply because Wang Hao could give her what she wanted.

A bride price of five hundred thousand dollars, a house, and a three hundred thousand dollar car, that was enough to make her proud for a while.

That 500,000 bride price was not much, but it was enough for her to buy a house as a pre-marital property before marriage, even if she had a better goal in the future and she and Wang Hao divorced, she was not left with nothing.

It was just a pity that that one impulse in the afternoon had forced her to peel off the veneer of high-mindedness and suffer endless humiliation.

If she could do it all over again, she would have chosen a different and better way, and a scenario she could only dream of more.

Knock, knock!

There was a knock on the door.

“The door is unlocked.” Lin Xue’er wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes and pouted.

Chen Dong pushed the door and walked in, looking at the charming light and Lin Xue’er lying on the sofa, his face expressionless, but his heart was thick with disdain.

The woman that the Wang family had held up to the heavens, that they had gone out of their way to squeeze me, that they had tried to marry into the family even regardless of my mother’s life, was now lying in this room.

How would they react if they found out?

“Mr. Chen ……”

Lin Xue’er got up, poured a gla*s of red wine, walked to Chen Dong and handed it to him, “Mr. Chen, Xue’er is really sorry for what happened this afternoon.”

Her words and demeanor were full of style.

Chen Dong calmly took the gla*s of red wine: “Don’t you know that stealing the personal information of a bank customer is a very serious matter?”

Lin Xue’er froze, Chen Dong’s reaction caught her by surprise.

Quickly, she smiled nervously, “Isn’t that why people want to make amends to Mr. Chen?”

“How can I make amends?”

Chen Dong smiled blandly and drank the wine in one go.

Without waiting to put down the wine gla*s, Lin Xue’er in front of him pounced on him.


The red wine gla*s fell to the ground and shattered.

Pieces of gla*s shards glowed neon-like under the light.

Chapter 6

Early in the morning, Lin Xue’er woke up from her sleep.

She was the only one left in the house.

She sat up wearily, looking despondent as she wrapped herself in the blanket, her head still a little swollen from last night’s hangover.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a note on the bed.

Picking it up and reading it, it instantly caused the humiliation in her heart to skyrocket once again.

“You …… should have practiced yoga, right?”

Even though Chen Dong had already left, she could still feel the strong teasing through the writing.

Scratching her hair in annoyance, Lin Xue’er had the suffocating feeling of not knowing where to vent her fire.

But to her credit, since the other party had left such a note, then what happened yesterday should be considered forgiven.

At that very moment, Wang Hao’s phone call came.

“Xue’er Xue’er, you should go online and look at my battle results, I was simply awesome last night, ten MVPs in a row!”

Wang Hao’s excited voice on the phone drove Lin Xue’er crazy, your girlfriend was the MVP all night last night and you still only think about the game?

She directly exploded: “Wang Hao, how old are you, are you still so childish? When are you going to get me the wedding gift that I asked you to prepare? Do you still want to get engaged or not? Do you want to marry me or not?”

Wang Hao on the other end of the phone was a bit confused, and after a few seconds of silence, he hurriedly said, “Xue’er, don’t be angry, our family is already working very hard to raise money, it’s all because of that B*****d Chen Dong who is useless, soon, I will be able to marry you soon.”

Chen Dong?

Lin Xue’er’s body trembled, that man last night was also called Chen Dong!

Instinctively, she opened her mouth and asked, “Who is Chen Dong? Is the Chen Dong you mentioned very rich?”

“There’s no such thing as money!”

Wang Hao cursed up, “It’s my loser brother-in-law, a phoenix man, my sister has been living in a rental house with him since she married him, it’s good that he has money.”

Lin Xue’er shook her head and smiled to herself, the Chen Dong in Wang Hao’s mouth obviously couldn’t be the holder of that Bauhinia bank card anymore.

“Xue’er, wait for now, my parents and my sister are already helping us raise the money, we’ll soon have enough.”

Wang Hao on the other end of the phone seemed to mention Chen Dong and his anger rose, “If it wasn’t for that B*****d brother-in-law of mine, oh no, it was the former brother-in-law who was useless, we both could have had a banquet by now.”

“What’s it to do with him?” Lin Xue’er was puzzled.

“He married my sister, he’s my brother-in-law, shouldn’t he give a hand when I, as a younger brother, get married? He is good, hanging on to his dying mother in the hospital and pouring money into it, not only did he not help me, he even divorced my sister, do you think he is an A**hole?”

Lin Xue’er’s red lips were noisy, and suddenly she had the feeling of having eaten a dead fly.

She impatiently said, “Let’s leave it like this for now, I worked overtime all night last night, I’ll take a nap first.” Then she hung up the phone.

For the rest of the week, Chen Dong went back and forth between the rental house and the hospital, concentrating on taking care of his mother.

After having a liver transplant, his mother’s recovery was steadily progressing, and according to the doctor’s judgment, she would soon be able to go home to recuperate.

As for what happened to Lin Xue’er, he did not care.

What happened that night was just an improvisation. If he hadn’t met Wang Hao by chance, and if Wang Hao hadn’t sneered at him and bad-mouthed him, he wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to lash out at Lin Xue’er.

Early this morning, Chen Dong had taken care of his mother overnight and was ready to go home to rest for a while, when he had just walked out of the hospital, he received a call from the company.

“Chen Dong, where the hell have you been?” As soon as he got through, a man’s shrill whistle rang out from the other end of the phone.

Chen Dong frowned slightly, on the other end of the phone was his top boss in the real estate company, Old Li.

When his mother had been seriously ill, he had begged Old Li for a week’s leave, but with one thing after another these days, he had forgotten about the leave.

“Sorry Old Li, my mother is in hospital.” Chen Dong said.

“Did she die? Is your mother dead? Come back to work if you’re not dead!”

Old Li almost growled, “Sh*t, you took the week off, I did everything, I F**king wiped your a*s every day, you hurry up and come back dead and do all that work for me!”


The phone hung up.

“Wipe your a*s? Who wipes who’s a*s anyway?”

Chen Dong snickered, some coldness in his eyes.

He was not a mediocre and incompetent person, he had top grades in all subjects when he was in school, and if he had not been forced by his mother and family, he would have been able to bail out and go abroad to further his studies for a broader world.

After graduating from university, he joined the real estate company, and in just three years, he entered the management of the company and became its deputy manager.

Had it not been for the fact that the general manager at his head was Lao Li, in three years he would have achieved much more than that.

And the reason why Old Li could easily hide his abilities was simple: Old Li was the brother-in-law of the company’s boss.

This nepotism alone is enough to keep Old Li, who is dim-witted and incompetent and knows only the subtle rules of picking up girls, as secure as a mountain in his position as general manager.

Over the years, which of the company’s big and small matters was not handled by him?

Whenever Old Li made a decision with his butt and got into trouble, which time was he not the one who settled it afterwards?

What’s even funnier is that the company’s president still believes in Lao Li’s “ability”, so much so that he has taken the blame for him over the years.

In the company, employees have secretly given him the nickname “The Backstabber”.

If it wasn’t for the lucrative salary of the vice president, who had to treat his mother and support Wang Nan Nan’s family at the same time, he would have quit long ago.

Taking out the Bauhinia bank card in his pocket, Chen Dong’s gaze flickered up and he smiled coldly, “A billion dollars in cash for a single card, although I hate this way of compensating you with money, I have to say that having money really gives you a lot of confidence and more options.”

Dingtai Real Estate Company.

Chen Dong had just walked into the company in a hurry when he was dragged into the general manager’s office by a scratchy Old Li.

“After closing the office door with a bang, Old Li sat down on a chair with a gloomy face, his feet on the desk, crossing his legs and lighting a cigar with a worried look.

Chen Dong frowned slightly, he didn’t smoke and hated the smell of smoke.

“If I hadn’t called, you probably would have died out there and not come back, right?” Old Li exhaled a puff of smoke and sneered, his left hand gently brushing over the top of his Mediterranean head.

“No, it’s really because of my mother’s business and I’ve been too busy.” Chen Dong said.

Old Li was actually only in his forties, but he had only been so immersed in female S*x that his body had been emptied and he had gone bald at a young age, hence the title of Old Li.


Old Li laughed coldly and said with narrowed eyes, “Chen Dong, don’t say that I, as an elder brother, don’t give you a warning, your mother is a sick child, and I am well aware of your affairs in the past two years, instead of hanging on to the old man’s life and suffering, it would be better to let her go, so that you can devote yourself to your work.”

A flash of hostility flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes, forcing back his anger, he asked, “You rushed me back, what’s wrong?”


Old Li slapped a document on the table and said indifferently, “My brother-in-law is coming to the company for an inspection this afternoon, this is the contract for the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, paralyzing, you should have been there to talk about this, you took leave and I had to go on, you are still mainly to blame for this!”

“That Sl*t on the other side can drink, she dumbed me down, tossed and turned all night and made me sign this high priced contract.”

Chen Dong didn’t read the contract either, the same thing had been done by Old Li more than once again.

A few cups of horse urine and a night of S*x, not to mention a high priced contract, even if he signed a sky-high contract, he was not surprised.

Seeing that Chen Dong was not moving, Old Li put down his feet and sat up straight: “This matter, you know what to do, right?”

“Want me to take the blame again?” Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, and there was a coldness in his eyes.


Old Li slapped his hand on the table and angrily rebuked, “What kind of bullSh*t is that? What do you mean by taking the blame? I am taking care of you and lifting you up, do you think anyone is qualified to do this? You’ve only graduated three years ago, if I hadn’t taken care of you, with your abilities alone, would you be in the position you’re in now?”

Chen Dong laughed in anger, I thank you for that!

If you hadn’t taken care of me, I would have become a general manager.