Winner Takes All Chapter 255-256

Chapter 255


The fist blade landed on top of the Daoist monarch’s face.

It was so powerful that it almost deformed half of the Daoist monarch’s face.

But on his face, he did not show the slightest bit of pain.

Instead, there was a gentle smile!

Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

At this moment, he could no longer feel any biting killing intent from the Daoist monarch, not even that aura of steely determination.

What was there was only gentleness and approachability.

“You, why don’t you hide?”

Chen Dong’s voice trembled a little, this was his last punch.

A reluctant punch at the end of a strong crossbow, with the strength of a Daoist monarch and the state he was in at the moment, trying to dodge it was just a matter of inclining his head.

“Why should I dodge?”

The Daoist monarch smiled faintly, his thin lips flicking open, “Your father, is he alright?”


A huge wave lifted in Chen Dong’s heart and he staggered back a step: “An, an well.”

In an instant, his mind was in a mess.

Daogun …… knew Father?

At this moment, the entire Black Prison was dead silent.

The scene just now was beyond everyone’s expectation.

From the inmates down to the management of the Black Prison, all of them were dumbfounded.

Was this really a high and mighty Daoist monarch?

A terrifying existence that had oppressed a prison, and he would actually choose to meet this punch?


The Daoist Monarch exhaled a breath, raised his hand to rub his swollen and painful face, and complained, “You’re not bad, that was a D*mn painful punch, this one, you win!”


Chen Dong’s body shook as he stared at the Daoist Monarch in panic.

With that.

Dao Jun raised his head and looked at the security camera above his head.

Then, in full view of everyone, he lifted his right hand and raised his middle finger in a dignified manner.

“Gan Liniang!”

After cursing, he turned around and jumped out of the ring.

“Kid, you’re good!”

As the Daoist monarch walked away, he laughed and cursed, “That scumbag Chen Daolin actually managed to produce a son like you, how come everything good happened to him?”

Was that a compliment? Or was he scolding my father?

Chen Dong was in a trance.

But he soon realized a problem …… he had won!

In a manner so bizarre as to be like a dream, ten battles and ten wins!


Chen Dong collapsed onto the ring, his injuries and weakness sweeping through his body, leaving him without the strength to even sit up.

But his face was beaming with an incomparable smile.

“I can go home, finally I can go back and marry you!”

The final battle caused the entire Black Prison to be in uproar.

After the shock, the ten prison districts, at the same time, erupted into a mountainous roar of discontent and frenzy.

The battle between Chen Dong and Dao Jun was so great that even a fool could see how much Dao Jun had let go.

This was a great injustice to all the prisoners.

Why should Chen Dong be able to win ten battles and walk out of the Black Prison?

Why should the Daoist Monarch give Chen Dong a free pa*s?

A riot in the Black Prison.

It caused the many administrators in the monitoring room to look solemn and gloomy to the extreme.

The people held in the Black Prison were all gods of death.

For as long as Black Prison had existed, it had relied on the ten prison districts to keep each other in check and balance in order to maintain stability.

Now, the battle between Daogun and Chen Dong had twisted the anger of all the prisoners in the ten prison districts into a single rope.

This monstrous fury, the Black Prison management, no one dared to bear it!

“Warden, this battle cannot be counted! Otherwise Black Prison will surely riot!”

“Warden, make a decision quickly, Chen Dong cannot leave Black Prison, if he leaves, there will be no more prestige to speak of in the next ten battles and ten victories!”

“In doing so, the Daoist Monarch is trying to completely destroy the Black Prison!”


In the blink of an eye, the administrators in the monitoring room all exploded as well.

They were all trying to dissuade the silver-haired old man.

“Phew ……”

The silver-haired old man exhaled a heavy breath and was about to raise his hand to speak.


The door opened.

The Daoist monarch slowly walked in and raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Yo, quite a lively crowd, huh?”

The whole room was silenced by his words.

The silver-haired old man turned around with a smile, “You’re just in time, what do you say to the consequences caused by this battle?”


Dao Jun walked blandly to the monitoring platform.

Picking up the microphone, he signalled the staff to switch to the entire Black Prison.


He sneered and said, “I know you all are not convinced, but I am just happy to let Chen Dong out, those of you who are not convinced can try to see if you can make me happy.”

“I am not targeting anyone in the Black Prison, the rules for getting out of the Black Prison are right there, you can challenge, or you can come and try to challenge me, Daoist Monarch!”

Rude words, showing dominance and brutality.

The phrase “I’m happy to” left everyone’s chest clogged and speechless.

However, the black prison, which had been in an uproar, returned to dead silence.

All the prisoners felt the urge to vomit blood, challenging the Daoist monarch, were they tired of living?

The Daoist Monarch could let Chen Dong go when he pleased, but the Daoist Monarch was not someone who could be pleased at any time!

The power of one man over a prison was on full display at this moment!


Daogun threw away the microphone.

Turning around and sweeping across the stunned crowd, he smiled disdainfully, “It’s done, if you still have questions, you can try to make me happy too?”

A single word sent chills down the crowd’s backs.

Everyone knew exactly what the “pleasure” in the Daoist Monarch’s mouth meant.

Challenging a Daoist Monarch for a chance to make him happy?

You’re kidding!

What a joke!

But what the administrators were even more curious about was what the relationship between the Daoist Monarch and Chen Dong was.

There was no such thing as being happy or unhappy for no reason.

They were all adults, and they all lived a life of licking blood from a knife’s mouth.

It was clear to everyone that personal strength was important, but sometimes when you met the right person, even if you were not strong enough, you could still soar to great heights.

Obviously, Chen Dong had met the Daoist monarch in order to get out of the Black Prison.

“Alright, all go down.”

The silver-haired old man snapped at the right time, “The major prison areas will be on heightened alert in the near future to prevent prison riots, Daoist Monarch and Drought will stay behind.”

The group of administrators nodded their heads and said yes, respectfully retreating.

The Daoist monarchs were not only pressing the prisoners, but also the administrators.

When the only three people left in the monitoring room were the Daoist monarch, the silver-haired old man and Drought.

Dao Jun sat calmly in his chair, leaning back lazily, taking a cigar out of his pocket and smoking it.

Drought frowned, looking at Dao Jun and the silver-haired old man with suspicion.

A few seconds later.

When Daojun exhaled the first puff of smoke, the silver-haired old man then smiled slightly.

“I really didn’t think that you would let Chen Dong off so easily.”


Drought’s body shook as his heart was greatly shocked.

The message revealed by the warden’s words was simply a bolt from the blue for him.

From the beginning to the end …… had been the plan?

The Daoist monarch gave the silver-haired old man a sidelong glance, “You, didn’t you threaten me?”

The silver haired old man shrugged, “You know, my threats have never been a threat to you.”

The Daoist monarch snorted a laugh.

Raising his eyes to Drought, “You are curious in your mind at this time?”

“Yes, Daolord.” Drought spoke bluntly.

“Curious as to why I deliberately let Chen Dong go? And knowing that Chen Dong would not live to fight my final battle, I still stepped in to help him smooth out the thorns on the road ahead?”

Drought nodded in silence.

The Daoist monarch shrugged, “Even if others are curious, why should you be curious? Didn’t you see the same thing once ten years ago?”

The doubts in Drought’s eyes deepened.

Instead, the silver-haired old man tapped Drought on the shoulder.

“Go and bring Chen Dong, he is as curious as you are.”


Chapter 256

When Chen Dong followed Drought into the surveillance room.

Daogun was leaning lazily back in his chair, smoking a cigar.

The silver-haired old man was sitting on the side.

Upon seeing Chen Dong, the silver-haired old man rose and revealed a warm smile.

“Chen Dong, have a seat.”

The drought on the side introduced, “This is the Warden of Black Prison.”

The supreme controller of the Black Prison!

Chen Dong was stunned in his heart, but thinking that he had completed ten battles and ten victories, it made sense for the Warden to meet him personally.

Moreover, to be honest, he himself felt that ten victories in ten battles was too much of a victory.

If it wasn’t for the Daoist monarch’s “tumultuous operation”, he wouldn’t have even had the chance to see him in his final battle.

Now that the warden had appeared, he was afraid that it had something to do with the ten battles and ten victories.

Chen Dong’s heart couldn’t help but raise as it was a matter of whether he could get out of the Black Prison or not.

The Daoist Monarch said blandly, “Sit down, you already have the qualifications to leave the Black Prison.”

Chen Dong glanced at the Daoist Monarch, the boulder in his heart slightly relaxed as he settled down.

The monitoring room.

There was silence.

After the battle, Chen Dong’s body had nearly run out of oil, and sitting in the chair at this moment, every second was a torment.

The severe pain all over his body made his face pale and sweat like rain.

However, he did not show any trace of pain, and his eyes were filled with determination.

“Very good.”

The Daoist monarch smiled and nodded to the silver-haired old man.

“Heart, ability and responsibility, all are superior.” The silver-haired old man echoed the praise.

Chen Dong was filled with dismay, calling me here just to praise me again to my face?

The severe pain in his body, and the urgency of time, did not allow Chen Dong to sit and wait any longer.

He still had to hurry home.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong took the lead in asking the doubt in his mind, “Senior Daogun, do you and my father know each other?”


Daojun raised his eyebrows, smiled spontaneously and said, “Daojun is just my first name, I am actually …… surnamed Chen.”

Chen Daogun?

Chen Daoling?

Chen Dong frowned and smashed his mouth for a moment, suddenly coming back to his senses with a shocked look on his face.


Chen Daogun smiled gently, “You, you should call me uncle!”


When the speculation that had suddenly popped up in his mind was confirmed from Chen Daojun’s mouth.

Chen Dong instantly had a feeling of sitting on wax.

His father’s brother, in this Black Prison?

And pressed across the Black Prison for over twenty years?


The shock in Chen Dong’s eyes grew thicker and thicker.

Twenty years was an extremely general number.

But he could probably deduce something.

Twenty years ago was probably when he was born, when his father returned to the Chen Family to inherit the head of the family, and when Chen Daojun was imprisoned in the Black Prison.

When a generalised number contained multiple things, the generalised number also became infinitely closer to the timeline of events and became precise.

And with Chen Daojun’s strength, he should have also been one of the Chen Family’s successors at that time!


Just as Chen Dong was horrified, Chen Daogun took a puff of his cigar and spat the thick smoke into Chen Dong’s face.

Chen Dong was choked and coughed violently twice.

Through the smoke, he could vaguely see that Chen Daogun’s expression had gone cold and stern.

An ice-cold voice followed.

“With your brain, you should be able to guess that I was sent to the Black Prison, by your father, back then, right?”

The voice was like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, causing Chen Dong’s body to instantly freeze.

A strong sense of fear swept through his body.

His father had personally sent Chen Daojun to the Black Prison for twenty years.

Such a deep hatred ……

When one’s freedom was completely destroyed, the hatred bred out of it, even if it was a relationship of blood relatives, became fragile, I am afraid.

However, turning to Chen Dong’s frown, he looked at the cold and stern Chen Daojun in a sullen manner.

“Is that why uncle personally escorted me out of the Black Prison?”


Chen Daogun leaned back in his chair and cursed.

Shrugging his shoulders, he said helplessly, “You kid is just like your father, deep enough in the city, in fact, I don’t blame him, success is king and defeat is kung fu, he won that is his ability, I am happy to be at ease in this Black Prison.”

After saying that, Chen Daojun waved his hand.

“What needs to be said has almost been said, it is time for you to leave the Black Prison.”

The short conversation of a few minutes revealed a shocking truth.

Not only was Chen Dong shocked.

The Drought at the side was even more shocked beyond words.

Until Chen Dong got up, Drought was still in a dumbfounded state.

Who would have thought that a newcomer sent into the Black Prison would have such a deep relationship with someone who had been oppressing the Black Prison for twenty years?

With this relationship alone, what else could not be explained by what Drought had done before?

“Chen Dong ……”

The silver-haired old man suddenly got up.

“Warden, what are your orders?”

Chen Dong was not stupid, this was the situation now, the warden was definitely not pestering him about the ten battles and ten victories anymore.

All the worries he had just now had also dissipated by now.

“You can call me Elder Lin.”

The silver-haired old man smiled gently, without the slightest hint of the Black Prison controller’s majesty: “Be very careful on this trip, the dangerous difficulties you will face are far greater and more severe than you can imagine.”

Chen Dong was puzzled.

However, he still nodded in response and clasped his fist in thanks, “Many thanks, Elder Lin.”

“Go on, I have sent a plane to send you away.”

Lin Lao waved his hand and instructed Drought, “Drought, escort Chen Dong away.”

“As you command.”

Drought respectfully received the order, and the way he looked at Chen Dong again was completely different.

At the beginning, he had only seen that Chen Dong and he were of the same skin colour, so he was close to him.

When he found out that Chen Dong was from Kunlun, this closeness evolved into helping him.

And now, Chen Dong had already started to awe his heart and began to …… look up to him.

When Chen Dong walked to the door.

The voice of Chen Daogun suddenly sounded behind him, “By the way, remember to inform Drought if there is really an accident, he will tell me, your uncle can’t do anything else, but he is good at killing people, besides, say hello to your B*****d father for me, just say …… Gan Lin Niang!”

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth twitched and he was speechless for a while.

However, Chen Daogun’s words made the doubts in his heart deepen.

Black Prison, wasn’t it true that no one could leave?

The only way to be able to leave was also incredibly harsh.

Chen Daogun hadn’t left the Black Prison even after twenty years of oppressing a prison, so he must be restricted by something else.

If he was really in danger and informed Chen Daojun, deep in the Black Prison, what help could he be?

With all sorts of doubts in his mind, Chen Dong followed Drought to leave the surveillance room.

Looking at the two leaving.

The gentle smile on Chen Daogun’s face faded away.

Instead, it was replaced by a touch of despair.

He stubbed out half of his cigar smoke and murmured, “This cigar, it’s a bad taste to smoke.”

“Wanting revenge? But helping the son of your enemy to leave Black Prison doesn’t hurt?” Lin Lao laughed.

Chen Daojun gave Elder Lin a sidelong glance, “Don’t you feel that you are losing your conscience when you say that?”

Lin Lao stiffened and smiled awkwardly.

The Black Prison was more like a city than a prison.

Black Prison City!

Its enormity was so vast that Chen Dong, who had now gained his freedom, felt it incomparably under Drought’s guidance.

When he followed Drought to the airfield of Black Hell City.

A fighter jet was already ready to take off.

The engines roared and heat waves rolled in the tail.

“Chen Dong, have a good trip.”

Drought said heartily, “I’m really happy for you to leave Black Hell.”


Chen Dong said weakly, the injuries on his body, after leaving the monitoring room just now, Drought had already taken him inside the medical facility to take care of them, and they would not be a major problem for the time being.

Looking at Drought, Chen Dong’s eyes rolled.

He opened his mouth and asked, “Drought, can I take the liberty to ask you, what is your relationship with Kunlun?”