Winner Takes All Chapter 2256

The Sky Wolf whistled long.It resounded through heaven and earth.This fierce wolf whistle not only cracked the sky, but also carried a terrifying might that directly descended to every corner of the world.Inside the secret room of the Academy of Martial Arts.Rumbling …… seventy-two Tianwolf Martial Dao Bodies shook at the same time.Shixing also rose up from the ground the instant the wolf whistle sounded, scanning the vibrating seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies in fear and uncertainty.This wolf whistle was like a call to arms.As the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies vibrated, the wolf eyes of each of them shot out a demonic scarlet blood light.”You sinful beast, finally unable to hold back?”Shixing’s complexion was solemn as a cold light erupted in his eyes, finally locking onto the seventy-second Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body.Buzz!Qi energy, thumping out from under Shixing’s feet, crumbled the ground while transforming into a powerful tornado that swept upwards following her body.The whistling did not stop.Shaking and roaring.Shixing’s phoenix robe was all drummed up by the qi energy, hunting.A terrifying killing intent was declared from her body.She …… had been waiting for this moment for a long time!Even before, Skywolf’s repeated stoicism made her think that Skywolf had already given up on this opportunity.But in the end, reality was in front of her.Once the Heavenly Wolf missed this opportunity and lost the faith of the Hundred Races, as a totem it would inevitably decline extremely quickly, completely obliterating and dissipating in this world.The seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Body vibrated at the same time, and demonic scarlet blood light shot out from a pair of wolf eyes at the same time.In a blink of an eye.Within the entire secret room, it became blurred and distorted.The distortion and blurring of space and time.It gave even Shixing, who was tumbling with murderous intent, an unreal feeling of being drawn out of reality at great speed.The sky spun around.The eyes were even brighter and darker.Crunching …… Shixing’s hands under her phoenix robe clenched into fists and crunched.She held her breath and concentrated, forcibly stabilising her mind from being attacked by her surroundings while at the same time pouring all her strength into her fists.For Sky Wolf, this was a one-time opportunity.For her, there was only one chance.When Tian Lang completely deviated from the beliefs of the Hundred Races, her beliefs also completely collapsed.What …… was sought was just to die with the Heavenly Wolf!As long as she destroyed this sinful animal, her death would be considered an explanation to the Hundred Races, as well!Buzz!Buzz!Buzz!A violent astral wind raged inside the secret room.The entire building of the chamber shook, and large swathes of stone chips were rustling down.The wind was so violent that Shixing was a little unsteady on his feet.The strange thing was that the violent wind was actually only limited to the secret room.As the wind rose, the seventy-two Skywolf martial arts bodies simultaneously glowed with a demonic blood light.The blood light enveloped each of the Skywolf Martial Dao Bodies.On each of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, a blood line that was distinct from the blood light flowed out from the wolf’s eyes, and then quickly spread and swept along a fixed trajectory in all directions.In the blink of an eye.The line of blood took on a bizarre pattern and climbed on top of each of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies.Then underneath each of the Skywolf Martial Dao bodies, a stream of blood quickly converged, snaking towards the seventy-second Skywolf Martial Dao body at breakneck speed.Hissing …… The seventy-second Tian Langwu Wu Dao body was also covered with blood lines, while the converging Juan Juan blood streams all gathered under its feet.Accompanied by a low hissing roar, the seventy-second Celestial Wolf Martial Dao Body’s wolf mouth violently exhaled a dense white pi, while the vibrations of its Martial Dao Body also came to an abrupt end, instantly different from the remaining seventy-one Martial Dao Bodies.Everything changed in the blink of an eye.At this moment, Skywolf wanted to rejoin the Heavenly Path, and there was no time to delay for too long.”Come on!”A monstrous killing intent tumbled in Shixing’s eyes, and the qi around his body was even sweeping and devouring towards the seventy-second Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body at this moment.The phoenix robe fluttered.Deadly intent surged.The monstrous death intent made this Hundred Races Queen seem like she was already standing on the Yellow Springs Road determined to die at this moment.Two words roared.Venting out the anger and resentment in her chest.The Queen and the Sky Wolf, should have been the combination of the most common spirit.But from the moment Skywolf betrayed the Hundred Races, Shixing made a complete decision.Buzz!Buzz!Buzz!Layer upon layer of qi energy, like a tidal wave, crazily pushed towards the seventy-second Skywolf Martial Body, a declaration of war and a lock.Whether it was Shixing or Skywolf, it was clear that each had only one chance.Success or failure was an instant, and life or death was also just an instant.Buzz!The blood light in the wolf eyes of the seventy-second Skywolf Martial Dao Body austerely flourished.In a blink of an eye.Shixing was completely enveloped in blood light, as if she was bathed in blood.Shixing’s delicate body swayed for a moment, and her eyes became slightly fluttering.In a trance, she felt that the sculpted martial dao body in front of her had become lifelike.It was as if it was no longer a sculpture that stood in front of her.Instead, it was a living creature with a wolf’s head and body, gazing straight at her.”Roll!”The wolf head’s mouth opened and closed, spitting out an incomparably hoarse voice.A single word came out.It was also in this instant when Shixing was in a trance.The seventy-second Heavenly Wolf Martial Body actually began to collapse, like a quagmire, towards the ground, and the demonic scarlet blood light became more and more dense and radiant.And the seventy-one Juan Juan blood streams under its feet were even rising up from the ground at this moment, echoing the seventy-second Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body of the collapsing quagmire.The ground began to shake with a rumble …….A crack from the seventy-second Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body underneath, is cracking, like a spider web spread out.The remaining seventy one Sky Wolf Martial Dao bodies, at this time, vibrated more and more, the blood light swayed, like stars shining brightly, and the blood light that converged with each other was more like a piece of mysterious to the extreme runes.The stripes on each Sky Wolf Martial Dao body were all clearly revealed, a copy of the Martial Dao inheritance, at this moment just like a countless number of tiny little blood people, rising up in the air, dancing.But the weird thing is, every stripe, are not so complete, there are obvious traces of tiny breaks.”This is ……” Shixing snapped back to his senses, his lax pupils instantly focusing.It was also at this moment.”Ow!”The sky wolf whistled in the sky.All the blood colours, all converged behind the seventy-second Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao, directly transforming into a solidified blood wolf, and instantly a majestic and vast terrifying pressure like a prison was released from this blood wolf.It was like a mountain and a sea, pushing horizontally towards the Shy Star.Bang bang bang!Shixing staggered back three steps and crushed the ground with one foot.”Skywolf!The time is also destiny, and there is a cause before and a consequence after!””You …… should be ambushed!”Rumble!Mighty qi energy was like a river breaking its banks, and it was vented out from Shixing.This was the first time she had struck out after becoming a qi energy.It was also the last time she struck out.The phoenix robe was majestic.At this moment, she stepped forward with majesty.Both fists, even more so, were wrapped in volatile qi energy, raging as much as they could towards the blood wolf in front of her, colliding with Scarlet first.”You, not enough!”Sky Wolf’s hoarse mocking voice suddenly sounded: “Really think it is in fear of you, just the time has not yet come!”A thousand pounds.Skywolf’s mocking voice suddenly changed, “Damned old bald donkey!”