Winner Takes All Chapter 2244

“The devil …… also has a way!” The murmur that was as low as a mosquito murmur seemed to be filled with mockery and ridicule towards the Heavenly Gate that loomed like a mountain not far away. At this moment, Chen Dong. He was shrouded in devilishness, with his feet stepping on the Underworld and his head on the cauldron that gathered the world’s fortune. However, he was completely free from the shackles of the “Pressing the Body and Asking the Heart”. It was not that the “Pressing Body and Asking Mind” did not exist, on the contrary, the “Pressing Body and Asking Mind” had always existed, and it was getting more and more intense in Chen Dong’s body. However, the complete catharsis of the demonic nature had allowed Chen Dong to break away from the state of self-evidence of “Pressing the Body and Asking the Mind”. It was like a drowning man, floating in the water, with life and death on the line. But at the moment of crisis, it was a twist of the hand that grasped the last straw to save his life. This life-saving straw may not be able to help it get rid of the danger of drowning, but it can temporarily allow the drowning person to get out of the sense of urgency of life and death of the drowning person, so that there is more time to think …… about how to get ashore. Say it is magic shrouded also, say it is blessed to the heart also, say it is with the heavens life and death game also. But even Chen Daojun, who is determined to die, facing the three golden hands, ready to fight soundly, did not even notice Chen Dong’s “flashback” type of state at this moment. The Underworld was emitting a chilling light. The demonic nature was expanding crazily, forcing back the Nanming Flame while brutally crushing the space along the way. Above his head, the lofty mountain-like cauldron still towered over the world, gathering the world’s qi, separating some of it to Chen Daojun, but also by the order of the “Human Emperor Qi”, most of it was instilled into Chen Dong’s body. The devilish outline on Chen Dong’s body became more and more obvious and clear. The pure white colour of the Nanming Li Fire contrasted sharply with his demonic black aura. It was as if the yin and yang taiji were separated across the sky. Chen Dong’s face was filled with hideous terror, and his brows were as rampant and domineering as possible. Even his eyes that were looking towards the Heavenly Gate in front of him were always narrowed into a slit, maintaining a sidelong and disdainful stance. At the corner of his mouth, there was always a trace of a maniacal smile. No longer trapped in the “ask the heart”, not in that kind of self-evident panic state of rapid decline. But he …… still never gave up “ask the heart”. It’s just that the emergence of the magic nature, so that he has a kind of ancient, unprecedented “ask the heart” of the free state, just. Only the heart and move, only the will and move! He was no longer bound to his state, no longer bound to his environment. This kind of contrast is very different from the previous state of Cui Wendao, Zhang Chunqiu and others who “pressed their bodies and asked their minds”. Even Cui Wendao, who succeeded in “asking the heart” and entered the Holy Spirit in a single step, was also in the process of “asking the heart” constantly seeking proof from himself, constantly denying himself, and constantly pondering over his childhood aspirations from all kinds of experiences in a very short period of time and at the most terrifying speed, and only then did he get away with it. It was only then that he succeeded in “asking for the heart” and entered the Holy Spirit in a single step. The mental pressure that he had endured within this short period of time alone was so terrifying that it was unimaginable! But now, Chen Dong had completely broken free from this state. With the madness of a devil, he disregarded everything and wreaked mindlessness. “What is the Dao? Devil is the Dao!” “Devils also have the Dao!” “There are thousands of great avenues, fifty only emptiness, recluse one only change, all the thousands of great avenues can be the Dao, why can’t the devil be the Dao?” “Heaven and earth is only the heart, the devil’s heart is at will, seeking to be free and unrestrained, without any confinement!” …… Chen Dong stood on the Underworld Hell, full of veins and blood vessels black gas on the hideous face, can not even see half a bit of pain entangled colour, as if enlightened, sneering lips and teeth lightly, eloquent. His demonic nature catharsis out. But his reasoning, was not swallowed by the demonic nature. On the contrary, he was even more spontaneous Discourse on the Way to Ask the Heart. Boom, Boom, Boom ……, not far away, the golden light is monstrous, and three large golden hands are like great mountains moving across the sky, directly towards Chen Dong. The power that originated after the Heavenly Gate, the real power of the heavens, not like any of the previous power is the manifestation of the power of the heavens. The terrifying pressure that was as terrifying as a prison was overbearing and overwhelming, seemingly capable of suppressing everything under the sun. However, the Chen Daojun standing in front of Chen Dong, holding the Xuan Yuan sword in his hand, was more like an unattainable and insurmountable mountain. The sword was not stopping. The qi surged. The Qi Luck Sword Qi that flowed out from the Xuanyuan Sword had already ripped the space around the sword body into countless cracks. And Chen Daojun. The qi was as majestic as a dragon. His pale white hair danced about. A pair of tiger eyes were determined to kill. After abandoning his last three points of sanity, his entire body was full of vigour, and his aura was so powerful that it was like a sword pointing to the sky, wanting to tear the heavens apart. This was a state he had never been in before. A state that had never existed since he was born. Ever since he got involved in martial arts, any time he made a move, he was wary of it, always suppressing his strength, and while defeating his opponents and deciding the outcome of the game, he had always shown that he was just barely able to win. And this time, it was the only time! Even Chen Daojun did not react. In the underworld, he and Chen Dong “Swinging” yet both ushered in their peak peak state. “Such power, if it were to be separated from the Heavenly Path and placed in any part of the world, I am afraid that it would be able to directly collapse and annihilate everything, after all, you still have a number in your heart!” Chen Daojun’s left hand was behind his back, his right hand was holding a sword, and he smiled gently, “Heaven and earth are not kind to take all things as ruminants, what you have cut off is the qualification of all beings in the world to reach the heavens to sit on an equal footing with you and the others, but what you have cut off is not the idea of capturing all beings in the world!” As he spoke. Chen Daojun slowly raised the Xuan Yuan sword in his hand. The majestic qi instantly reverberated like a tsunami, all converging towards the Xuanyuan Sword. The Heavenly Qi Luck, at this moment, also caused the Xuanyuan Sword to vibrate with a bright golden light. The qi energy and the world’s fortune surrounded the Xuan Yuan Sword, but a terrifying sword qi that went straight through the sky was rushed out. The sword qi did not stir out from the body of the Xuanyuan Sword. Instead, it adhered to the Xuan Yuan sword, just like it was one with the sword. “But you have underestimated all beings, and even more so, I Humanity, I Humanity …… have never bowed down to any, since the beginning of the birth of the human race, there has never been this!” Chen Daojun faced directly at the three golden light hands that were already close at hand, and his words were as chiselled as thunder. While shouting. He held his sword in both hands and slashed out. Rumbling …… space and time collapsed. Above the heavenly road, the pure white Nanming Li Fire was like cloth, directly torn out of an opening by this sword, and the sword qi and the Xuan Yuan sword stood together on top of the three large hands of golden light. Splendid golden light extremely fast from the three golden light hand collapse, splash out. The sword qi, however, was separated from the three golden light hands and did not lose the battle. But in this sword chopped out the moment, Chen Daojun is body was a shock, violently revealed the colour of pain, and then “poof” a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out. At the same time. The devilish black gas had already spread all over Chen Dong’s body, an armour of black armour, gradually appeared. Chen Dong, however, was unaware of it.