Winner Takes All Chapter 2241

The three swords cut down the golden light hand. The swords were at full strength. It appeared that the sword was swung calmly, but in reality, the wear and tear on Chen Daojun was extremely great. What he chopped was the golden light hand, but in reality, these three swords chopped the Heavenly Might of the heavens, or to put it directly, chopped the …… heavens! This was to challenge the power of high latitude with the power of low latitude, and succeeded in doing so! The so-called attrition was not Chen Daojun’s own attrition after wielding these three swords, but rather the force of the backlash from the Heavenly Might of the Heavens. The rumbling …… Nanming Li Fire was monstrous and raging. The vast paths of the heavens all became snow white, churning up countless snow white waves that shot straight up into the sky. The terrifying Heavenly Might and Nanming Li Fire continuously poured towards Chen Dong on the Heavenly Road. Chen Dong was in the Underworld, completely immersed in the state of “Pressing the Body and Asking the Mind”, and was unaware of any changes in the outside world, nor did he care to pay attention to them. Of course, …… he was also unable to understand Chen Daojun’s mutterings. His state took a sharp turn for the worse. His body became more and more stooped, and his hair became pale. Even his appearance was aging at a rate visible to the naked eye under the pure white light imprinted by the Nanming Li Fire. “What is the Dao? What exactly is the Dao?” “Fifty great roads, go to one of them, is this considered the Dao?” “Great Dao and small Dao, which one is the true Dao?” …… Chen Dong kept murmuring, and his expression became more and more painful. His eyes were tightly closed, his eyebrows were tightly wrinkled into a ball, his face was full of distortions and trembling, and a vein and vein were even bulging out. The real kill! The heavens had never intended for Chen Dong to succeed in stepping into the heavens. Compared to the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, Zhang Chunqiu is a person of Taoism was asked “what is Tao?” After all, this is what he specialises in. Simple three words, but contains a thousand, not like the Confucianism and Buddhism that discusses the Tao of exclusivity. If you want to prove yourself from the “Tao”, the chances are slim to none! And Chen Dong? A loose man, press the body to ask the heart was asked “what is the Tao?” One is not like Zhang Chunqiu that specialised, two is not like Confucianism and Buddhism that on the Tao of “speciality”. The broadness of the Tao, Confucianism and Buddhism are among them. All the people of the heart if described as a college entrance examination answer sheet words. Zhang Chunqiu is a high school student answering a high school student’s paper that contains all of his knowledge. Cui Wendao and Master Zhaowu were high school students who were biased, but the questions of the roll they encountered were all the ones that they were biased to specialise in as well. Chen Dong ……, on the other hand, was only answering this paper at the age of a high school student. But whenever the “Pressing the Body and Asking the Mind” is asked not “What is the Way?” However, if the question is not “What is the Way?”, but something else, there is still a chance for Chen Dong, but “What is the Way?” is beyond the syllabus for him. For him, it was really beyond the scope! “Little Dong’er, you …… will definitely be able to do it!” Chen Daojun placed himself on the Heavenly Road, blood flowing from the corners of his mouth as he slowly turned back to re-look at the Heavenly Gate in front of him. Berserk and majestic qi dragons rolled and swept around him, pushing the Nanming Li Fire away as far as it could go in an overbearing and decisive manner. The Nanming Li Fire further away from his surroundings, however, had become his defence against the Heavenly Punishment Thunder Tribulation. As soon as the thousands of thunderbolts came into contact with the Nanming Flame, they were instantly incinerated into nothingness. The Heaven’s Gate, which was clearly close at hand, was so far out of reach. With this turn back, Chen Daojun’s complexion was no longer half soft, replaced by a murderous hostility. The three thousand miles of sword qi that went out from the three swords still stretched across the sky, magnificent and incomparable. And open and close a foot of the heavenly gate, but silently once again surfaced a ball of golden light. As soon as the golden light appeared, it rapidly expanded. It was like a great sun soaring into the sky, burning brightly. Chen Daojun eyes narrowed into a slit, flooded with ghostly light staring at that ball of golden light, his right hand holding the sword subconsciously twisted a little. “The heavens …… and strike again, Daojun for the world, meet the battle!” The voice was soft, but resolute and resounding. With his strength alone, he carried the world on his back and fought the Heavens alone. At this moment, the pressure that Daogun Chen was under far exceeded that of Xu Qingfeng, Master Empty Sky, and the others. Thirty metres from the Heaven’s Gate, only his body shook the heavens. This was already a true face-to-face battle with the heavens. In the Heaven’s Gate, the dense mass of golden light slowly flew out from the gap. Seemingly slow, it was so swift that it ignored time. Under Chen Daojun’s gaze, the golden light directly split into two clusters, then quickly expanded radiantly. Two large golden hands directly reached out from the two clusters of golden light. They were as large as mountains and flexed into claws. Containing the pressure of the heavens, in a matter of moments, they directly pushed across the Southern Brightness Flame and crushed towards Daolord Chen. “Don’t even have a face!” Daolord Jiang looked at the two large golden hands that had re-emerged from the Heavenly Gate, and burst into tears. Since the beginning of the birth of the human race, time and time again, stepping on the path of heaven, regardless of success or failure, the heavens had always abided by the rules of the game, allowing for failure as well as success. But this time, the heavens have time and again broken the rules, overstepped the rules, against the Great Dao, in order to cut off the road to heaven this time, time and again to increase the size of the heavenly might to the point of despair. The Golden Light Hand was originally the true power of the heavens after the Heavenly Gate, and its suppression of all beings in the world was unparalleled. No matter how strong Chen Daojun was, so strong that he was qualified to be compared to the heavens, it was only qualified. Just like the empty empty master, he is also the “land Buddha”, means endless, but in the end can not resist the power of the heavens. The difference in dimensions predetermines that there must be a gap between the two. What’s more, what Chen Daojun was facing at this time was even more dangerous than Master Empty Sky. After the strength completely exploded out, after charging into the heavenly road with a dominating posture, there were only two paths in front of Chen Daojun, either standing on the heavenly road, blocking in front of Chen Dong, waiting for Chen Dong’s questioning of the heart to have a result, or dying in front of Chen Dong, or falling down together with Chen Dong. The number one in the world who has been oppressing the world for a thousand years, but is still being pushed to such a point, it is no wonder that Jiang is in tears at this time. The human race …… has never been weak! Even if it is to forge ahead, desperately change fate, fight generations of blood and courage, for future generations to flourish and struggle, but in the face of the heavens is still so weak! “Good, good, good!” Chen Daojun’s eyes narrowed into a slit, still glowing with ghostly light, but the corners of his mouth were sketched out in a mocking smile, “Worthy of the heavens, ah, overbearing and unrivalled, against the Great Dao!” As he spoke. He bowed slightly while holding his sword with both hands. The majestic and disdainful qi dragon scroll surrounded the surroundings and seemed to be even more violent and rigid. With a slight sword chant from the Xuan Yuan Sword, the world’s qi came swarming in. A circle of rippling golden light was cleansed under Chen Daojun’s feet, spreading in all directions. Killing intent surged and domineering Qi rose. In the face of the golden light hand that was once again ramping up, the world’s number one did not have the slightest bit of fear, but instead dealt with it openly. It was also at the same time that ripples of golden light swirled under Chen Daojun’s feet. The two large hands of golden light that had built up momentum directly grasped and destroyed everything, such as two great mountains blatantly pushing horizontally towards Chen Daojun. In the forward horizontal push, but .