Winner Takes All Chapter 2193

Master Empty Sky closed his eyes. The old Buddha was in meditation. However, the countless flying swastika Buddha seals did not stop, and in the terrifyingly bright Buddha light, they rapidly circled around the Empty Sky Master, as if forming a meat grinder that surrounded the Empty Sky Master. The lingering torture was no more than that. His entire body was already covered in countless wounds, golden blood splashing out, all of it flying towards the Buddha light behind him. Even under the Buddha’s light, it was already difficult to find an intact palm-sized piece of flesh on his body. The swastika Buddha seals continued to linger, new wounds covering over the old ones, repeating the cycle. What kind of great pain was this? But Master Empty Sky was only frowning tightly, hissing moans of pain coming out of his mouth and nose from time to time. Xu Qingfeng had thrown him the choice between life and death, and he had only made his choice after a few breaths of silence. Although even if he chose life, he would eventually die of exhaustion. But that would at least support Chen Dong for a longer period of time. Now, knowing that sacrificing his body to death in advance would not support Chen Dong for a longer period of time, he still made such a choice. At one time, he was confused due to his obsession. When enlightened, he still generously chose to go to his death when he knew that he was being asked about the Buddha’s heart, and no longer rebelled against the Buddha’s heart. The Buddha’s light flourished and shone brightly in the world. The vast and majestic might of the Buddha spread everywhere in the world. That vast and majestic aura seemed to be able to wash away all obscurities and lightlessness in the world. The Sea of Bitterness and the Empty Gate were trembling, sprawling above Chen Dong’s head and rolling up waves. The Great Thunder Sound Temple towered beside it, majestic, the ancient temple of the Buddha, the spiritual mountain home, the magnificent and solemn aura, with the sound of the bell ringing again and again, spreading across the Heavenly Path. Outside the sky road. The four-thousand-metre-high “Big Sun Rulai” is still continuing to soar. Shrouded in Buddhist light. The towering mountain-like “Great Sun Rulai” was sitting on top of the sky and was rising crazily, this majestic scene was no different from Xu Qingfeng’s activation of the “Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts” that caused the sun to rise to the stars. It was even more than that under the support of the vast Buddhist might and the Buddha’s light and sound. The White Sun Star, that was just a distant star, a point of light bursting forth with unprecedented light. The Great Sun Rulai, on the other hand, was close at hand, towering in front of everyone. As the “Great Sun Rulai” quickly rose up, the great sense of oppression, let everyone feel suffocated. The sound of Buddha echoed in the sky. It was as if the Gods and Buddhas of the heavens were working together to protect the Dharma. The Buddha’s light stirred, and never even weakened because of Master Empty Sky taking his seat. Along with the “Great Sun Rulai’s” figure rising, his huge hands were slowly launched in the direction of the heavenly road one after another. Each launch, there will be a round of swastika golden light Buddha seal, flying out, attack on the sky road, sweeping wildly push, along the way black snow also all annihilated. Buddha hand alternately launched, but let a round of swastika golden Buddha print, connected into a river of golden light, a steady stream, and even between each other have not left a gap, even a piece of tiny black snow, it is difficult to see a needle between the two huge swastika golden Buddha print. The black snow that was wrapped in the heavy pressure of the Senluo Hell, but it was hardened and disintegrated by the rounds of swastika Buddha seals. “Charge!” Xu Qingfeng suddenly opened his mouth, his tongue bursting into thunder. Chen Dong cast a sidelong glance at Xu Qingfeng, but still did not hesitate as he raised his hand to push the Grand Cauldron. The Great Cauldron, which was as lofty as a mountain, let out a loud sound and travelled towards the front of the Heavenly Path together with the Xuan Yuan Sword. With the Swastika Buddha Seal cleansing the black snow, the pressure that truly fell on the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Demons exploded by a large margin. Qin Ye, Zhuge Qing and Zhao Bailu, the pressure they were under was greatly . The pressure on Qin Ye, Zhuge Qing, and Zhao Bailu was greatly reduced. Even when Master Empty Sky cleansed the black snow with the rounds of swastika golden Buddha seals of the “Great Sun Ruler”, the swastika Buddha seals that covered the sky above the heads of the three of them were not annihilated. As the Great Cauldron and Regulus Sword moved forward. Chen Dong and Xu Qingfeng, Qin Ye, Zhao Brezhu, and Zhuge Qing also ran wildly at the same time. It was unobstructed. A long drive all the way. The several people were like wild horses that had taken off the reins, speeding like the wind and momentum like fire, and had already reached the point where they did not care about anything. Even if a foot step out, the front is ten thousand feet deep abyss, eighteen layers of hell, they did not have the slightest hesitation. Because it was clear to everyone that it was impossible for Master Empty Sky to support for too long. And this rarely pressurised period of time was the best time for them to catch up. This was what Master Empty Sky had sacrificed his life in exchange for. A Buddhist master who had given up everything for the sake of the multitudes in exchange. Any hint of hesitation would be disrespectful to this land Buddha! “Faster, faster!” “Chen Dong, hurry up!” “Zhao Bailu, you shrew give me a steady hand, you must be steady!” “Zhuge Qing, I’ve already helped you share some of the pressure, if you still can’t support yourself, where should your Zhuge Family be placed? Even if you die, how will you have the face to meet the old ancestor Martial Marquis?” On the …… Heavenly Road, Xu Qingfeng’s loud roar that was transporting all his chi energy echoed more than once. This Stealing Saint, the leader of the Human Race, the contemporary pride of the heavens, at this moment was just like a middle-aged man who had lost his mind, cursing without any image, without any temperament. The distance of fifteen hundred metres was only a very short distance when placed on any one of Chen Dong and the others. However, when placed on the Heavenly Road, these fifteen hundred metres were out of reach. One hundred metres. Two hundred metres. Three hundred metres. …… While Chen Dong moved like thunder to propel the Grand Cauldron and Regulus Sword forward, he was also silently calculating the distance in his mind. When travelling five hundred metres. The Buddha light in the sky and earth suddenly dimmed. Chen Dong’s complexion was aghast, his back gave birth to a bone-chilling chill, subconsciously turning back, out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the “Great Sun Rulai” that had already towered into the sky, only seeing the Buddha’s body but not the Buddha’s head. That never stopped pushing the huge Buddha hand, finally stopped. A contraction in front of the chest, a virtual push to the mid-air came to an abrupt end. Has the empty empty master …… passed away? Chen Dong’s heart thumped, and his footsteps could not help but lurch. Similarly, Xu Qingfeng and the others also all noticed it. The Buddha’s light that shone brightly in the world and suppressed everything, suddenly dimmed, this drastic change could not be said to be obvious. However. “Om Mani Padme Hum!” A vast sound comparable to a heavenly punishment thunderbolt resounded from the centre of the Buddha’s light, cracking the sky. The Six True Words, which contained the Buddhist heritage, were volatile to the yang, and could shatter all evil spirits. And this sound of the Six Character Truth was emitted by none other than Master Empty Sky! Boom! At the centre of the Buddha’s light, a round of swastika golden Buddha seal with a diameter of a thousand metres flew out with a loud bang, dragging the majestic Buddha’s light and flying straight into the sky. It rushed into the sky and split the clouds, tearing apart all darkness. Thousands of metres of golden light pillars loomed between heaven and earth. In full view of everyone. A robe spun out from the majestic Buddha light. “Merit Surplice?” Chen Dong instantly recognised it .