Winner Takes All Chapter 2050

In the gates of heaven.

There was a loud bang without warning.

The moment became the only one in this world.

All sounds were drowned out.

A wave of heavenly might then washed out from the Heavenly Gate.

This time, even the giant gaping hole that had been torn open was twisted and trembled.

As soon as the vast heavenly might swept onto the Blood Sea Sky Road, it immediately rendered into a blood-coloured colour, turning into a wave hundreds of metres high and wildly pouring down towards the Sky Road.

On the Sky Road, all the Hidden Ones were still fighting their way forward.

When they heard the roar, they all raised their eyes and saw the blood-coloured waves pouring down, and in an instant they all turned pale and their hearts were ashen.

The power of the heavens changed again.

It caught everyone off guard.

It was only a momentary lag.

The mighty power of the heavens poured out in front of them.

The sea of blood and the heavenly road were swirling with blood.

In the blood-coloured envelope, the hidden world, still in a state of shock and confusion, was transformed into a mist of blood in the wave of heavenly might.

Boom, boom, boom ……

One after another, the Qi coils erupted, but they still looked weak in the blood-coloured heavenly might.

Chaos reigns.

The Hermits even forgot to hiss and roar, reacting directly and instinctively in a flash of lightning.


A pale bell rang out in the blood.

But it was an ancient bronze bell covered in bronze rust that a recluse had sacrificed directly before he could exert his full strength.

The bell was small, but the moment it appeared, it hovered above the hermit’s head, sending out a ripple visible to the naked eye with the sound of the bell.

What is even more bizarre is that the moment the bell ripples appeared, it was like a pair of invisible hands that brushed away all the blood-coloured heavenly might around it.

“What a powerful secret treasure!”

Jiang Qilin let out a shocked cry.

Chen Dong sank his waist and stood on his horse, frantically declaring his Qi energy and even infusing it onto the Bladeless Heavy Sword.

He and Jiang Qilin were more prepared because they had made a prediction in advance.

At Jiang Qilin’s alarmed cry, Chen Dong’s heart was also astonished.

A secret treasure that could withstand the might of the heavens really could not be considered too strong!

However, he was only stunned for a moment.

These recluses had survived for so many years, and in their quest to reach the top of the world, they could not just limit themselves to themselves, they would certainly have dabbled in side ways as well.

Given their heritage, it was only natural that they could produce these secret treasures.

Not to mention that whoever dares to set foot on the Heavenly Path does not have a bit of courage in his heart?

Almost at the same time.

At the risk of life and death, those in the hidden world no longer dared to hide their secrets and revealed their cards.

Some of the Hidden Ones revealed their Great Seal secret treasure and pressed it across their heads, while some of them suspended four long swords around their bodies, cutting through the heavenly might.

Some even threw out a string of talismans with a shake of their hands, flashing a bright golden light around them as the heavenly might descended.

Each of the eight immortals showed their magic!


A majestic and vast heavenly might swept across Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin.

The terrifying impact caused the two’s bodies to shake violently for a few moments.

Immediately afterwards, the terrifying devouring power of the Heavenly Might instantly caused the two men’s Qi barriers to decay by a large circle at a speed visible to the naked eye.

But, in the end, they were able to resist without any danger!

As Chen Dong clutched his Fengless with both hands and frantically pushed his Qi energy, his gaze was like lightning, quickly sweeping the surrounding Hidden World people.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find out what the Hidden Ones were up to!

The sudden and unexpected change in the Heavenly Might had made these Hidden Worlds not dare to be reckless when they were faced with the risk of life and death.

Knowing one’s enemy and knowing oneself, one can win a hundred battles.

Even if we are all pressed to death by the Heavenly Might, we must still be prepared for others.

As far as Chen Dong’s eyes could see, there was a dazzling array of methods used by the Hidden Ones to resist the heavenly might.

Of course, there was no shortage of those who relied on their own strength to instantly erect a Qi barrier and forcefully resist!

For example, …… Ancient Cang Yue and Black Robe Sky Wolf.

Chen Dong looked deeply at the two people in the distance, and under the blood-colored shroud, both of them had raised their Qi barriers and resisted strongly.

“Still not sacrificing the Great Cauldron?”

Chen Dong could not help but be a little disappointed.

In the face of this sudden change in heavenly might, most of the Hidden World had sacrificed the bottom card in their hands to save their lives, but Gu Cang Yue had froze and held back!

If Gu Cangyue had really sacrificed the Great Cauldron, perhaps it would have been a good thing for Chen Daojun down below.

Although he did not know exactly what the Great Cauldron represented, there must be a reason for the existence of the Chen Daogun and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons to have their hearts in their mouths.

“Would you rather put up a fight than sacrifice the Great Cauldron?”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s robes hunted around his body, and his scarlet eyes looked askance at Gu Cangyue.

Gu Cangyue held a sword in her right hand, her Qi energy surging, “Don’t forget, I am a member of the ancient family, a descendant of one of the eight ancient surnames, and I know more about the changes in the Heavenly Road’s Heavenly Might than you do, this is not called a fight, it is called having a number in mind!”

“Many people are going to be disappointed.” The black-robed Heavenly Wolf shrugged his shoulders.


“Didn’t sacrifice the Great Cauldron after all?”

Chen Daojun did not hide his disappointment in the slightest.

The six dragons of the Jiang family did likewise.

“A bunch of hidden worlds have sacrificed their bottom cards to protect their lives, so if he really wants to sacrifice them, we’ll have a chance.”

“The Great Cauldron is a matter of great importance, someone like Gu Cang Yue will definitely not sacrifice it until the last resort.”

“But without the Great Cauldron, there is one step missing after all!”


While the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons were lost, Chen Daojun was smiling, “There will be a way to make him sacrifice the Great Cauldron in advance.”

The Six Dragons of the Jiang Family and Master Kongkong simultaneously looked at Chen Daojun in dismay.

In the cold wind, Chen Daojun smiled in an extraordinarily mysterious manner, making it impossible for people to understand.

The heavenly might pressed down across the room in a sweeping motion.

But this is only the perception in the eyes of onlookers.

To the crowds on the heavenly road, it was a sweep like a year!

The blood-coloured heavenly might receded.

Jiang Qilin was the first to pant, “Brother Dong, is this the real Heavenly Might?”

Chen Dong remained lofty and said in a deep voice, “Sort of.”

Jiang Qilin froze for a moment before he realised that Chen Dong was still half a step ahead of him.

He looked astonished, a mere half-step, yet it was still Chen Dong who had helped him offset some of the heavenly might!

Even so, the impact of that second still left his heart palpitating.

He did not wait for Jiang Qilin to respond.

Chen Dong then murmured in a low voice, “Thirty percent loss!”

Thirty percent?!

Jiang Qilin was horrified and shocked.

He hurriedly looked around, illuminated by the blood-coloured seal, yet he could still make out a puff of blood mist floating in the air.

Each puff of blood mist was the death of a hermit!

The blood mist was dotted with countless stars, strewn among the hidden people.

And this …… is not even halfway along the road to heaven!

Rao Qi Lin’s identity to see, at this time also can not help but all cold body.

If Chen Dong hadn’t pulled him just now and held up the Qi barrier against the heavenly might in advance, he wasn’t sure of his final outcome.

But judging by the horrific death ratio on the Heavenly Road now, he would definitely not have fared well either!


Jiang Qilin looked towards the vast, blood-coloured Heavenly Road and couldn’t help but feel a sense of powerlessness.

Can anyone on this road …… really step out?