Winner Takes All Chapter 1998

Yuan Yigang’s face changed greatly and he was about to go forward to help.

Ye Yuanqiu raised his hand to stop him.

The flames shone on his pale, blood-stained face.

He raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then trembled as he wrapped his robe tighter around him.

“Yi Gang, let this fire burn brighter, it’s cold.”

The voice was hoarse and even a little trembling.

Yuan Yigang nodded in silence and squatted beside the bonfire, throwing a piece of firewood into the bonfire.

The flames burned more and more fiercely.

Fiery waves of heat swept around.


Ye Yuanqiu’s voice rang out again, “Old man is not just talking about this bonfire.”

Yuan Yigang held the firewood in his right hand and paused in mid-air.

Beneath his gold-rimmed gla*ses, his sad eyes were, however, burning with raging killing intent at this moment.

“Bet on the Hong Society?”

“Bet on it!”

Ye Yuanqiu calmly spat out two words.

Inside the tent, killing intent suddenly blazed and swords were shining.

Yuan Yigang put down the firewood and got up to leave the tent.

Ye Yuanqiu stretched out his withered right hand and tremblingly picked up a piece of firewood and threw it into the campfire.

Looking at the flames that were growing stronger and stronger.

His lips mouthed and he smiled gently, “Silly girl, how good it would have been if you had listened to advice, walk slowly on the way, grandpa will be with you soon.”

The river of stars shone brightly.

This side of the snowy plain was silent.

But it was not like the heaven and earth of Zhenjiang City, where the sky and earth had already collapsed.


As Yuan Yigang issued a leading order.

The originally silent heaven and earth also became raging with killing intent.

“Hong Society Leading Order, three thousand six hundred sects converge on the Northern Domain to purge the reactionary forces outside the domain!”

A leading order, however, directly changed the Hong Society’s position.

But no one refuted it, and no one questioned it.

The Hong Society had originally started in the domain and spread throughout the world.

From its inception, it had the responsibility of supporting the society and the country, and the reason why it had turned against the domain was because it wanted to keep Ye Linglong alive.

This is something that both Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, as well as those Hong Society leaders who know the inside story, clearly understand.

Now, once Ye Linglong was dead, the Hong Society had no more worries.

Even if they were to take on the reputation of being wallflowers, they should still follow their hearts.

It was even clear to everyone that first, they had turned against the domain, and now they were returning to the domain, which in itself was putting the magnificent Hong Society in a desperate situation of retreat and extinction.

But still, no one questioned it!

The 3,600 clans of the Hong Society had already gathered in the domain at the beginning of the war.

Together with all the other forces that had fallen back, they were able to stop the legions of the domain from rushing to Zhenjiang City.

With Yuan Yigang’s leading order, the 3,600 gates quickly converged under the cover of the night.

Then, like a violent wind and rain, they swept across the vast snowy plains.

Because they had worked together with the defiant forces to stop the reinforcements in the domain, the two sides were considered “allies” and knew each other, and Hong Hui even knew where some of the forces were stationed.

Now, in the vast snowy plains, Yuan Yigang was leading his 3,600-strong army on a rampage, but his goal was clear and he was not at all confused.

As soon as the Hong Society’s three thousand and six hundred gates moved.

In another part of the vast snowy plains.

A caravan was speeding towards Zhenjiang City.

“Hurry up, all of you!”

Zhuge Qing’s face was cold, but he was clutching a wooden box in his arms.

He kept urging the caravan to speed up.

If it were an ordinary moment, with the strength of the Zhuge family, a special plane would have directly flown to Zhenjiang City.

But now, most of the Northern Region had become a war zone, with a strict air ban.

Organising a convoy to go there was the fastest way Zhuge Qing could think of.

And what was in his arms was something that Master Zhuge had strictly ordered to be delivered!

“Young master, a convoy has appeared ahead!”

The lead car reported back, “It should be from those forces that betrayed the domain!”

“Crash through!”

Zhuge Qing made an immediate decision.

Ever since the Great War had broken out and the world had fallen into betrayal, the forces within the domain were raging with undercurrents, and the forces that had turned against the Hundred Tribes outside the domain had even gone out of their way to secretly hinder the domain reinforcements from going to Zhenjiang City to support them.

The words had just fallen.

A beam of blinding light suddenly shot up from a slanting angle.

A jeep whistled and sped in, but it was heading directly for the front of the Zhuge Family convoy.

Followed closely by.

A car collided with the sound of a thud.

A ma*s of fire light illuminated the front in a bright and dark way.

Zhuge Qing was a little dazed and couldn’t help but look ahead, and through the burst of flames, he could vaguely see that the jeeps of the suddenly appearing convoy had the word Hong a*sociation printed on them in large letters.

“Hong Society? What’s this?”

Zhuge Qing’s pupils tightened, the Hong Society’s defection had long been an indisputable fact among the major gentry and powers.

But now, instead of striking out at their caravan, the Hong Society had appeared and crashed into the caravan that should have been on the same side in a gesture of homecoming!


Zhuge Qing did not delve too deeply into the matter.

There was Hong Hui to hold that caravan at bay, and the most urgent task was to get to Zhenjiang City as quickly as possible.

The caravan whistled and swept past the two caravans that had collided together.


A sea of fire swept through.

Light flashed.

Yuan Yigang dragged his long sword out of the car and gave a sidelong glance at the direction the Zhuge Family caravan had left.

Then he slowly raised his hand and pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose.

Flames imprinted on the lenses of his gla*ses and flickered.

Slowly, he rested his long knife on the roof of the jeep and dragged it with force.

There was an ear-piercing metallic scraping sound.

There was also a cluster of sparks bursting out.

Yuan Yigang’s voice sounded like a death sentence.

“Kill clean!”


The back of the battlefield.

Xie Xing had his hands behind his back, looking out over the battlefield where Zhenjiang City was located.

The golden wall of Buddha light that connected the sky and the earth was as solid as gold.

In the face of the flurry of attacks from the vast number of Faith Totems coming, it was successfully resisted time and again.

They were then swept away by the golden light of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts.

The scene was vast and spectacular.

Such a battle scene was already beyond the scenes in modern warfare.

Behind her, Gu Cang Yue and a group of hermits stood silently.

And at this moment.

Kui Gang was the one who rushed over in a dusty manner.

“Lord Queen, an urgent report has come from the domain, the three thousand and six hundred sects of the Hong Society have all fallen back!”

“Right now, all three thousand and six hundred sects are out in force and are clearing out the forces of the forces helping us from all sides within the domain!”

The words fell.

Not waiting for Xie Xing to speak.

Gu Cangyue snorted, “Really ignorant of the big picture, after the death of one Ye Linglong, he actually fell back on his sword again.”

“From the beginning to the end, the Hong Society only turned back to the Hundred Clans because they were concerned about Ye Linglong.”

The king did not expect them to really turn back to the Hundred Clans either, they are the same group of people who have faith in their hearts.” | “BullSh*t!

“BullSh*t, that still hasn’t been a traitor.”

Gu Cang Yue still scoffed.

Xixing shook his head, “So when the three thousand six hundred clans collectively carried out forgiveness, do you know what the consequences were?”