Winner Takes All Chapter 1992

Rumble ……

The golden light swept along the curtain of Buddha’s light.

Everywhere they went, the faith totems that rushed madly against the curtain of Buddha light screamed and wailed, falling to the ground and rolling around, their bodies ablaze with fire and smoke, incomparably tragic.

The golden light was overwhelming.

But in the face of the vast army of faith totems, it soon revealed a flaw.

Just like when they had swept away the allied armies of the Hundred Tribes before, the golden light swept down pieces of Faith Totems as they rushed to attack the city, but immediately after the golden light pa*sed, there were more Faith Totems coming to attack.

There was a constant stream of them.

Compared to the golden light of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts that Qin Ye controlled, the number of faith totems was endless.

This golden light, however, was the only means of attack for Zhenjiang City right now.

In the face of the vast army of Faith Totems, even though it could achieve a destructive gesture like a descending strike, it still seemed weak and exhausted.

The golden light swept away only a small portion of the faith totems.

But the rest of Zhenjiang City was full of faith totems.

And these faith totems were all defended by the Buddha’s light poured out by Master Kongkong.

The golden light was dazzling and gorgeous.

At this moment, Zhenjiang City was like a great sun falling to the ground, shining brightly.

Endless Buddhist light poured down from Grandmaster Empty in the sky, enveloping Zhenjiang City and forming the last line of defence for Zhenjiang City.

The sound of the Buddha echoed in the sky.

As Master Kong Kong chanted sutras, a series of golden swastika seals flew out of his mouth in a steady stream, scattering stars everywhere, reinforcing the golden barrier formed by the Buddha’s light.

A terrifying pressure pressed across the heavens.

Master Empty Sky sat majestically in the sky, his hands clasped together in a solemn manner.

The vast array of faith totems attacking the city from below could not cause his face to ripple in the slightest.

As he chanted the Buddhist sutras, it was as if thousands of Buddhas were chanting them together in the sky around him.

It was as majestic as a mountain or a prison.

Boom, boom, boom ……

On the curtain of Buddha’s light, a head of faith totem burst forth with the most fierce and ferocious might, ramming head-on against the golden curtain of light in the most violent and direct manner.

The hissing sound resounded across the battlefield.

At the same time.

The allied troops of the Hundred Clans inside Zhenjiang City were in a state of panic.

“What should we do? General, what should we do?”

“Oh my! This great army, where did it come from, how could there be such a great army?”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, it must be the power of Heavenly Wolf, the brothers will win this battle!”


One by one, the United Army Rongwu looked different.

There were those who were panicked and confused, those who shouted in ecstasy, and even those whose hearts and minds were lifted in the face of the giant blood wolf in the sky.

The soldiers in Zhenjiang City were in different states.

Faced with the vast army of “ferocious beasts”, whether friend or foe, it was difficult to maintain their composure.

But soon.

The general in the group gave a stern order.

“All hands on deck, no distractions!”

The order was given.

The confused and panic-stricken soldiers of the allied armies quickly ascended to the top of Zhenjiang City and began to set up their defences.

As the soldiers mounted the city, a strange situation emerged inside Zhenjiang City.

This majestic city had indeed been breached by the allied soldiers, but only the northern gate still belonged to Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and even with the presence of Chen Dong, the allied soldiers did not even dare to approach, let alone break through this last defence.

But the Buddhist light poured down by Master Khong Khong enveloped Zhenjiang City, forming a defence specifically against the Faith Totem army.

Inside and outside the city were the allied armies of the Hundred Clans.

The only thing separating the allied army from the Faith Totem army was this golden light from Grandmaster Khongkong.

But neither Kui Gang, the generals, nor the soldiers of the allied army inside Zhenjiang City were sure that the allied army had truly broken through Zhenjiang City!

No one could have imagined such an awkward battle situation.

Chen Dong stood on the northern gate of the city, looking down at the Faith Totem army below.

Behind him, the weak voice of the Fourth Golden Guard rang out, “Dragon Head Chen, they have already started to arm themselves, do we still have a chance of winning?”

Chen Dong turned around, only to find the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards, as well as a host of the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riding Armies, all looking at him.

He raised his eyes to look at the Union Army Rongwu who were beginning to station themselves at the city heads on all sides and start to set up their defences.

He also knew exactly why the Fourth Golden Guard had asked such a question.

If not for the fact that the Northern City Gate still existed, Zhenjiang City would have been completely defeated.

And now there was the Allied Army within and the Faith Totem army outside.

Even if the Vermillion Bird Army arrived, it was still unknown whether they could enter Zhenjiang City.

A Faith Totem that was comparable to a Qi powerhouse, not to mention having the Vermilion Bird Legion attack, even if the Great Snow Dragon Riders in their heyday were to face such a terrifying army, they would never be able to put up a fight!

Feeling the gazes of the crowd.

Chen Dong slowly opened his voice, “It doesn’t matter, I will strike.”

The tone of his voice was calm and unruffled.

However, in the ears of the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards and the Great Snow Dragon Riders, it was as if it was a pill to set their hearts at ease.

At this moment, a pair of obscure eyes finally glowed with a hint of light.

If it had been someone else, they would not have been able to be sure.

But these words were coming from Chen Dong’s mouth, and with these words, then there was still hope for this battle!

“Ow! ……”

The giant blood wolf that stretched across the vault of the sky suddenly let out a long whine once more.

The blood light that splashed across the sky at this time was like a river breaking its banks, sweeping towards the blood moon that was showing a corner of the sky dome.

The Sky Wolf roared into the long sky.

Chen Dong turned around abruptly, and his pupils immediately shrank.

In his vision, the blood moon hanging in the sky was now distorted and blurred as the blood wolf roared and the blood light wrapped around it, then rippled out in a circle of blood.

The blood-coloured ripples were incomparably demonic, and as soon as they appeared, they distorted the vault of the sky where the blood moon was located.

“Another change?”

Chen Dong’s heart contracted fiercely as he hurriedly looked down at the army of Faith Totems below.

Sure enough.

The Faith Totems below that were frantically attacking the golden Buddha Light Curtain actually began to slow down their attack momentum as the wolves roared into the air.

Even some of the Faith Totems that had rushed to the golden light curtain did not directly attack the golden light, but instead were strangely quiet.

What was even more bizarre was that the golden light of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts that Qin Ye had urged on had never stopped, always sweeping along the golden light with a frightening might.

At this moment, the quieted faith totems actually allowed the golden light to sweep by, even though they were burned and rolled on the ground in thick smoke, they did not attack the golden light curtain.

A sudden change.

It caused Chen Dong to smell a hint of fear.

A tide of extremely bad thoughts came over him.

When things go wrong, there must be a demon.

Not to mention such a legendary legion!

If they had stopped at this moment, they must be brewing an even more terrifying attack!

At this thought.

In the sky, the wolf whistles again.

At the same time.

The eyes of the quiet Faith Totems below all glowed with a demonic, cold green light.

Then, all the Faith Totems moved in unison.

Tilting their heads, retreating, and hissing dully ……

Thousands and thousands of faith totems seemed to be fused into one at this moment, all their movements were strangely uniform.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, and in an instant, he came to a clear understanding.

He jerked his head up to warn, “Qin Ye, Master, be careful!”

The words had just left his mouth.

Rumble ……

The circle of Faith Totems closest to the golden curtain of light violently impacted the golden curtain of light.

Thousands of faith totems attacked the golden light in unison.

Bang Teen!

There was a terrifying sound.

The golden light that enveloped Zhenjiang City shook with a loud bang.

Countless swastika golden Buddha seals clinging to the golden light collapsed on the spot.

The golden blood flowed out of his mouth and nose while his chanting sounded abruptly ……