Winner Takes All Chapter 1385-1386

Chapter 1385

The night breeze is slightly cool.

The leaves of the trees rustled as it blew through the dense forest of the formation.

Long Lao sat on his wheelchair, his body trembling lightly, his gaze hollow, his lips mumbling.

Chen Dong’s one sentence had caused his mind to go a little blank for a while.

Just one sentence contained several heavy bombshells of information.

Xu Qingfeng, the Thief Saint!

Chen Daoling!

How could Elder Long not have expected that during this period of hospitalisation, such earth-shattering changes would occur outside?

Before that, they were all still worried about Chen Daoling’s whereabouts, still curious about this legendary figure because Chen Daogun and Wu Chang wanted to probe the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng.

“Young master, this …… all this is true?”

Long Lao swallowed a mouthful of saliva with a “thud”.

Even with his lifelong experience and his refined mind of not changing his expression before the collapse of a mountain, he could hardly control himself at this moment.

“Between me and you, is there a need to lie?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his gaze deep as he looked at the dense forest of formations in front of him, “I was actually surprised when I heard from Qin Ye’s mouth, but there is much more to it than that, so let me tell you in detail and you can help me analyse it as well.”

There was a pause.

Chen Dong then told the whole story of his trip to Xishu.

None of the tragedy of the Qin family, Gu Cang Yue, Li Dang Gui, was hidden.

By telling Elder Long all this, he was also expecting to be able to use Elder Long’s experience to spy out the true purpose of Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng’s good deeds!

There is never a free lunch under heaven.

It was suspected that Xu Qingfeng had saved his life in the Qin family, but of course, it was only suspected and there was no conclusive evidence.

But the return of the Zhuge Family’s “Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram” and the inheritance of Qin Ye were real.

Xu Qingfeng must have had a plan behind this “lunch”!

If one were to think of this matter merely on the basis of Xu Qingfeng’s words, “The momentum has been established, so I’ll give you a hand”, it would seem that the game between Xu Qingfeng and Chen Daojun was too childish and too casual?

The night breeze was gentle.

Chen Dong’s voice was as low as a literary chant, ensuring that only Elder Long could hear him.

Gradually, Elder Long’s expression became sober and solemn, his brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed slightly as he fell into deep thought.

When Chen Dong finished his story, he did not immediately ask questions, but stared at Elder Long with a burning gaze.

Under the light.

Long Lao’s expression slowly changed, sometimes puzzled, sometimes frowning and wary.


Elder Long’s gaze softened and he turned his head towards Chen Dong.

The four eyes met.

However, Elder Long smiled bitterly, “If you offer yourself without a matter, you are either treacherous or a thief, unfortunately, my old slave knows very little, and it is difficult to get a glimpse of what is going on.”

Chen Dong had already prepared himself mentally.

Elder Long’s words did not make him feel much lost.

After all, even he, a person who had experienced it himself, could hardly get a glimpse of what was going on, let alone Elder Long.

It was difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice.

Before knowing exactly what Xu Qingfeng and Chen Daojun were gaming for, simply speculating on Xu Qingfeng’s purpose was no different from a clever woman cooking a meal without rice.

Chen Dong’s lips were noisy as he looked at Elder Long in front of him, wanting to speak but not to.

“What else does young master have to say?”

Elder Long inquired.

“Elder Long, how much do you really know about the reason why my father abandoned me and my mother back then? Or rather, how much do you know about the past of my father, my eldest uncle and the others?”

Chen Dong wanted to tell Elder Long directly about the Pan Gu Project and the secrets hidden in his body, but after hesitating for a moment, he finally changed the subject.

Elder Long was stunned for a moment.

Obviously, he had not expected that Chen Dong would still bring up the same old story even now.

“Young master, didn’t the old slave tell the answer to this matter?”

Long Lao said in surprise and disbelief, “Back then, when the old master was vying for the Chen family’s headship, he had to abandon you mother and son in order to protect you and the old madam, so that you mother and son could withdraw from the matter and avoid being involved in the whirlwind of the Chen family’s vying for the headship.”

Chen Dong’s brows knitted together, although Elder Long was repeating what he had already known, his words were invisible and had struck a chord in his heart.

Seeing Chen Dong’s face turn a little ugly.

Long Lao thought that Chen Dong was still unable to understand what Chen Daolin had done back then, so he sighed and advised in a soft voice.

“You, as the heir of the Chen family, have experienced the cruelty of competing for the position of the family head, so you should naturally understand, not to mention that you had the help of both Master and Master Daojun in competing for the position of the family head, whereas Master and the others competed for the position of the Chen family head back then, they really had no one to rely on, and they fought on their own, relying on their own strength to kill their way to the position of the family head. The level of misery and cruelty was even worse than that of the young master’s generation!”

“I know, Elder Long.”

Chen Dong tugged at the corner of his mouth, his gaze drifting as he smiled.

He didn’t know exactly how much his father had gone through back then before he finally killed his way to the position of family head and wore the crown, but from the mere words revealed in his father’s generation’s words, he could take a glimpse and roughly outline the tragic cruelty back then!

The heirs killed each other, and Chen Daojun, with his own strength, chilled the entire Chen family, with heads rolling around and blood staining the Chen family.

In the end, it was only through Chen Daojun’s succession that his father was finally able to take the throne of the family!

He didn’t know how many killings his father had gone through, but with the fierce power of Chen Daogun, it was enough to deduce something!

Chen Daojun might have been paving the way for his father, or perhaps he had given up his bid for the family headship halfway through because of something else.

But there was one undeniable point.

That was that in his generation, although there had been tussles and fights, open and shut battles and intrigues with the successor, there had never been a truly savage scene of reckless, direct face-to-face desperate fighting.

The so-called Chen family’s iron rules have become bullSh*t, and the heirs are now calculating against each other and using the simplest and most brutal way of killing each other to claim the throne!

In his father’s generation, the true throne was piled up with heads and bones!

Long Lao’s expression did not ease, and Chen Dong’s simple response of tugging at the corners of his mouth was, in his eyes, just reluctant.

If the young master and the old lady had not been abandoned by the young master and the old lady, with the horrific level of killing, the young master and the old lady would have been affected! ”

“There are times when people stand in a particular position and have to move forward, even if they don’t want to, they must grit their teeth and make some cuts, abandonment is not abandonment, but protection in disguise.”

A low and helpless voice echoed slowly.

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little sourness in his nostrils.

He raised his eyes to look at Elder Long and smiled sadly, “Is it like what I am doing now?”


Elder Long didn’t react a bit.

Chen Dong’s nostrils inhaled hard and smiled sadly, “Is …… I also going to live as the person I hate the most?”

Chapter 1386

From childhood to adulthood.

Chen Dong has complained countless times that if he …… had a father how good would it be?

That would not have been bullied, and even if it wasn’t, there was no need for his mother to use her frail body to stand in his way.

He envied everyone around him, his cla*smates, his friends, who all had their own fathers and mothers.

But his mother told him that his father had died long ago.

Gradually, Chen Dong stopped complaining and began to learn to accept it.

He learned to fight to live like a wild dog on the streets, and he learned to be tough and work …… much, much harder.

Even so, he clenched his teeth and walked little by little with his mother towards where the light was.

Finally, he grew into a man who did not need his father’s protection, and he was able to protect his mother.

But when his mother fell seriously ill and Elder Long appeared, he suddenly realised that his father was still alive, living a life that he had never even dreamed of.

At that moment, Chen Dong’s resentment was overwhelming.

The grudges and resentment that had once disappeared thumped out like a volcano at that moment, unstoppable.

He had never hated a person so much before!

But at that moment, the person he hated most was his father!

A man who had abandoned his family for glory and wealth, but was intent on redeeming everything when he had achieved fame and fortune, what was that? Is that charity? A conscience?

Step by step, through everything, Chen Dong gradually understood something, and began to understand his father.

He also calmed down the resentment in his heart and accepted his father’s choice to abandon his family back then.

But …… he never thought that he would actually have this day!

A mere choice had made him exactly like his father, so nasty!

If everything had simply stopped at settling for the Chen family headship, it would have been the end, and he would not be thinking about it now.

But when the water was getting muddier and muddier, and the headship was only the beginning, the choice before him was one more – to become just like his father!

“Young master, what do you mean?”

Long Lao was completely confused, and in his vision, he clearly saw Chen Dong’s eyes flooded with mist.

Those eyes, blurred by ripples, seemed to be sharp knives, stabbing at Long Lao’s heart in an instant.

“Little Shadow …… is pregnant!”

Chen Dong rubbed his face, his body trembling, crying and laughing.

“This is a happy thing!”

Long Lao looked overjoyed and rubbed his hands, “This is a great joy for our family!”


Chen Dong shook his head, “I want to protect them, I don’t want the same thing to happen again, all over again.”

Under the light.

Chen Dong’s eyes were dense with mist, and his whole body was in a state of fearful trance.

“This is indeed a great joy, a great joy that both Little Shadow and I have been looking forward to, but when Little Shadow told me, I was trapped in a nightmare trepidation for a while.”

“If it was just the fixing of the family head, all that I had experienced before, I could have cared less and not cared, but the fixing of the family head was just the beginning, which meant that subsequently, more and greater dangers would exist.”

Elder Long was completely dumbfounded.

The joy that had surfaced on his face disappeared, and his furrowed face was filled with gloom.

He wanted to console Chen Dong, but for a moment, he did not know how to speak.

What lay ahead of them was as dangerous as a mountain of swords and a sea of fire.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, did not pay any attention to Elder Long, his lips mumbling as he muttered.

“From the moment Little Shadow told me the good news, I thought about how I should protect her and the child, day and night. As a husband and soon-to-be father, I should protect my wife and child, but after thinking about it, this was the only way to protect them to the maximum!”

At this point, Chen Dong drew in a breath.

The tears that filled his eyes finally came out of his eyes and flowed down the corners.

“Her future has nothing to do with me, so that I can protect her peace and quiet.”

The voice of determination and grief tore at the heart, so hoarse that it seemed to be squeezed out of the throat with all its might.

Elder Long’s face paled.

“Young master, think twice! This matter, there is no need to be so extreme, there are other ways to protect Young Madam!”

In his excitement, Elder Long even braced his hands on the armrests of his wheelchair and tried to stand up straight away.

But the sharp pain in his leg caused him to let out a miserable cry of pain, and he fell heavily into the wheelchair again.

Chen Dong raised one hand and pressed down on Elder Long, not allowing him to continue to get up.

At this moment, Chen Dong was in tears, his eyes full of despair and pain, crying like a child.

He rarely cried!

Even when he was a teenager and had his leg broken, he had never shed a single tear in order to console his mother.

But now …… he couldn’t help it!

“There’s no choice, from the day I found out Xiao Ying was pregnant, I’ve been deducing, deducing all kinds of ways to protect them, mother and son, all kinds of ways, but none of them are as good as breaking away!”

Chen Dong raised his hand to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes, “You have seen how much Xiaoying and I have gone through along the way, and you have seen it all, Elder Long.

“And when Little Shadow was switched, although I noticed it from the beginning and deliberately condoned this switch to protect Little Shadow, there is no denying that Little Shadow was indeed switched successfully.”

“There was also the experience during the Bureau of Heavenly Killing, and the experience when Ancient Dragonfly and Wang Nan Nan a*sa*sinated Little Shadow, and the incident when Chen Tiansheng poisoned Little Shadow and Qin Ye, that time, if Qin Ye hadn’t traded his life for his own, Little Shadow would have ceased to exist.”

Chen Dong, with his mouth hanging in the air, cried and counted out all the dangers that Gu Qingying had encountered during this one walk.

Even though he was already crying uncontrollably, he continued to forcefully suppress his sobs.

She kept her cries hidden in the sound of the night wind and leaves.

“The day the child died was the darkest moment in my life and Xiaoying’s. We came out of it little by little, survived it, and now we have finally birthed a new life.”

Chen Dong teeth bit on his lip, blood dripping: “But I thought of ten thousand ways, but none of them are as good as breaking away!”

“Young master ……”

Long Lao’s old eyes were filled with tears and his body was trembling as he said hoarsely, “Things have not reached that point, everything has room for manoeuvre, you must think twice about this matter!”

“I’m thinking twice! That’s why until tonight, I’ve only mentioned it to you alone!”

Chen Dong’s voice was hoarse: “I can’t make this decision, but protection can only be a rainy day, if things happen and then mention protection, it’s already too late, I don’t understand my father leaving his family behind at first, but until now …… I understand, but I don’t want to, I don’t want to let myself become my father, and I don’t want to Little Chen Dong at some future date, repeat everything I did!”

“It hurts so much …… Long Lao!”

Desperate and helpless wailing cries of pain echoed in this heaven and earth with the sound of the night wind and leaves.