Winner Takes All Chapter 1281-1282

Chapter 1281

Looking at Chen Dong leaving.

Changeless gritted his teeth with some indignation.

Sweeping his eyes over the dense forest around him, he said discontentedly, “Such a formation that is so flawed at a glance, since Mr. Chen still wants to test it out, he really thinks too highly of Zhao Broken.”

As the words left his mouth, Wu Chang let out another disheartened sigh.

Rubbing the bridge of his swollen nose, he softly murmured echoing the dense forest, “Xu Qingfeng …… where the hell are you?”

The night was as cool as water.

The New Year had just pa*sed, and the cold wind was still a bit biting in the first month.

Chen Dong waited until Gu Qingying had fallen asleep, then he quietly got up and walked to the back garden of the villa.

The dense forest was cluttered with trees.

In three days’ time, the entire back garden had been greatly transformed by Zhao Breru, and it was like a primitive jungle, not only had many trees been transplanted, but even the ground had many more bushes and flower beds.

Of course, Chen Dong also knew that since he was going to set up a formation, he could not just rely on a few trees to complete it.

Even though there was no lack of light in the back garden, a single light was still unable to shine through the trees, the light was all blocked by the dense foliage.

“Mr. Chen.”

Just as Chen Dong stopped, the voice of Changeless rang out behind him.

“You first or I first?”

Chen Dong had his hands behind his back and narrowed his eyes, a shrewd glint in his eyes.

“Mr. Chen, with my understanding of the five elemental formations, this formation set up by Zhao Broke-Ru is just like a ruined formation, there is no way to change this result whether you try or not!”

Wu Chang’s lips were mumbling and her expression was complicated.

She was already over half a hundred years old and had a lot of experience, and she was also high up on the Hidden Killers’ Death Ranking, so her knowledge and accumulation in this area of killing formations was far greater than Chen Dong’s. In her opinion, it would be a mistake to try the formation now.

In her opinion, trying out the formation now would be nothing more than a futile waste of time.

“Try it.”

Chen Dong still insisted.

Even though the Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation had been arranged by Zhao Breru in such a way that even he could see the flaws and flaws at a glance, he still wanted to give it a try.

In Chen Dong’s heart, Zhao Broken was always somewhat impervious!

After a pause, Chen Dong smiled and said, “It’s better for me to go first.”

After saying this, he walked into the dense forest with his hands behind his back, striding into the dense forest.

The impermanent behind him opened his mouth to stop, but it was already too late.

The moment Chen Dong stepped into the dense forest, the light in front of him suddenly dimmed.

It was so dim and dull that one could hear a needle in the silence.

It was as if just two steps away, the villa on one side and the dense forest on the other, were separated into two worlds.


Chen Dong sensed the change and his mind was aghast, “Perhaps …… is not what Wu Chang and I thought?”

At this moment, Chen Dong suddenly had expectations.

He glanced up at the top of his head, dense branches crisscrossing the ground and the dense foliage blocking out most of the light from the outside world.

But fortunately, with his night vision, it did not affect his movements.

Immediately, Chen Dong glanced back at Changeless.

When they were still close enough to meet, Chen Dong smiled slightly and turned around to walk directly towards the birth gate formed by the three laurel trees.

Outside the woods, Changeless’ sight was soon blocked by the dense forest, and even after exchanging several positions, he was unable to find any trace of Chen Dong’s figure.

“Strange, what’s going on here?”

Impermanence’s heart gave a vicious twitch as he looked up at a large lamp hanging from the villa behind him, “Even if the woods are dense, but with the lights shrouding them, I can’t be outside the formation and yet I can’t even catch Chen’s figure, right?”



Chen Dong lit a cigarette, took a hard puff, exhaled thick smoke, and scanned the surroundings with a tight frown: “D*mn it …… this kid Zhao Breru really has something.”

He had been counting the number of steps he had taken since he stepped into the “Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation”.

A total of eighteen steps!

But the scene in front of him gave Chen Dong a blurred feeling of heaven and earth changing.

Everything around him, the trees are still trees, the shrubs are still shrubs, the flowerbeds are still flowerbeds …… but when they overlap and come together, a strong sense of unfamiliarity sweeps over him like a tidal wave.

The smoke is scarce.

Chen Dong is holding a cigarette, but his brow is furrowed and he is stationed in place.

As his eyes scanned the surroundings, he even had a feeling that the sky was spinning.

“Using the environment to make people dizzy and gradually lose their senses to judge?”

Chen Dong laughed, but his gaze was fixed, instantly dispelling the dizzy feeling.

The encounters he had had since he was a child had already refined his character to be incomparably tough, and this mere dizzy feeling was not enough to mess with his mind.

Immediately, Chen Dong crushed out his cigarette and followed the three laurel trees that he remembered as the birthplace of the door, striding over to them.

The fact that Changeless had said that Zhao Brelu had set up a useless “Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation” did not mean that the entire formation was rubbish, the effects were definitely there, what really made the “Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation” useless was that the birth gates were too obvious!

What he wanted to verify now was the birth gate!

As he took a step, Chen Dong secretly mobilised his qi, forming a qi swirl around his body, puffing up his robe, while quickening his steps.

All along the ground where Chen Dong walked, his feet left clear footprints with his qi energy.

This was a rule that Chen Dong had always believed in.

Without thorough proof of the formation, Chen Dong did not dare to be the least bit careless.

By leaving footprints, in case there was a change, he could still follow them back to the initial place.

In his line of sight, three laurel trees in the shape of a zigzag soon appeared.

“Ugh ……”

Chen Dong sighed and helplessly crossed over the three cinnamon trees, knowing that once he pa*sed through the birth gate, he would also have completely crossed out of the formation, meaning at the same time that Impermanent MotherF**ker was right!


“What’s going on here?”

After Chen Dong took a step through the three cinnamon trees, he was completely frozen.

The expected crossing out of the woods did not occur.

It was still dim and obscure in front of him, even dimmer than it had been just now.

What was even more bizarre was that the dizziness he had forcibly dispelled earlier had returned.

It was like a floodgate opening, blasting every nerve in his head.

“Covering people’s ears?”

Chen Dong’s body swayed, somewhat unable to withstand the dizziness, and propped himself up on one of the laurel trees with one hand: “This kid Zhao Brelu, too D*mn shady!”

While cursing angrily, Chen Dong’s eyes were glowing with a burning aura.

He did not break through the formation again, but the break in the raw door that he saw in front of him brought an even stronger sense of dizziness, proving that the formation was not at all what Penniless had said, but that there was something else.

In other words, Penniless followed Zhao Breaking’s formation and only saw the fifth level, while Zhao Breaking might as well have been standing in the atmosphere!


Chen Dong lit a cigarette once again and settled down on the ground with a loud shout, “Changeless, I’m almost done, come in.”

Although the formation could cut off the sight, it could not cut off the sound.

Outside the woods, Impermanence, who was looking for Chen Dong’s figure with confusion, suddenly heard Chen Dong’s shout.

She was instantly delighted and said, “Good Mr. Chen!”

Immediately, Impermanence revealed a snicker, “Zhao Ru, for the sake of Mr. Chen, I will waste this time to walk through your rubbish Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation.”

As she spoke, Impermanence was striding into the woods.

At the same time.

Chen Dong, who was sitting in front of the three laurel trees, raised his hand to wipe a handful of sweat from his forehead and said in a deep voice, “At least take a cushion, you can’t let me lose face alone.”

Chapter 1282

Ten minutes later.

When he saw Changeless walking with a calm face, Chen Dong laughed out like he was relieved.

“Mr. Chen, what are you laughing at?”

Changeless was a bit of a monk in two feet – baffled.

All along the way, the properties of the Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation had been clearly felt by her, a fact she could not deny.

But the entire formation, dead right where the birth gates of these three laurel trees were, had directly made the entire formation into rubbish.

“I’m waiting for you.”

Chen Dong curbed his smile and looked as normal.

“What’s there to wait for? You’ve even found where the birth gate is, just step out.”

Impermanence walked up to Chen Dong, puzzled in her mind.

For some reason, Chen Dong gave her a feeling that was a little strange.

Chen Dong forced himself to endure his dizziness and got up to move aside, “You go outside first, Changeless.”

Changeless gave Chen Dong a surprised look, not suspecting anything: “This formation is mediocre, it’s really rubbish, I told you earlier, but you still didn’t listen, Mr. Chen, now you’re finally disappointed, right?”

Given Wu Chang’s age, under normal circumstances, he would not have said such words with a sarcastic meaning to Chen Dong at the drop of a hat.

However, just now, Chen Dong had not listened to his advice, and he had been biased in believing in the “Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation” set up by Zhao Brelu, which made Changeless feel a bit indignant in his heart, and his words were a bit of gambling.

Immediately, Changeless swept past Chen Dong with great strides.

“Rubbish is rubbish, or am I too one-sided, that boy has set up such a rubbish formation, it seems that he does not have too deep a mantle inheritance with the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng.”

This was the thought in Changeless’ mind.

This array of spells alone had dispelled her long-awaited idea of getting news of Xu Qingfeng from Zhao Breaking’s mouth.

It was just that ……

When Impermanence took a step out, she was suddenly dumbfounded.

The dimness was still the same, the silence was still the same.

Even the firm, handsome face in front of …… him remained the same.

What the hell was this …… situation?

Chen Dong looked at Impermanence with a dumbfounded face and suddenly felt a little funny.

The laughter caused Changeless’s body to tremble, and instantly his face turned red to the colour of pig liver, his hands even clenched into fists, his eyes filled with horror and shock.

“How is that possible? The Gate of Life becomes the Gate of Death? The Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation doesn’t play like that!”

Wu Chang squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth.

In an instant, she even felt like her face was on fire, burning like hell.

All her confidence and arrogance disappeared at this moment, and with one step, she did not leave the Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation, but instead, she still stood in front of Chen Dong, as if it was a slap on her face.

The laughing of Chen Dong made the changeless ashamed of himself, and he wanted to find a hole in the ground.

This …… was so humiliating!

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong laughed and let out a long breath, “Well, now I have a companion, and the shame is on us both together.”

Impermanence:”? 0?”


Impermanence’s body trembled and suddenly reacted, “Mr. Chen, when you called me into the formation just now, you had actually known that these three laurel trees were not the Life Gate of the Eight Gates, but rather the Life Gate to Death Gate, and you deliberately called me in?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “Yes, I can’t be the only one to lose someone, right?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Wu Chang’s face instantly shifted from blue to red, and her throat even surged, nearly spurting out a mouthful of old blood in anger.

She gritted her teeth indignantly, “Mr. Chen, you can’t be so unethical of martial virtue just because you’re young!”

“What kind of young man is a young man when he speaks of martial virtue?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled teasingly, “Well, now we are both disgraced together, this disgraceful thing, ah, when there are more people, it is not called disgraceful anymore, why don’t we ask for help now for Zhao Breaker?”

For such things as art formations, Chen Dong did not dabble in them deeply.

Formations have been around since the ancient times, and they are very unpredictable, so naturally, he was not interested in boredom in the “Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation”.



Changeless suddenly shook off his shoulders, such a slight movement caused the air to make a popping sound.

Even if I were to be trapped to death in the Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation, I would never ask that kid for help, not to mention the Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation, which I can break with my bare hands!”

After saying this, she swept past Chen Dong and walked in the direction behind him.

Chen Dong deflated his mouth and did not try to dissuade him, sitting down on the ground by himself and waiting quietly.

Ten minutes later.

When Chen Dong looked at the anxious and red-eyed Impermanence walking towards him again, he shrugged his shoulders and persuaded, “Impermanence, why don’t we call for help?”

“Call for help? No way! Not in this lifetime!”

Impermanence gritted his teeth fiercely, his chest heaving as he gasped for air, switched direction once again and continued on his way.

Chen Dong shook his head helplessly and continued to wait.

Half an hour later.

Chen Dong saw Changeless again, only that compared to earlier, Changeless was in an even more wretched state.

His hair was dishevelled, his eyes were scarlet, and his entire mental state was in a bit of a trance.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to speak.

Impermanence then snatched out a hoarse voice: “Impossible, this Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation, the old body will be able to break it easily, Mr. Chen, give the old body some time.”


Chen Dong nodded his head.

He did not doubt the strength of Impermanence, an existence that could rank high on the top of the Death Ranking killers and be looked at by his eldest uncle Chen Daojun was by no means weak in every aspect.

But …… he was even more unaware of how much clumsiness that kid Zhao Breru had hidden!

This time it was a full hour of waiting!

Chen Dong looked worriedly at the walking changeless.

His hair was disheveled, his eyes were scarlet and rippling, but his eyes were hollow and terrible, and his entire mental state gave the impression that he was about to collapse.

Even as he took a step forward, his feet stumbled and faltered.

In the dimly lit woods, the sound of Wu Chang’s panting like a torn bellows echoed.

There was a poof!

When he was still three metres away from Chen Dong, Changeless suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground on one knee.

Whirling around, he threw back his head and let out a harsh hissing sound.

“Zhao Breaker, help!”

The voice echoed and carried towards the distance.

“What a fragrance!”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and quickly stepped forward to help Changeless up, “Changeless, take a good rest, Zhao Broke-Ru will be back soon.”

Impermanence tugged on Chen Dong’s arm with both hands, wanting to cry, gritting his teeth in a trance, “Mr. Chen, this, this isn’t the Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation at all!”


As if it was a bolt from the blue, the smile on Chen Dong’s face completely froze, and his ears even buzzed.

If this is not the Eight Gates and Golden Locks Formation, what other formation is it?

Zhao Breru had managed to swindle me, but he had actually swindled Changeless as well?