Winner Takes All Chapter 109-110

Chapter 109

The week after.

For Chen Dong, it was simply calm and quiet.

The only ripple was also one he had anticipated earlier.

The city’s material merchants once again joined forces to boycott Din Tai.

Last time, it was Zhou Yanqiu who stepped in to help Dingtai through its difficulties, while this time it was Zhou Yanqiu himself who took the lead.

Within a short period of time, Chen Dong had never thought that the material merchants would loosen their grip on the boycott.

The good thing was that there were still Yingli building materials supplying Dingtai, which kept the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, from coming to a halt.

Chen Dong also did not intend to shelve the pre-sale of three properties at the same time.

What he needs now is capital to leverage bigger projects.

Moreover, since Chen Tiansheng had declared war, he had let Zhou Yanqiu point his sword at his throat.

If the delay continued, according to the long construction period of the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, who knows what else Chen Tiansheng could do?

On the other hand, Lijin Hospital.

Inside the ward, the atmosphere was heavy.

Wang Nan Nan is not dead, she was rescued and woke up a long time ago, with gauze still wrapped around her forehead, but her mind is a bit dazed.

Lying on the hospital bed, she stared dully at the ceiling daily, occasionally murmuring in pain with tears, “Dirty …… dirty ……”

This scene, let the accompanying care of Wang De heart like a knife.

Since that day when Wang Nan Nan broke down and committed suicide, the family has also finally calmed down.

As a father, Wang De couldn’t imagine how devastated Wang Nan Nan was that day.

Even Wang De didn’t know what had happened to the family to make it the way it was.

What kind of sins had been created?

Looking at Wang Nan Nan, who was murmuring on the hospital bed, Wang De’s eyes turned red and his hands trembled as he tried to touch her with pain.

But before he could do so, Wang Nan Nan’s body trembled and she suddenly curled up into a tight ball, shivering.

This scene caused two tear marks to hang on Wang De’s tired face.


The door to the ward opened.

Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang Hao walked in.

Wang De hurriedly wiped away the tear marks on his face, but he was still seen by Zhang Xiuzhi.

Zhang Xiuzhi rolled her eyes and complained, “Useless coward, like a P***y, crying and crying.”

Wang De had a depressed heart and a gloomy expression.

Following closely, Zhang Xiuzhi pointed to Wang Nan Nan on the hospital bed and said indifferently to Wang Hao.

“Little Hao, don’t you tell your sister to get up and eat yet?”

Wang Hao’s lips were noisy, but he still couldn’t help saying, “Mom, sister is already like this, you should speak gently.”

“Gentle, my a*s! If it wasn’t for this dead girl, our family would be like this?”

Zhang Xiuzhi glared at Wang Hao in annoyance, “Now it’s better, she’s hysterical all by herself, causing the whole family to surround her, what kind of sins did I make in my last life?”

Divorced from Chen Dong and abandoned by Chen Tiansheng.

She had the chance to become a rich wife, and twice!

But Wang Nan Nan had lost them all!

Having been poor and miserable for most of her life, Zhang Xiuzhi had always cowered before the Wang family and her mother’s relatives, holding her tongue, but she was counting on her daughter finding a rich man to turn her life around!

Wang Hao wanted to say something but stopped, carried the thermos bucket and sat down next to Wang Nan Nan, saying softly, “Sister, it’s time to eat.”

Wang Nan Nan, who was tightly curled up into a ball, suddenly trembled and her red eyes glared round.

Suddenly, as if she was electrocuted, she popped up and hugged Wang Hao.

“Brother, brother is not afraid …… sister is in …… sister will definitely help you ……”

The sudden scene scared Wang Hao with a scream.

Wang De, who was on the side, was also caught off guard.

It was Zhang Xiuzhi who reacted quickly.

Quickly stepping forward, her features fiercely scowled as she lifted up and slapped Wang Nan Nan’s face, “Let go of Xiao Hao for me!”

The slap was crisp and loud.

Wang Nan Nan’s head tilted and fingerprints steeply surfaced on her pretty face.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Wang Hao was terrified.

Before the words left his mouth, Wang Nan Nan, who was hugging him tightly, burst into tears with a loud “wow”.

The cries were ear-splitting and grief-stricken.

Zhang Xiuzhi was so distraught that she pulled Wang Nan Nan’s hair and hit her hard, scolding her angrily as she did so.

“D*mned girl, money loser, you are hysterical yourself and you want to torture my son?”

“Spread it! If you hurt Xiao Hao, I’ll send you to hell today.”

“Money-loser, B*tch, look what you’ve done to this family!”


Slap slap slap ……

The sound of a powerful slap echoed.

Inside the ward, it was a mess.

Wang Hao had the intention to stop it, but because he was being held tightly by Wang Nan Nan, he was powerless to stop Zhang Xiuzhi.

Wang Nan Nan’s body trembled as she was beaten, crying out in pain.


“Have you made enough of this? Let go of Nan Nan for me!”

Wang De got up angrily and his bushel-sized slap landed brazenly on Zhang Xiuzhi’s face.

It was powerful and unrelenting.

The slap directly caused Zhang Xiuzhi to stagger back, her eyes faint.

In the blink of an eye, half of Zhang Xiuzhi’s face swelled up directly.

But she did not immediately snap, but stared at the furious Wang De with a frightened expression, obviously dazed by the slap.

All along, Wang De had acted obsequiously towards her and had been a coward.

At home, Zhang Xiuzhi was the one who had the upper hand.

But today, Wang De had struck out so brazenly that even Zhang Xiuzhi was a little scared.

Half a day later, Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly “screamed”.

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly let out a loud “ow”, lying on the ground and rolling around, “Oh, there’s no justice, there’s no justice at all, Wang De, you’re a coward and a coward.

Wang De was trembling with anger and rage.

He looked at Wang Nan Nan, who was shivering on the bed, with pain.

As a father, who wouldn’t love his daughter?

But Zhang Xiuzhi, a mother, had no regard for her daughter’s current state!

Gritting his teeth, Wang De angrily said to Zhang Xiuzhi, “Shut up! If it wasn’t for your dislike of the rich and the poor and your desire to climb the ladder, would the family be in this state?”

Zhang Xiuzhi was about to argue, but Wang De waved his hand.

“Get out! You get out of here and don’t interfere with Nan’s recovery!”

“If you don’t leave, I’ll beat you to death and divorce you today!”

The voice was like thunder and the anger was overwhelming.

Wang De, who was a nuisance, stood up for a rare time.

Even Zhang Xiuzhi was dumbfounded, and finally, under Wang Hao’s persuasion, he left in a huff.

In the ward, Wang Nan Nan suddenly wailed and hugged Wang De: “Dad, I, I’m afraid …… I, I’m dirty …… I can’t help my brother ……”

Hearing these words, Wang De instantly burst into tears.

Outside the hospital.

Zhang Xiuzhi unrelentingly scolded Wang Hao, “You son of a B*tch, why should I be allowed to leave, you stop also stop your father!”

“Mom, that’s enough!”

Wang Hao pounded his chest in anger, “The family is already in such a state, let’s let sister get better slowly, can’t we?”

“How can I be enough? Your sister must have done something wrong and offended Tiansheng, otherwise it would be hard for Tiansheng to play with us for a few million?” Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyebrows showed all the horizontal colour.


Tian Sheng!

Wang Hao’s expression was solemn, his anger surging.

“Yes, sister has become like this because of him, I, I’ll go find him!”


Chapter 110

Tianmen Mountain villa area.

An Audi A4 sped up to the scene.


The Audi A4 stopped at the gate.

Wang Hao poked his head out and roared in an aggressive manner, “I want to see Tiansheng, let me in!”

The security guards looked at each other with disbelief.

In this top villa area, their impression was that they were afraid that only the nannies of those residents would drive an Audi A4 for transportation and go out to buy groceries.

In response to Wang Hao’s shouting, one of the security guards said, “Sir, you are not allowed to enter this district if you are not a resident of this district or if the residents invite you.”

Wang Hao had expected this, and anger surged in his eyes.

His own home was ruined by the hand of a natural born!

If he didn’t stand up for himself at this point, what kind of man was he?

The Audi A4 let out an engine roar, as if a beast roared.

It was accompanied by the ear-piercing sound of tyres scraping against the ground and a roll of smoke.

With a buzzing roar, the Audi directly rammed into the villa gate like a beast.

What happened to his parents last time, Wang Hao still remembered.

Reasoning with these villa security guards would only end up making himself unreasonable.

The sudden scene scared a few security guards and they hurriedly went forward to stop it.

But when they saw the speed of the Audi increasing instead of decreasing, they were all scared and stumbled backwards.


With a loud bang, the gate of the villa was smashed open.

The front of the Audi was deformed and smoke rolled out.

But Wang Hao, who was raging with anger, turned into a raging beast and continued to drive the Audi towards the villa area halfway up the hill without paying any attention.

He had heard Wang Nan Nan mention that Born Born lived in those most expensive villas halfway up the mountain!

“It’s over, it’s over now!”

At the main entrance, the security guards’ faces were white as they cried out.

Some of them even hurriedly notified the property office.

This was the Tianmen Mountain villa area, the city’s top gathering place for the most powerful and noble.

If the residents saw someone forcibly breaking into the area, it would be a blackout.

If not handled properly, even if the property owner had Zhou Yanqiu’s back, he would definitely be skinned!

The property office.

The property manager looked shocked and angry as he got up angrily and slapped his palm on the table with a bang.

“D*mn it! Where the hell did that B*****d come from, daring to come to my Heaven’s Gate Mountain and spill his guts?”

“Stop him, I don’t care what method you use, you must stop him!”

“Beat him to death, beat him to death!”

A series of angry orders, permeated with raging killing intent.

In this city, although Zhou Yanqiu was a big business tycoon, he was by no means a soft and honest person.

The Tianmen Mountain villa area was the number one in the city, both in terms of price and status symbolism for its residents!

If the property was broken into and the property didn’t use thunderbolts, it would be a devastating blow to the reputation of Tianmen Mountain Villa District!

Wang Hao drove the smoky Audi with a lightning breeze, heading straight for the Mid-levels villa area.

Behind him, several cars of the property security guards, followed closely.

This scene was seen by many of the villa residents, each one full of dismay, and then shock and anger.

Since when was the security so poor in Tianmen Mountain Villa Area?

When I first bought the Tianmen Mountain villa area, it was because of the environment and the security and privacy.

Now they are being forced to break in?

The rich never minded showing off their superiority in public, but they definitely minded that someone dared to provoke their superiority.

The Audi that forced its way into the villa area was undoubtedly a rash tiger in the eyes of the many occupants!

“This is it?”

Wang Hao’s red-flushed eyes slowly swept over the few glorious villas outside.

What just made him frown was that he didn’t know exactly which one Born lived in.

Unable to help himself, his car slowed down.

But just as he turned his head sideways to search and check.

Directly in front of the Audi, a black Audi A6 whistled like a raging beast and crashed directly towards Wang Hao’s side.


There was a loud sound.

The two cars collided and the Audi A4 was stopped on the spot.

The horrible impact made the front end of the car completely deformed and smoke rose up.

And Wang Hao, caught off guard, also smashed his head onto the steering wheel, cracking his forehead and gurgling blood.

Almost simultaneously, several trailing property vehicles sped in from left to right, surrounding the Audi A4 in a deadly heap.

“Drag it out, drag it out for me!”

A middle-aged security guard stepped down from the Audi A6, and with a stern voice, spat fiercely on the ground, “D*mn, you dare to come to our Tianmen Mountain to cause trouble, you really don’t know how to live!”

A dozen security guards came down from several cars and instantly surrounded the Audi A4.

They brutally opened the car door and dragged it to the ground as if it was a dead dog, as Wang Hao screamed in terror.

Immediately afterwards, there was a flurry of punches and kicks.

With the property manager’s order, the security guards no longer had to worry about their so-called education.

They just had to hit them hard, and if something happened, the property manager would take the blame!

Surrounded by a dozen security guards, Wang Hao curled up into a ball and let out a pig-like scream that echoed through the villa area.

There was no shortage of people who saw this scene, but none of them showed up to stop it.

As far as the onlookers were concerned, it was perfectly reasonable for the security guards to discipline such a reckless person.

Inside the villa.

Chen Tiansheng stood in front of the window, looking at Wang Hao, who was being beaten up outside, with a calm face.

His eyes, slowly, moved towards the villa next to him.

In fact, the location where Wang Hao had been bumped to a halt was clearly Chen Dong’s villa.

“Wife and mother, should be home, right?”

Chen Tiansheng smiled meaningfully, “I just don’t know, will it be in charge?”

After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the villa.

When he walked outside the crowd of security guards, Wang Hao, who had been pinned to the ground and beaten violently, instantly spotted it.

“Tiansheng, you son of a B*tch! You’ve caused our family so much pain, I’m going to fight you!”

Wang Hao’s eyes instantly turned red, his face was covered in blood, and he rushed out of the security surroundings like a madman, like a fierce beast, towards Chen Tiansheng who was standing tall.

“Stop him!”

A dozen security guards’ faces changed drastically at the same time.


Just as Wang Hao rushed in front of Chen Tiansheng.


Chen Tiansheng kicked out, directly kicking out Wang Hao who was in front of him.

Not waiting for Wang Hao to get up, Chen Tiansheng rushed up and thumped his foot viciously on Wang Hao’s face.

“Remember, my name is Chen Tiansheng!”

“You …… ah …… ah ……”

Wang Hao struggled desperately, but he couldn’t move at all with Chen Tiansheng stepping on his face.

A dozen security guards were all scared silly.

This occupant …… was too fierce, right?

Chen Tiansheng slowly leaned down, his brilliant star-like eyes blossomed with terrifying killing intent: “Even if I kill you, it will be just like killing a dog, besides, your Wang family, get the hell out of the city immediately.”

With that, he took out a cheque from his pocket, snapped open Wang Hao’s mouth, and stuffed it in.

“Here’s five million, you bunch of poor B*****ds, if it wasn’t for your relationship with Chen Dong, I wouldn’t have given it to you at all.”


Wang Hao was completely dumbfounded.

Chen Tiansheng …… had a relationship with Chen Dong?

A strong wave of humiliation and anger raged out as if a river had broken.

The two of them, they must have joined forces to ruin our Wang family!

This was the only thought left in Wang Hao’s head.

Just at this moment.

Bang Teen!

The gate of the villa facing the place of the incident opened.

Li Lan walked out of the villa with the help of Fan Lu.

“Chen Tiansheng, will my son allow you to make false accusations? Back then, I should have just dropped you on the wall!”