Wealthy Chapter 657

“It didn’t hit the nail on the head, I stepped to the side a bit when that arrow came at me.”

“You are blessed with a great disaster, full bow he ……”

I whispered, “It didn’t come.”

I don’t know why he didn’t want Moon Full Bow to come so much, but I could see that Master Master was visibly relieved.

In fact, I had been on the battlefield more than once and had been to the Ghost Gate more than once, all of which had been experienced. If it had been anyone else, this arrow would never have been dodged, not as lucky as I was.

I asked, “Master, you sit first, I’ll dispatch this group of people.”

Master Master whispered, “No, the Martial Arts Conference can never be left unattended.”

Moon Full Bow had also told me this, but the fact that Master Master said this to me made it even more certain that the Thousand Sect must take part, and I really hated to help them take part in the competition myself, but if I were to take part on behalf of the Thousand Sect, it would be a case of wanting to make a big difference.

Zheng Peng’s mother was furious, like a raging lion.

“Old Master, what is the meaning of this?! We came with good intentions to invite you to the martial arts tournament, so if you yourselves are afraid of showing your fear and are unwilling to participate, forget it, why do you want to hurt my son!”

The crowd echoed, “That’s right, why do you want to hurt people!”

Zheng Peng’s finger was not broken, but it was almost as broken, so painful that he lost his intuition, his whole finger was red and he could not move it, if not for so many people watching, he would definitely cry out in pain.

I said, “Kindly and good-naturedly? You? Shine Media?”

A large, bearded man interrupted me at this point.

“Zhang Chao, you’re a soldier, not a member of the jianghu, it’s not good for you to interfere in such jianghu matters.”

I sized him up, he looked a lot like Guan Lang with this bearded look, and I asked, “Are you from the Guan family?”

“Guan Yunyu!”

He rushed at me with his fists clasped together in a kangaroo-like bow.

“Guan Lang is your boss in charge, and you’ve been told I haven’t.”

Guan Yunyu said with a leathery smile, “You once saved our boss on the boat, as a soldier, it’s not very nice of you to hold on to a favour. Why don’t you put a price on how much you need and we’ll buy out the favour so we don’t have to deal too much with a calculating villain like you.”

The crowd laughed loudly and agreed with Guan Yunyu.

He looked at me with condescension and arrogance, provocatively.

A nameless rage flared up in my heart. Among Jiang Yunqing’s murderers was Guan’s family!

The Guan and Liu families were both Jiang’s lackeys, the Bai and Qian families favoured the Yue family, and the Zhao family was neutral, and most of the Jianghu people despised the Zhao family.

I looked around and didn’t see Zhao Zichen or Xia Gehuai, nor did I see the fake baldy.

“How about it, Team Zhang, just say the word and I’ll transfer this money to you right away. I know, the richer you are, the greedier you are. When your parents were around, it was a disgrace to the jianghu, and now that you were born in this money-grubbing form, we can accept it.”

The crowd laughed so loudly that tears came out of their eyes.

Wu Yi Yi wanted to argue with them, but I pulled her back.

“They went too far, talking about you like that!”

I shook my head, “They’re just trying to provoke me, and if I get angry, then I’ll fall for it.”

“But they’re playing a bummer! Disinformation about you! I’m going to get my dad to arrest them all!”

I cried and laughed, “Your brother has said, don’t say that again.”

Nowadays, many corrupt officials are sent to jail by their own children, they are used to being rude, they have no control over their mouths, and when they open their mouths, they say: “My father is whoever.

Wu Yi Yi refused to do so, but I took out the moon full bow to pressure her, so she had to listen to me.

I said, “They are scoundrels, but I have a way to deal with him.”

I laughed and said, “Then I’ll call you Brother Guan, you’ve become Jiang Ming’s lackey and have an unholy grudge against me.”

“What are you talking about?!”

I interrupted him, “Don’t be in a hurry, hear me out. Since you are willing to pay money to buy your family’s favour, fine, four million, don’t take a penny less, I guess Guan Lang is worth that. You are a big family in Jianghu, keep your word, let me ask for it, and I won’t ask you for more, more if I’m greedy ……”


I knew he was going to say I was a lion and I continued to interrupt him, “But asking for less has the appearance of me looking down on you. Four million, will you write a cheque, or transfer the money?”

Guan Yunyu was now defeated, and nothing he said was right.

Four million, this is not a small amount for anyone, he had just wanted to use the money to humiliate me, huh, since I inherited my family’s estate, no one has been able to humiliate me with the inheritance, since this grandson wanted to give me money, then I would take it, I have never seen such a request for money for nothing in my life.

The crowd was in an uproar, discussing in low voices.

Guan Yunyu was in a dilemma at this point, promising to give me money wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t be willing to do so, but breaking the contract would be even worse, for jianghu people, face is everything, and honour is as heavy as life.

“Four million, why don’t you go and rob it?!”

Someone shouted on behalf of Guan Yunyu, they were all in the same gang and it was not surprising that they spoke up for Guan Yunyu.

I laughed, “Why should I rob it, since a great benefactor like Big Brother Guan had to give it to me, I’ll just take it.”

“Master Hu, we are here to talk about things in good faith today, it’s not appropriate for this man to smash the venue like this.”

They couldn’t talk me out of it, so they went to find the master of the palace.

“That’s right, who is this man and what qualifications does he have to dictate here.”

I knew that it was not appropriate for Master Palm to speak in this situation.

These journeymen were hypocritical and boring, but we still had to put on a full show with him.

I said, “What, my father is of this sect and I can’t say a few words for this sect?”

The crowd chattered and bickered, hotly, saying anything and everything, and one of them shouted, “You’re a retired soldier, you can’t enter the jungle!”

“Yes, you are not a jianghu, who are you to meddle in jianghu affairs?”

“That’s right, get out!”

Zheng Peng pointed at my nose, mixed with the crowd and cursed, this grandson of mine is really dishonest, three seconds without cleaning up will be on the room, more shameless than Chen Yu Zhou.

I said, “I’m not a jianghu, as far as I know, your Guangyao Media is not a jianghu either, right, what qualifications do you have to lead the martial arts conference here?”

Zheng Peng stopped talking for a moment.

In fact, we all understood what was going on in our hearts, what Martial Arts Conference was just a siege on the Thousand Sects.

But Jianghu people are the best at saving face. Although it was clearly a shameless siege, no one was willing to admit it, and they had to pretend to be harmonious on the surface.

“You guys are right, I shouldn’t get involved in jianghu matters, and I’m not here to see you all today for jianghu matters, I’m looking for Guang Yao Media because I have other things to talk about.”

The crowd discussed in low voices as they said that outsiders should not be in charge of the affairs of the jianghu, and correspondingly, the jianghu should not be in charge of the affairs of the outside, so whoever speaks at this time will hit their face.