Through Time Chapter 847

But as big as Great Qin was, there were few who could help him.


What’s more, he is now on the grassland, except for Liu Bang…


Thinking of this Zhang Liang’s eyes suddenly lit up slightly, and after contemplating for a while, he muttered to himself that


“Pei Gong, you and I were originally on the same path, you have the image of a king, but you always hesitate when it comes to things, so why don’t you let me help you one more time.”


Secretly making up his mind in his mind, just at this time, a noisy sound came from outside the camp.


Zhang Liang knew that it was the commotion of Lu returning from his expedition, it seemed that the Qin army had made a lot of gains this time out.


He should also prepare


Taking a slow breath, Zhang Liang got up, then forced a smile and walked out.


While walking, he laughed and said.


“General Lu is really brave, next let me go and persuade those ungrateful Huns again”


The atmosphere in the camp soon warmed up.


At this moment, inside the Xiongnu’s camp, in the middle tent.


Reiji was expressionlessly listening to the briefing of a Hun scout from below, the


“Engage, the Qin army has attacked us again, two tribes have suffered heavy losses.”


Listening to the Hun scout’s report, the surrounding Hun nobles gradually reddened their eyes one by one.


When had they Huns ever had such humiliation?


Rei just waved his hand after hearing this and said.


“Alright, this Shan Yu knows, let the people settle the wounded, we can’t give up on our people so easily.”


Hearing this, although there was some disappointment in the eyes of the Hun scouts, they still carried out the order extremely faithfully.


Although they had suffered a lot of losses these days, unlike before, they had not abandoned their clansmen until now.


As for dying in battle.


Every Xiongnu, since birth, had the consciousness of dying in battle, and it was also an extremely honourable thing to do.


After the Hun scouts had left, a Hun nobleman suppressed his anger and asked.


“Shan Yu, how much longer do we have to flee? Are we just going to watch these Qin people kill our clansmen?”

After Zhang Liang returned to his camp, he quickly called in his inner circle and


“How many men do we have now?”


The minder quickly replied back.


“Master, around nearly a hundred or so, all of them are manpower that have privately joined the slave catching team.”


The method Zhang Liang used to corrupt these Great Qin cavalrymen was also very simple, using the matter of capturing slaves to privately enlist these people.


There would always be money grubbers within these 20,000 Qin troops, and as long as they got into his slave catching team, it would be impossible for them to get out.


It’s just that the time is still too short right now, and only enlisted more than a hundred people, but it should be enough.


His money wasn’t that easy to come by.


Zhang Liang nodded at this time quickly made some arrangements and then said.


“Gather these people together and wait for orders at any time.”


Soon the heartthrob led the order and left.


After the other party had left, Zhang Liang frowned slightly and began his plans for afterwards.


The situation he was facing now was very dangerous, since the Qin army had started to test him,, it wouldn’t be long before they would definitely discover his true identity.


Therefore, he could not stay in Da Qin anymore.


He must leave!


Just leave there is also a way to leave, directly fleeing Da Qin is the most direct way.


But it is also the way with the greatest loss.


This meant that all the arrangements he had made before had been a dowry for Great Qin, which was something he could not accept.


He had to find an opportunity to transfer his accumulation, and he couldn’t give it away to Great Qin for nothing.


And even if he managed to transfer it himself, there were more difficulties waiting for him afterwards.


Trying to build up his own forces against Great Qin with his bare hands outside the domain was too difficult.


He needed more helpers.


But although Great Qin was big, there were not many that could help him.

“Shan Yu, how much longer do we have to run away? Are we just going to watch these Qin people kill our clansmen?”


“The warriors we have now can totally kill all those people.” Valley Leader


If it wasn’t for the fact that these Tianli had already built up some prestige, he wouldn’t even have asked, and would have directly charged up with his men.


Hearing this the other nobles also nodded.


Although the Hun royal court had split, there were hundreds of thousands of Huns in their group.


Those who could get on their horses, the Hun warriors also exceeded 50,000 people.


Even if the Qin army on the other side was even more elite, there were only 20,000 of them, they could still annihilate the other side!


However, in the face of the Qin army’s provocations and attacks, their single lord, however, simply chose to endure.


This was simply not the style of their Huns!


Hearing the nobleman’s words, Rei countered with a smile and asked.


“Good, just as you said, now let’s gather all the warriors and launch an attack on the Qin army!”


Hearing this order, the Hun nobles in the tent instead all froze.


There were also some militants who instantly went berserk and were just about to go out to gather their own men and horses when they heard Li continue to say.


“But before we set off, this Shan Yu has a few questions to ask you all.”


“The Qin army now has 20,000 elite soldiers, how many warriors do we have to prepare to die? How long do we have to fight this battle? How many supplies will be consumed?”


The Hun nobles were instantly stunned, where would they think about these questions, the noble who was just unconvinced, even frowned and said.


“Shan Yu, we Huns have always been quick to fight, and without supplies, we’ll just go and grab them.”


The other Hun nobles nodded their heads again, indeed they Huns relied on this approach to span the entire grassland.


Rei continued at this time, speaking in a nonchalant manner.


“Now that the date before we enter the west has not yet been set, the need for supplies weighs heavily, as for going to rob?”


“Have you not listened to the information that this single lord has given you? Nowadays, many of the city-states in the west have been controlled by the Qin army and are preparing to fight against us.”


“It is no longer possible to obtain supplies easily.”


“Now the further west we go, the less water and grass there is, but more sand, and our cattle and sheep won’t last much longer.”


“After fighting the Qin army, how many warriors will we have left, and who will protect our people? Or are you ready for all of you to die here?”

“After fighting the Qin army, how many warriors will we have left, and who will protect our people? Or are you ready for all of you to die here?”

“If this is your will, then this Shan Yu will lead you out now and be the first to charge!”

“Even if we die, we will all die together! This Shan Yu will never steal his life!”

With those words, Rei drew his own weapon and headed outside.

Seeing this scene, the nobleman, who had just been furious, directly embraced Li and said in a loud voice.

“Shan Yu! You must be calm, Shan Yu! It was me who was foolish just now, I hope Shan Yu will not take it to heart.”

The other Hun nobles also gathered around and

“Shan Yu, it was our mistake!”

“Everyone, don’t just stand there, hurry up and go settle your clansmen!”

“Yes, yes, yes, this is going, this is going.”

Soon the Hun nobles all left in a hurry, afraid that Li would lead them to their deaths.

Only after these people had left did Rite return to his seat.

The trick he had just used, which was still taught by his uncle, was called Advance for Retreat.

Of course this was also the reason for his lack of prestige, if it was his uncle, I’m afraid that none of the people under him would dare to raise any objections, they would only carry out the orders honestly.

And at this time, the left sage king on the side saw this scene, but also extremely emotional.

He knew that this new Shan Yu was more intelligent than Yu Dong Shan Yu! And he is still so young!

It won’t be long before the Huns rise again!

Thinking of this the Punisher King couldn’t help but feel that the

“Shan Yu, your wisdom is higher than the mountains, higher than the sea…”

Just before he finished his words, an attendant came in from outside and reported.

“Shan Yu, a messenger from the Qin army seeks an audience.”

Li’s eyes instantly lit up, he knew that the turnaround for the Huns had come!

“Let him in!”