Through Time Chapter 846

Hearing Zhang Liang’s question, Zhou Bo froze slightly, then shook his head and replied.

“Brother Liang, I don’t know much about the matter of the trade routes, let alone this kind of trade routes outside of Great Qin.”

“Why, what does Brother Liang care about this for?”

Seeing Zhou Bo’s sincere look, Zhang Liang only slightly put down his heart.

The other day, when they received a letter from Xianyang, he got the full force of the negotiations with Xiong Nu though.

Yet, he was also scared out of his wits.

He even somewhat regretted that he shouldn’t have stood out so impulsively.

It was a good thing that there was nothing else in it anymore, only that when he happened to hear another prosperous merchant road to the west, the whole person was instantly alert.

Because he was plotting which road to let the Huns take, this news came over, even if it was something he himself heard without thinking, he had to think a few more points, if it was not for this caution, he would have long died in the hands of the Great Qin Black Ice Guards.

Now look at Zhou Bo’s reaction should be no problem, so with a few points to cover up and said.

“Well, now that we are going to be stationed here for a long period of time, we always need a source of money, capturing foreigners is not a long term solution.”

“This if we can connect to this business route, that will also be beneficial afterwards.”

Hearing this, Zhou Bo revealed a smile and said.

“Brother Liang, it’s excellent that you have this in mind, and I don’t know why you always shirked the credit before?”

Previously, when everyone had made a merit together, all of them had been rewarded, only Zhang Liang himself always excused himself every time and refused to accept it.

They also took it that the other party did not love fame and fortune.

Hearing this, Zhang Liang could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

In Great Qin, accepting a rewarded title was subject to an identity check.

Even if he had Liu Bang to help him cover it up, even if he could muddle through now, he would eventually leave traces.

Once discovered, he was bound to die without a burial place!

So under false pretences, he explained.

“Well, Liang is just giving advice, how can he compete for credit with the generals who are laying down their lives at the front?”

Zhou Bo, however, did not know his true identity, and as for Liu Bang’s few people knowing, he did not worry that the other party would denounce him.

To know, after Liu Bang several people took Pei County in the first place, they followed Xiang Liang’s army, and their hands were also stained with the Qin army’s blood!

If the other party had handed him over when he defected to Zhao Lang in the first place, that would have been fine.

But the other party left him behind in order to leave a way out.

This was equivalent to being his accomplice.

That’s why, even if he badgered Liu Bang three times, the other party had to put up with it!
That’s why, even if he badgered Liu Bang three times, the other party could only endure it!

It is only now that the situation in Xiongnu has changed that he has made these changes.

Just as Zhang Liang was plotting in his mind, Zhou Bo said with extreme emotion at this time that

“Brother Liang is indeed a gentleman! I was indeed right in recommending you to His Highness the Crown Prince.”

“Hahaha, thank you brother Zhou for recommending you to the Crown Prince…”

Before Zhang Liang could finish his polite words, he stopped violently, then with a few moments of incredulity, he said to Zhou Bo that

“What did you say?!”

Zhou Bo first froze then laughed out loud and said.

“I thought that you were so bland, brother Liang, that you were completely unconcerned about all of this, but I didn’t expect that you would be so agitated at the mention of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, it seems that before it was just that we didn’t carry enough weight.”

“That’s just it, I’ll admit it, not bad, the reason why His Highness the Crown Prince put you in charge of negotiating with the Xiong Nu this time, which also has my credit.”

Looking at Zhang Liang’s dumbfounded appearance, Zhou Bo said at this time with a slight hint of pride, saying.

“Brother Liang doesn’t need to thank me either, I originally came from a humble background, and then I was fortunate to be saved by His Highness the Crown Prince’s wife, and was promoted to this position, so I am extremely grateful in my heart.”

“So it is my due responsibility to recommend the best talents for Great Qin and for His Highness the Crown Prince!”

He had originally planned to do good deeds without leaving his name, but now that the other party was thinking so much about Great Qin, of course he had to express himself as well.

Of course there is also the idea of making friends in passing, and now it seems that the effect is still extremely good. Valley Fried

Look at the other party is shaking with excitement.

Zhang Liang only felt cold limbs at this time, and they were all shivering slightly uncontrollably!

There was only one thought in his mind.

He has been discovered?

It took him a while to calm down, Zhang Liang swallowed and his mind spun rapidly.

His identity should not have been completely exposed.

Otherwise, according to that tyrant’s nature, he would have been dead by now!

This should be a test!

The other party may have already discovered him, or rather become suspicious, just because the distance is too far to confirm.

That’s why he used this matter to test him.

He had to respond early, it was not good to say that there would be Great Qin Black Ice Guards coming to kill him at some point!

Strongly holding back the fear in his heart, Zhang Liang at this time looked at Zhou Bo with an extremely complex expression and said.

“Liang thanks brother Zhou for his love, this favour is unforgettable.”

Seeing this scene, Zhou Bo waved his hand generously and said.
Seeing this scene, Zhou Bo waved his hand generously and said.

“Brother Liang, you don’t have to be polite, you and I are both ministers of Qin, defending the border for the country, we should help each other.”

“I can’t just stand by and watch your talent be buried either.”

Zhang Liang squeezed out a smile back and

“I still have to thank Brother Zhou,”

After saying this, Zhang Liang pretended to look outside and said.

“Counting the hours, General Lu should have already completed his mission, I’ll go back and make some preparations first, and as soon as General Lu comes back in I’ll personally negotiate with the Xiong Nu this time.”

He was no longer safe in the Qin army now and had to make some plans.

Zhou Bo was shocked to hear that and said that

“Brother Liang, the Huns are capricious, why are you risking your life?”

Zhang Liang reluctantly returned at this point and

“The Qin army has already forced the Xiong Nu’s hand several times, and now it’s time, to give the other side the final blow.”

“This matter has to be on the way down, and His Highness the Crown Prince has also said that our lives are lives, and the lives of the generals, are also lives.”

Hearing this Zhou Bo couldn’t help but show a hint of shame at this time, arching his hand and saluting, he said.

“Brother Liang is righteous! Since this is the case, this time, I will go with Brother Liang and will definitely protect you.”

Zhang Liang’s teeth were clenched tightly as he listened, deathly holding back the grumpiness in his heart, returning to.

“Thank you Brother Zhou for your kind words, but…”

Only before he could finish his words, Zhou Bo said with a serious face, that

“Brother Liang this matter is settled, if you don’t agree I will definitely not let you go alone either.”

Zhang Liang at this time only felt a stirring of divine thoughts in his heart, his eyes were red, he had never thought that the other party would actually be so difficult to deal with.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Bo said with extreme emotion that

“I didn’t expect Brother Liang to turn out to be such a man of nature.”

Zhang Liang said at this time with red eyes and tears in his eyes that

“Then I would like to thank Brother Zhou, just for the sake of your safety and mine, why don’t we ask Brother Zhou to support me at any time with his troops outside.”

This time Zhou Bo did not object, bringing troops to pose a threat to the Xiong Nu can truly protect the safety of both of them, so he agreed.

Only then did Zhang Liang get up with a few stumbles and leave the tent, he had to find out how to deal with this!

Zhou Bo looked at the other party’s back as he left, and with a few moments of emotion he said to himself.

“If His Highness the Crown Prince knew A Liang, I think he would have become a brother, right?”