Through Time Chapter 843

Hearing the voice, Zhao Lang looked up and saw that Pops was walking in with Uncle Zhao,, and instantly said.

“Father, why are you here? ”

Pops at this time, but asked with extreme seriousness.

“Wave son, you just mentioned the name of the traitor Zhang Liang, did you catch him?”

Zhao Lang shook his head and said.

“No, child is just guessing.”

“It’s just that, father, do you know Zhang Liang?”

Even if Zhao Lang’s history was average, he knew Zhang Liang,, that was a famous minister.

Talent was needless to say, if one could obtain the other party, then one step closer to being a shirker again.

Just old dad this attitude seems to be a little wrong, he still need to ask clearly good.

Hearing Zhao Lang’s question, Qin Shi Huang gave a rare cold snort and said.

“Hmph, more than knowing each other, father almost died in the hands of the other party!”

Zhao Lang was slightly shocked and said.

“There’s actually this?”

It was important to know that his old man’s protection had always been extremely strict.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t thought of directly assassinating Shih Huangdi when he was still rebelling, but the Qin army’s defences didn’t give him any chance.

And now Pops actually said that the other side almost killed him.

At this time Zhao Gao, who was on the side, also said indignantly.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince, this person Zhang Liang is extremely hateful and very cunning.”

“When His Majesty was touring the world and travelled through Bolangsha, he was assassinated by a Hercules arranged by Zhang Liang with a sledgehammer weighing more than one hundred and twenty catties, but it was only because he was mistakenly hit by a secondary vehicle that His Majesty was unharmed.”

Soon, Zhao Gao told the story of Zhang Liang’s assassination of Shih Huangdi in Bolangsha.

“Although the world was greatly solicited afterwards, it’s just that the other party has not been found up to this day, and this person is also the only one who returned in one piece after assassinating His Majesty, which shows this person’s cunning!”

“Your Highness the Crown Prince, you must be careful if you encounter him!”

Zhao Gao urged with a bit of worry at this time.


With a few points of pity, said.

“Father, Zhang Liang this person has great talent, if he can be used for me, it will also be extremely beneficial to Great Qin.”
“Father, Zhang Liang has great talent, if he can be used for me, it will be extremely beneficial to Great Qin.”

“Father, if you are not generous, pardon each other, this person child wants to take back to use.”

Zhang Liang’s talent wasn’t something Zhao Lang bragged about, it was something that history had proven.

So Zhao Lang still had the intention to take Zhang Liang under his command, mainly he also felt that his old dad was not someone with such a small temperament.

You have to know that when Qin used talents, they came from all countries, that’s why Great Qin was so powerful.

Hearing this, Qin Shi Huang frowned and then said.

“Wave child, you actually value this person so much, it’s not that father is obsessed with wanting to avenge a personal vendetta.”

“It’s just that I’m afraid there’s no room for détente between this person and Great Qin.”

Qin Shi Huang slowly talked to Zhao Lang about Zhang Liang’s family history at this time.

To say that Zhang Liang is also from a great noble family, grandfather and father served as prime minister of Han for five consecutive dynasties, a prominent position.

Later, when Qin began its journey to unify the world, the first to be destroyed was Han, and Zhang Liang’s family was also destroyed in the war, and the other’s own brother also died in it.

It can be said that the feud between Zhang Liang and Qin was intertwined.

“So it’s not that father is obsessed with personal vendetta and doesn’t necessarily want to kill the other party, but the other party has never given up on assassination and this person is quick-witted and cunning, since this is the case, it’s natural for father to want to get rid of this aftermath.”

Qin Shi Huang said at this time with a bit of helplessness, his heart could tolerate anyone, but not everyone could tolerate him.

After listening to his old dad’s narration, Zhao Lang could only let out a slight sigh. –>>

Put yourself in his shoes, if someone destroyed his country and killed his family.

Now say that for the sake of the greater good, for the sake of the world want to take in themselves and serve the other party.

Even if the other party is more powerful, Zhao Lang asked himself, I am afraid that it is difficult to put down these barriers, for the sake of all beings in the world to work together for the welfare.

Instead he would probably go out of his way to avenge his family.

In that case, the chances of him wanting to subdue Zhang Liang would be slim to none.

“That would be a pity.”

Zhao Lang said with a few regrets at this time, he was seven to eight percent sure that this A Liang was Zhang Liang.

Originally, he had wanted to take it, but now it seemed that he could only use it for another purpose, and even at some point, he might have to come down hard and directly kill the other party.

“Wave child, what’s the pity?”

Qin Shi Huang asked after him at this time.

Zhao Lang shook his head and said.

“It’s nothing.”

Just seeing that his old dad was still going to pursue the question, Zhao Lang could only forcefully change the topic, pointing to the map he drew and said.
Just looking at the old dad still wanting to pursue the question, Zhao Lang could only forcefully change the topic, pointing to the map he drew and said.

“Father, my child has a good thing over here to show you, you will definitely be interested.”

Hearing this, Emperor Qin Shi Huang couldn’t help but follow Zhao Lang’s guidance and looked towards the map, and with just a glance his mind was attracted to it, because written above the map were a few big words.

World Map.

“Wave, what is the meaning of this map? Why is Great Qin so small?”

Great Qin’s territory was certainly large, but when viewed on this map, it only occupied a tiny piece in the middle.

This made Emperor Qin Shi Huang a bit unbearable, he had spent his entire life unifying the entire world, and originally thought that Great Qin should be the largest country in the entire world.

But did not expect, even half of this map did not occupy.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lang smiled and said.

“Father, this is the entire real world.”

“Great Qin’s territory is just this big compared to the entire world.”

This world map was drawn by Zhao Lang from memory, and although it was somewhat inaccurate, the general location and direction was correct.

Of course, he didn’t draw it as a sphere.

It was still a bit early to tell the people of Great Qin that this world was a sphere.

And there was no way to prove it wasn’t.

“The real world?!”

Qin Shi Huang approached the map with a slightly agitated expression at this time, reaching out his hand and placing it on the map.

He didn’t know that the entire world was this big, and now when he looked at Great Qin, it was just a part of the world.

Seeing that his old man was completely attracted to it, Zhao Lang also couldn’t help but reveal a smile, he knew that his old man had no resistance to these.

Just when he wanted to introduce it slightly, he heard Pops ask, extremely solemnly.

“Then when are you going to take these places, Long’er?”

Qin Shi Huang walked back and forth at this time, and with a few moments of excitement, he said.

“Wave, if you look at my Great Qin’s territory, there are still many Great Qin’s in the world, how many people can be supported by such a territory? How many people can such a territory support? How many ambitions can it fulfil?”

“If we can unify the entire world, then Great Qin can truly be passed down for generations to come.”

Listening to his old man’s words, Zhao Lang directly stayed in place, then involuntarily swallowed his saliva.

This was Pops… no, this was the heart of the Great Qin First Emperor!

It was also too damn daring to think.