Through Time Chapter 842

At this time Liu Ying saluted and said.

“Greetings senior brother.”

Before Zhao Lang could reply, Lu Qian, who had just been stunned at the side, finally came back to her senses and said in a loud voice that

“Greetings to His Highness the Crown Prince! Ying’er shall not be rude!”

She had seen Zhao Lang before and knew the other party’s identity.

Zhao Lang looked at the other party, his complexion moved slightly, then he revealed a smile and said.

“There’s no harm, I’m also a brother with Brother Liu, his child is intelligent, it’s also his good fortune to be seen by a gentleman.”

“And I also have many masters and brothers, there is no need to be outgoing.”

Hearing this, only then did Lu Qian’s eyes light up slightly as she saluted in agreement.

The several people talked to each other for a while, before Zhao Lang asked, with a few moments of indiscretion.

“Did Brother Liu have any letters back after arriving at the border?”

Lu Qian returned with a smile and

“Yes, he hangs on to his home, it’s just that he’s busy with the military and doesn’t have a chance to rotate back to rest right now.”

Zhao Lang nodded and received that

“Indeed, now that the borders are beginning to settle, we still have to work hard for Brother Liu.”

“When it settles down some, I’ll send someone to well replace Brother Liu to have him come back and rest for a while.”

Lu Qian replied back.

“Thank you, Your Highness the Crown Prince, a great man should have built his career, and it is also an honour in the family to garrison the borders for Great Qin.”

Zhao Lang smiled and nodded, but he hadn’t expected that the other party, a woman, would actually be able to say something like that.

Of course this might have been influenced by Liu Bang, it seemed that the other party usually didn’t illustrate his ambitions so much that even his wife at home was influenced.

Of course he had to be on his guard.

Now, however, he did have one more means of checking Liu Bang.

Looking at the childish Liu Ying next to him, Zhao Lang quickly said.

“Now that the schoolhouse behind has long opened, senior brother will follow from today to the schoolhouse, don’t delay.”
“Now that the schoolhouse in the back has long since opened, senior brother will follow from today onwards to the schoolhouse, don’t delay.”

“With us watching, we guarantee that nothing will go wrong.”

Personally, he would have liked to teach these teenagers who were like blank sheets of paper, as they could be cultivated into what he wanted.

It was like the three brothers of Rite and Justice, although something went wrong in the end, overall, the result was still extremely good.

At the very least, it saved countless military expenses and generals’ lives for Great Qin.

Hearing this, although there was some reluctance in Lu Qian’s heart, she still nodded her head extremely dryly and said.

“As Your Highness the Crown Prince said, this is Ying’er’s blessing.”

Only Kong A, who was on the side, slightly glanced at Zhao Lang, he sensed that something was not right.

Soon Zhao Lang said.

“Now that it’s getting late, we won’t bother you anymore.”

Lu Pian quickly saluted with his family and said.

“Send off Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

Zhao Lang then left with Kong Jia.

It was just that the two had only left the county not long before Kong A found an excuse to have someone take care of Liu Ying, and pulled Zhao Lang to the side himself, and said, with a few serious faces.

“Chief who are you trying to trap with this child?”

These words caused Zhao Lang’s old face to heat up, and with a shy face he returned, saying.

“Teacher what are you talking about, am I such a person?”

Kong A nodded his head with extreme certainty at this time, then said.

“Chieftain, the example of those three children from Ritualism can be close at hand.”

“Liu Ying this child is kind and benevolent, and extremely intelligent, a rare talent for my Confucianism, his father is also a general of Great Qin, this should not have any hidden dangers ah.”

Kong A found Liu Ying, naturally he also did some understanding, the other party’s family can be said to be clean.

So he didn’t know why Zhao Lang had moved to use the boy.

Hearing this Zhao Lang also had nothing to say,, could only dryly return to.

“Teacher, I’m not trying to make use of this child, it’s just that there are always some countermeasures against the generals of the various borders of Great Qin, and this is the conventional way.”

“Since you value this child so much, then I will leave it all to you, I don’t care what he learns, but there is one thing that he has to be loyal to Great Qin, there is always no problem with that, right?”

Kong A thought about it, this requirement of Zhao Lang is indeed no problem, being a Great Qin, being loyal to Great Qin, isn’t this only because of normal things?
Kong A thought about it, Zhao Lang’s this request is indeed no problem, as a Great Qin people, loyal to Great Qin, isn’t this only because of normal things?

Dogs know that they can’t eat their own food and can’t turn towards outsiders, let alone people.

So he nodded and said.

“The matter can be promised by the old man.”

Zhao Lang then nodded with a smile and

“Then it will be hard for the teacher, by the way, you can teach him military, it might be useful afterwards.”

“Teacher, I still have things to do so I’ll take a step back first.”

Saying that, he was ready to leave, just before leaving, he specially went to greet Liu Ying, encouraging the other party with his words.

Only then did he lead the people towards Xianyang.

Liu Ying looked at Zhao Lang’s back as he left, the whole person was now in some kind of trance.

He already knew Zhao Lang’s identity, but he didn’t expect that as His Highness the Crown Prince of Great Qin, the other party would actually be so gentle and approachable.

So he couldn’t help but ask Kong Jia, who had rejoined him, that

“Sir, will the student have the opportunity to see Senior Brother often afterwards?”

At this time, Kong A looked at Liu Ying with a complicated expression and said.

“There is, but it’s better for you to see less.”

Hearing this, Liu Ying blinks in some confusion, why is it better to see less of such a good person as senior brother?

Kong A didn’t explain much and quickly led the people all the way towards the direction of the academy.

Zhao Lang at this time led the people all the way back to the Xianyang Palace.

After arriving at his palace, Zhao Lang quickly said.

“Open the map I drew earlier.”

Hearing this, the slave at the side quickly led the way and carefully took out an extremely large piece of paper before slowly unfolding it.

Not long after, a map that looked a bit strange to them appeared before their eyes.

On the map, Great Qin was of course in the very centre, but there were also some very large blank places around it that none of them knew where they were.

Of course for these things, his own master didn’t say much, so he didn’t ask much.

The slap from his own teacher last time had woken him up a lot.

“The west, the west can’t let the rite stay for long either, although there are fewer people here, they are all part of Great Qin and can’t be separated.”
“The west, the west can’t let the rite stay for long, although there are few people here, they are all places of Great Qin and can’t be separated.”

Zhao Lang looked at the map and said to himself.

“It would be good if we can let him go all the way to the west and open up the Silk Road in advance.”

Since Li must go, and the Qin army in the northern border was not enough to leave the other party behind, it would be better to let the other party follow his route.

It was also considered letting him the other party to help him explore the world.

Of course it’s still the same, the Huns have already submitted to the Qin, these people are rebels, and wherever the rebels go, of course, they have to collect their bellies.

This “since ancient times” theoretical foundation, also laid a good.

However, how to make the other side to follow his route? After all, Li will not listen to him completely.

Just as Zhao Lang was thinking, a from hurriedly came in and said.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince, a military report has been sent from Liu Bang in the northern border.”

Zhao Lang’s expression perked up and he hurriedly picked it up, he was wondering about the situation over there.

Just by opening the military report, he found that Zhou Bo had sent a letter over.

“Letter of recommendation?”

Zhao Lang opened the letter with slight confusion, and after reading it, he muttered to himself that

“It’s this person called Ah Liang again.”

He had heard this name before, a letter of recommendation on Cao Sen.

It’s just that he didn’t care about it at the time, there were usually too many talents recommended below, how would he look at each one of them carefully?

Nowadays, there are a lot of talents in Da Qin, such as Han Xin, Chen Ping, Xiao He, Cao Shen, etc. Which one of them is not a talent?

Just now Zhou Bo again recommended, indicating that it is indeed a great talent.

But this name always feels a bit familiar.

“A Liang A Liang?”

Suddenly Zhao Lang’s heart stirred, his voice was a few points louder, with a few points of incredulity, he said.

“Could it be Zhang Liang?”

Just at this time outside the palace suddenly came the voice of Pops, the

“Where is the traitor Zhang Liang?”