Through Time Chapter 841

Looking at Bai Lao as if he was possessed, Zhao Lang hurriedly followed, nothing can happen to these old people.

As a result, the white old man went directly into his own courtyard, took out a pen and paper and began to draw a picture, while drawing, while reciting words in his mouth, saying.

“It was old me who thought wrong before, it was old me who thought wrong!”

“For this qi to be transformed into force, there must be an external force! If old me can gather qi and turn it into force, then the wonderful uses of it will be endless!”

Soon Elder Bai drew a picture of one on the paper.

The moment he saw the drawing, Zhao Lang froze.

There were several large wheels on the drawing, but he was somewhat familiar with them.

Wasn’t this the original steam engine, the wheel used for conversion?

Of course, in how to convert the power of the gas out of the white man appeared a little error, looking at the drawings seem to be using high-pressure steam to blow the wheel.

That’s a bit of an outrageous idea.

“Bai Lao…”

Having already reached this point, Zhao Lang was thinking of talking to the other party at this time.

Just before he could finish his words, Elder Bai, who had been disturbed, glared and said.

“Juzi, what are you still doing here? Don’t delay old man’s business, Tie Zhu! Tie Zhu! Where are your brothers and sisters? Hurry up and call them all over to me!”

Looking at Bai Lao who was engrossed in his research, Zhao Lang revealed a bitter smile, the temperament of these scientific researchers really couldn’t be measured by normal people.

When Bai Lao first discovered Qi, he was also this crazy.

Perhaps, this was also the reason why the other party was able to go this far.

And so it could only whisper.

“Elder Bai this drawing of yours looks like it has some problems.”

Elder Bai’s eyes glared at this time and said.

“This is just an old man’s idea, of course we have to verify it slowly, there’s no such thing as getting to heaven in a single step, Juzi since you can’t help you’ll be in trouble to walk away from it.”

This speech, directly put Zhao Lang said silence ……

He also felt that the white old man was right, his own step by step to feel out, even if it fails, that is also extremely valuable experience, so directly closed his mouth.

Gong Tu Yin on the side saw this scene and couldn’t help but reveal a smile, saying.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince don’t worry, this old thing is like this once he is enthralled, you don’t have to worry with the old man watching.”

Zhao Lang could only nod his head, now this moment, the other party was afraid that he would not pay attention to himself.

Anyway, with Da Qin’s current production level, it is impossible to build a steam engine.

Looking at the children of the Mozi family, Zhao Lang could only leave the place.
Looking at the Mojia’s children, Zhao Lang could only leave the place.

Of course, the direction of the Mojia’s research is still correct, the steam engine and hot air balloon, these are the two closest to the level of productivity of the Qin Dynasty, the power is also good, the use of a wide range of machines.

Anyway, take your time, scientific research can not be rushed.

After leaving this place, Zhao Lang did not immediately go back, but towards the courtyard of Mr Kong A. When you come here, you usually have to salute and greet.

But when he arrived at the door of the courtyard, he was told that the teacher was not in the academy today.

“Went out?”

“Yes, sir said that he has met a good seedling and is going to personally receive him at the academy.”

Hearing this, Zhao Lang also revealed a smile, can be said by his own teacher as a good seedling, that is bound to be a talent, now anyway, nothing, just to go to contact some to sell a personal favour is also good.

Just as Zhao Lang wanted to ask in detail, at this time an attendant hurriedly walked over and said.

“Crown Prince! News has come from the Xiongnu Royal Court!”

Hearing this, Zhao Lang immediately raised his eyebrows and took the paperwork.

Now that the Xiongnu Royal Court had only returned to the throne not long ago, don’t let anything go wrong.

Zhao Lang quickly read the paperwork, and then frowned.

“There are traitors in our army?”

He was both surprised and unsurprised by the letter from Li, both relieved and somewhat helpless.

For of the three brothers, Rei was the oldest and the most deeply influenced by him.

Writing back showed that even though the other party had left with his people, he was still attached to him and Great Qin.

Happily, he could certainly see that this kid was tripping him up, only saying that there was a traitor, but not saying who the traitor was.

It was because he wanted him to send someone to investigate the traitor, and then he himself could use the opportunity to escape.

This kind of small tactic was still taught by him.

There was nothing to be done about it, but it was not so good when the tactic was used on him.

“Nu, is there any news from the army that stays in the northern grasslands these days?”

Zhao Lang asked at this time.

Nu quickly returned and

“There’s no news coming through yet, but counting the time it should be soon.”

Zhao Lang could only nod.

As for this traitor, he actually had a faint guess in his mind…

Nowadays, in the northern grasslands, the only one who might have any dissent towards the Qin army was Liu Bang.

He didn’t expect that at this point in time, Liu Bang would still have such ambition.
He didn’t expect that, to this point now, Liu Bang actually still has such an ambition.

However, it is also true that if it is not so, the other party will not invite himself. Isn’t keeping the grassland border so that it is convenient for him to act?

But he is not alarmed, the frontier are all the elite cavalry of Great Qin, which has his manpower, and will definitely not be treasonous.

Moreover, the other side of the whole family can still stay in Da Qin, the county is not far from the school, after all, that one county is still his arrangement.

Thinking of this, Zhao Lang quickly said.

“Prepare a horse and go around.”

Although the slave didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t ask too many questions and quickly got ready.

Riding along, in no time, Zhao Lang arrived at the county where Liu Bang’s home was located.

The other party’s address Nu naturally knew, after all, put the other party here and also arranged for manpower to watch.

“When we get there, you guys don’t talk too much.”

Zhao Lang instructed at this time.

Regardless of what he thought in his heart, as long as Liu Bang didn’t explicitly betray Great Qin, he wouldn’t do anything to the other party’s family.

When he arrived at the entrance of Liu Bang’s house, the slave on the side was about to go up and call the door, but he found that the door was open.

At this time, there was also a sound from inside that Zhao Lang was extremely familiar with, the

“This son is kind and intelligent, follow me around and he will surely become successful afterwards!”

“Mr Kong is too kind, this son of mine has been timid since he was a child, it is his good fortune to be valued by the gentleman, Ying’er, don’t be quick to salute Mr Kong.”

At this time a slightly tender voice came out, the

“Greetings sir.”

“Well well well, it’s the old man who has taken advantage of it, well, it’s just that the old man has no body, but you have a good senior brother, when the time comes, I will introduce you to know each other.”

Hearing this, Zhao Lang’s face couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile, and walked straight in, and saw his teacher, Kong A, happily pulling a teenager.

Next to him was Liu Bang’s wife, Lu Qian, whom he had met before.

Zhao Lang said at this time that

“Sir, what brings you here.”

Seeing Zhao Lang, Kong A revealed a smile and said.

“Well, chief you came at the right time, this is your senior brother Liu Ying.”

He and Zhao Lang were all on their own terms with each other, he called Zhao Lang chief and Zhao Lang called him sir teacher.

It was only when Zhao Lang looked at his new senior brother Liu Ying in front of him, his complexion couldn’t help but be complicated.