Through Time Chapter 1017

It was only after a while that Zhao Lang slowly calmed down.

He was slowly able to understand Pops now that

The other party was not only his old man, but also the First Emperor of Great Qin, and the other party could not accept the appearance of lying in bed and passing away.

Standing on top of the Great Wall and leaving is also a good choice.

Now what he has to do is, stabilize Great Qin, let Great Qin go on steadily, this is the best way to let his old dad rest in peace.

Now that Pops had just left, without his mighty name to suppress him, it was inevitable that there would be some fools who would want to do something.

Of course, most people should be able to see the situation today.

But if fools could see it, then it wouldn’t be called fools anymore.

Zhao Lang slowly took a breath and quickly stood up and ordered to that

“After the world notices the news, there are bound to be some people who want to take advantage of the opportunity. Do something stupid. ”

“Let all places keep a closer eye on them, and once you find someone doing something foolish, punish them severely! “Remember in one second

The valet immediately led the order to leave.

Zhao Lang quickly, said again. .

“Tell the people of the Dao Family that they can fulfill their promise. ”

That’s what he and the Taoists had agreed to in the first place.

Pops was the first emperor of China, so when he got to heaven, then he should also be the emperor of heaven!

There’s no doubt about it.

With Pops gone, it’s only natural that there’s relative etiquette for these things.

Though he didn’t really like the elaborate procedures, and would want to keep everything simple afterward himself.

But Pops is different, the other party looks at this some, then naturally, according to the other party’s requirements, to arrange to enter the Imperial Tombs of Mount Li.

After making these arrangements. , Zhao Lang then turned around and walked towards the outside.

He wanted to go greet his old dad.

It was only when he reached the entrance of the palace that he saw a flustered Li Si, leading a group of ministers over to the

Seeing Zhao Lang, who wanted to go out, Li Si hastened to advise him, and

“Your Majesty, I have received news that His Majesty the First Emperor’s caravan is on its way back to Xianyang, and the surrounding counties have sent heavy troops along the way to protect it. ”

“You are now concerned about the safety of the entire Qin Dynasty, you must not risk leaving Xianyang. ”

Although the entire Great Qin is now extremely peaceful, but at such a critical moment, Zhao Lang can’t afford to have any problems, although the entire Great Qin is now extremely peaceful, but at such a critical moment, Zhao Lang can’t afford to have any problems.

So after he got the news, he immediately brought his ministers here.

Zhao Lang frowned slightly at this time, and was about to say something that

Li Si then completely denied the opportunity, directly bending down and making a big salute, admonishing to that

“Please also ask Your Majesty to sit in Xianyang. ”

The other ministers took a look and knew Zhao Lang’s usual nature, so they followed Li Si’s example and performed a big salute to advise that

“Please also ask Your Majesty to sit in Xianyang! ”

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lang could do nothing but help Li Si up and said.

“All of you get up, I will just stay in Xianyang. ”

Only after hearing this did the ministers and nobles get up and

Seeing that Zhao Lang was still a bit reluctant, Li Si at this time hastened to say.

“Your Majesty, His Majesty the First Emperor has already left, the most important thing today is what happens after him,”

“Why don’t you think more about how to boast about your accomplishments to His Majesty the First Emperor in order to console His Majesty the First Emperor’s spirit in heaven.”

He then wanted to find one thing for the other party to do, so that the other party would not think of going out of Xianyang to greet him.

Zhao Lang could only nod at this point, and then returned to the palace.

It was only after seeing this scene that the ministers and nobles breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Si said at this time with a few moments of severity that

“Now is the last time for His Majesty the First Emperor, you all should calm down a bit, if you cause anything, no one can protect you! ”

Although most of these ministers are Qin’s vassals, Li Si knew it in his heart.

Shih Huangdi is now gone, don’t look at these people, each and every one of them seems to be extremely sad.

But he knew that there must be some people who were secretly happy, simply because as long as the emperor was still around for a day, they could feel each other’s pressure.

This was the majesty of the First Emperor.

One man, suppressing an era!

The ministers led the order to leave.

Li Si, slightly worried at this time, glanced in the direction of the palace and

From now on, the entire world would have to completely rely on this current Majesty.

At this time, Zhao Lang stood within the palace, thinking about Li Si’s words.

What kind of words would he use to praise his old man’s achievements, what kind of words would he use to praise his old man’s achievements, what kind of words would he use to praise his old man’s achievements, what kind of words would he use to praise his old man’s achievements.

He felt that no words would be enough to describe the greatness of Pops, the

What he had read in history books in his last life was just a summary of history, only after spending time with Pops in person, the

Only after spending time with Pops in person can he understand the greatness of ending the chaos of war since ancient times and unifying China.

Thinking of this, Zhao Lang could not help but look to the north and said to himself.

‘”Father, how should my child boast of your achievements? ”

As the messenger brought the news throughout Great Qin.

All the people of Great Qin knew that their First Emperor, had left.

Some cried, some were happy, some cursed, and some were indifferent.

But no matter what these people thought, the whole world turned white almost instantly.

The emperor died, and the world turned white!

When the First Emperor’s caravan returned to Xianyang again, all the people went out into the streets to greet their First Emperor one last time.

The ceremonial officials have prepared the grandest of ceremonies, according to the rites of passage.

The Taoists joined together in the preaching of the

Hundred to follow each other.

Imperial sons and daughters will not be an exception, even has always been extremely jumpy Hu Hei, are honest, do not dare to have the slightest bad action.

Because now the wave brother, absolutely can not be messed with!

Zhao Lang, of course, was the main person in charge, but there had just been some divine soul loss that

Soon after a few days of great ceremonies, the First Emperor was sent to the Imperial Tomb at Mount Li, the

The Imperial Tomb at Mount Li had also been ready to greet him long ago.

Before entering the mausoleum, Zhao Lang, who was now the emperor, had to boast to the heavens about Qin Shi Huang’s achievements.

Some of this is also going to be written in the history books, the

Looking at the godless Zhao Lang, Li Si at this time from his bosom took out a, already prepared. Silk.

On it was a boast of Qin Shi Huang’s achievements in the most magnificent language, the

Soon Zhao Lang stood on the platform where he was sacrificing to heaven and

He had actually been thinking about how to accurately brag about his father’s accomplishments for the past few days.

Or how to evaluate the life of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Zhao Lang doesn’t think he’s qualified to do so, and he doesn’t think anyone else is qualified to do so either. Zhao Lang actually does not feel that he has this qualification, and he does not feel that other people have this qualification.

But if we must make an evaluation for Pops.

Zhao Lang thought about it at this time.

Quickly putting aside the silk that Li Si had handed over to him, the

Looking at the countless people of Qin below, the

Zhao Lang said indifferently that

“Ying Zheng, the First Emperor of Great Qin! ”

Everyone perked up their ears when they heard this as they waited for Zhao Lang’s words.

But instead, they saw that after Zhao Le said those words, he saluted in the direction of the First Emperor of Qin, and then he directly left the altar, the

The Taoist family began to take over for the final ceremony.

Everyone froze straight away and

But soon someone reflected in unison and said.

“The First Emperor of Qin! ”

There is no better way to brag about your father’s accomplishments, and the First Emperor of Qin is the best way to do so!

History will prove the rights and wrongs of it.

The Taoists are also performing their last rites at this time. The dust will finally settle.

But what no one knows is that

At this time, Emperor Qin Shi Huang exists in a unique form, inside a strange space, the

And in front of him.

A line of words was still flickering.

“Do you choose the new student?”

This time, Qin Shi Huang said indifferently, the