Through Time Chapter 1016

In the Great Qin Xianyang Palace, Zhao Lang was smiling broadly as he spoke to a middle-aged man in front of him who was obviously tanned.

“Brother Hai, you’re finally back, how was it, how did the new ship go out this time?”

In the past few days, Brother Hai has finally returned…

Hearing Zhao Lang’s address, Brother Hai’s body obviously shortened by a knot.

He hadn’t expected that after the other party had now ascended to the throne and become the second emperor of Great Qin

In his mind, the other party was now not too far from a god, and was the most powerful person in the entire Great Qin, the

But it is this kind of person, now actually still call him Brother Hai, if it is not these few years to be the leader of the Great Qin Navy, boldness in all aspects have grown a lot of

He almost kneeled down, although he is not a long time in a high position, but mixed between the countryside for so long, the heart is also still a number, this time quickly salute back to.

“Thanks to your majesty’s blessing, everything is fine with the new ship, only I’m afraid it can’t go too far offshore yet.”

Hai briefly explained the recent situation of the navy to the other party,m.

Zhao Lang nodded without surprise, there was a big difference between sailing near the sea and sailing far away from the sea.

To be able to develop into this in these few years was already extremely good.

And so returning to.

“Don’t be in a hurry, just develop slowly.”

Hai naturally answered yes, Zhao Lang deliberately asked more about what the other party had seen on the sea, these are the other party knows best, and will not be so nervous to talk about it, the

Sure enough, talking about this Brother Hai obviously got excited and said.

“Your Majesty, although the sea is hard, there are also many interesting things.”

“When we were sailing, we had encountered a big fish leading the way for the fleet, and the generals said that it was your blessed blessing, Your Majesty, and that the heavens had sent these fish to escort the fleet.”

“On another occasion, we saw from afar a huge beast about the size of a ship, spouting up water that was higher than the ship.”

Hai talked about what he had seen at sea, and from time to time, all of them made Zhao Lang tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, and tsk.

“By the way, Your Majesty, when I was dodging the storm this time, I came across a big island, I thought I was back in Great Qin.”

“I haven’t taken a close look on that yet, but it should be extremely good.”

Listening to Hai’s words, Zhao Lang’s heart slightly moved at this time, he should know where this big island is. listening to Hai’s words, Zhao Lang’s heart slightly moved at this time, he should know where this big island is.

So faintly said.

“This place I know, since ancient times it is the place of China, after you go back, remember to make a mark.”

Hearing this, Hai couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, although it was extremely natural to answer yes.

Although this island was only discovered by him occasionally, but wasn’t he himself the Great Qin Navy?

Wherever he went, it was naturally all Great Qin’s territory.

After talking for a while, the king and his ministers enjoyed themselves.

Hai vowed to take more territories for Great Qin. After Zhao Lang gave him some rewards, Hai left with a sigh of relief, taking three steps back and forth.

Zhao Lang smiled and said.

“Just say what’s up, you’re not fit to use these tricks for a minister.”

It was obvious that the other party had something to say, it was that he didn’t know where he learned these techniques and used them a bit stiffly.

Hearing this, Hai revealed a slightly embarrassed smile, then said.

“Your Majesty, now that I’m getting older, it’s time for me to start training the candidates afterward. ”

“We have also recently discovered quite a few, talented ones, it’s just that it’s hard to find this leader, look at Fish Ball, he…”

Zhao Lang instantly understood, said without a good mood, and

“Do you think that fish eggs can be competent? ”

Hai nodded with a smile at once and

“Fish Egg he has performed extremely well for the past few years, and the people in the army all serve him. ”

Hai at this time elaborated on the performance of the other party, the

After waiting for the other party to finish, Zhao Lang shook his head lightly at this time and said.

“This fleet can only be led by yourself, fish eggs can not . ”

Hai at that moment, faintly revealed a disappointed expression, but did not say anything more, it was already a favor for His Majesty to allow him to open his mouth.

He certainly had a measure in mind.

Saluting and preparing to leave.

Zhao Lang continued at this time.

“Da Qin sea is also extremely important, a fleet is not enough. “The Great Qin Sea is also extremely important, a fleet is not enough.” ”

“Since you said that Fish Egg has been able to hold his own, then let him build a new fleet . ”

Hai now revealed an extremely pleased look and said in a loud voice.

“Many thanks, Your Majesty! ”

Then he left the place with a thousand thanks.

With this order, those who came out of that fishing village were assured of their status for two generations, so of course he was happy.

On the other hand, Nu on the side was looking extremely emotional and

To say that his own master’s means of reigning in his subjects was becoming more and more pure.

But he was still a little curious and asked.

“Master, then, didn’t you already know about the big fish and so on that Hai said? ”

The master had often told them about the sights and sounds when they were at the beach before, and among them, he had mentioned this special kind of fish that leads the way for the fleet, called the dolphin, the

Those that are large and can spout water are called whales.

But just now the master listened to Hai talk about these but showed a look of enjoyment.

Zhao Lang smiled back at this time and said.

“Knowing this isn’t anything special, it’s more important to be able to relax Hai. ”

Nu suddenly came to a realization.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Lang walked outside to get some fresh air.

At this time, it was already evening, and as he watched the fiery red sun slowly set, the

Zhao Lang couldn’t help but feel emotional.

Even the sun has a time to set.

Just at this time, a messenger with a black flag behind him sped all the way to the palace, the

A not-so-good premonition rose in Zhao Lang’s heart, the

In the past two years, after the peace of Great Qin, almost never used such an urgent way to deliver news.

Now above the border with the strength of Great Qin, basically there will not be any danger.

The only thing that can be used is…

Just as Zhao Lang was thinking about it, the messenger had already sent the paperwork to Zhao Lang, just as Zhao Lang was thinking about it, the messenger had already sent the paperwork to Zhao Lang, just as Zhao Lang was thinking about it, the messenger had already sent the paperwork to Zhao Lang…

Zhao Lang took the paperwork, opened it slightly trembling, and closed his eyes after glancing at the paperwork.

The body couldn’t help but shake a little.

The slave on the side was so scared that he shouted in a hurry that

“Master! Someone quickly go and invite Elder Qin!”

Right at Zhao Lang, quickly opened his mouth and said

“There’s no harm in me, pass the order, the world is onyx! Send off the First Emperor of Qin!”

“And then let all the ministers come to see me.”

After saying this, Zhao Lang returned somewhat woodenly to his palace, which had also once been Pops’ palace.

Hearing this, Nu Teng jolted as he realized what had happened.

After glancing at his own master and confirming that he hadn’t injured his body, he hurriedly left the place to pass on the order, and at the same time, had someone go and invite the people from the Healing Family, the

At this time, his own master needed care.

Soon, Ying Yin Man appeared inside the palace.

Looking at Zhao Lang, who was sitting on the main seat with a sad face.

Ying Yin Man hurriedly walked over and held the other party’s hand, but did not say anything.

She knew that any words would be futile now.

She could only try to give the other party as much comfort as she could.

When Zhao Lang saw Ying Yin Man, she actually couldn’t hold back any longer and handed the other party the paperwork, tears couldn’t help but fall down and said.

“Father he knows, he knows. ”

He certainly understood now that his old dad was afraid that he had already had a premonition.

That was why he chose to take another look at the Great Qin Empire that he had built with his own hands.

After reading the paperwork, Ying Yin Man comforted at this time, saying.

“This is my father’s own choice, and he will certainly be at ease when he leaves. “