Super School Student Chapter 483-484

Chapter 483

Seeing how Ye Lu suddenly fell to the ground, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” was also taken aback.

“What’s wrong with this ……?”

She looked at Ye Luo and asked.

For one thing, she was surprised that Ye Lu had fallen to the ground, and for another, she was even more surprised at Ye Lu’s amazing “disguise” technique, which turned into a woman without any sense of discomfort, but of course, this was also related to Ye Lu’s original good skin.

However, just like Ye Yan, the “Heavenly Doctor Elders” were also curious about how Ye Lu got his breasts and buttocks, as well as his thin waist.

Of course they didn’t know that this was actually a brand new “martial art” that Ye Lu had developed by combining the methods taught by Lin Ruyue and then looking up and studying the various “martial arts” in the “Gla*ses”, such as the “Bone Shrinking Technique”, “Multiplication Technique”, “Local Strengthening Technique” and so on.

Ye Luo knew that he could not hide his weakness from an expert like “Elder Heavenly Doctor”, and since her name was “Heavenly Doctor”, she must be very profound in the art of healing, so Ye Luo thought about it and told the truth.

“Elder ‘Heavenly Doctor’, to be honest, I have just used something like the ‘Army Ration Pill’ and am now entering a period of weakness, and before you came, I used two and a half ‘Blood Summoning’, so I lost a bit too much blood as well.”

Hearing Ye Lu finish, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” froze for a moment and said.

“Oh, I understand, but what is this ‘half time’ all about?”

Ye Luo said somewhat helplessly.

“The ‘half time’ means that I just let out the blood, but before I could summon it, you guys came, so it’s half done, so it’s half done.”

Speaking of this Ye Lu felt a little depressed.

“The Heavenly Doctor has grown” then said with a smile.

“Sorry we’re late, but don’t worry, they’re setting up the tent, when we’re settled, I’ll prepare some medicine for you to help you recover your qi and blood, in this regard, I guarantee that the medicine will help you to get rid of the disease and make you alive right away.”

Of course, Ye Lu did not know what the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” was up to, so he nodded without thinking about it.

At this time, Ye Yan called Long Feixue to a distance and then whispered to her.

“Fei Xue, your chance has come, my brother has lost all his cultivation this time, so this is the best chance for you, let’s cook the rice tonight and do it to my brother, I will make him responsible for you, and this matter will be done.”

After saying that, Ye Yan even squeezed her eyebrows at Long Feixue and made a weird expression.

This caused Long Feixue’s face to immediately blush.

She showed a rare coy expression of a little girl before grabbing the corner of her coat and whispering.

“Is this going to work?”

Ye Yan, on the other hand, patted her chest with a confident expression.

“Don’t worry, of course it’ll work, just watch, you look like you’ve never been with a boy before, have you never even touched a boy’s hand?”

Long Feixue nodded with a red face and some embarra*sment.

Ye Yan patted Long Feixue’s shoulder and said with a smile like an old driver.

“Then don’t worry, with old sister, there’s no problem guaranteed.”

Although Long Feixue felt a little unreliable, however, Ye Yan was Ye Lu’s old sister, so Long Feixue still trusted Ye Yan, besides, she was really a blank slate when it came to relationships, before she met Ye Lu, her mind was full of cultivation matters, and all of them were troubles.

It was only after she met Ye Lu that she was truly smooth, her cultivation was like being a spaceship, it was a thousand miles a day, something she could never imagine in her life.

Of course, the greater pressure came from Qin Siyu, who was also currently looking after Ye Lu, and the relationship between the two made Long Feixue feel under pressure.

The two of them discussed the details for a while and then came back.

While the Pill Alliance people were setting up their tents, it was clear that they were already very skilled at doing this, and had already set out demonic beasts to patrol the area while they were setting up their tents.

As expected, the Beast Alliance and the other people did not believe the statement issued by the Pill Alliance, so soon people from the surrounding area and the Beast Alliance came over one after another to confirm.

Of course, the people from the “Medicine League” would not turn away.

Even the little detective beasts sent out by the “Beast Alliance” for scouting did not see anything wrong.

“Huh! I don’t think so!”

“The Beast Alliance’s “Beast Department” people muttered in surprise at this result.

“However, it seems that the Pill Alliance didn’t notice, and the eavesdropping device we placed was not placed at their elders’ place, and there were no signs of detection.”

“It seems that the others didn’t notice anything unusual either, and from the message sent by the miniature camera, it is confirmed that there is indeed no that man or those three women in the ‘Beast Alliance’.”

“That means that those three people may not be in the ‘Beast League’.”

“Most of them are, but it should be that they, the women, saved those four people from before and then helped those people escape, that’s why we weren’t able to find those people.”

When they heard this man’s deduction, the others nodded, and then one said.

“Well, most of them are, it would indeed be too big a target to take those three people with them, and it’s obvious that the people from the ‘Medicine League’ know that with the ‘scanning system’ they can’t take people away. ”

On the other side of the Pill Alliance, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” was persuading Pill Shu.

“No, Elder, I still feel too humiliated.”

To be honest, it was too big a deal for Pill Shu, she didn’t have the courage to do it, and she had another problem that she didn’t feel comfortable with, so she wrote.

“Besides, Elder, if you follow your plan and use the ‘nepenthe’ to make him fall in love, then he’s not into me, he doesn’t like me, so there’s no point in doing that!”

“The plan of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” was to use the nephew of the nine heads to make Ye Lu fall in love when the tents were a*signed, and then, let Yushu go in and make love with Ye Lu.

However, this simple sister of Medicine Shu still resisted.

So, after thinking about it, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” devised another plan, that is, not to allow the “nephew” to make a move and let both parties proceed on a voluntary basis.

However, Yushu was still afraid of shame and eventually backed off.

As a result, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” decided to find a way to seal Ye Lu’s eyes so that he could not see.

“Will that do it?”

Only then did Pill Shu grit her teeth and nodded, because she was worried that the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” would get mad, she had seen how the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” would get mad, and she guessed that Ye Lu would be in for a treat.

However, Pill Shu still had the courage to make two requests, one was that the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” could not use his “divine sense” to cover their tent, and the second was that he could not let the “crude nephew” into the tent.

The “Heavenly Doctor Elder” smiled and agreed, and only then did Yushu breathe a sigh of relief.

Soon, the tents were all set up, and in order to avoid any suspicion on the part of Ye Yan and the others, the four tents were placed together, but since Ye Lu was a man, his tent was further away from the others.

The main reason was that they did not think that the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” would want Pill Shu to make the rice ripe for the taking.

Thus, after arranging for a place to stay, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” went to Ye Lu’s room.

“Ye Lu, I’ve brought you the medicine that can restore your qi and blood, and some medicine for weakness, so drink them all.”

With those words she took out several kinds of medicines.

Ye Lu scanned the medicine with his gla*ses and found that the effects of the medicine were the same as what the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” had said, so he nodded thankfully to the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”.

However, he did not know that the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” had heard about Ye Lu’s various wonders, so she used a fusion of medicinal principles to give the medicine, none of them were fine, but drinking them together would cause problems.

Not long after drinking the medicine, Ye Lu felt that he could not speak, and at the same time, he could not see through his gla*ses, and in addition to that, he could not move his body significantly.

“Sh*t! D*mn you, you’ve fallen for this old woman’s trick!”


Chapter 484

Ye Lu didn’t know what kind of toxin the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” had used, but it was obvious that she couldn’t stand up, she could move her arms, but it was like moving in slow motion, however, her mind was awake, so most of it was a nerve control toxin.

However, the “Heavenly Doctor” did not do exactly what Medicine Shue wanted, she left a back-up after she left, she put an open potion in the tent and then set up a “boundary” inside the tent to prevent the gas formed by the potion from leaking out, and also to block the sound from reaching the outside, who knows what sound Medicine Shue would make later.

Once this was done, the “Heavenly Doctor” came out of the tent and announced to the people around him.

“I have given special treatment to the wounded, so please do not disturb them for two hours.”

With that, she walked back to her tent.

On the other side of the Beast Alliance, the Snakes had already noticed that something was wrong, as the “Prince of Ba-Snakes” had been lost for too long.

It didn’t take long for someone to find the bodies of the “Bar Snake Prince” and the bearded man, as well as the communication devices they had on them.

Without any surprise, the Snakes joined the “Reward” team and the reward was doubled.

At the same time, the experts of the Snake Department also started to act.

“Sh*t! Who is this guy? What a bully! I guess no one will be able to come out of the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ in a year.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely going to be a territory-wide lockdown.”

“Let’s see how it goes, I have a feeling that sooner or later an ‘intra-alliance mission’ will be released.”


However, everyone’s speculation was still too optimistic. Soon, the “Beast Alliance” issued a notice that until the culprit was caught, the entrance and exit of the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” would be blocked for three years, and all people, no matter where they came from, would not be allowed to leave.

She hoped that because of Ye’s death, Pill Shu could grow, and that was her main concern, and it didn’t matter whether Ye could leave or not.

The people from the “Beast Department” were analysing the situation in the secret realm.

“There’s no doubt that there’s something wrong with the ‘Pill Alliance’.”

One of the guys looked at the map and said.

“Ever since those people made contact with the ‘Pill Alliance’, there has been no more news, this is too abnormal, but this time, the ‘Pill Alliance’ team is led by a ‘Supreme Elder ‘, so we can’t be reckless, offending the ‘Pill Alliance’ won’t do us any good at the moment.”

Hearing his words, Grand Elder Huben thought for a moment and said.

“How about this, go find the right team and find a way to probe the ‘Pill Alliance’ so that even if something happens, we can get off the hook.”

Hearing the words of the Huben Grand Elder, someone immediately led the way and went out to make arrangements.

At the Pill Alliance’s camp, many people had already gone to bed, as it was really late.

She was still hesitant, she really couldn’t decide whether to follow the arrangement of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” or not, but she knew one thing very well, that was, the reason why the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” had saved Ye Lu and the others was because of herself, if Ye Lu didn’t have the corresponding status, the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” couldn’t stay here for Ye Lu and the others for three years.

Besides, if they wanted to take Ye Lu away, it was estimated that only an expert above the rank of “Heavenly Elder” like the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” could do so.

However, while Pill Shu was pacing back and forth, someone had already quietly sneaked into Ye Lu’s tent.

The person who entered was Qin Shiyu.

Since Qin Shiyu had been taking care of Ye Lu from the beginning, she knew Ye Lu’s condition very well, and she did not feel that it needed special treatment by the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”.

This kind of fluctuation made her worry that the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” had done something, so, after thinking about it, she decided to go and see for herself before she could sleep.

As soon as she got into the tent, she felt that something was wrong.

It was because Ye Lu had not reacted to her coming in at all.

So, she anxiously ran to Ye Luo’s side to check up.

However, Qin Siyu did not dare to speak, because she had heard Ye Lu say that it seemed that an expert of the level of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” had some kind of “divine sense scouting” ability, and even if he spoke in a very small voice, the other party could still know.

Ye Lu heard someone coming in, but she didn’t know who it was. She wanted to tell the person who came in that the current situation was odd and that she should leave quickly, but he couldn’t say anything, so she could only be anxious.

Qin Siyu probed Ye Lu’s nose and then touched Ye Lu’s arteries, she found that her breathing and heartbeat were completely normal, which made her breathe a sigh of relief.

At this time, she realised that Ye Lu’s chest had returned to normal some time ago, and had become firm and thick again, very comfortable to touch.

She did not know that it was thanks to the toxin from the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” that Ye Lu’s muscles had returned to their original state.

After that, Qin Shiyu suddenly felt an inexplicable urge rise up from the bottom of her heart, and then, her body became hot and unbearable, and her heart was like a hundred claws scratching her heart, especially the hand that was stroking Ye Lu’s chest, which had started to tremble.

The medicine left behind by the “Heavenly Doctor Elder”, which was only for women, had finally kicked in.

With trembling hands, Qin Siyu began to unbutton Ye Lu’s clothes and then unbuckle his belt, and Ye Lu’s clothes were taken off one by one ……

“Sh*t! What’s all this?”

Just now, when Qin Siyu was touching his chest, Ye Lu felt that the person who came was a woman, however, he did not have the ability to tell who the owner was through the person’s hand.

Therefore, he could only feel that the woman who came was undressing herself, and he had no idea what the other party was going to do.

Of course, probably he could have guessed.

Sure enough, soon, he felt a hot body hugging him, he could feel that the woman had a great body and delicate smooth skin, but he had absolutely no clue as to who the other party was, because, the other party didn’t say a word, but, Ye Lu was at the age of his blood, and he had experience with Liu Mei in this regard before, so he immediately reacted ……

Immediately after, the long-lost feeling came again, and he understood that he had lost his body again.

At first the other party was still very gentle, but, soon, the other party’s movements became stronger and he himself gradually began to lose himself ……

In a tent not far from here, Ye Yan was holding a small blackboard and was persuading Long Feixue.

“Feixue, you just listen to me right, and this is the only way to take Ye Lu back from that ‘Qin Shiyu’, you have seen the relationship between the two of them, there is simply endless words.”

This was true, Ye Lu and Long Fei Xue and Ye Yan didn’t spend much time together, but with Qin Si Yu it was different, apart from his grandmother, Qin Si Yu should be considered the woman Ye Lu had the most contact with.

However, Long Feixue always felt that this was not a good idea.

Just like that, it took a lot of effort for Ye Yan to convince Long Feixue, who cautiously also walked towards the tent where Ye Lu was.

At this moment, Qin Siyu finally released the fire of her heart in a long suppressed cry, and only then did she realise what she had done.

Seeing the sweet red blood, she hurriedly and quickly dealt with it.

However, just as she had finished dealing with it, footsteps sounded outside and she was so startled that she didn’t bother to put her clothes on and quickly slipped away from the other side of the tent.

And just after she had finished releasing herself, Leaffall felt another person walk in at the door.

“Sh*t! What’s with the people coming in again, one after another!”

Just now Qin Siyu had left in such a hurry that she couldn’t even get Ye Luo dressed, and he was lying naked on the bed like this, which made Ye Luo feel incredibly embarra*sed.

Of course, what was even more surprising was Long Feixue who walked in.