Super School Student Chapter 285-286

Chapter 285

Everyone was stunned by this scene, as they could not understand why Ye Lu was not burned to death.

In fact, it was easy to understand, Ye Luo had two terrifying flames in his body, both the “Ghostly Inferno” and the “Red Lotus Flame” were terrifying flames from hell, each of which could easily burn a person to death, but Ye Luo could play around with them and use them to make pills, so Ye Luo was not afraid of flames.

For one thing, his body was extremely resistant to flames, so it would be difficult for the flames to hurt him, and for another, he had just released “Red Lotus Karma Flame” from his body to cover his whole body when the “Fire Fox” was spitting flames.

The “Red Lotus Karmic Flame” originally resembled ordinary flames, so Ye Lu took the opportunity to control the flames with his fire control martial art when he was enveloped by them, thus creating the illusion of being covered in fire.

Then, Ye Lu clenched his fist and rushed towards the “Fire Fox”.

Through the battle just now, Ye Lu had understood that this “fire fox” was good at flame attacks and not very strong in martial arts, and he could just ignore its flames, which was undoubtedly fatal to the fire fox.

“Ooh! Is this man an undead bird reborn from the fire?”

“It’s too powerful too, it can’t even burn to death.”

“What kind of person is this guy!”

Everyone was shocked by this brawny scene of Ye Luo, as Ye Luo’s blazing state looked really cool, and many women had already quickly switched from road to fan and started to have their eyes glazed over.





The firefox could only keep spewing flames, and although these flames looked magnificent, it took a little time to break through Ye Lu’s “red lotus karma fire” defense, and that time was enough for Ye Lu to beat it up.

Seeing that the “Fire Fox” was in a completely pa*sive situation, the onlookers became even more unsettled, and they all started to talk about it.

“It looks like Lord ‘Fire Fox’ is finished this time.”

“Yeah, it’s totally not enough for the other side to fight!”

“This person is too scary.”

At this moment, Ye Lu had already grabbed one of the Fire Fox’s arms and slammed it to the ground like a sandbag, then rode on its body and punched it hard.

“The Fire Fox let out a miserable scream.

He did not dare to go forward, so he turned his head to Master Hattori Fumimasa.

This “Fire Fox” was a real “Third Order Third Grade” demonic beast, even though it had just broken through, it was still comparable to a “Fourth Grade Grandmaster”, so it was being ravaged like a broken sack.

So, he also grabbed the bracelet on his wrist and released a demon.

This was a black cat with two tails, also a “third-order, third-grade” demon beast, which is also famous in Japan, named “Cat Again”, with large, pointed ears and teeth like double-sided serrated teeth, and it walked upright on its legs, looking hideous and weird.

When he saw this “Cat Again” appear, Ye Lu decided not to play with this “Fire Fox” anymore, he just wanted to absorb a bit more while it was spitting out flames, but now it seemed that he had to do it to death.

Ye Luo took out the arrow of his “Sunset Arrow” and poked it into the chest of the fire fox, then took out a fiery red demon pellet from its body.

“Hehehe! Not bad, not bad!”

Ye Lu smiled at the demon pellet, with this, he could refine a powerful “Fire Elemental Pill”, and he would be able to improve his “Red Lotus Karmic Flame”.

Seeing this scene, the cat who was about to rush forward suddenly stopped in his tracks, because Hattori Fumimasa was hesitant because Ye Lu had killed the fire fox a little too easily.

He was worried that his cat would end up in the same situation.

This was his “original spirit beast” that he had carefully cultivated for a long time, and if he cultivated another one, he would have to start hatching it from a new “beast egg”, and he did not have Ye Lu’s ability to make “demon breeding pills” and “pet spirit pills”, so it was too difficult to cultivate a demon beast from scratch.

However, while he was hesitant, Ye Lu did not hesitate. He wanted to risk killing this “cat again” because Ye Lu had seen something interesting in its profile.

This was the sixth divine beast bloodline that Ye Lu had seen, after the Four Sacred Beasts and the Candle Dragon, and it was not something that could be easily encountered.

He grinned as he rushed towards the cat again.

At this moment, all the people were looking at Hattori Fumimasa, and he was too embarra*sed to back down, so he had no choice but to let the cat go on.

The cat quickly grew as big as a calf, with a purple aura, eyes like lights and a mouth full of sharp teeth, and was clearly on fire.


With a vicious strike, this guy knocked Ye Lu onto his back before landing on the ground.

“Unlike the Fire Fox just now, the cat was originally good at physical attacks, with great strength, speed and powerful attacks.

Only when he saw Ye Lu being sent flying with a slap did Hattori Fumimasa breathe a sigh of relief.

He was really worried that his “Cat Again” was no match for him, but now it seemed that although his opponent was good at dealing with fire-attribute demonic beasts, his real fighting power was not too strong.

“Tear him up!”

Hattori Fumimasa looked at the cat and gave the order.


The cat roared again and followed before charging forward again. Ye Luo found that these flames on his body did not do much damage to this cat again, so he simply put the flames away, however, once the flames were put away, Ye Luo’s image was a bit unsightly, as the flames just now had long ago burned all the clothes on his body.

At this moment, the upper half of Ye Lu’s body was fine, as he was wearing the “Earth Grade” protective clothing, but the lower half was not, and he was all naked, with two bare feet.

The look was bizarre in every way.

“Wow! What a majestic man.”

One woman let out an exclamation with a red face, and following that, the other women murmured.

“It’s so big.”

“Long legs too, long-legged Opa, I like it.”

“This guy is so strong.”


Ye Lu could not care about this, naked or naked, he had to deal with this terrible demonic beast in front of him first, so he quickly swung the dagger in his hand and clashed with the cat’s claws.

The cat was now covered in purple and black, emitting light, and was itself like a living magic weapon, so it didn’t even take the dagger in Ye Lu’s hand seriously.

However, immediately afterwards, it realised that it was wrong, the dagger easily poked through its defences, followed by a smooth slash, and two of its fingers were sliced off.

After slicing off two of its fingers, Ye Luo waved his dagger again and poked at it, using the “Heart Piercing Stab”, Ye Luo actually wanted to learn a more advanced dagger martial skill, but there was too much to do and he didn’t have time to learn it.





Purple blood splashed, however, Ye Lu did not attack the opponent’s heart, because he did not want to kill this “cat again”, this thing still has a great use.


“How did it get like this again.”

“It looks like that cat is going to be finished.”


Everyone was talking at the sight of this scene.

He felt like this was a roller coaster ride, one moment full of hope, then instant disappointment, and then the cycle again, just now he thought the cat would have the upper hand, but in the blink of an eye he was at a disadvantage in front of his opponent’s terrible dagger.

“What kind of weapon is that? It’s too strong.”

Hattori Fumasa looked at Ye Lu’s hand with some emotion, but at that moment, Ye Lu turned to him with a grin and said.

“Hey, hey, it’s your turn next.”


Chapter 286

Of course, Ye Lu was not joking with Hattori Fumimasa when he said this, because Ye Lu needed the bracelet on Hattori Fumimasa’s wrist to hold this “cat again”, and of course, he also wanted the more advanced “magic treasure” in the hands of the chairman of the “Seven Star a*sociation”.

The introduction of this item said that it was a “magic treasure” and not a “magic weapon”, which meant that it was a level higher than a “magic weapon”, and it was a treasure that Ye Lu had to get.

Seeing Ye Lu’s slightly cruel smile, Hattori Fumimasa’s heart shivered, because Ye Lu’s strong performance from the beginning made him feel very uncertain.







The “cat again” was quickly beaten to death, lying on the ground without any ability to attack.

Ye Luo, whose body was covered in purple blood, turned his head to look at Hattori Fumimasa and grinned with his teeth.

“It’s your turn.”

Following that, he rushed forward like a whirlwind.

“Go, go, stop him …… quickly …… quickly ……”

When he saw this scene, Hattori Fumimasa shouted in a panic, two “third rank and third grade” demonic beasts were killed by Ye Lu, he did not think he could be more powerful than the “fire fox” and “cat again”.

The same Seven Star a*sociation’s leader also shouted.

Numerous men in black took out their weapons and rushed towards Ye Luo to stop him.


Ye Luo laughed wildly.

“Come on, I’d like to see which stinky fish can stop me.”

Following that, Ye Luo used his “Mixed Element Vajra Body” to swing his fist like a mountain overturning the sea and charged towards the crowd surrounding him.





One by one, the members of the “Seven Star a*sociation” were sent flying by Ye Luo. The only “Third Level Grandmaster” of the “Seven Star a*sociation” was their president, and the strongest of the others were only “First Level Grandmasters” and “Second Level Grandmasters”.

“This is going to be the end.”

Seeing Ye Luo attacking like no one else under the siege of thousands of people, Hattori Fumimasa was already scared out of his wits by Ye Luo’s god-like appearance.


Seeing this scene, Hattori Fumimasa turned around and ran, he did not want to be carried in this foreign country.

However, he could run, but the chairman of the Seven Star a*sociation could not run away, no matter what, he also represented the entire Korean cultivation community, if he also ran away, then the entire Korean cultivation community would lose face.

However, when he saw Ye Lu knocking everyone away or to the ground with one punch, the chairman of the Seven Star a*sociation was really at a loss.

“The Seven Star a*sociation represented the entire Korean cultivation community, and now the entire Korean cultivation community had been trampled under the feet of this man in front of him, and he was trampled to death, with no chance of resistance.


Once again, Ye Lu knocked the guy in front of him away, and then walked to a place not far from the president of the Seven Star a*sociation.

“You can surrender, I won’t embarra*s you too much, but there is one condition.”

Ye Luo looked at the Seven Star a*sociation’s president and shook his fist.

Seeing that the two demonic beasts had been crippled, that Master Hattori Fumimasa from Japan had run away, and that his own men were no match for him, the Seven Star a*sociation’s chairman had long since lost his desire to fight, so he looked at Ye Lu and said with a sigh.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you, tell me, what are the conditions?”

He felt that Ye Lu would definitely put forward a very harsh condition.

Following that, Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Good, my condition is simple, that is, give me that bracelet of yours and this matter will be over.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s condition, the president couldn’t believe his ears, because this condition was nothing to him, because for one thing, in his opinion, the “Spirit Beast Bracelet” was technically a storage device, only that it didn’t hold anything, but something like a demonic beast.

The biggest advantage of the “spirit beast bracelet” is that it can carry one’s own spirit beast at all times, which is very concealable and very convenient.

However, this kind of thing is not very useful to the president of the Seven Star a*sociation, because in Korea, he does not have to hide any demonic beasts, that is his territory.

Secondly, his “original spirit beast” had already died and he had no spirit beast left, so what was the use of having this “spirit beast bracelet”, so it would be better to give it to Ye Lu.

So, he immediately said.

“Okay, I’ll give it to you.”

After saying that, he took off the bracelet and handed it to one of his men and told him to bring it to Ye Lu. Ye Lu did not ask him how to use the bracelet, but took it and walked towards the “cat again”.

After that, Ye Lu asked for a set of clothes from one of the guys beside him, collected the cat again, and then walked outside the airport.

Everyone looked at his back with awe.

The battle just now had made it clear to everyone that this unknown teenager had already trampled the entire Korean cultivation community underfoot.

After leaving the airport, Ye Luo quickly entered the alleyway and started circling around the city, while putting on a new make-up. Although there was no media and no video recording was allowed, and it was a scandal for the Seven Stars Society, no one would publicise it, Ye Luo decided to be cautious in order to be able to smuggle himself across the border.

If this were his own business, it would be fine, but this was a matter of Lin Danni’s life, and Ye had promised Qin Shiyu that he would bring Lin Danni back.

After that, he started to look for a smuggling ship to leave for Japan. Busan was close to Fukuoka after all, so Ye Lu’s next stop was Fukuoka in Japan.

It didn’t take long to find the smuggler’s boat, but of course money makes the devil go round, and Ye Lu paid a lot of money to have the boat take him there.

The next step was to wait for the “ghost bats” to meet up with him, but of course Ye Lu did not want to delay in this short period of time, so he found a secluded place and started to make the “Fire Pill”, the demon pills of this fire fox could not be wasted.

Although Huo Huan had a background, but after all, her cultivation level was too low, and it was still quite difficult to get the demon pellet of a “third-rank demon beast” at this stage, not to mention that it was even more difficult to get the specified fire attribute demon pellet, so the demon pellet of the fire fox was precious to Ye Lu.

Of course, before refining the elixir, Ye Lu first claimed the “magic treasure”, in fact, with the level of the “Seven Star a*sociation” president is unable to claim the “magic treasure”, this is also the reason why Ye Lu directly got the “spirit beast bracelet” before he could use it.

After acknowledging the ownership, Ye Lu found out that this thing was really very powerful, worthy of being a “Heavenly Grade magic treasure”, the space inside was huge, and the number of demon beasts that could be accommodated was also huge.

However, this was also very satisfying for Ye Lu, as a “magic treasure” was something that could only be used by cultivators at the “Jindan Realm”, so it was too easy to contain the “demon bats” that were only at the lower level of the “Foundation Establishment Realm”, and there was no need to worry about fitting all the “demon bats” in.

“Hahahahaha! What a big treasure!”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but laugh happily as he put the bracelet on his wrist.

While Ye Lu was making the “Fire Pill”, Hattori Fumimasa had already flown back to Japan on a special plane, and he quickly found the Hattori family’s patriarch.

“Did you just say that the ‘cat again’ given to you by the family died?”

The Hattori family patriarch asked, looking at Fumimasa Hattori with a frown.

The cat with two tails was a very famous demon beast in Japan, but most people had only heard legends about them, and very few had actually been able to get one, not to mention the cat’s egg, which was hatched into a natural spirit beast, which showed the importance that the Hattori family attached to Fumimasa Hattori.

Seeing the patriarch’s displeasure, Hattori Fumimasa hurriedly told the patriarch the whole story.

As a result, the patriarch looked at him and said coldly.

“Make it up, you keep making it up, did you give the cat to the Miyamoto family’s lady again, before our ‘Hattori Five’ died in China, so, you made up such a story about a Chinese teenager.”

Hattori Fumimasa said as he felt waved his hand.

“No, no, there really was a terrifying teenager who just couldn’t be burned by ‘beast fire’ and could cut off ‘Catamaru’s’ fingers with one blow to break through his defenses ……”

Hattori Fumimasa did his best to excuse himself.

However, the patriarch of the Hattori family had slammed the table and roared.

“Bullsh*t, total bullsh*t, do you think I have a low IQ very low to believe the bullsh*t you say, take him to the confinement cell for me, after three days, I will ask you again, and I hope you won’t talk nonsense again.”

After saying that he waved his hand casually.

Hattori Fumimasa knew the patriarch’s style and he didn’t dare say anything, but kept muttering in his mind.

“What I said is true, it’s all true, really ……”