Super School Student Chapter 115-116

Chapter 115

The long-awaited “puja” finally started as scheduled.

The first day was a preview, so that everyone could get to know each other and see what other people had brought to the fair.

The treasures displayed at the preview are not tradable, and each person has to write an introduction to the items on display, both to introduce their usefulness and benefits, and to attract others to exchange or buy them.

Of course, this is all for cultivators, it’s different for antique dealers like the Gu family, who have separate booths and just have to display their stuff, as for trading it’s relatively free, everyone can trade as much as they want in private.

Of course, the organisers also have a small-scale auction, but this is different from the usual one, as the items are not exchanged for money, but for items, and the final trade is not based on the actual value of the items, but on the organisers’ preference, meaning that if he likes you, he will exchange you for a stone from the roadside.

The other thing is that the organisers do not provide accommodation and food, because the Taoist temple is very small and it is hard enough to put up the various exhibits, so people have to take care of their own accommodation and food.

This was a rather dodgy point, I guess. Of course, Ye Lu did not have to worry about these things, as the Gu family had already arranged various things.

If he hadn’t come across the blue Manjusri, he would have returned empty-handed from this “puja”. He didn’t have any decent treasures, and the two items that Master Ye had given him, he felt that firstly, there wasn’t much of a market for them, and secondly, it was good to keep them to pretend.

Sensing that Ye Lu was nearby, one of the “ghost bats” immediately flew up, and Ye Lu hurriedly instructed it not to come over, this thing had a hideous face, if other righteous people saw it who knows what they would do.

Fortunately, these “ghost bats” were quite obedient and all of them retreated after Ye Lu’s gesture.

It was said that every puja was held in a place far away from the crowd, in order not to disturb the normal life of humans.

Ye Luo saw people from the Beast Alliance from afar, and people from the Hundred Flowers Sect were also there. This time, since it was in the mountains, the Beast Alliance people had brought beasts with them, but many of these beasts were not like anything on earth, like the giant wolf that Wolf Green was riding, which was bigger than a tiger and was the same as a small-sized horse.

All this made Ye Luo couldn’t help but feel emotional, was this really still on Earth?

At this moment, Gu Shiqi was with Long Feixue, the Gu family had divided the two spots between Gu Shiqi and his third uncle, this was also the intention of Gu Mingyue, the old man of the Gu family, he wanted Gu Shiqi to have more contact with Ye Lu while he was still in his feather, the relationship established at this time was far more solid than the one established after one had already grown up.

“So many people!”

Seeing the bustling crowd on the mountain beam, Gu Shiqi couldn’t help but lament as well.

Long Fei Xue, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“That’s because there hasn’t been a method meeting in Liao City and the surrounding area for many years, so that’s why there are so many people coming this time, but it also has something to do with the fact that the low-end method meeting doesn’t have much of a high threshold.”

Gu Shiqi was not very interested in these, she was instead interested in those monstrous beasts of the Beast Alliance.

“That strange thing shouldn’t be from Earth, right?”

Gu Shiqi asked as she looked at a long snake with two heads.

Long Fei Xue smiled and said.

“How can I say this, it counts and doesn’t count, because those things were obtained from some secret places on Earth, such as the ‘Avenue of Yellow Springs’ in America, the Bermuda Triangle, the Thousand Year Snow Valley in Antarctica, the Hell’s Gate in Kunlun in our country, etc. Of course, these beasts should not be obtained by themselves either of them, they were young beasts brought out by their masters or clan masters, who in turn raised them.”

Gu Shiqi then said with some envy.

“I think I should raise one too, like that white one, it’s so pretty.”

She was talking about a white young beast, all snowy white with bloodshot red eyes, it looked exceptionally cute.

Long Fei Xue then smiled and said.

“That is a ferret, nothing offensive, but there is a certain method to raise these foreign beasts, and the Beast Alliance does not allow it to be pa*sed on, so wait until you have the chance later.”

Hearing Long Fei Xue’s words, Gu Shi Qi nodded slightly disappointed.

After walking for some time, they finally reached the top of the Ancient Lu Mountain, the “Cloud Lu Palace” is on the top of the mountain, the terrain here is very open, the “Cloud Lu Palace” covers an area of quite large, at the entrance are a few Daoist priests responsible for the reception, only those who have the “Dharma a*sociation” token can enter, and after entering, the token of the Dharma a*sociation must always wear on their body, if they do not have the token on their body will be expelled from the “Cloud Lu Palace”.

Of course, merchants like Gu Shiqi and the others who were invited were not included in this category, as the “Yunluo Palace” would take 30% of the transaction from the merchants as commission.

In fact, not all of the people who came could enter the “Yunluo Palace” to trade, for example, the people from the Hundred Flowers Sect only had three tokens, so many of them started to choose a place to set up their tents when they arrived, because most of them still felt that it was better to stay here for one night than to go back and forth.

When Ye Lu arrived, he showed his token and then hung it around his neck and walked into the “Yun Lu Palace” according to the organiser’s rules.

“Fellow Daoist, do you have something to display, if so, you can register here, that side is the display area, you can put your item on display for everyone to see, today is a preview, it is a good opportunity for everyone to know your treasure, don’t worry, we will keep your secret, no one will know who the item belongs to.”

This is one of the unwritten rules of the “Dharma Fair”, that is, during the preview only the treasure is displayed, unless the owner needs it, it will not be written down who the treasure belongs to, to avoid the occurrence of a treasure grab.

Of course, when the real deal comes tomorrow, the owner will definitely have to be there, because the Fair is not an auction, and the owner is not there to sell the treasure, but to exchange it for what he needs, and only the owner knows what he needs.

Ye Lu smiled and walked with him into a secret room on the side, then took out a “Marrow Cleansing Pill” and a well-written profile card and said.

“I don’t have any other treasures, I only have this one, so please put it in the exhibition area for me.”

The Taoist priest nodded in agreement, and then let Ye Lu fill out a bunch of lists and leave his contact information, before smiling and saying to Ye Lu.

“Alright, Daoist, it’s all done, I hope you can get something out of ‘Yunluo Palace’.”

Seeing that the formalities were all done, Ye Lu was a little impatient to leave, but the Daoist stopped him and said with a smile.

“Fellow Daoist, if you have any treasures that you don’t want to preview and are worried that it’s dangerous to keep them on your person, we suggest that you deposit them in the Daoist temple, we can guarantee the safety of your items 100 percent.”

Ye Lu did not expect the services offered here to be quite comprehensive, however, he shook his head and refused, who knew if this Daoist temple would lay a dark hand on him? Ye Luo had heard that this Taoist temple had not only a strong Hua Jin master, but even a Xiantian master sitting in the temple, once such a master moved to do something, it should not be difficult to make a person disappear unnoticed.

Seeing that Ye Lu refused, the Daoist priest smiled and said nothing more.

Instead, Ye Luo walked towards the display hall.

When he reached the hall, he realised that it was really big and winding, with many corners and pa*sageways, which were lined with transparent boxes for display, but of course, many of the boxes were empty now, after all, the preview had just started.

Ye Lu began to look at the exhibits that had been previewed, they were really diverse and dazzling, and as the owners of the displays were all cultivators, the vast majority of the items were magic weapons, except that for cultivators like Dark Strength practitioners, many of the magic weapons could only exert a small portion of their power.

“Vertigo Lamp, using it at close range can make the mind lose its concentration and fall into a state of madness, a must-have artifact for conquering girls, don’t miss it if you walk by ……”

Ye Luo saw that the blurb on one of the things was written in a rather interesting way.

However, the actual situation was completely different from what this person wrote, and in Ye Lu’s gla*ses, the real situation of this thing looked like this.

“Name: old compulsion lamp, material: cold iron, compulsion poison, production date: 1843, origin: Miaojiang, synopsis: a poison lamp that can kill people by using a wick impregnated with compulsion poison as a medium, the toxicity has weakened due to too much time ……”

It turns out that this thing is a poisonous lamp, that is to say, even the user will be poisoned, would this not be a pitfall if we were to exchange it back, Ye Lu has some heart a bad chill.

At this time, suddenly from not far away came a shout of alarm.

“Wow! Look, the legendary elixir ‘Marrow Cleansing Pill’ has appeared!”

Someone said in surprise.


Chapter 116

He had actually been prepared to find someone to try out the medicine, but now it seemed that he didn’t have to go through all that trouble.

However, he didn’t go there, but continued to study the contents of the transparent cabinets, because he felt that there were still many functions that had not been opened in the gla*ses, and this “puja” should be a good opportunity to open up various functions.

Around the box where the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” was located, many people had gathered at the moment, because for the past day or so, this pill had been the most discussed in the circle, and rumours were like that.

Some say it is an “Immortal Pill” left over from the ancient times, some say it is a pill pa*sed down from some hidden clan, made by a great master of the hidden clan, and some say it is an “Immortal Pill” that has been divided into several parts and then re-refined ……

As for how divine the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” is, there are also many versions, but no matter how long you have been stuck in a bottleneck, you can break through by taking it.

“The first thing you need to do is to take it. It’s not a hype, is it? In this day and age, there are so many marketing tactics, it’s impossible to guard against them!”

“Yeah, it would be a shame if this stuff didn’t work.”

“Then eat it on the spot, as everything exchanged at the ‘puja’ is open for testing anyway.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”


Just at this time, Su Lao suddenly appeared, and he looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

“This elixir is indeed real, it was by taking this elixir that I finally broke through, and these few old friends have also come for this reason.”

Su had been stuck in a bottleneck for many years, and he had attended many of these low-end “puja” meetings, so many people were familiar with him, so what he said still carried a lot of weight.

Probably because he was worried that people would not believe him, Su continued with a smile after he had said this.

“In order to let everyone know that this matter is true, let me show you the power of the ‘Realm of Transformation’.”

With those words, he then stretched out his hands, and a white light lit up, forming a protective film of true qi on his fists and arms.

True qi was released!

It was the hallmark of a “Transformation Power”.

“The so-called “external release of true qi” did not mean that one could shoot out true qi like a laser, as one might think, but that one could release true qi outside the body to form a defensive layer.

Don’t underestimate this layer. For example, if a Dark Power is very powerful, but if the opponent has a gun in his hand, with a single “ping”, the Dark Power will be dead.

However, if it’s a Huajin practitioner, he will be able to block the bullets through the true qi defence layer on the outside of his body, but of course, bullets with too much power or bombs will not be able to do so, but with such a true qi defence, it is very difficult for ordinary swords and knives to hurt a Huajin practitioner.

Therefore, a Hua Jin strongman has a crushing-like advantage over a Dark Jin strongman, because this layer of True Qi defence is also able to resist most Dark Jin attacks.

Seeing the glow on Su Lao’s body, there were quite a few people who were envious, after all, everyone was basically here for this matter, especially those few people around Su Lao.

They were Su Lao’s friends, and had been stuck in this realm for many years like Su Lao, and were considered to have the same fate as Su Lao, however, these few people did not live in this city, so they were not familiar with the others.

“Everyone is clear, right? A breakthrough in the realm, although it is a small one, is enough to let us live for some more years, moreover, the real benefit of this pill is not a breakthrough in the bottleneck.”

Hearing that the function of the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” that could break through the bottleneck was not the most powerful, everyone fell silent and waited for Elder Su’s next words with eyes wide open.

Only then did Elder Su smiled and said.

“The greatest benefit of this ‘Marrow Cleansing Pill’ is that it can transform the body, washing away all kinds of impurities in the body, things that hinder cultivation, things that block the meridians, this is the essence of its ability to allow people to break through bottlenecks.”

Hearing Elder Su’s explanation, the crowd was taken aback.

“That means this thing isn’t only effective for breaking through the bottleneck this time, it’s also effective for breaking through the bottleneck in the future, isn’t it?”

Su Lao nodded and said.

“That’s what it means, it’s fundamentally transforming the body, it’s the essence of the person that changes.”

This time everyone was moved.

“So divine!”

“That’s really good stuff!”


However, at this time, Ren Yi and Ren Yao, who had come from the capital, raised doubts because they did not know Su Lao, nor did they know which onion he was, so Ren Yao looked at the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” and said.

“It’s quite evil, but who knows if it’s just fooling us, we’ve never eaten it anyway.”

A few other outsiders also nodded along and said.

“Yes, it’s all one side of the story, it’s hard to tell if it’s true or not!”

“Right, this society is full of set-ups nowadays!”

“This looks like a set-up.”


It was in this society that a voice suddenly said.

“Fellow Daoists, please listen to me for a moment, the Daoist who just offered this pill has decided that he can sell this ‘Marrow Cleansing Pill’ to everyone in order for them to better understand the effects of this pill.”

“There is no need to exchange, just money, I will be in charge, the money can be credited to our ‘Yunluo Palace’ card first, time is ten minutes, the highest bidder will win, you can bid now.”

A Daoist priest who was in charge of order looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

This was also an impromptu idea that Ye Lu had just come up with, as the Gu family was short of money anyway, and if everyone was not allowed to see the effects of the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”, I was afraid that they would not come to exchange it enthusiastically.

The Daoist priest’s words made everyone freeze, but one of the people beside Su was already the first to make a bid, and he raised his hand and looked at the Daoist priest.

“I’ll offer one hundred million.”

His words made the Daoist priest almost fall to the ground.

It was true that the Daoist priests were not poor in money, but they still had the concept of money, after all, the daily operation of the Daoist temple also needed money, otherwise the Daoist temple would not have held this “puja”, firstly, for the purpose of exchange, and secondly, also to make money, after all, everyone had not reached the realm of “abstaining from eating”, so they could not be completely free from vulgarity.

“A hundred million out of the blue, what kind of elixir is this?”

The Daoist priest couldn’t help but look at the blue elixir.

However, in the eyes of Su Lao’s friend, the price was definitely worth it, and it was cheap, because according to what Su Lao said, other than that, just transforming their bodies and breaking through bottlenecks, it would not be a problem for them to live for a few more decades.

A few decades, that’s a life, money can’t buy that, especially for people who are already old enough.

Not to mention, Su had said that after the body transformation, even that aspect would be the same as when they were young, and that the lure of decades of happiness was too great.

However, he was not the only one with money here, as another man immediately raised his hand and said.

“One hundred and ten million dollars.”

“One hundred and fifty million.”

“Two hundred million.”


Seeing that these people were raising their bids like crazy, the Daoist priest in charge was already completely dumbfounded.

“What kind of elixir is this?”

Eventually the elixir stopped at twelve billion, and Ren Yao looked at the crowd and smiled inwardly, saying.

“Dare to compare more money with Laozi, compare yourselves to death.”

The Ren family, as a large family in the capital, had a thick family base that could not be compared to this small city, Su Lao did have money, but his friends were not like him and did not have years of experience in business, they did have money, but not as much as Su Lao.

Of course, there were more people who were in the mindset of watching, everyone wanted to see if this elixir would really work when it was blown so godly.

Seeing that no one else was raising the price, that Daoist priest smiled and said.

“Alright, this ‘Marrow Cleansing Pill’ is yours, however, the owner of the pill has one more request, and that is that you have to test the effects of the pill on the spot before you can do so.”

Ren Yao of course said indifferently.

“Sure, how to test it, come on.”

The Daoist priest said with a smile.

“Everything is ready for you, come with me.”

He took out the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” and handed it to Ren Yao, then followed by another Daoist priest with clothes and various things and took Ren Yao to a bathroom.

“Please, you can take a bath and use the toilet here.”

The Daoist priest said with a smile.

Although Ren Yao was a little puzzled, he took his things and went into the bathroom, following which he took the potion and tossed it.

After ten minutes or so, Ren Yao came out with his hair wet and bare shoulders.

“Brother, look!”

He said excitedly as he came out and looked at Ren Yao, followed by a layer of white true qi appearing on his hands.

“It’s really a breakthrough!”

Seeing this scene, the whole room stirred up.