Skillful Guard Chapter 680

“Qin Dahai?”

This tea-drinking man gave a light laugh.

There were a few moments of playfulness and disgrace in his eyes.

“Yes, it’s him.” Wan Tai was busy answering, “Someone entrusted him to investigate the matter of Shen Guang, and he didn’t know where he learned about me and came to my door early this morning.”

Shen Guang frowned slightly.

Commissioned Qin Hai?

Could it be Lok Yan?

Yes, her phone number ……

Thinking of this, Shen Guang’s heart was also somewhat relieved, he knew that his granddaughter who had left home still thought of him as a grandfather, although the person he invited was a bit unhappy.

The man with the odd haircut nodded slightly and said indifferently, “Next time, I’ll kill you.”

Wan Tai gulped and was busy wiping his cold sweat as he assured, “Don’t worry Mr. Yang, there is absolutely no next time, there will be none.”

Shen Guang took a look at the man with the odd haircut.

His surname was Yang?

He narrowed his eyes for a moment, and then there was a bit more gloom in his eyes, “Yang Bang! What? Do international assassins want to interfere with the Chinese underworld?”

Yang Bang lifted his eyes and said, “It is an honour for Yang to be remembered by Mr. Shen, and as for this matter, it is just a favor to return to Miss Xue.”


Shen Guang’s face was ugly.

As an international assassin, Yang Bang’s powerful strength could be ranked in the top twenty on the Asian assassin list, only that he never expected that Yang Bang, who had always boasted himself as a lone wolf, would also be involved in this matter, which also made Shen Guang’s heart sink to the bottom.

If he wanted to assassinate in secret.

Not to mention his truly loyal men, even Long Qi and the others, I was afraid that they would not escape death.

“Mr. Zhao.”

At this time, Liu Shan suddenly walked up to the man drinking tea and bowed his head, “Since Qin Hai has gone to the Shen family’s ancestral home, why don’t we take the opportunity to put him to death to end the trouble later?”

Speaking of this.

Liu Shan’s teeth were gritted to death.

He could even feel a faint pain in his shoulder in general.

The man who called himself Mr. Zhao said indifferently, “I naturally have arrangements for Qin Hai, you don’t need to worry much about it.”

When Liu Shan heard this, a flash of excitement flashed in his eyes.

He knew that the man surnamed Zhao in front of him had already laid a heavenly net in the Shen family’s ancestral home, while Wan Tai at the side also smiled grimly.

“Liu Shan, I have brought you up well, why did you betray me?”

At this time Shen Guang suddenly asked.

When Liu Shan heard this, he turned around abruptly and said viciously, “My father and I were injured by that beast, but what did you do? Treating me well, why didn’t you kill that bastard?”

“Is that the reason why you betrayed me?” Shen Guang asked in a deep voice.

Liu Shan laughed hideously, “How about betraying you? We two fathers and sons have served you for so many years, but how much have you given us? I worked so hard to learn martial arts that I thought I would be able to show off my skills, but what about you? You let me be a dog.”

Shen Guang’s face had not changed.

But the veins on the back of his hands were already rippling one by one.

And Mr. Zhao laughed lightly, “Old Mr. Shen, I must say that you shouldn’t obliterate a talent like that.”

Shen Guang said in a cold voice, “Zhao Wu, are you teaching me how to manage my men?”

“I dare not.”

Zhao Wu replied, but his face still wore a faint smile, and he could not see where he did not dare to come from. Or is it better to send him to Penghai?”

Shen Guang’s face suddenly froze.

A murderous intent steamed up!

This son of a bitch was threatening Shen Luyan!

“Old sir don’t get excited for now.” Zhao Wu laughed softly, “I’m just proposing.”

The anger on Shen Guang’s face had not yet subsided, but then he sneered, “You think you want to threaten me with this?”

“It’s not a threat, it’s a proposal.” Zhao Wu said with a smile.

“Categorically not!”

Shen Guang said in a deep voice, “You guys should die of this heart!”

“We just want Mr. Shen to cooperate.” Zhao Wu broke off another cup of tea and placed it in front of Shen Guang, smiling, “In addition, sooner or later, there will be a conclusion between you and the Eastern Japan triads, so why care about sooner or later?”

“That will never allow the Nine Mysteries to collect the benefits of the fisherman.”

Shen Guang said in a deep voice, “Even if I were to die, there’s no way I’d let my people become cannon fodder for others for no reason, especially for wolfish guys like you Nine Spectres.”

Zhao Wu clapped his hands.

It seemed that he was praising Shen Guang’s temperament.

However, in Shen Guang’s ears, it sounded with a very sarcastic meaning.

“Old Mr. Shen.” Zhao Wu got up and said indifferently, “Jianghu is no longer the Jianghu of old, it is now the world of the Nine Mysteries, resisting is just a certain death, join the Nine Mysteries, this is your only way to live! And you, it’s time for you to retire for real!”

He finished speaking.

He suddenly clapped his hands.

Soon, a fellow that Shen Guang could never have imagined walked in from the side, and his face turned even uglier, his eyes spitting fire: “Shen Qi!”

“Old master.”

Shen Qi still seemed to be in awe of him and subconsciously took a step back.

Only to be quickly patted on the shoulder by Zhao Wu, his bottom grew a few more points and he stepped forward with an arch of his hand, a final salute to Shen Guang, his elder, who was breathing a little sharply, but quickly suppressed it again and asked coldly, “What are you after again?”

“The Nine Mysteries, to be more powerful.” Shen Qi replied in a deep voice.

If it was in normal times, Shen Guang would have picked up a chair and smashed it at his head, but at this moment he could only let out a bitter laugh.

Shen Qi was his most powerful underling.

He had even been groomed as his successor.

However, he never expected that his most trusted man would also switch to the Nine Mysteries, which made him extremely bitter inside, and then said, “No wonder, Liu Ping’s father and son were able to lure the wolves into the house, so there was also you guiding them in secret, Zhao Wu, you are really good at it.”

“Old Mr. Shen has flattered me.” Zhao Wu turned around and said, “I wonder if Old Mr. Shen thinks that with Shen Qi coming forward, will the requirements I expect be met?”

Shen Guang’s face was as old as a few dozen years.

On the other hand, Shen Qi said, “Don’t worry, old master, I have already sent someone to invite Eldest Miss here.”

“You dare to move her, aren’t you afraid that Qin Dahai will kill you?” Shen Guang raised his head and asked in a cold voice.

Shen Qi, however, smiled playfully and said, “Qin Dahai is indeed scary, but so far, when he reacts, everything is a foregone conclusion.”

Shen Guang could not refute.

On the other hand, Wan Tai at the side said conspiratorially, “From the moment Old Mr. Shen was under our control, we expected that Shen Luyan would request Qin Dahai, who is not very well connected, to come out and investigate, and after Shen Qi guided him and we stepped in, he Qin Dahai was naturally played with in the palm of our hands.”

“Two birds with one stone.” Shen Guang said in a cold voice.