Never Say Never Chapter 367-368

Chapter 367

I pursed my lips and pushed him, “Hot, you stay away from me!”


Sorry for what?


I didn’t bother to ask, I just pursed my lips and looked at the ceiling, my heart a little empty.


I did resent him for the time when the baby was in trouble, for not protecting me, for why he wasn’t there for me when something happened to me.


I was probably selfish and never thought to put myself in his place to think for him.


“Not anymore!” He spoke, his voice a little hoarse.


I pursed my lips and looked at him lightly and said, “Fu Shen Yan, do you love me?”


It’s a boring question, but it’s boring that I’m asking it.


He looked at me sideways for a long time and then said, “I will never divorce you in my life.”


What kind of answer is that?


I bristled and said, “Oh!”


The answer was as if there was no answer.


When I pursed my lips, he held my shoulders and said, “Are you angry?”


I shook my head, a little sleepy.


Tiredly, I closed my eyes, and was excited to receive good news, so I slept soundly.




The contract was negotiated, and the three days originally set, so naturally, did not have to be so on.


The next morning, Fu Shen Yan had to go out, got up early, I lie on the bed, squinting at him, “You grew up wearing different colours of clothes?”


He looked for his tie from the cloakroom and, without answering my question, looked at me and said, “Get up and tie it for me.”


I shook my head, “No!” I really didn’t know how to do it, I hadn’t had a boyfriend before I met him and I hadn’t learned, so naturally I didn’t know how to do it.


He frowned, “I’ll teach you!”


What a tormentor.


I sat up straight and looked at him, “Come here!” It was still early and there was nothing for me to do when I got up, so I didn’t want to leave the bed yet.


Looking at me, he held his forehead and walked helplessly to the bed, lowering his body to look at me and said, “Shen Shu, are you a pig?”


I raised my eyebrows, “I’m a pig, what are you? Paige?”


Fu Shen Yan ……


I tied the knot for him, I followed the way I usually tie my belt and did it in one go.


Seeing this, he raised an eyebrow, “No?”


I pursed my lips, “Would you believe me when I say I’m untutored?” I really thought it would be difficult at first, but I didn’t expect it to be so easy.


Quite a surprise!


He sneered and raised his hand to scratch my nose hard, “I hope you’re untutored.”


I ……


After Fu Shen Yan went out, I was originally planning to continue lying down for a while longer, but the phone on the side vibrated.


When I looked sideways, it was an unfamiliar phone call, which I didn’t answer, and then it called several times and I answered.


The man’s voice on the phone was hoarse, “I’m downstairs at your house!”


I froze, “Shen Yu?”


He chortled and said, “What? You don’t want to see me?”


“No!” I was a bit confused, “I’m in Jiangcheng, not in the capital, you ……”


“Cut the crap!” His temper got the better of him, “I’m just downstairs at the Shanshui Residence, do you want to meet?”


I wondered, why so much anger?


The time was still right, I changed my clothes and went downstairs to see that the nanny had made breakfast and I asked him to pack two.


A black Bugatti supercar was parked at the door, so solid that I couldn’t really pretend I hadn’t seen it, and the window was rolled down.


Revealing his not so friendly face, “Get in!”


There was a faint fragrance in the car, like it was sprayed to cover up the smell of tobacco.


Shen Yu flattened the seat and looked at me with a tired look on his face, “Why did you black out my phone?”


I froze and hesitantly said, “Is there such a thing?” How did I have no influence.


Chapter 368

He sneered, “You were with Fu Shen Yan last night?”


I nodded, “Yes!”


He disdained, “No wonder!”


So, it was Fu Shen Yan who pulled the plug?


“You called me last night?” How else would Fu Shen Yan have pulled the plug on him for nothing.


He nodded, “Two or three in the morning!”


I pursed my lips and gave him two words, “Serves you right!”


Who’s crazy enough to call in the middle of the night?


He was in a bad mood and looked at me, “Lu Xinran was hospitalized last night, I guess the kid won’t survive.”


I froze, remembering Lin Wan’s words last night, “What did you show Lu Xinran?”


He narrowed his eyes and yawned, looking sleepy, “I showed her all the pictures of the child, plus added something to it.”




“Ever heard of the Thai ghost mantis?” He raised an eyebrow, looking signed and unreadable.


I froze for about a few seconds, reacted and looked at him with wide eyes, “You showed her that thing?”


He nodded, “I also made a point of educating her about the process of making the Ghost Mantle, specifically telling her that it is made at 7-8 months, which just so happens to be, eight months for the baby in her belly.”


I couldn’t say what I felt for a moment and pursed my lips slightly, “Well, I haven’t even done it yet and you’ve done it for me, so that makes me look like a retard.”


He gave me a blank look and spoke, “Get your phone out and put me off the blacklist.”


I nodded and took out my phone to look through it, and sure enough, Fu Shen Yan had not only blacklisted his phone, but also his WeChat as well.


This guy was really – childish.


His disdainful voice came to my ears, “The only person who can use such despicable tactics is someone like Fu Shen Yan who is in over his head.”


I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything.


I handed him a breakfast in my hand and said, “You didn’t sleep all night?”


He nodded, “I originally called and talked about Lu Xinran, but you didn’t answer and pulled me out, so I was angry and didn’t sleep all night.”


I ……


It was really S*xual.


“You did these things to Lu Xinran and left no evidence, right?” From what Lin Wan said last night, he should have just decided that I did it.


He raised his eyebrows, stuffed a bite of bun in his mouth and slurred, “You think I’m that stupid?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Just be safe, Lin Wan and Lu Xinran aren’t hard to deal with, but if we P*ss off Mo Zhi Zhan, we’ll be in trouble, if this man uses the underworld, even ten of our lives won’t be enough to destroy him.”


He gave a few hoots and said dismissively, “There’s no rush, in a short while he’ll be cold too.”


Looking at him, I was puzzled, “What’s wrong? Someone is planning to make a move against the Mo family?”


He hmmed, “Big trees attract wind!”


And so it seemed.


“When are you going to go back to the capital? Third Uncle is going back recently, and he asked me to tell you in advance about your entry into the family tree, so you can be prepared.


You’re going to be in the family tree?


I froze, thinking of what happened at Gu Han’s mother’s birthday party last time, I couldn’t help but freeze and nodded, “Good, I’m planning to go to the countryside in the next few days, I haven’t been able to contact her recently, I don’t know if she’s still okay.”


He nodded, “Don’t worry about Lu Xinran’s side, just listen to my news.”


I nodded and didn’t say anything more. I got out of the car and looked at the sky and sighed.


The child in Lu Xinran’s belly, I did not want …… but things have come to this, I always can not say anything.