Never Say Never Chapter 207-208

Chapter 207

“You say you say, Mrs. Fu you are too polite.” I heard the movement on the other end of the phone, she should be in beauty.


I took a look around and said, “Shen Yan and I are planning to change a house, I heard before that your family lives in a suite on this side of the Golden Scale villa area, I don’t know how the environment and greenery is inside, I want to ask around with you, it’s not convenient for me to run around with my stomach here, and Shen Yan is in the company, so he’s too busy.”


“I bought it there because I wanted it to be our Lu Qi’s wedding home. It’s been renovated for a month now, but there are so many problems and ha*sles in between.


Lu Qi’s wedding house? Lu Qi works for ac, could that man also be from ac?


After a pause I said, “I happen to be here today, can you talk to the doorman here? I’d like to go in and have a look, and also walk around and see how the environment is.”


“That’s fine! You give the phone to the doorman and I’ll talk to him!”


I gave the phone to the doorman, then hung up the phone with Mrs. Lu and went into the villa area.


After asking the doorman for the address of Mrs. Lu’s house, I searched all the way there.


The villa area in the city was relatively limited, plus the developer had also built buildings in the villa area, so relatively speaking there were quite a lot of people in the Golden Scale area.


When I found the address of the villa that Mrs. Lu had mentioned, I did see the black Maserati parked outside the door and wasn’t quite sure about Lu Qi’s relationship with that person.


I took down the number plate, took a look around and was ready to leave.


I didn’t want to be stopped by Lu Qi, “Mrs. Fu is here, so since you’re looking at the house, come in and take a closer look.”


I froze and turned around to see Lu Qi standing on the steps, looking down at me from above.


My heart stuttered, and I pulled a smile from my face as I said after a moment, “Did Mrs. Lu tell you that? I just came over to have a look, I didn’t want to disturb you, so I won’t go in.”


“I’ve come here, there’s no reason not to come in. If Mrs. Fu doesn’t come in, how will she know if my house is good or not?” Lu Qi’s eyes were half narrowed and there was something in his words.


I tugged on my hand and looked up at him with a light smile, “Then I’ll have to bother Mr. Lu!”


He hooked his lips and stretched out his hand, “Please, then!”


The villa was small, about two hundred and fifty square meters, and when we went up the steps into the lobby, there was the middle-aged man sitting in the lobby.


When he saw me, he narrowed his eyes slightly and his gaze fell on me, “Mrs. Fu has quite a good memory!”


I was originally unsure, but the way Lu Qi had acted just now, coupled with these words made me somewhat certain.


Looking at him, I couldn’t help but sink my face, “What is your surname, sir?”


“Your surname is Wang!” He was calm and gestured for me to sit down, “Mrs. Fu has followed you all the way, what do you want to know?”


“Just some questions I want to ask Mr. Li.” Sitting down on the sofa, I opened my mouth, “I don’t know Mr. Li at all, I wonder why Mr. Li would kidnap me for a tender of little significance?”


He narrowed his eyes slightly, something dangerous on his fat face, leaning back with a hint of displeasure in his voice, “Mrs. Fu, if you are interested in knowing the answer, why don’t you turn off your phone and let’s have a good chat, you are a smart person, it’s not polite to chat with the recording on like this!”


The hand in my coat pocket froze, and a cold sweat broke out, this man was too cautious.


Chapter 208

Pulling a smile, I took my phone out and pressed off in front of him, looking at him with a raised eyebrow, “Can we talk now?”


He sat up straight and smiled lightly, “Of course!”


“So, why did Mr. Lee kidnap me for no reason?” It had been pressed for months, but if there were no answers, I was afraid it wouldn’t be that easy to get past it.


He lit his cigarette, took a few puffs, and looked at me before speaking slowly, “To put it mildly, I was just taking money from someone and doing something for them.”


I kept quiet and listened as he continued!


“Fu’s audit was originally under ac’s responsibility, and Mr. Fu suddenly wanted credit to intervene, and to put it bluntly, he was planning to unload it, and someone else wanted Mrs. Fu to leave Mr. Fu of her own accord, so I took the risk and took Mrs. Fu away to do this, and I’m sorry to have disturbed Mrs. Fu.”


I was amused, “In a few words, Mr. Li is quite good at avoiding the important, as far as I know Mr. Li is not a shareholder of ac, right?


He put out his cigarette and narrowed his eyes at me, “How do you know that the survival of ac has nothing to do with me? Mrs. Fu might as well ask Mr. Qiao about your kidnapping, he would have a better say in the matter.”


“Qiao Zhongyan?”


He smiled lightly, “To be honest, threatening you with a tender meeting is just a small strategy, there are many ways to do it, but because there are outside forces joining in, so I took a step that was too elegant, Miss Shen sorry!”


External forces?


Ninety percent of Qiao Zhongyan’s involvement in this matter was because of Lu Xinran.


So this matter, in the end, had to come around to Lu Xinran?


By doing so, Lu Xinran did drive a wedge between me and Fu Shen Yan, and I treated Fu Shen Yan ……


I was so worried that I was going to be able to get out of the dark room, but my whole body was still caught up in being locked in the dark room, with the sounds of Fu Shen Yan and Lu Xinran tangling in my head.


All this time, I had been self-regulating and self-medicating, but there was something that just wouldn’t go away.


I called Qiao En, somewhat bewildered.


“Shen Shu, what’s wrong?”


“Jon, I want to talk to you!” I was a little worried that I would get caught up in this whole thing and go into a dead end.


It was in the past and I didn’t want to mention it to anyone, but it was driving myself into a dead end.


“What’s been going on? Sleep okay lately?” Jon spoke, with some exhaustion in his voice, and by the sound of it, I think he had just finished work.


I breathed out, a little hard, “Lots of things, can you come to River City sometime? I’m pregnant and can’t walk far.”


“Holy Sh*t!” He raised his voice, “You’re pregnant? Whose is it? What’s the deal? You’re married? Married to who?”


He asked a series of questions and I held my forehead, not knowing which one I should answer first, and after a pause said, “It’s a long story, when will you find time to come to Jiangcheng.”


“Yes! Shen Shu, you’re so ungrateful, you didn’t even inform me of such a big event as getting married!” He was so noisy that he couldn’t stop talking.


My head was a little buzzed and I spoke, “Sorry, too much has happened in the past two years and I can’t cope with it anymore, so ……”


On the other end of the phone he sighed and said, “Things have happened, it’s useless to talk about you now, I’ll take the time to come to Jiangcheng in a few days and give you a look.”