Mysterious Heir Chapter 1693

On top of the dragon chair, a smile appeared on the corner of Sheng Yumei’s mouth.

She had not expected that in just a few days, the other party had cracked two rebellions for her in quick succession!

With Cao Yuanbai and the Marquis of Zhen Nan both killed, the two biggest threats to their Great Qian Dynasty had been completely eradicated.

Sheng Yumei finally had the chance to let go of her hands and develop the Great Qian!

Yao Hate Chu’s face was now also covered with shock.

She had known before that this Ninth Millennium was very strong, but she had never imagined that it could be so strong!

With the strength of this Ninth Thousandth Year, I’m afraid that in the entire True Martial World, there would be very few people who could be his opponent!

After that, Sheng Yumei directly ordered, “Pass on my decree, immediately send people to take over the four gate guards and the 36 military camps, and do not allow any more mistakes to happen there!”

“I accept the decree!”

Immediately, a military general received the decree.

The four gate guards and the 36 barracks of the city defense army were their greatest threat.

However, at that moment.

“Your Majesty, I have an announcement to make!”

A minister suddenly stepped forward.

“What is it?”

Sheng Yu Mei asked.

The minister said directly, “Your Majesty, although the Cao traitor has been put to death, the reputation of the Nine Thousand Years is growing day by day. As the saying goes, “The high merit of the emperor overshadows the emperor, so I think that we must not fail to guard against this!”

Hearing these words, Sheng Yu Mei immediately frowned.

She was naturally very clear about what this minister meant in his words.

Even Yao Hate Chu’s face was directly gloomy.

She did not expect that this Ninth Millennium had only just pulled out this poisonous tumour of Cao Yuanbai’s, yet someone had started to find trouble with him!

“Oh, then in Ai Qing’s opinion, what should be done?”

Sheng Yumei asked with a sigh of relief.

The minister snorted coldly and said with a smile, “I guess the Nine Thousand Year old must have been badly wounded after the duel with the Cao traitors, and now is the best time to strike at him! In my opinion, we should send our men to besiege him immediately, so we must not miss this great opportunity!”

The minister was righteous and stern, beating his chest with the courage of a loyal minister who had risked his life to advise him.


“Seconded by me!”

Another five or six ministers, likewise, also stood out.

When Sheng Yumei heard this minister’s words, she could not help but give a cold snort.

How could she not have imagined that there were so many shameless people among these ministers of hers!

Seeing the appearance of these people, Sheng Yumei’s heart could not help but start reflecting.

Was there really something wrong with the way she had managed the court before, otherwise, how could there be all these incompetent and shameless people!

Sheng Yumei smiled back in anger.

“Good, then now, I will put the heavy responsibility of killing the Nine Thousand Years into the hands of several of you, so you must not let me down!”

Sheng Yumei looked at the few ministers who were advising him and said with a cold smile.

“What ……”

Those few ministers were completely dumbfounded.

They did not expect that His Majesty would come to such a decision.

The corner of Yao Hate Bamboo’s mouth at the side could not help but reveal a smug sneer.

She naturally understood that His Majesty was making fun of these shameless people! This only made Yao Hate Chu feel very relieved!

Not only Yao Hate Chu, but the other ministers in the courtroom also had a look of glee on their faces at this moment.

Naturally, they all disagreed with those ministers’ advice.

In their opinion, it was simply chilling that these people dared to give such advice!

At this point, those few ministers who had advised the government were also scared to death.

What a joke, it was fine to let them move their lips in this court, but if they were to deal with that Ninth Millennium, what difference would it make to killing them?

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid I’m not capable of taking on this important task!”

“Yes, Your Majesty, I am incompetent!”

The few ministers who had just looked so upright and brave just a moment ago were now all so frightened that their faces turned pale and they directly fell to their knees and kowtowed desperately.

Looking at these few people who were scared out of their wits, a cold smile of disdain appeared on Sheng Yumei’s face.

“Do you still know that you are incompetent!”

Sheng Yumei suddenly shouted angrily.

“When the Marquis of Zhen Nan rebelled, all of you would only recognise the thief as your master. When Cao Yuanbai was so powerful, you only dared to beg and plead, and even when you weren’t sure he was powerless, you didn’t even dare to say a single bad word about him, and only when you saw that he was dead did you dare to shout out a single word about the Cao thief! Now that the Ninth Emperor has removed harm from the people and shared my worries, you dare to advise me to kill him before it is too late. You are all shameless, immoral and incompetent people, you are also worthy of being in my court!

Sheng Yumei hurled her voice, righteous and stern, her entire body incomparably domineering and astonishing.

At this moment, she was what a monarch of the Great Qian Empire should look like!

Hearing Sheng Yumei’s words, those few ministers who were advising her were all frightened to the point of having their hearts and guts split.

“Your Majesty, don’t be angry! I know that I have sinned! I know I am guilty!”

Those few ministers who had admonished him were so frightened that they kowtowed repeatedly, trembling all over.

“Know your sin?”

Sheng Yumei snorted coldly, “Then I will punish you! Someone, expel these people from the court and reduce them to commoners!”

“Yes, sir!”

Several guards immediately walked in and dragged those few ministers out.

“Your Majesty, I know I’m wrong!”

“Your Majesty, please spare us this time, I still want to share your worries!”

The voices of those ministers came from far outside the main hall, but Sheng Yumei simply ignored them.

“From now on, if anyone dares to mention anything that touches the Nine Thousandth Year, I will not forgive them lightly!”

Sheng Yumei looked at the ministers below and shouted in a cold voice.

“Your Majesty is wise, I will remember!”

Those ministers said honestly.

At the side, Yao Hate Chu’s face showed a complicated expression.

It is true that there is nothing wrong with what his majesty said just now, but why does he always have the feeling that the other party is defending his boyfriend ……

Uh, be careful what you say, be careful what you say ……

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get the best out of their own personal computer.

While Sheng Yumei looked at the ministers’ honest appearance, the corners of her mouth revealed a smug smile.

Let you people still dare to say bad things about him in the future! It’s against you all!

Meanwhile, over on Hengdian Street.

“Jin Feng, let’s go.”

After saying goodbye to those people, Li Nan then said to Jin Feng.

Because of Li Nan, this whole Hengdian Street was already overcrowded, and the number of people continued to increase.

Just now, the news that Li Nan had stopped the mutiny and abolished Cao Yuanbai for the people had spread throughout the entire empire.

Everyone wanted to get up here to catch a glimpse of the Nine Thousand Years.

If this continued, it was no exaggeration to say that the people of the entire empire might have to gather here!

Therefore, before more and more people gathered, Li Nan decided to leave before it was too late.

“Nine Thousand Years old, please!”

Jin Feng said, and then had someone open up a path for Li Nan.

Li Nan was directly about to walk towards that Silver Lin caravan.

And just at that moment.

“Please wait!”

A voice suddenly rang out.

When Li Nan turned around and looked, he couldn’t help but stare.

The person who spoke in front of him was no other than Xu Jiao Ran!

Seeing this once incomparably familiar face in front of him, Li Nan’s mood could not help but feel complicated for a while.

No matter what time it was, this girl in front of him was always able to cause waves to rise in his heart.

“Is there something wrong with you ……?”

Li Nan forced down the excitement in his heart and asked in a soft voice.

“Thank you for what happened just now!”

Xu Jiao Ran looked at Li Nan and said.

“Oh, you’re too kind, it was just a handful just now. I believe that after this time, no one should disrespect you in this crew anymore.”

Ri Nam said with a smile on his face.

Both Park Nara and the director Chen Ge had been beaten to death by Li Nan. Moreover, they had offended Li Nan, the Nine Thousandth Year of the Great Qian, so they naturally could not stay in this drama group anymore.

Moreover, Li Nan will also ask Lu Jianghai to take care of Xu Jiao Ran secretly, so I believe that in the future, Xu Jiao Ran should not encounter any obstacle again.

After hearing Li Nan’s words, Xu Jiao Ran nodded her head.

“That …… if there’s nothing else, I’ll …… leave first?”

Although there were countless words in Li Nan’s heart that he wanted to say to the other party, but in order not to bring unnecessary trouble to the other party, and in order not to expose his identity, Li Nan had to say so.

Only, just as Li Nan was about to leave, he was called by Xu Jiao Ran again.

“Excuse me ……”

Xu Jiao Ran paused and then continued, “Have we …… seen each other somewhere before?”

Xu Jiao Ran naturally knew that she and this nine thousand year old in front of her would never have had any encounters before.

However, the feeling of déjà vu in her heart after seeing the other party’s back was something that Xu Jiao Ran could not turn a blind eye to.

It was precisely for this reason that Xu Jiao Ran had the courage to ask this question.

Hearing Xu Jiao Ran’s words, Li Nan, who had already turned around, could not help but stop his steps, and his whole body stopped there for a moment.

At this moment, there was an urge in his heart to directly admit his identity.

This feeling of having to pretend to be a stranger in front of someone he knew so well made him very uncomfortable.

However, in the end, Li Nan held back.

This was because his mind suddenly thought of his adoptive father and mother’s family.

Back then, Chen Lingjun had used their lives as blackmail, which was why he had forced Lai Nan to give in and confess to the murder of the young master of the He family.

Now, Li Nan did not want to let the same thing happen again, nor did he want to increase the possibility of risk for Xu Jiao Ran!

A moment later, Li Nan finally spoke, “I think you misunderstood, if I remember correctly, we should …… have never met before!”