Mysterious Heir Chapter 1692

Seeing Cao Yuanbai looking so generous to death, Li Nan however snorted coldly.

“Kill you? A traitor like you who oppressed the people and plotted to usurp the throne, wouldn’t it be too cheap to just kill you?!”

Li Nan said with a cold smile.

Hearing Li Nan’s words, Cao Yuanbai could not help but frown.

“What do you …… you want?!”

Cao Yuanbai suddenly had a bad premonition.

Li Nan sneered, a rather playful expression on his face.

“Don’t worry, you will soon find out ……”

With that, Li Nan directly rushed over and pressed Cao Yuanbai’s heavenly spirit with one hand.

Without waiting for Cao Yuanbai to react, he felt that the power in his body was flowing out towards the other party’s palm at an alarming speed.

“You ……”

Cao Yuanbai was terrified.

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai finally understood what the other party was up to.

He was actually trying to suck away all of his lifelong power!

Cao Yuanbai’s guess was completely correct, this was exactly what Li Nan was planning to do.

After all, this Cao Yuanbai was a true Golden Immortal, and one could not find many people with such a cultivation level in the entire True Martial World.

How could Li Nan miss out on such a quality resource that could be used to enhance his cultivation!

At this moment, although Li Nan was pressing Cao Yuanbai’s heavenly spirit with his palm, in reality, under Li Nan’s palm was the hand of the Yin God!

All of Cao Yuanbai’s power was used to nourish the Yin God!

As the Yin God exerted his power, Cao Yuanbai’s power continued to drain away at an alarming rate, Cao Yuanbai felt as if his entire body was almost completely emptied, and he barely even had the chance to raise his hand.

“You …… what the hell are you ……”

Cao Yuanbai stared deadly at Li Nan in front of him incredulously.

Such such a means of forcibly taking away one’s kung fu power was unheard of before.

“This, you are not qualified to know yet!”

Li Nan looked at Cao Yuanbai and said with a divine thought voice transmission.

In just a moment, all of Cao Yuanbai’s lifelong cultivation had been inhaled into Li Nan’s body.

At this moment, Li Nan only felt that his body was instantly filled with more powerful strength.

He could clearly feel that his power was now even more abundant, and that he was only half a step away from breaking through to the peak of the Golden Immortal!

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai’s situation was the complete opposite.

Not only had Cao Yuanbai been stripped of all his cultivation, but his entire face had also become completely old, his hair was white and his face was covered in wrinkles, as if he had aged several dozen years overnight!

When the surrounding crowd saw Cao Yuanbai’s appearance at this moment, they were all completely stunned.

If they had not seen the whole process with their own eyes, they would not have believed that this old and frail man in front of them was actually Cao Yuanbai, the grand commander of the imperial capital.

At this moment, they heard Li Nan rise and say to everyone around them, “Cao Yuanbai deserves to die for oppressing the people and plotting to usurp the throne. Now that I have removed all his cultivation powers, all of you, now let’s repay any grudges and avenges!”

Those people around them froze in their tracks when they heard this.

They looked at each other for a long time without making any movements.

For so many years, they had been living under the lustful authority of Cao Yuanbai and were extremely fearful of him. Now, if they were to ask them to avenge their grievances, they really did not have the guts to do so for a while.

Naturally, Li Nan also understood the people’s thoughts, so he said again, “What, haven’t you been bullied by him enough? Don’t worry, with me here, I guarantee that no one will dare to come after any of you!”

These words were like a reassuring pill for the people.

A middle-aged woman took the lead and limped forward.

She could only be seen with an angry face and a face full of tears.

“Cao dog thief, three years ago, my daughter was murdered by your son, I went to the court to sue, only to have my leg broken, today, with the Ninth Thousandth Year in charge, I will make your Cao family pay in blood!”

The middle-aged woman roared at Cao Yuanbai.

With that, the middle-aged woman did not hesitate any longer and rushed towards Cao Yuanbai, slapping him on the face.

As the middle-aged woman was the first to come forward, the emotions of the other people were also completely mobilised and they rushed towards Cao Yuanbai, cursing him.

Just now, although Li Nan had sucked away Cao Yuanbai’s cultivation, he had specifically left a trace of power for Cao Yuanbai so that he would not die so quickly.

Therefore, it was only at this moment that he was able to clearly perceive all this torture.

“You …… you unruly people, believe it or not I will kill you ……”

Cao Yuanbai roared in anger as he braced himself.

But before Cao Yuanbai could finish his sentence, a cane smashed directly on his head with a bang.

But it was an old man over seventy years old who stood out directly with his cane.

“Cao Yuanbai, last year, you were drunk, but you ran your horse through the streets and killed my old companion, I sued and was also beaten up. Today, I will seek justice for my dead old companion!”

With these words, the old man waved his walking stick in his hand and smashed it over Cao Yuanbai’s head again, causing a bloody hole in his head and blood to flow.

More people then followed suit.

Soon there were dozens, hundreds and eventually thousands of people, who pelted Cao Yuanbai’s body with their fists and feet in order to get past him.

Because of the sheer number of people, so much so that the people standing outside did not even have the chance to hit Cao Yuanbai.

For a while, the whole scene became completely crazy.

When Li Nan saw this scene, he could not help but feel a sigh in his heart, it really is true that the world has been suffering Cao for a long time!

To be beaten to death by a group of people like this was definitely more relieving than killing Cao Yuanbai outright.

Jin Feng also had a complicated expression on his face.

In fact, no one in the court knew what Cao Yuanbai had done, but only this Nine Thousandth Year had the courage to stand up and take action for the sake of the Great Qian and the people to remove this tumour!

The city guards kneeling by the side were all trembling, not daring to say a word lest they too might become the target of the angry people.

After a long time, the people’s emotions gradually subsided.

In their midst, Cao Yuanbai had already been beaten to death, and his body was like mush, a gruesome sight to behold.

The once powerful Imperial Capital Commander had ended up in such a state.

At this moment, the people’s eyes all fell on Li Nan’s body.

“Thank you, Nine Thousand Years old, for removing the evil from the people!”

“Thank you, Ninth Thousandth Year!”

Those people said, and then they all knelt down towards Li Nan.

The tens of thousands of people kneeling at the same time was like a sea, looking extremely spectacular.

When Jin Feng saw this scene in front of him, he could not help but feel a pang of emotion in his heart.

Fortunately, this Ninth Thousandth Year did not have any rebellious intentions, otherwise, with his strength and prestige, it would have been easy to replace Sheng Yumei as emperor!

Meanwhile, in the imperial palace.

“Hate Bamboo, how is it going?”

On top of the dragon chair, Sheng Yumei asked with a grave expression.

“Your Majesty, don’t worry, all the gate guards, military leaders, and women’s guards that we can get hold of on our side are all ready to deal with Cao Yuanbai’s army coming in!”

Yao Hate Chu said with a serious face.

Hearing these words, Sheng Yumei finally relaxed a little, but in her heart she still did not dare to let down her guard.

Not only Sheng Yumei, but also the military ministers in the imperial court were all staring at the same time, looking very nervous.

After learning that the Nine Thousand Elders had taken action against Cao Yuanbai, the entire Great Qian court had been thrown into a state of tension.

Everyone thought that with Cao Yuanbai’s temperament, he might want to rebel, so they dared not delay in mobilising all the forces they could.

Now, all the forces at their disposal had been mobilised, but they still did not dare to relax in the slightest, because they all knew very well that their forces were too inferior to those of Cao Yuanbai.

Not only that, but Cao Yuanbai’s own strength, even if the women’s guards were to join forces, they might not be able to compete with each other alone!

Therefore, everyone in the courtroom was actually a bit apprehensive.

And just at this moment.


With a long shout, a scout who had gone to spy out the news ran in directly and quickly.

“Say, what is the situation now? Cao Yuanbai’s large army, where is it now?!”

Yao Hate Chu asked in a cold voice straight away.

Everyone was also holding their breath as they waited for the scout’s answer.

However, the other party’s answer was something they had not expected.

“Your Majesty, I am afraid that Cao Yuanbai’s army will not be coming! Just a few moments ago, Cao Yuanbai’s four gate guards and 36 army chiefs were all executed by the Ninth Millennium!”

“What ……”

When the people in the courtroom heard these words, they were all completely frozen in place.

“What …… are you saying? The four great gate guards, the 36 army heads, all of them were put to death on the spot? What the …… hell is going on here?”

Sheng Yumei asked incredulously.

Immediately after that, the scout recounted all about how the Nine Thousand Years had just used the fiery flying sword to kill all the rebel leaders.

After hearing this, Sheng Yumei and the others were all in an incomparable state of shock.

To kill the 36 leaders of the four gates with one sword from tens of miles away was unheard of!

“But what about Cao Yuanbai?”

“That’s right, Cao Yuanbai’s strength is unfathomable, I’m afraid he will never give up!”

Some ministers said.

As they reminded them, everyone’s hearts lifted once again.

And just at that moment.


Another scout also ran in straight away.

“Your Majesty, the traitor Cao Yuanbai has had his cultivation abolished by the Nine Thousand Years and has now been beaten to death by the people with a fist!”

“This ……”

This time, there was complete silence in the courtroom.

They had never dreamed that such a revolt, which was enough to threaten the foundations of the Great Qian, would be completely quelled in such a silent manner!